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Warning: Do not read while you are having meals.  Vore and gore inside: contains cooking and eating Lopmon.



Season 3 series



Author: Daniel


Note: ************ means scene changed


Title: Death Of Lopmon


         “Finally. We’ve won!”  Indramon shouted.


         “Yes, let’s celebrate!”  Kumbhiramon continued.


         No one could forget year 20xx, it was a memorable year where the 12 Devas killed all Tamers, as well as those who tried to stop them from conquering the Earth.


         After the battle, many cities were damaged; many people died, and many famous buildings were destroyed.


         Many people on Earth were surrounding some graves in the cemetery.  Those were the graves of the Digimon Tamers.  They were mourning for the loss of the Tamers.


         The people prayed silently that the Devas would rule the world in peace and harmony, and not war and malice.  Without the Tamers, the Earth is vulnerable to any attacks.


         Back to the Deva’s headquarters:


         “We captured the traitor.”  Pajiramon threw Lopmon on the floor and said.


         “You decided to follow the Tamers. Tell me, how stupid are you?” Mihiramon snarled coldly.


         “We will give you one more chance, heathen. Turn back to us and serve the Sovereign.”  Catsuramon told Lopmon.


         “I have no reasons to live anymore. Kill me now or you will regret it!”  Lopmon hissed.


         “Well, if you say so…” Majiramon trailed off.


         Makuramon grabbed Lopmon and entered a hall; the other Devas also entered the hall.  The hall was large enough to accommodate all Devas.


         “This is a special hall, now let me tell you something,” Sandiramon said in his usual hissing tone. “We are going to eat you slowly, are you afraid, little one?”


         “No!”  Lopmon shouted although her body shivered.


         Makuramon took out two frying pans and tied Lopmon’s hands on each frying pan.


         “First, we would like to fry your paws.”  Pajiramon smiled and lit the fire.  Immediately Lopmon felt the heat from the frying pans.


         “If you surrender to us, we will stop.  But if you are still stubborn, we will have to fry your paws.”  Said Vajiramon naturally.


         After a few minutes, Lopmon bit her lips as she felt her palms were burning by the heat.  And then she sweated and her body shivered.  She groaned and tried to struggle but useless, the Devas smiled at her.


         “ARGH!!!!!  I surrendered!  Let me go!!!!!”  Lopmon shouted when smoke arose from the frying pans.


         “On the second thought, we are hungry now. So we’ve decided to eat you after all.”  Said Vikaralamon thoughtfully.


         Lopmon were cursing and struggling.  Makuramon spread Lopmon’s hands with butter.  “Hmm… smells good.”  Makuramon untied Lopmon’s hands but turned them around, “And now the back of your paws.”  Makuramon tied Lopmon’s paws again and spread her palms with butter.


         Lopmon screamed and fainted.  They woke her up and continued the frying process.  She woke and saw smoke rising from the frying pans. She closed her eyes, and endured the pain.


         Later, Makuramon turned off the fire and took out a knife.


         “In this hall, your body parts will not shatter into data.  This a specially made hall so that we can eat your body parts one by one.”  Makuramon explained and chopped Lopmon’s hands into 12 pieces.  Lopmon dared not open her eyes; she does not want to see them eating her hands.


         “Now your legs will be next.”  Said Makuramon with a big grin.


         “No…” Lopmon shook her head nervously and pleaded him to stop.


         Makuramon ignored her and lifted up the knife; he sliced Lopmon’s legs into tiny pieces, and with each piece cut, Lopmon fainted each time, but she was still alive.


         “Another thing, this hall has the power to stop your bleeding and heal you, although not completely, at least you will not die due to the loss of blood. Maakaaahh!”  Makuramon remarked.


         Each Deva was eating pieces of Lopmon’s hands and legs happily.


         “Open her mouth.”  Said Vikaralamon suddenly.


         Makuramon does not understand but still opened Lopmon’s mouth with force.


         Vikaralamon dropped a piece of meat into Lopmon’s mouth and joked, “You’ve got the honor to taste your own fresh meat, fool.”


         Makuramon closed her mouth and said sternly, “Now chew it.”


         Lopmon could not believe she was eating her own meat. Was this part of her hands or legs? She didn’t want to know, and her mouth was too full to ask anyway. She swallowed reluctantly.


         After a few minutes, Makuramon checked Lopmon’s mouth and smiled satisfactory when he did not see any hint of the meat.


         “Did you like it?  Do you want more?”  Vikaralamon teased her.


         “You bastard!  Pervert! You sick ghoul!”  Lopmon swore angrily as they all laughed at her.


         After they finished, they caressed Lopmon’s ears and took out a scissors.  Lopmon was terrified and prayed them to kill her immediately instead of eating her alive.


         Makuramon lifted up Lopmon’s right ear and cut a little piece.  Lopmon shouted with all her energy, and quickly fainted again.  Makuramon ignored her and cut again, Lopmon woke up with a start and fainted again when Makuramon cut into her again.  At last, Makuramon lifted up her ear and asked, “Who wants an ear?”


         “Me!”  Majiramon answered and took the ear.  “Yummy!”  He ate the ear and nodded satisfactory.


         Makuramon cut another ear and ate it himself, “Mmmm, delicious!”  He murmured.


         Later Makuramon took out Lopmon’s clit.  He took a small knife and rubbed her clit for a while, and then he sliced her clit.  Lopmon screamed until the hall shattered with noise. Due to the horrible pain, she had lost all control of her bladder, and peed herself.  The Devas laughed again.  Catsuramon swallowed the clit and grinned at the limbless bunny writhing in pain.


         “Give me a saw.”  Said Makuramon and Indramon passed a saw to him using both hooves.


         Makuramon positioned the saw on one of Lopmon’s horns and sawed her horn slowly…




         “No… No… ARGH!!!!!!”  Lopmon shouted and woke up with a start.


         Lopmon, what happened?”  Asked Suzie and switched on the table lamp.


         Lopmon sat on the bed and touched her horn, she looked at the table clock – it was around in the morning.  The final battle would begin in another five hours.  This time, all the Devas would attack them at the same time.


         Lopmon, are you alright?”  Asked Suzie again.


         Lopmon did not wish to make Suzie worry, so she lied to Suzie, “I am alright, Suzie. It was just a nightmare.  Now go to sleep, sorry for waking you up.”


         “But you are sweating and shivering…”


         “Suzie, I will take a shower, you just go to sleep now.”


         Suzie nodded and yawned.  After Suzie slept, Lopmon opened the window and left the house.




         Renamon was sleeping while protecting Rika.  Suddenly, her ears pricked up, and she opened her eyes and crawled down from the bed slowly.  She glanced around and found out that someone was knocking the window.  She sneaked towards the window and looked around, prepared for any ambush.


         She opened the window and groaned as a small stone hit her face.


         “Oops, sorry.”  A voice apologized.


         Renamon looked down and saw Lopmon.


         “You came here to throw a stone at my beautiful face?”


         “Sorry, Renamon.  I was not tall enough to knock on your window, so I threw stones.”


         “And why the hell did you wake me up in this sleeping hour?”


         Renamon, I need to tell you something, can you come out now?”


         Renamon grumbled and followed Lopmon to a place near the lamppost, Lopmon told Renamon about her nightmare.


         “I am afraid.”  Lopmon concluded.


         Lopmon, your nightmare was so long and so real…” Renamon sighed.


         Renamon, do you think we can win?”


         Renamon looked at the stars and did not answer.


         “So… this is our last time looking at the stars together?”  Lopmon also looked at the stars and asked nervously.  She could not forget the graves in her dream, she saw Suzie’s name carved on one of the graves.


         Lopmon, do you feel regretful for choosing Suzie as your Tamer?”


         “No, but I surrendered in the dream…” answered Lopmon, she was still shivering from the nightmare.


         “Then fight for Suzie and forget about your dream.  Anyone would surrender under such circumstances.”


         Renamon, do you believe what dreams show?”  Lopmon tried to calm down and asked nervously.


         “No, I only believe my own paws.  I will create a bright future with my own paws, no one can fix my fate.”


         “Fortunately your house was close to my own.  I would not talk to Guilmon because he is simple; meanwhile Terriermon was too happy-go-lucky.  You are the most mature Digimon among us.”


         Renamon kept quiet for a while, “Lopmon, promise me, go to sleep and forget about the dream, okay?”  She said at last.


         Lopmon nodded and answered, “Okay, we will surely win tomorrow.”


         “That’s right, we will surely win.”


         Lopmon smiled and returned home happily.


         Renamon returned to her bed and murmured, “Lopmon, Rika and all the others, I am glad to meet you.”  A tear rolled down from her cheek.  This was the first time she wept, and may be also the last time.


         Who would celebrate their final victory?  Will they return safe and sound?  What would happen after tomorrow?


         No one knows…


         Night, still silent and calm.


         Stars, still shining in the black void of the night.


         Moon, still hanging in the sky.


         After five hours would be the final battle…




The end.


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