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Season 3 series



Author: Daniel


Note: ************ means scene changed.


Title: The Truth


         The Tamers and their Digimon partners went to the Digital World to rescue Calumon, but a storm separated them.  Takato, Henry, Terriermon and Guilmon were wondering in the desert.


         “Henry, let’s rest for a while.”  Said Takato and sat down under a dead tree.


         Henry agreed and sat down beside Takato.  Guilmon and Terriermon sat under another dying tree.  Guilmon spread her legs and Terriermon leant his bunny head on Guilmon’s belly while sitting in front of Guilmon’s belly.  Guilmon closed her legs and clamped Terriermon gently.  They were sitting facing the other side and their Tamers could not see them.


         “Terriermon, this is the first time I came here.”  Guilmon started.


         “I know.” Terriermon nodded. “You were created by Takato, so you obviously weren’t born here.”


         “Terriermon, I loved this world at first sight.”


         Terriermon looked at the sky, “Have you told Takato about your… secret?”  He asked at last.


         Guilmon shook her head, “No, I didn’t think it was important.”


         “Guilmon, he is your Tamer.  You mustn’t hide any secrets from him.”


         “Then, I will tell him tonight.”


         “I’m sure he’ll faint.”


         Guilmon sighed, “When he created me, he forgot to add a dick on my groin, so now, I guess, that makes me a girl.”


         Terriermon caressed Guilmon’s chest and smiled, “Fortunately, you have breasts.  Or else…”


         “I’d be a freak.”  Guilmon continued.


         “But why do you have a male voice… AND breasts?”


         Guilmon shrugged, “Maybe this is Takato’s fault.  He tried to create a male Digimon, and thus gave me a male’s voice. But alas…he forgot to add a dick.  So, my breasts were formed automatically.”


         “Guilmon, unlike mankind, all Digimon will know your gender easily, the first day I met you, I knew you WERE a girl.”


         Guilmon caressed Terriermon’s ears and said, “I envy Renamon.  She has everything that a girl needs. A sexy body, a cunt, breasts, and a sexy voice.”


         Terriermon felt so good as Guilmon massaged his ears, “Guilmon, you are better than her because you have found a mate already.”  Said Terriermon as he rubbed Guilmon’s thighs with his paws.


         Guilmon stroked Terriermon’s chest gently with her right claw and said, “I cannot believe that you accepted me so easily.  You see…I don’t have anything that can match Renamon…”


         “Don’t say that! This is called ‘love at first sight’.  I love you because you are a girl, even if you aren’t as pretty and sexy as Renamon.”  Terriermon interrupted.


         Guilmon bent down a little and kissed Terriermon’s head, “You are right. I am lucky because I found a mate.”


         They both kept silence for a few minutes, “Guilmon, do you think we can find the others?”  Terriermon broke the silence.


         “Yeah, but I don’t want to meet them so soon,” Said Guilmon and used a claw to rub Terriermon’s groin, “I want to stay with you and feel your presence.”


         Terriermon pushed Guilmon’s claw aside and smiled, “We can do it tonight, if you want to.  We have no chance to do it on Earth, so we must cherish this one chance we have.”


         Guilmon giggled, “You know what? You are right.  You were a doll for Suzie while I was locked in the park.  Now we are free, we can play together and even sing loudly.  By the way, can you sing?”


         Terriermon shook his head, “No. And you?”


         Guilmon also shook her head.


         Guilmon took a deep breath and said, “Ahhhhh, Fresh air.”


         “I feel so romantic, sitting under a tree with my beloved one.”






         Suddenly their Tamers interrupted them; they quickly sat up and walked to their Tamers.


         “We need to find food and shelter, let’s go now.”  Said Takato.


         They decided to go to the north.


         Fortunately they found an abandoned house after ten minutes.


         “Hello, anyone home?”  Takato knocked the door and asked.


         Takato knocked a few more times, but still no response.


         “Takato, I think this is an empty house.  I don’t see anything through the windows.”  Henry appeared and guessed.


         Takato opened the door gently and peeked inside.  They pushed the door wide and walked into the house.  They searched the house for a while and found out that it was an abandoned house.  There were two rooms only, but surprisingly there was a washroom.  The size of the house was about six hundred square feet.


         “We found a shelter, now we need to find food.”  Said Takato.


         “Guilmon, let’s go out and find some food.”  Said Terriermon.


         Guilmon and Terriermon happily left the house. Once they were outside, they walked hand-in-hand to the nearby forest.


         “Guilmon, it’s nice to grip your hand and walk together.”


         “Me too, although your paws are so small.”


         The joked and walked slowly towards the forest.


         “Terriermon, what is this?”


         “Oh that is…” Terriermon explained that thing to Guilmon.  “Guilmon, some kinds of food are poisonous, so be careful.”  Terriermon warned Guilmon. Since Guilmon wasn’t born in the Digital World, she has little knowledge about the native flora.


         “Terriermon!  I found this!”




         They were collecting food happily, until their paws were so full of food that they couldn’t carry anymore. They decided that now was a good idea to return home.


         “We’re back!”  They shouted as they entered the house.


         “Wow, you two!  You’ve found so much food!”  Henry exclaimed.


         They all began to eat the food together.


         “Guilmon, don’t put so much food into your mouth all at once!”  Said Takato angrily.


         “Sorry, I got big mouth.”  Guilmon scratched her head and apologized.


         “I checked the washroom already, and we are lucky because we can take a bath.”  Henry smiled.


         After they’d finished eating, the Tamers took turns to take showers while the Digimon collected firewood.


         “Terriermon, let’s put the wood here.”  Guilmon found a suitable place and put down the wood there.


         “Mo man tai!”  Answered Terriermon and put down the woods.


         After they collected enough woods, they rested for a while.  When the sky became dark, they entered the forest to find more food.


         “Terriermon, after a few hours, we can have our private time.”  Said Guilmon excitingly.


         “So how do you want to start?  Front or back?  Old or modern tradition?”  Terriermon smiled.


         “I can understand front or back, but old or modern tradition, what’s that?”  Guilmon scratched her head and asked.


         Terriermon smiled, “Old tradition means we must have foreplay, modern tradition means we will skip the foreplay and go directly to the main course.”


         “Since we do not have much time, we will use modern tradition.”  Guilmon thought for a while and answered.


         “After we have completed our mission, we’ll have plenty of time for foreplay.”  Terriermon nodded.


         The Tamers walked out from the house and interrupted them.


         “So how’s everything?”  Asked Henry.


         “Mo man tai!”  Answered Terriermon.


         “Then let’s start our dinner.”  Takato smiled.




         Finally the time had come. Henry and Takato decided to sleep after they’d finished dinner.  Guilmon opened her eyes, and glanced around in the darkness. She could see that Terriermon also looking around.


         Guilmon and Terriermon walked out from the house slowly and gently.  They headed to the riverside after they left the house.


         Guilmon lied down onto the ground, and spread her legs. “Terriermon, we can return earlier if we can finish fast.”


         Terriermon looked at her pussy, he took out his dick and masturbated for a while until he saw the pre-cum. He then inserted a finger into Guilmon’s twat, and then a second finger. She moaned softly as he started finger fucking her pussy.  After her pussy was wet, he positioned his dick properly and slid into her cunt slowly.


         Both of them moaned softly as Terriermon pushed in inch-by-inch. He pulled out a little and pushed in again until his whole pecker was fully inserted and only his scrotum was outside.


         “Terriermon, your body is small, but your member is big.”  Guilmon gasped.


         “Guilmon, you’ve a good cunt, and it’s soft and tight.”  Terriermon panted.


         Terriermon paused a while and continued to pump slowly, then he increased speed and pumped passionately.  His passion for her made him blind to everything else.  They both were thrown into ecstasy and moaned almost together, she gyrated her waist to combine with his thrusting to build up their orgasms.




         “Oh, Terriermon!”


         They shouted each other’s name and reached climax together.  Terriermon shot his sperm into her womb and her body accepted it happily. He could feel her cunt clamping and sucking on his pecker while she could feel the warm liquid flowing to her womb.


         Finally he stopped and withdrew his pecker.  He collapsed to her chest and breathing heavily. She could feel his chest moving up and down rapidly as she was also gasping for air.


         After a few minutes, “Terriermon, do you still have the strength for my back?”  Asked Guilmon at last.


         “Mo man tai. Of course I do.”  Terriermon panted.


         Guilmon rubbed her clit carefully and pulled her butt cheeks apart gently.  Terriermon really wanted to do her doggy style like this.


         Terriermon took a bottle of coconut oil he snuck with him and smiled, “Fortunately, I’ve Rika’s coconut oil with me.”


         Terriermon fingered the oil up Guilmon’s crack and asshole and on his dick.  This time he slid in easily.  He screwed her slow at first so that her anal muscles could relax.  He built up speed and began getting his entire dick up into her. While he was doing this, she was rubbing her clit slowly with her claws.  Eventually he came inside her.  She licked his dick clean and they collapsed to the ground.  They hugged with each other and dozed off.




         They next morning, they woke up and found out that their Tamer were still sleeping.


         “Guilmon, that was great, I hope we can do it again tonight.”


         “Terriermon, if you do it every night, you will have no strength to fight.”


         They laughed and cleaned their bodies.  After they finished, they searched for more food, and returned to the house.


         “Guilmon, remember to tell him the truth.”


         “Okay, but I hope he does not have a heart attack, or else…”


         They entered the house and greeted the still drowsy Tamers.


         “Henry, I want to show you something.”  Said Terriermon and urged Henry to go out.


         After Henry and Terriermon left the house, Guilmon told Takato the truth.


         Outside the house, Henry and Terriermon could hear the ‘thud’ sound, and then Guilmon crying for help.






The end.


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