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Renamon’s Family series

Part 2



Author: Daniel


Note: This is an AU.


Title: First Masturbation


         When Renamon woke up again, she entered the washroom to take a bath.  She was still thinking about her first time.  When she walked out from her room, she did not find her father.  “May be he gone back to his office.”  She thought.


         She sat back in front of her writing table to finish her homework.  “The differences between IP v.4 and IP v.6 are…” she murmured.  She grinned and answered the question in less than ten minutes.


         Finally she finished her homework.  She put her textbooks and her homework back to her school bag.  She stood up and stretched her hands.  She walked out from her room and headed towards the radio.  She switched on the radio and pressed the ‘play’ button.


         “Heal the world, make it a better place…” she sang along while wearing pinafore.


         She took the small broom and a dustpan.  She entered her father’s room to clean his room.  “We are the world, we are the children, we are the one who makes a brighter tomorrow…” she hummed while she was picking the rubbish from the carpet.


         She bent down in front of the bed to check for rubbish.  Her eyes glimmered as she saw a CD.  She stretched a hand to pick up the CD.  “What’s this?”  She murmured because there was no title or front cover.


         After she cleaned the room, she took the CD out.  She washed her paws and switched off the radio.  She switched on the T.V. and DVD player.  She inserted the CD into the player and pressed the ‘play’ button.


         It was an anime.  Five girls were fighting with five bad guys.


         “Nice anime, but why he didn’t let me see it?”  Renamon murmured.


         Later, Renamon found out why her father kept the CD from her.


         The five girls were beaten and four of them were killed.


         “Wow!  So bloody!”  Renamon exclaimed.


         There were only three bad guys left, “You’ll die painfully for killing my comrades.”  Said Mr. A.


         “Oh!  He tore her clothes!”  Renamon shouted in astonishment and closed her eyes with her paws.


         The girl was naked and gasping for breath on the ground.


         Eekk...what type of anime is this?”  Renamon felt shameful to see the nude girl.  She told herself to stop watching, but she was too curious to stop.  She decided to continue when she saw the bad guys took out their manhood.  “Hey!  They also have that thing, but different color with my father.”  She said, anxiously.


         A guy picked up the girl and inserted his manhood into her cunt.  The girl cried loudly and her face twisted.


         “Ouch!  That must be very painful.”  Said Renamon solemnly.


         After a few thrusts, the girl moaned in pleasure.  Aahh…so good…please fuck me harder…deeper…faster…” the girl gasped.


         “What!  She didn’t feel painful?  And she asked for more?”  Said Renamon passionately.


         The girl also grabbed the guy’s waist and pulled him more towards her body so that he could penetrate her deeply.  “Yes…yes…” she panted.


         “Huh?  My pee hole…” Renamon felt her pussy a little itchy.  She shrunk her fingernails and used a finger to scratch it.


         “What?”  Renamon was surprised that her cunt was getting wet.  She lifted up her finger and saw some liquid on it.  It was transparent with some black dots.  She licked it and did not taste anything.


         The anime has changed scene.  Now the girl was on the ground and began to masturbate.


         Renamon thought the girl was scratching her cunt, so Renamon just followed her.


         “Why need to rub my breasts?”  Renamon thought and brought out her C-cup breasts from under the fur on her chest.


         The girl was wanking so slowly that Renamon could follow.


         Renamon’s nipples started to harden again and she felt that familiar dampening of her pussy that she secretly loved so much.  She brushed her paws across her left nipple and gave it a little squeeze. She moaned and instantly her clit tingled.  She continued to watch but soon she closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations.


         “No wonder the girl closed her eyes.  When I closed my eyes, I could concentrate and feel more pleasure.”  Renamon thought.  She had never masturbated before, so she has no ideas what was she doing.  But she felt so good until she could not stop.  She was liked a car without a break, the car would only stop when it knocked something.


         Slowly the tips of Renamon’s fingers began to brush across her groin.  A moan escaped from her but she did not realize.  It was like a voice from another area of her mind, an echo from another existence.  She continued down to her labia, along the sides and then between.  The juice from her pussy was flooding.  She moved her shivering finger towards her mouth to taste her own juices.


         “It’s different from my father’s.  Mine is sweet and his was salty.”  Renamon thought.


         Renamon felt the urge to urine again but she could not stand up.  Deeper and harder the pleasure dived until she felt every muscle, every cell, every lust in her body exploded again and again.


         Aaahhh…” cried Renamon as she rolled her body.  She forgot that she was on the sofa.  She rolled her body and fell on the carpet.  But she still continued despite the pain.


         Renamon’s orgasm was so intense that her pussy actually squirted her hot juices out with each spasm.  Her juices flowed like a stream.  She continued thrusting her fingers up her twat and moaned over and over.  When her orgasm finally subsided, she thought, “Too marvelous for comprehension.”  She then dozed off again.


         When Renamon woke up again, she quickly switched off everything and put the CD back to the original place.  She saw her own juices on the carpet and could not believe that she could shoot so much.


         “So good, I wish I can do it again.”  She thought while cleaning the carpet and the sofa.


         After she cleaned everything, she entered the kitchen again to prepare lunch.  But she could not forget the anime.  “Will dad do that to me?  Will I get the pleasure or pain?”  She hoped that her dad would do that with her but she was afraid of pain.


         Soon, she heard the engine sound.  The door opened and her dad entered the house.  “Rena, I’m home!”  He cried merrily.


         “Dad, welcome home!”  She greeted him with a grin.


         “Rena, this afternoon I’ve a special class for you.”  Her dad began when they were having lunch.


         She was surprised, “Special class?  What’s that?”  She asked in astonishment.


         “It’s a class to teach you everything about sex.  Just one lesson only and it’s called Sex Ed.”  Rageromon chuckled.


         She blushed, “Dad…” she was a little angry.  She thought her father was going to send her to an abnormal sex class.


         “Don’t worry, this is a normal sex class.  You’ll learn about your body and it’s very useful when your puberty arrives.”  Rageromon remarked.


         She pricked up her ears.


         “Have you wanked before?”


         She shook her head, she never heard that term before.


         “Do you know what is a tampon?”


         She shook head again, she heard that term before but did not know what was that.


         “Rena, you’re 15 years old now and it’s time to learn more about your bodies.  I’m sure you’ll have a lot of problems when your puberty arrives.  Unfortunately you have no one to ask, your mother has passed away and I don’t know the structure of a girl’s body.  I hope you can meet some new friends in the class and widen your knowledge.”  Her father explained passionately.


         A tear rolled down from her cheek, “Dad, you treated me so good.  Thanks.”  She sobbed.


         “Don’t cry, you’re an adult now.”  He father said cheerily.


         She nodded and rubbed the tears from her cheek.  After they finished their lunch, she prepared to wash the plates.


         “Rena, let me do it.  You should take a quick nap.  We’ll be going to the class in one hour time.”  He father said soothingly.


         She smiled and walked out from the kitchen heading towards her room.  After one hour, her father drove her to the class.




To be continued.


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