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Renamon’s Family series

Part 3



Author: Daniel


Note 1: ********** means scene changed.

Note 2: This is an AU.


Title: Picnic


         The next day, Renamon woke up early in the morning.  Rageromon was taking her to the park.  She was happy to visit the special park her father had been telling her about.


         Renamon took out a large box, packed with proper plates, real cutlery and glasses, a pepper-grinder, rug, serviettes and cloth.  She added an insect repellent, some sunscreen, a shady hat, an umbrella and a bottle opener.


         “What foods and drinks shall I take?”  Renamon entered the kitchen and murmured.


         She made quiche that contains eggs and cream.  And then prepared fresh salads, a handful of mesclun (mixed green), a takeaway chicken, smoked fish to toss through a salad and Australian cheeses.


         “Good morning.”  Said Rageromon, striding into the kitchen, “How’s everything?”


         “Good morning, dad.  I’m almost done.”  Renamon greeted her father while packing the box.


         “Remember to bring Shandy (some kind of beer).”  Chuckled her father.


         “Sure.”  Renamon replied sweetly and began to prepare drinks.


         They loved picnic because they could eat anything they wished with a view to suit their mood.  The cost was minimal because there were no waiters, surcharges or fees to pay.  Picnic in the morning could also enjoy fresh air and the sun was not so hot.


         “Dad, I’m ready.”  Said Renamon cheerily.


         Rageromon helped Renamon to lock the house.  Renamon entered the car excitingly, her father smiled and ignited the engine.  Soon they were on the way to the park.  Renamon switched on the DVD player and listened the soft music.


         “Rena, how’s the Sex Ed yesterday?”  Observed Rageromon thoughtfully.


         Renamon blushed, “It’s great.  I met many new friends and learned many new things.”  She answered.


         “So, you understood more about your body now?”  Asked Rageromon suavely.


         “Yes.”  Renamon replied with some embarrassment.


         “Now I know the thing I did yesterday was called masturbation.  I wish I could do it more often.”  Renamon thought.




         When they arrived, Renamon could hardly believe her eyes.  As she stood on the sidewalk in front of the entrance, she could barely see over the hedge that made a fence around the park.   They found a medium-size stone table with stone chairs and a huge umbrella.   Some people were also having breakfast at the other tables.


         “Rena, let’s sit here.”  Said Rageromon with a smile and Renamon put the picnic box on the table.  They spread a cloth over the table and took out the foods carefully.


         “Rena, want to try Shandy?  It’s very light only and you won’t drunk.”  Asked Rageromon with a twinkle in his eyes and passed a bottle of Shandy to Renamon.


         “Well…okay…” said Renamon thoughtfully and drank the Shandy.  Her eye’s bulged and he felt so fresh suddenly.  “Wow!  That’s great!”  She exclaimed and her father smiled.


         “Rena, this quiche is tasty!”


         “Dad, you forgot to put the salad.”


         “Rena, there’s something on your lips.”


         “Dad, eat slowly!  We’re not rushing.”


         They ate the breakfast happily and after they finished, they cleaned the table.  They began to walk around the park and enjoy the fresh air.  Renamon somehow envied those children who have mother.


         “Dad, I wish mother is here…” said Renamon, rubbing her paws.


         Rageromon patted her head, “Do you mind if I find a new mother for you?”  He asked anxiously.


         Renamon raised her dark eyebrows.  “I don’t want to force you because I know you still loves her.”  She replied.


         Rageromon nodded approvingly, “You’re right, I can’t and I won’t forget her so easily.  Your mother was so sweet and pretty, just like you.”  He remarked.


         Renamon blushed, “Thanks.  I’m proud of you too, you took care of me since mother passed away and it’s not an easy task.”  She replied.


         “Well, let’s not talk about those sad things.  We should enjoy and be happy.”  Said Rageromon earnestly.


         Renamon agreed and soon, they could see the top of a sky blue and red tent and the head of a dinosaur.  They heard carousel music, the sounds of ducks, and children playing.  They could also smell popcorn, hot dogs, flowers, and fresh straw.


         The most exciting sight of all, however, was the huge hot-air balloon that swayed gently in the breeze just outside the park.  It was tied down to stakes that had been hammered into the ground.  It was the biggest balloon Renamon had ever seen.


         Renamon chuckled to herself.  “Dad!  Look at the balloon.”  She said.


         Renamon wanted to get closer to see the basket that hung from the balloon.  It was tied to the balloon by large and thick ropes.  The balloon looked colorful and attractive, she wanted to take a ride with it eagerly.


         “Let me ask that man.”  Said Rageromon in the sweetest of voices.


         The man who sold balloon rides was reading his newspaper.  Rageromon walked over to talk to the man.  Renamon walked over to look at the basket.  She had never seen a hot-air balloon up close and she examined the basket curiously.


         The basket had high sides.  Ropes went up from the basket to the balloon above.  Renamon got up on her toes to peek inside.  “Is it save to stand inside the basket?  How do this thing fly?”  She thought.


         “We’ll wait for three more people before we set off.”  Said the man to Renamon in his easy, genial way.


         Renamon did not wait for too long, she saw a Digimon and a human boy walking towards them.  Soon, they all were inside the basket and prepared to take off.  A breeze began to blow and the balloon began to rise into the air.


         Renamon saw a leather bag on the floor of the basket.  It was filled with tools balloonists can use to help find their way.  She was nervous and her legs were shivering.  She grabbed the side of the basket to steady herself.


         The balloon operator looked at his customers with a twinkle in his eye.  “We’re leaving now.”  He said.


         About that time, Renamon felt the balloon begin to wobble.  She looked over the side of the basket, and was amazed to see the ground so far below.  The ropes that were supposed to keep the balloon in one place had come untied and were dangling below the balloon. She could now see into the park and her legs had stopped shivering.


         A boat drifted toward the bridge, a flag waved in the breeze, children rode the horses on the carousel as it circled round and round, farm animals gathered under the trees in the barnyard.


         The balloon continued to rise.  Renamon was now directly over the park.  She could no longer see the sides of the buildings.  Instead, she saw the tops of the buildings.  The red and white top of the carousel now looked like a fancy pie.  She was seeing the ground the way the birds see it.


         Renamon noticed a rope which was dangling by itself from the balloon into the basket.  The balloon operator pulled the rope, this let the air out of the balloon and the balloon started to slowly descend toward the ground.  She saw that the balloon was drifting towards a large fenced pasture, located within the park, where she finally landed.  She had a wonderful adventure and she hoped she stay longer in the balloon.




         Renamon saw her father walking towards her, “How’s the trip?”  He asked cheerily.


         “It’s fun but too fast!”  Cried Renamon in a kind of ecstasy of delight.


         They walked away and soon they reached a place.


         “Dad, I want to play bumper car.”  Said Renamon glibly.


         “Don’t you think you’re overage?”  Asked Rageromon with a ghastly smile.


         At the moment, they saw some adults sitting on the bumper cars.


         “I don’t think you’re overage.”  Said Rageromon, smiling.


         Rageromon bought the tickets and waited for next round.


         “Ho do bumper cars work?”  Asked Renamon eagerly to an operator.


         “The bumper cars run on electricity, carried by a pole on the back of the car that leads up to a wire grid in the ride’s ceiling.  This grid carries the electricity that runs the car.  Electrical energy carried to the cars from the grid is converted to kinetic energy, some of which is converted to heat.”  The operator explained and Renamon listened with interest.


         “What are those huge rubbers around the car?”  Asked Renamon, laughing good-humouredly.


         “Bumper car rides are designed so that the cars can collide without much danger to the riders.  Each car has a large rubber bumper all around it, which prolongs the impact and diffuses the force of the collision.”  The operator explained, looking at Renamon with mischievous eyes.


         When it was Renamon’s turn, the operator gave her a special car that was made for Digimon with huge tail.  There was place at the seat for her to rest her tail.


         “When bumper cars collide, the drivers feel a change in their motion and become aware of their inertia.  Though the cars themselves may stop or change direction, the drivers continue in the direction they were moving before the collision.  This is why it’s important to wear a seat belt while driving a real car, since otherwise you could suffer injury being thrown forward in a collision.”  The operator fastened the seal belt and explained.


         Renamon drove happily and after some time, the operator asked Renamon to park the car aside.


         “Why do I feel a jolt when I collided with another bumper car?”  Asked Renamon in a tone of surprise while the operator helped her to remove the seat belt.


         “If one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.  It’s the law of action-reaction, and it helps to solve your question.”  The operator explained.


         Renamon nodded, “I learned another thing.”  She thought.




         Renamon and Rageromon went to other places.  Renamon decided to play Pendulum.  She pumped her legs to provide enough force to increase the height of the swing's arc, and enjoy the increased velocity of the downward swing.  When she stopped pumping, the swing gradually slows and then stops.  When she finished, it was almost lunch time.


         “Rena, let’s go to the hostel to have lunch.”  Said Rageromon cordially.


         “And then continue after lunch?”  Cried Renamon mischievously.


         “Yes, until evening.”  Rageromon replied, smiling at Renamon’s expression.


         They entered the hostel and Rageromon rented a room.


         Renamon looked at Rageromon in astonishment.  “Dad, why do we need a room?”  She asked.


         “You’ll know afterwards.”  Rageromon replied with a yawn.


         They found the room and opened the door.


         “Rena, do you want to do the things we did on previous day?”  Asked Rageromon eagerly after they entered the room.


         Renamon blushed and nodded.  Her mind was more open and she was not frightened anymore after the Sex Ed class.  They both lie on the bed and were getting ready.


         “Rena, I’m glad that you’re willing to help me.”  He said good-humouredly as he slid his fingers along the curves of her body.  He unbuttoned his pants and put it aside.  She glanced down his body and saw his limp foxhood.


         “But dad…somehow I feel taboo…” she stammered with some hesitation.


         “Rena, I don’t feel taboo because I treat you like your mother.”  He replied sternly.


         She stared at him for a while, “Dad…I don’t know if I can really help you.”  She said nervously.  She learned the basic of foreplay during the Sex Ed class but still worry that she could not satisfy her father.


         “Don’t worry, just relax and everything will be over soon.”  He said in a soothing voice.


         She smiled and nodded.  Her hands slipped around his powerful torso as he lowered his chest to hers and his lips parted in preparation to meet hers.  The kiss was like no other she’d experienced:  long, hot, moist, gentle, and very exploring.  Their tongues slid together, generating heat from the friction of their rough surfaces.  His tongue continued on, slipping all over her teeth and exploring her gums and all sides of the inside of her mouth.  Her hands clutched at his back, feeling the solid muscles flex and relax as he expertly shifted his balance on top of her. His chest pressed against hers, and she hugged him even tighter as her tongue dove deep into his mouth and their lips ground together even more passionately.


         He broke the kiss and stared at her, “my daughter, you’ve done a good kiss.”  He said.


         She blushed, “Thanks dad.”  She whispered.  She loved the sensations and she was glad that she could please her father.


         “Let’s try the 69-position.”  He said and they changed position, she was on top of him.


         He slid one finger down her belly, and down her slit, and found her drenched with her own wetness.  He slid that finger into her and she clenched around his finger.  Sliding in another finger, he began to pump in and out of her.  She felt so good and her body shivered slightly.  She parted her thighs more for him to access easily.


         Meanwhile, she was giving him one incredible blow-job.  Her lips tightly wrapped around his cock as her head moved up and down, while her tongue flicked back and forth on the underside of his cock.  He could feel her hot breath as she exhaled from her nose, blowing on his yellowish pubes.


         She was whispering shallowly from her lungs while he was heaving like a bellows.  Soon they were sucking in lungful of air as spasms of delight rocketed through them.  That strong, lovely sensation began to claim her again and he also came with soul-shattering intensity.  He finished her juices while she tasted his sperm.


         After they stopped, he crawled back to her side and whispered, “Do you like it?”


         She was too tired to answer, she just gave him a nod and dozed off.  He smiled satisfactory and decided to take a quick nap.




         After they woke up, they clean themselves and the bed.  They went to the café and had lunch happily.  They continued to visit the park until almost evening and gone back happily.




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