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Renamon: adult fairy-tales

Story 3


Author: Daniel


Note 1: *********** means scene changed.

Note 2: This lemon took place after season 3.



Title: Three Wishes


         “My friends all found a mate, but I am still single.”  Renamon was walking along the forest, “Terriermon found a female Terriermon and Guilmon also found a female Guilmon.   I wonder if there is a male Renamon.”  Renamon thought.


         “Umm…that smell…is a female fox.”  A blue fox Digimon sniffed and murmured.


         The blue fox Digimon followed the smell and saw a yellow fox Digimon in front of him.


         “Yes, it’s a she.”  The blue fox Digimon followed from behind, he saw her back and her tail, immediately he indulged into fantasy.  She swung her tail wildly to the left and then from the left to the right; when she swung her tail to one side, he could almost see her anus.  She twisted her buttocks and walked in a very sexy way.


         Suddenly he felt a sharp pain on his face.  He lifted up his head a little and saw her standing in front of him, he has no idea how long she has been standing in front of him.  He fixed his eyes on the fur on her chest and almost touched it with his paws.


         “Who are you?”  She asked coolly.


         “Bound, Renamon Bound.”  He answered cordially.


         “I am Renamon, you can call me Denillie.”  She stretched out her hand and introduced herself.


         “Nice to meet you.”  He shook hand with her and nodded.


          He is exactly the same as Renamon, except that he does not have gloves on both hands and his body was blue color with yellow fur on his chest.  He was also a Rookie Digimon with blue eyes.


         “Honestly I am looking for a mate, do you have a mate?”  Bound asked nervously.


         “No.  And I think we can be a pair of good mate.”  Denillie answered demurely.


         “Do you want to go to my house and have a talk?”  He asked eagerly.


         “So fast?  We just met and you invited me to your house?”  She joked.


         He blushed and apologized, “sorry, then we may go to other places.”


         “It’s okay, I was just joking.  Let’s go to your house.”




         After ten minutes, in his house, it was a small hut.


         He entered the kitchen and opened the refrigerator.  He took out two 7-up and he chuckled at himself.  He passed a 7-up to her and they drank together.  He glanced at her while she was drinking.


         “So, what are you doing now?”  She put down the 7-up and asked.


         “Teaching at a kindergarten, want to join me?”  He offered.


         “My pleasure.”  She smiled.


         She looked out from the window, “wow!  That house is big!”  She pointed at a house near his hut.


         “That house belongs to Terriermon and Lopmon.  They are rich but stingy.”  He answered.


         “What are their occupations?”  She asked curiously.


         “Do not know and do not want to know.”  He shrugged.


         “Renamon,” he suddenly looked at her from head to toe, “I forgot to tell you something.”


         “What?  Do not tell me that you put poison in my drink!”


         “No, I will not do that.  I forgot to tell you that you are very beautiful.”


         She blushed and said, “I also forgot to tell you that you are very handsome.  So?”


         “Let’s start a game, shall we?”  He asked and took out something.


         “Oh! I like it!”  She answered happily.


         And so they entered his room to…




         Meanwhile, inside Terriermon’s house.


         “Darling!  Have you vacuumed the house?”  Shouted his mate, Lopmon.


         “Hmm…I’m counting money!”  Terriermon shouted while he was counting money.


         Suddenly someone knocked the door, “shit!  I’m counting money!”  Terriermon grumbled, he took off his glasses and put on the table.  He quickly put the money in the drawer and locked it.


         “I am cuming...no I mean I am coming.”  Terriermon walked towards the door.


         He opened the door and saw a Digimon, “hello, I am Kiwimon.  I am very tired after working for whole day.  I have finished my water, can you give me a cup of water?”


         “NO!  This is not an inn!”  He shouted and slammed the door, actually he was afraid that Kiwimon would rob him.  He closed the door and Kiwimon left sadly.




         Back to Renamon Bound’s house.  Both of them were playing Monopoly when they heard someone knocking the door.  Renamon Bound opened the door and saw a Digimon.


         “Hello, I am Kiwimon.  I am very tired after working for whole day.  I have finished my water, can you give me a cup of water?”


         “Of course!  Please come in.”  Renamon Bound invited Kiwimon to enter his house.  Renamon Denillie walked out from the room and the Renamon Bound introduced her to Kiwimon.  The Renamon Bound entered the kitchen and walked out with a 7-up.  Three of them were talking happily.


         After Kiwimon finished the 7-up, Renamon Denillie suggested, “it’s almost , why don’t you join us for dinner?”


         Kiwimon rejected at first, but Renamon Bound persuaded Kiwimon and Kiwimon accepted the offer.


         “Renamon, let me cook.”  Renamon Denillie offered.


         “Thanks, but I used to cook myself.”  Renamon Bound answered.


         “Then let’s cook together.”  Renamon Denillie smiled and they kissed with each other like a pair of mate.


         “Conjugal love…” Kiwimon thought.


         They kissed and explored each body, forgot about the dinner and Kiwimon.  He moved his hand to her pussy while she moved her hand to his groin.


         Kiwimon could not endure anymore and interrupted them, “*cough*, the dinner.”


         After 20 minutes, they were eating rice with three fried eggs and breads.


         “Sorry, I do not have enough money to buy more foods.”  Renamon Bound apologized.


         “It’s okay, as long as I can fill my stomach.”  Kiwimon smiled.


         They were eating and talking happily again.


         “Kiwimon, it’s too dark for you to go home now.  Why don’t you stay overnight here?”  Renamon Bound offered.


         “No, thanks, I got to go now…” Suddenly they heard the raining sound.


         “Kiwimon, how about now?”  Renamon Denillie smiled.


         “I think I have to stay overnight here.”  Kiwimon smiled.


         And so, Kiwimon slept on the bed while both Renamons slept on the carpet.  They did not complain and start making love.


         “They’re a nice couple.”  Kiwimon thought.


         Kiwimon could not see clearly, but he could hear the moaning and groaning sound from the carpet.  He almost jumped down and joined them.  After a while he could not endure anymore, he woke up and walked towards the washroom near the kitchen.


         He switched on the light and opened his pouch gently with his long bill.  Immediately his pecker popped out, he caressed his pecker with his bill slowly until it was full length.  He grabbed his pecker with his bill and start stroking.


         “Very tired, hope someone can help me.”  He thought.


         He continued to masturbate, he could not moaned although he was excited.  His was sweating and his neck was tired.  Finally he ejaculated and he sat on the floor gasping for air.


         “I hope they have finished because I do not want to wank again.”  He cleaned the placed and murmured.


         Fortunately both Renamons had finished and dozed off.  He lay on the bed and slept silently.




         The next morning, Kiwimon prepared to leave before breakfast time.


         “I’m going to give you three wishes, what do you wish for?”  Said Kiwimon.


         Blue Renamons thought that Kiwimon was just joking, so Renamon Bound answered, “I wish to have a new house.”  Immediately his hut turned to a new house, bigger than Terriermon’s house.


         Both of them were stunned, Kiwimon asked, “second wish?”


         “I wish that we can live happily forever.”  Said Renamon Denillie and Renamon Bound also nodded.


         “Okay, and final wish?”  Asked Kiwimon.


         “No more.  We’re satisfied.”  They said in one voice.


         “Don’t you want money?”  Asked Kiwimon.


         “No, as long as we can stay forever happily, money is not important.”  Renamon Denillie answered.


         “I’m glad to hear that.  Goodbye.”  Kiwimon bade them farewell and left.  Actually Kiwimon is a supernatural being, something like God.


         “All Digimon asked for money, power and status; but they just asked for a new house and to live happily forever.”  Kiwimon thought.




         Inside Terriermon’s house.


         “Terriermon, wake up!”  Lopmon shouted.


         “What?”  Terriermon yawned.


         “Look at Renamon’s house, it’s bigger than ours!”  Lopmon pointed at Renamon’s house.


         “What!  I’ll ask him what happened.”  Terriermon rushed out from the house.


         Both Renamons told him everything, Terriermon was regretted and so he quickly chased Kiwimon.  Finally he found Kiwimon, he invited Kiwimon to his house but Kiwimon rejected.


         “Then can you give me three wishes?”  Terriermon had the cheek to say.


         “No problem.”  Said Kiwimon and continued his journey.


         Terriermon was thinking about the three wishes, he felt tired and said, “I’m thirsty and I hope I can have a cup of water.”  Immediately he got a cup of water, he used his first wish for a cup of water.  He was so angry and finished the water, he then threw away the cup.


         When he returned home, he told his mate that they got two wishes and can wish for anything.  Lopmon was happy and thought, “what should I wish for?”


         Terriermon was cleaning his glasses, “I’m going to buy a new glasses.”  He said.  And immediately he got new glasses.  Lopmon was mad and angry, “you used the second wish for new glasses?  You…” Lopmon scolded Terriermon non-stop.


         “I hope you can shut up forever!”  Terriermon shouted.


         Immediately Lopmon’s mouth was sealed and could not speak.  They were nervous and visited Renamon Bound.  Renamon Denillie used his last wish and Lopmon could open her mouth and speak again.  They apologized to Renamon Bound for what they had done.


         “Terriermon, I think we should help those poor Digimon.”  Said Lopmon after they returned to their house.


         “Yes, I agree.”  Terriermon nodded.


         From that day onwards, Terriermon and Lopmon became very helpful.



Author’s note:

Do not be so stingy.




The end.


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