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Renamon: adult fairy-tales

Story 1


Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This lemon is not related to any series.  Same names but different story.



Title: Yellow Fox



Long time ago, there was a couple, Mr. And Mrs. Kamiya.  Both of them were…I think were thirty years old.  Well age is not important here.  Their outlook and where were they staying are also not important…”Lightning Claws!” *A digimon ambushed the narrator* “ARGH!” *narrator collapsed to the ground*



Please forgive me, this lemon does not need any narrators anymore.  I don’t need a useless narrator, I will tell you about the story myself. *Gatomon disposed the corpse*



         “Mirror mirror on the table, who is the most beautiful woman?”  Mrs. Kamiya asked the medium-size mirror on the table.  The mirror has a beautiful frame.


         “You, Mrs. Kamiya is the most beautiful woman at this moment.”  Rumbled mirror, the mirror was possessed by evil magic and could speak human language.


         “What do you mean by ‘at this moment’?”  Mrs. Kamiya was not happy to hear that.


         “Someday you will see a woman that is more beautiful than you.”  The mirror explained.


         “I’ll kill those who is prettier than me!”  Mrs. Kamiya exclaimed and laughed evilly.




Two years ago…


         “Darling, I found this near the playground in the AsukaVillage.”  Said Mr. Kamiya joyfully and took out a medium-size mirror.


         “Wow!  It’s beautiful!  Thanks.”  Mrs. Kamiya looked at the mirror and exclaimed.  She polished the mirror and the mirror became as clean as new.


         The next morning, Mr. Kamiya set off to the forest to collect woods as usual.


         Mrs. Kamiya put the mirror on the table and looked at it.  Suddenly a dark smoke arose and surrounded mrs. Kamiya.  After the dark smoke disappeared, mrs. Kamiya was possessed by evil and could communicate with the mirror.  She was surprised to see her image on the mirror, the image was a beautiful face without white hair.  She caressed her face but could not feel the wrinkles.


         “Mrs. Kamiya, do you know who is the most beautiful woman?”  Asked the mirror.


         “No.”  Mrs. Kamiya shook her head.


         “Do you want to know?”


         “Yes, of course!”  Said mrs. Kamiya in astonishment.


         “Then you must ask ‘mirror mirror on the table, who is the most beautiful woman?’”


         “Mirror mirror on the table, who is the most beautiful woman?”  Mrs. Kamiya followed the instructions without any questions.  She was dying to know the answer.


         “You’re the most beautiful woman.”




         “Why should I cheat you?”


         Hahaha…I’m the most beautiful woman!”  Mrs. Kamiya cried, clapping her hands, and looking as delighted as a child with a new toy.


         “Mirror mirror on the table, who is the most beautiful woman?”  Mrs. Kamiya asked again, she loved to hear the answer.


         “You’re the most beautiful woman.”


         “I’m the prettiest woman!”  Cried mrs. Kamiya pompously rubbing her hands.


         Mrs. Kamiya laughed again and left her room to prepare lunch.  The evil within her was concealed very well and no one would suspect her.


         After mrs. Kamiya left the room, the mirror giggled, “victim number five.  Another female who love to be pretty, hmm…what should I do next?”


         And so, from that day onwards, mrs. Kamiya would ask the mirror and the mirror would give her the same answer.  Mrs. Kamiya was possessed by evil and could not see the dangers.




         Mr. Kamiya was six feet tall with a muscular body.  He has short half-black-half white hair, he has a pair of brown eyes and an eagle-like nose.  Mrs. Kamiya was five and a half feet tall with a slim body.  Most of her hair turned to white color, she has a pair of blue eyes and a small nose.  Both of them were around 40 years old but they had no child.  They made love every night but still could not produce a child.


         One morning, mr. Kamiya entered the forest as usual.  He looked around for a few minutes and he found it, he caressed it gently and smiled satisfactory.  He lifted up the axe with both hands, he looked at it for a while.  He took a deep breath and swung his axe to it!


         “THUD!”  He chopped the tree with his axe.


         After Mr. Kamiya collected enough woods, he rested under a tree, he took out the sandwich from the basket and sighed.  He closed his eyes and ate the sandwich as fast as possible.


         Suddenly a yellow fox approaching him quietly from behind, the yellow fox was five feet tall only.  The yellow fox looked at him and his sandwich from behind the tree, but he could not see the yellow fox.  The yellow fox stretched out his right hand and…patted her own belly…she was hungry.


         “Sir, can you give me something to eat?  I’m hungry.”  He heard a female voice from his back.  He turned around and saw a yellow fox standing behind him.


         “Sure,” Mr. Kamiya passed a sandwich to the yellow fox.


         “Thanks,” the yellow fox accepted the sandwich and said, “my name is Renamon.  You don’t afraid of me, why?”


         “I was a great hunter and I saw many monsters that can talk before.”  Mr. Kamiya explained.


         Renamon smiled and ate the sandwich, suddenly her eyes bulged and her face twisted!  Her body shivered and she sweated!  “You!”  She pointed at him.  She closed her mouth to prevent her from vomiting.  She quickly swallowed the food and gulped down the water that Mr. Kamiya passed to her.


         She gasped for a while, and then she cried, “…TASTE BAD!” and then she continued, “oops, sorry.  I shouldn’t say so.”


         “Never mind.  My wife is pretty but she can’t cook properly.”  Said Mr. Kamiya, chuckling to himself.


         After Renamon finished the sandwich, she prepared to leave.


         “Sir, thanks for the food, I got to leave now.”  She said, rubbing her fox paws.


         Mr. Kamiya looked at her, suddenly he got an idea.


         “Wait, where do you want to go today?”  He asked earnestly.


         Anywhere, may be the west side of the forest.”  Said she cordially.


         “Where do you come from?”  He asked lightly.


         “I forgot.  I went to many places before but most people were afraid of me.”  She said, raising her eyebrows.


         “Do you have a home?”  He asked after a little thought.


         “No sir.”  She shook her head sadly.


         “Poor fox,” he said, commiseratingly, after he had listened to her misfortunes, “do you want a home?”


         “Yes sir.  I wanted a home so that I can stop wondering.”  Her eyes fairly glittered as she spoke.


         “What can you do?”  He asked, anxiously.


         “I learnt a lot of things from a kind woman, but she passed away due to sickness and I left sadly because the villagers disliked me.  I know how to eat, sleep and cook.”


         “I’ve no child, do you want to be my daughter?”  He smiled an enigmatical smile.


         “But I’m a digimon, not a human.”  She remarked.


         “Never mind!”  He cried, with a merry laugh. “ My wife and I were dreaming to have a child.”


         She rushed to him slowly with arms opened wide.  He also opened his arms wide.


         “Father…” she burst into tears.


         “My daughter, do you eat human?”  He asked suddenly.


         “No, of course not!  I’m a digimon but I ate normal foods.”  She answered, smiling at his expression of surprise.


         “Daughter…” he rubbed the tears on her face.


         “Father…” he looked at him with a happy face.


         The hugged each other happily, “finally we got a daughter.”  A tear rolled down from his cheek.


         “Father, this is the first time I say this word.  I’m so happy.”   Said she kindly.


         “You’re my first child, I’m proud of you although you’re not a human.”  He rubbed his hands, and his eyes glistened.


         Renamon helped her new father to carry the woods back to her new home.




         “I’m back!”  Mr. Kamiya shouted as he reached his house.


         “Welcome back!  And this is…” Asked mrs. Kamiya in brisk tones and pointed Renamon.


         “She’s our new daughter, her name is Renamon.”  Mr. Kamiya introduced Renamon to his wife.


         “Mother…” Said she fervently.


         Mrs. Kamiya, though still amazed, no longer felt afraid.  Under those eyes she felt a curious suspense, but not fear.  “Please,” she said, “who are you?  Or what are you?”


         “I’m a digimon, in another words, I’m half-human-half-beast.”  Renamon explained.


         “How old are you?”  Asked mrs. Kamiya, a queer look came into her eyes.


         “I’ve no age.”  Renamon shook her fox head.


         “Can you help me with house works?”  Asked mrs. Kamiya in undisguised wonder.


         Renamon nodded.


         Mrs. Kamiya asked a few point-blank questions and was satisfied.


         “My new daughter…but what did you eat?”  Mrs. Kamiya seemed delighted at the idea of accepting new daughter.


         “Normal foods, same as human being.”  She smiled gently.


         The hugged each other happily and cried for joy.


         “I’m going to the village to sell these woods.  And don’t eat my wife.”  Mr. Kamiya joked and left.


         “I said I don’t eat human being!”  Renamon shouted.


         “Come, I’ll show you your room.”  Said Mrs. Kamiya and rubbed the tears on her cheek.


         Mrs. Kamiya showed Renamon around the house, “this will be your room.”  Said mrs. Kamiya and entered a room.


         “Thanks.”  Renamon smiled.


         Mrs. Kamiya stared at Renamon from head to toe and Renamon felt uneasy.


         “Can you do me a favor?”  Asked mrs. Kamiya and led Renamon to her room.


         “What’s that, mother?”  Asked Renamon pensively.


         “Can you make love me every morning?”


         “But this is incest.”


         “You’re not a human, so no such thing as incest.”


         “But why?”


         “My daughter, I felt horny every morning.  I tried to jill off but still feel the emptiness.  I need someone, anyone, to help me.”








         “Come here now.”  Said mrs. Kamiya and lie on the bed.


         Renamon gently removed mrs. Kamiya’s shirt, “oh!  Your breasts, you didn’t wear bra?”


         Mrs. Kamiya shook her head, “I only wear bra after lunch.”


         “You’re face is pretty, your eyes are shining like the stars, your breasts…” Renamon massaged her breasts and continued, “guys would love to fondle and suck your breasts.”


         She told mrs. Kamiya to close her eyes.  She lowered her head to mrs. Kamiya’s neck and began kissing her.  She soon moved down to mrs. Kamiya's soft breasts and started to lick the underside of each one.  Mrs. Kamiya's nipples really grew and they looked like huge acorns.  She now began sucking them and Mrs. Kamiya moaned softly.


         Renamon, you’re really good, is this your first time?”




         She continued and as her sucking became more intense, she slid her right finger into mrs. Kamiya's underwear.  At first lightly and then harder, she rubbed mrs. Kamiya's clitoris in a circular motion, every once in while sliding a finger into her pussy.


         “Mother, your underwear is wet.”  Renamon smiled and mrs. Kamiya blushed.


         She pulled down mrs. Kamiya’s underwear.  She was amazed to see mrs. Kamiya’s pubic hair, the pubic hair form a reversed triangle on mrs. Kamiya’s groin and covered her pussy nicely.


         “Mother, your pubic hair is so beautiful.”  Renamon teased mrs. Kamiya.


         Mrs. Kamiya was rolling her head from side to side on the pillow, her hair was sprayed out in all directions and she moaned in pleasure.  Mrs. Kamiya screamed as Renamon’s tongue danced across her clit.  She drove harder at mrs. Kamiya soaking pussy.  As she licked up and down the lips and around that swollen little clitty she thought to herself that mrs. Kamiya was really enjoying her orgasm from a digimon girl.


         She moved her other hand up to take those raspberry sized nipples into her fingers and roll them around.  All the while she was gently licking those swollen lips getting all of that sweet nectar she could.  Mrs. Kamiya was thrown into ecstasy and she knew that mrs. Kamiya was going to cum.


         Finally when she moved down and licked mrs. Kamiya’s pubic hair, mrs. Kamiya’s body shivered and reached climax.  Mrs. Kamiya’s juices flowed out from her vaginal like a stream.  She licked and sucked the juices until finished.


         “My daughter, you’re so good.”  Said mrs. Kamiya while gasping for air.


         “Mother, I’m glad that you like it.”  Renamon lie beside her and smiled.


         “Let’s keep this a secret.”  Said mrs. Kamiya and Renamon agreed.  Actually it was the evil inside mrs. Kamiya that made her horny, the evil slowly transforming her to a slut.


         Since Renamon was a Yellow Fox, they called her Yellow Fox instead of Renamon.




         One morning, when Yellow Fox was washing clothes in the bathroom, “mirror mirror on the table, who is the most beautiful woman?”  Asked Mrs. Kamiya again.


         “Yellow Fox, your daughter is the prettiest woman.”  The mirror answered.


         “Are you crazy?  She’s a digimon, not human being!”  Mrs. Kamiya cried, in amazement.


         “Yes but she’s also a woman.”  Said the mirror, sharply.


         “Who else is the most beautiful woman?”


         “No one.  You must kill her now.”


         “She’s my daughter…”


         Suddenly the evil inside her harden her heart, “yes, I must kill her!”  Said she coolly.


         “But she’s your daughter.”


         “She’s not!  My husband picked her up in the forest.”  The evil inside her made her hates Yellow Fox.


         “Good, she decided to kill her own daughter!”  The mirror thought.


         “But I can’t kill her inside or outside my house.  I’ve never killed anybody before.”


         “Never mind, I’ll help you.  But I can’t control her because she’s not a human being.  You have bring me to the nearest village now.”


         Mrs. Kamiya told Yellow Fox that she would be back before lunch and she set off to the AsukaVillage with the mirror.  AsukaVillage was the nearest village from her house.


         “Now what?”  Mrs. Kamiya asked the mirror after she arrived at the AsukaVillage.


         “Find a hunter and show me to him.”  Said the mirror curtly.


         “Why a hunter?”  Mrs. Kamiya ventured to ask.


         “Yellow Fox is not a human, so we need someone who is experienced to perform the task.”


         Mrs. Kmiya asked around for a hunter and finally she found one.  She showed him the mirror and immediately he was possessed by the evil.  He agreed to kill Yellow Fox freely before lunch in the forest.  Mrs. Kamiya smiled evilly and left.


         “That mirror…” suddenly an old hunchbacked woman murmured, she followed the hunter back to his own house.


         “I’m…” the old woman introduced herself to the hunter.




         Inside mr. Kamiya’s house.


         Mrs. Kamiya secretly tricked Yellow Fox to the forest when mr. Kamiya came back for lunch.


         “Where’s Yellow Fox?”  Asked mr. Kamiya.


         “She’s still playing in the forest.  I think she’ll be back after a while.”  Mrs. Kamiya lied.  But she knew that Yellow Fox would not return anymore.




         Meanwhile, in the forest…


         “Mother asked me to collect some mushrooms for lunch, I think I can return now.”  Yellow Fox was carrying a small basket and plucking some mushrooms.  Not knowing that someone has been watching her.  The person walked slowly towards her, step by step.  Yellow Fox was standing in front of a flower while the person stalking his victim.


         “Are you the Yellow Fox?”  The person asked and Yellow Fox was frightened, she turned around quickly and saw a handsome guy.  He was six feet tall with a majestic voice.  He has a firm body and his eyes were like blazing fire.  He was the hunter from the AsukaCity.


         “Yes, who are you?”


         The hunter drew out his dagger and answered, “I was hired by your mother to end your live today.”


         “N…” before Yellow Fox could shout for help, the hunter covered her mouth with his left palm.  He pushed Yellow Fox to the ground and put his left knee on her belly.  Yellow Fox was pinned on the ground and looked at him with a pair of scared eyes.  A tear rolled down from her cheek.  He was stronger than her and he smiled at his helpless victim.


         The basket that Yellow Fox was carrying dropped to the ground and the mushrooms were scattered around the basket.  The birds flew away from that place with fear.  Immediately sadness surrounded the forest.


         No cries, no sounds, no mercies…


         Later, the hunter cleaned his bloody dagger and sheathed his dagger.  He looked at the heart on his right palm and nodded.  And then he left the forest.  He has completed his mission.




         Inside mr. Kamiya’s house.


         “Yellow Fox still haven’t come back yet.”  Mr. Kamiya sighed.


         “May be she’ll be back after a few days.”  Mrs. Kamiya lied again.


         Mr. Kamiya set off to the AsukaVillage to buy foods after lunch.  The hunter secretly entered his house and showed mrs. Kamiya the heart.  Mrs. Kamiya assumed that the heart belonged to Yellow Fox and she was very happy.


         The hunter walked out from the house and returned to AsukaVillage again.


         “Don’t worry, after he returned, he’ll sleep for a while and when he woke up, he’ll forget everything.”  The mirror told mrs. Kamiya.  Later, mrs. Kamiya buried the heart behind the house.


         “Well, I need to jill off every morning again.”  Mrs. Kamiya joked.




         That night, inside mr. Kamiya’s house.  Mr. Kamiya woke up gently and walked towards the table.


         “Darling, what’re you doing?”  Mrs. Kamiya switched on the light and asked.


         “Where’s the mirror that I gave you?”  Mr. Kamiya sprang to his feet with a frightened face.


         “It’s here.”  Mrs. Kamiya was hugging the mirror.


         “Please give it to me.”  Mr. Kamiya tried to grab the mirror but mrs. Kamiya punched him and he flew backwards and knocked the wall.


         Suddenly a man jumped through the window and grabbed mrs. Kamiya.  But mrs. Kamiya knocked the man with the mirror and the man fainted.


         “Ouch!  How can you use me like that?”  The mirror thought.


         Then Yellow Fox and the old woman from the AsukaVillage burst into the room.


         “Father, are you alright?”  Yellow Fox rushed to his father and asked.


         “Yes…no…ouch…my back…” Mr. Kamiya groaned.


         “What happened?  I thought you’re dead!”  Mrs. Kamiya gave a violent jump, and stared at Yellow Fox with the utmost amazement upon her re-appearance.


         “I’m back to destroy the mirror.”  Said Yellow Fox and rushed towards mrs. Kamiya.  But mrs. Kamiya was stronger than Yellow Fox and she kicked Yellow Fox aside.  Mr. Kamiya sprang and hugged mrs. Kamiya, then Yellow Fox tried to grab the mirror.  While they were struggling, the old woman has wakened the hunter and the hunter joined the fight.


         “Don’t look into the mirror!”  The old woman warned.


         While they were struggling, the mirror slipped from mrs. Kamiya’s arms and fell to the floor. 


         Yaaaaaaaaa……” the old woman yelled, and quickly broke the mirror with her wooden walking stick.


         “NNNNOOO!!!”  Mrs. Kamiya shouted.


         As soon as the mirror was broken, a dark smoke was released from mrs. Kamiya’s body and she collapsed to the ground.  The mirror has shattered into smoke.


         “Mother!  Are you alright?”  Yellow Fox shook mrs. Kamiya’s body on the floor.  Slowly mrs. Kamiya opened her eyes.


         Aaahh…what happened?”  Asked mrs. Kamiya and looked around.


         “Don’t worry, the nightmare is over.”  Mr. Kamiya comforted her.




         “So…I nearly killed my beloved daughter?”  Asked mrs. Kamiya after they told her everything.


         “It’s not your fault, don’t blame yourself.”  Yellow Fox comforted her mother.


         “But if you died, I’ll sure knocked my head to the wall.”  Mrs. Kamiya grabbed Yellow Fox’s right paw and said.


         “Everything is over and thanks to her.”  Mr. Kamiya smiled and looked at the old woman.


         The old woman was around 60 years old and she was hunchbacked.  She was wearing a white cloak and pointed white hat.  But she could speak and see clearly.


         “When she brought the mirror to the AsukaVillage, I could sense the evil.  I was a witch but now retired.  I followed the hunter to his house and released the cursed, he was cursed by the mirror to kill Yellow Fox and will forget everything after he returned home.”  The retired witch explained.


         “I pretended to follow you to the forest so that mrs. Kamiya thought that I had killed you,” the hunter continued, “later I killed a dog and dug out the heart to convince to her that I killed you.  Sorry if I scared you.”


         “You did scare me!  I really thought that you would kill me,” Yellow Fox smiled, and then she continued, “I followed his order and set off to the AsukaVillage to look for the witch.  Fortunately the villagers liked me.  So I waited for dad to come and set up a trap.”


         “Fortunately you went to AsukaVillage to buy foods as usual,” mrs. Kamiya talked to her husband, “when you reached there, you all set up a trap to destroy the mirror?”


         “Yes, we decided to destroy the mirror before it controlled you totally.”  Mr. Kamiya nodded.


         “But why you didn’t ambush me that time?”  Asked mrs. Kamiya.


         “A person who is possessed by evil will become strong.  Even the hunter ambush you that time, he’ll sure lose.  So I reminded him not to attack you.”  The old hunchbacked witch interrupted.


         “And finally we won.”  The hunter smiled approvingly.


         “A happy ending.”  They said in one voice.


         “I had to leave now, goodbye.”  The witch stood up and said.


         “Let me help you.”  The hunter offered.


         “Thanks.”  The witch answered.


         After the hunter and the witch left, Yellow Fox and her parents slept happily.




         After a few weeks, in Suzaku City


         “Honey!  Look what I had found?”  A man exclaimed, had he discovered a gold mine, greater delight could not have shone upon his features.


         “Wow!  A medium-size mirror!”  His wife shouted happily.



Author’s note:

Evil never dies.




The end.


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