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Renamon’s Family series

Part 1



Author: Daniel


Note: This is an AU.


Title: First Orgasm


         Renamon was having breakfast with her father – Rageromon.  Rageromon was same as Renamon except that he was wearing pants.  Rageromon was almost six feet tall while Renamon was five feet tall only.  Renamon was 16 years old while Rageromon was 35 years old.


         “Wow, she’s as pretty as her mother.”  Rageromon thought.


         Renamon felt uneasy because her father never stared at her like today.  He stared at her like he was going to eat her.  She smiled and tried to calm down.


         After they finished, Renamon cleaned the table and washed the plates.  As she was washing the plates, her tail swung wildly as usual.  Her father fixed his eyes on her tail hole and his groin bulged.


         When Renamon turned around, her father pretended to take something from the basin.  His paw purposely caressed her buttock and she was surprised.  Her eyes bulged and her face turned red.


         “Sorry.”  Rageromon apologized.  But he thought, “So elastic!”


         “Never mind.”  Renamon answered.  But she secretly liked the feeling of his paw on her buttock.


         Renamon washed her paws and quickly returned to her room to finish her homework.  Suddenly Rageromon entered the room without knocking the door.


         Renamon turned around, “Dad, what’s the matter?”  She asked nervously.


         Renamon was even afraid when her father removed his pants.  That was her first time she saw a pecker.  She quickly turned her face away, “Dad, what’re you doing?”  She stammered.


         “Rena, your mother has passed away for years and no one satisfied my desires since then.  I hope you can put off my fire of passion.”  Rageromon explained.


         “But I’m your daughter, I can’t do it…” Renamon rejected.


         “Rena, you’ve two choices: you’ll do it willingly or I’ll do it with force.  If I did it with force, you’ll sure have to suffer.  But if you did it willingly, you’ll enjoy it.”  Said Rageromon sternly.


         “What…shall…I do?”  Asked Renamon after some time.


         Rageromon smiled and pushed her onto the bed.  He planted a deep, forceful kiss on Renamon’s wet mouth.  Their tongues met and he moaned deeply.  She did not kiss before, her eyes bulged but she did not reject.  She knew she could not do it but her body somehow aroused.


         “C’mon, use your paws and explore my body.”  He whispered.


         She used her shivering paws to brush the fur on his chest.  He smiled and began rubbing her groin as he slowly worked his mouth down her belly to her pussy.  He used his tongue to caress her pussy and her body shivered.  She was still thinking about whether she should continue or not.


         He lifted up his head and looked at her face.  She could not understand why she felt so good.  She realized that they were doing something taboo, and yet she liked it.  She liked the feeling of her fathers’ paws caressing her body and his tongue on her pussy.


         Her father smiled satisfactory, “See?  I told you that you would enjoy the sensations.”  He remarked and she blushed, now she threw away all negative thinking and began to enjoy the treatment.  Now her body was burning with fire of passion too.


         “Dad, my pee hole is so dirty, how could you lick it?”  She asked softly.


         “Daughter, don’t worry.  It’s not dirty and I liked it.”  He replied.


         Her cunt lips were closed so tightly together that he needed his fingers to pry them apart.  He licked up and down and in and out before taking her clitoris into his mouth.  She moaned loudly and clamped his head with her thighs.


         “I’m going to pee…” she whispered and tried to push her father’s head aside.


         But her father did not stop and instead he increased the speed.  This was her first time and she came very fast.  Her body jerked and she had her first ever orgasm.  He savored the taste as her juices flowed over his tongue.


         “How’s the feeling?”  He asked eagerly.


         “It’s good…” she gasped.  She could not explain why, she just felt so good and she wanted for more.  She felt ashamed for peeing on the bed.


         “You didn’t pee, you just cum.  When you cum, you would feel tired but very joyful.”  He explained.


         She was gasping and starring at him with half-closed eyes.  He smiled when he saw her reddish face, he knew that she was not satisfied.  “Don’t be ashamed.  This is considered normal.”  He observed.


         After a few minutes, he put his pecker on her chest, “Now, lick and suck my cock like a lollipop.”  He said.


         She had never seen a dick before.  She had always been curious about them but now that she had one sticking right in front of her.  She licked her lips and opened her mouth like it was going to eat something.


         He was chuckling, “Good!  Take it and don’t worry, it’s not nasty at all.”  He said.


         She felt her face flush with shame.  “I’m ashamed but I still want to try it.”  She thought.


         She took it into her mouth and was amazed by the smoothness of it.  It was hard, but the skin was still soft and warm.  She began sucking on it and then moved her head back and forth a little.  “It’s not nasty although got a little urine smell.”  She thought.


         She played his balls, “Why I don’t have this?”  She thought but dared not ask her father.  She squeezed the balls and her father groaned painfully.  She immediately took out his pecker from her mouth and looked at him.


         “My daughter, you should never squeeze my balls again.”  He gasped.


         She nodded and continued.  She put his prick back into her mouth and cupped his balls with another paw.  This time she played his balls gently and he moaned in pleasure.


         He fed it to her and then began moving it in and out of her mouth in slow strokes.  “Good, you’re doing fine.”  He encouraged her.


         She continued and soon felt a change in his thrusts.  His cock seemed to swell even more and the rhythm slowed.  She had no ideas what was happening but she continued sucking.  She imagined that she was sucking a lollipop.


         He moaned and thrust his pecker forward again.  She almost chocked and tried to pull his pecker out, but he was gripping her head and forced her to continue.  Suddenly she felt spurts of warm liquid hitting the back of her throat.


         She was shocked, “What’s this?”  She thought.  It was not urine because it was a little salty.  She swallowed as fast as she could to prevent from chocking.  But it was too much and too fast.


         He sensed that she could not swallow anymore and withdrew his manhood.  He shot the remaining liquid on her paws.  Finally he gave a big sigh and stopped.  He patted her on the head like one would do to a puppy.


         “A blow job well done.”  He gasped.  “That liquid is called sperm.”  He continued when he saw her starring at her paws.


         She felt exhilarated although she felt degraded to have been used in such a manner.  The sperm on her paws was white color.  She brought to her nose and sniffed it, no smell at all.  The taste of the sperm was not bad and she somehow liked it.  She has no idea that she just gave him a blow job.  She licked her paws clean and thought, “I hope I don’t get stomachache.”


         “What’s blow…” she asked nervously.  She looked up at him and licked her lips.  Some liquid dripped from her mouth.


         “A blow job means sucking my manhood.”  He explained.


         “Can…I have…more…” she could not believe that she asked the question.  But deep down in her heart, she liked to make love with her father and suck his penis.


         He patted her head, “Sure, but now you’ve to rest and finish your homework.  We’ll continue after lunch.”  He said in soothing voice.  He decided to deflower her after lunch.


         She smiled and took a quick nap.  She dreamed she gave her father another blow job.  That was her first orgasm but she did not regret.




To be continued.


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