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Renamon: adult fairy-tales

Story 2


Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This lemon is not related to any series.  Same names but different story.

Note 3: Renamon is a male fox.



Title: Little Blue Riding Hood


         Long time ago, there was a girl and her name was Suzie.  She was 15 years old, short black hair, brown eyes, yellowish skin, and a slim body that most boys would like to fuck.  She was about five feet tall with C-Cup.


         One day, she carried a basket and set off to her grandmother’s house.  She was wearing the Danielle brand watch, she looked at her watch and told herself, “must reach her house before


         She liked to wear blue hood, so people called her Little Blue instead of Suzie.  She wore a pink dress and shoes.  She did not forget her blue hood before she set off to her grandmother’s house.


          She entered the forest again.  Her grandmother’s house was at the other side of the forest.  She went to her house many times before, so she was not afraid.  She was singing happily along the way.


         A fox was watching her from behind a tree.  The fox was about five feet tall, able to walk like a human although has a fox body.  The fox salivates when he saw the girl because he was hungry.


         The fox started to follow quietly.


         Little Blue looked up again.  Many birds were singing happily.  The house was about 40 minutes away.  She did not feel tired at all.  She was very familiar with the path and she could practically walk it blind-folded.




         Little Blue turned around when someone greeted her.  She was shocked when she saw a yellow fox.  The yellow fox was very handsome and he has beautiful fur on his chest.  The tail at his back was very thick.


         “I am Renamon, what is your name?”  He asked cordially.


         Little Blue was a total innocent child.  Keeping a girl in a forest cabin all her life, with only occasional visits to her relatives, made her naive, and vulnerable.


         "Suzie.  What are you?"  Little Blue asked, tightening her grip in her

basket, and taking a tiny step backwards.  She felt uneasy when Renamon stared at her.


         “As you can see, I am a fox.”  Renamon smiled.  It was a very nice smile; at least he thought so, with gleaming white teeth.  “Where are you going?  Do I have the honor to escort you?”


         "Grandmother’s house."  Said Little Blue nervously but she was not afraid of him.  Her mother did not tell him about wild animals.  “Why do you want to follow me?”  She asked, childlike.


         “I like to talk with people.”  Renamon lied.  He advanced forward and extended his right hand towards her.  He bowed and taking her hand, raised it to her lips.  She watched with bulging eyes, as he kissed it delicately.


         He noted that her skin smelled quite delicious, “nice to touch, nice to see and nice to eat.”  He thought.


         “But…” She hesitated.


         "I am a good fox, do not worry, I like to meet and talk with people, let’s go.  We can discuss more on the way."  He said, straightening up.  He decided to eat Suzie after he finished her grandmother.


         Little Blue walked in front while Renamon was beside him.  Smiling evilly.


         "And what do you have in that pretty little basket of yours? It smells wonderful. "  He asked, with good-natured.


         “Just some breads and drinks.”  She answered without looking at him.


         He asked her about her families and she told him everything, including her house.  After a few minutes, she was relaxed.  Renamon IS really a good fox, polite, handsome, helpful and humor, she thought.




         Finally they reached the destination.


         "Grandmother!"  Little Blue called out, she opened the door and looked inside.  But she did not see her grandmother.


         That was a small house with two bedrooms.  Renamon helped her to lit the lamp and hung on the wall.  He looked around the house; he locked the door and hid the key.  He checked the windows and smiled satisfactory.


         Little Blue walked out from the room and noticed a paper on the table.  Renamon read the paper together with her.


"Dear Little Blue,

There was an emergency in town.  I had to visit and take care of Mrs. Izumi.  She is very sick, and I expect to spend five nights there.  I am sorry I did not inform you in advance.

From, Grandmother."


         "On no, I hope mrs. Izumi is okay."  She sighed and looked up at the fox.


         "Do not worry, she will be fine,” he caressed her hair, “how about if we eat something together before you go home?"  He suggested.


         "Thanks, you are very kind.  I do not see why not, I am hungry too."  She nodded, reaching into the cupboards to get the cups.


         She unpacked the basket and took down some plates.  She broke the bread and cheese into chunks.  He helped her to make coffee.  After a few minutes, they were eating together happily.


         He realized that he had to make the move now.  He moved his paw to her thigh and lifted up her skirt slowly, then he caressed her thigh.  She tried to protest but his mouth sealed hers.


         Shh…do not scream or else…” he removed his mouth from hers and whispered.  His paw was massaging her elastic thigh.


         "But... I never..." she pushed his hand away.


         He ignored her and kissed her.  She has never kissed before and she felt so curious.  She responded to his lips and kissed back.  She does not know what to do, so she just parted her mouth a little and let him do the rest.


         He stretched his tongue into her mouth and touched her tongue.  His tongue licked her tongue and then her teeth.  He explored her mouth with his fox tongue.  Finally he withdrew his tongue and licked her lips gently.


         He broke the kissed and smiled at her, “do you like it?”


         She nodded, and then denied.  She was curious, but afraid.


         “Let’s try again, shall we?”  He looked into her eyes and pleaded.


         His lips were like magnet, she could not resist and closed her eyes.  This time, she took the initiative.  She stretched her wet tongue to welcome his tongue, their tongues were dancing happily and she also rubbed his fox teeth.


         Their kiss turned from indifferent to passionate.  She learnt fast and kissed with him like a lover.  He also closed his eyes and kissed her deeply.  The room was filled with kissing and moaning sounds.


         He tried to break the kiss but she refused to stop.  At last he managed to break the kiss.  They stared at each other and their body was burning with fire, the fire of passion.


         She IS 15, and reached the age of puberty.


         He IS a fox, and had not make love with human girls for at least one year.


         She IS ignorant to sex, he lit her desires and she needed to release her desires.  Besides she also wanted to learn about sex, even from an animal, as long as the animal IS a man.


         He wanted to rape her, but now he pities her and decided to teach her everything about sex.  He would treat her well at first, shot his loads, and then eat her.  He was thinking about her fresh meat.


         “Little Blue…”


         He has a fascinating glimpse and she could not remove her eyes from him.


         “Please call me Suzie….”


         “Okay, Suzie, do you want some more?”


         He has a fascinating voice and she could not reject him, she nodded slightly.


         “Then let’s go into the room.”


         She was fascinated by his figure and she was eager to learn new things, she just led him to her grandmother’s room.  The door was closed after they entered…




         After five days, her grandmother returned.  But she did not see Little Blue.  Her house was as tidy as before she left.  She entered her room and was surprised when she saw her bed.  There was a blood stain on her bed.


         She examined the stain closely.  From her past experience, that stain was caused by hymen.  Hymen!  She gasped.  Little Blue must have been here and has lost her chastity.  But why she did not struggle?


         She looked around; nothing was broken.  Obviously Little Blue lost her chastity voluntarily or while she was unconscious.  She looked at the dustbin and her eyes bulged.  There were many tissue papers.


         She checked the tissue papers in the dustbin.  Some have blood, some have sperm and some have juices.  Little Blue must be doing it voluntarily, but why?  She wondered and decided to go to Little Blue’s house.


         But Little Blue’s parents told her that Little Blue has not came back.  They quickly searched around the forest but still could not find Little Blue.  Latter, they found a Danielle watch near the glade.


         From that day onwards, Renamon and Suzie never appeared again.  Did Renamon eat Suzie?  If not, where IS Suzie?  What happened between them that day?  A mystery that no one could ever find out.



Author’s note:

Never walk alone in the forest.




The end.


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