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Author: Daniel


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Title: Rare Couple


         One night, Veemon brought a plastic bag to Wormmon’s house.  Both of them were staying in the Digital World.


         “Veemon, thanks for coming,” Wormmon chuckled.


         Veemon gave Wormmon a thumbs up. “No problems.  Good things must be shared with friends.”


         After a few minutes, Wormmon and Veemon were sitting on the sofa preparing to watch the DVD.


         “Tonight will be Mr. XXX,” Veemon announced.


         “Really?  He’s so muscular and majestic!”  Wormmon said gleefully.


         Soon the movie started. Two guys talked for a while and began to remove each other’s clothes.


         “Look at Mr. XXX chest!” Wormmon said excitedly.


         Veemon and Wormmon were so excited when the two guys began to unzip their pants.  After a few minutes of caressing and kissing, the two guys in the movie began to pull down their underwear. Veemon and Wormmon felt really light-headed after the movie finished.


         “Veemon, that’s really good show. Can I borrow it?” Wormmon wondered.


         “Sure,” Veemon answered, grinning.


         Veemon looked Wormmon in the eyes. Wormmon looked back, their gaze never wavering. Their heads came forward at the same time, their lips met and locked, tongues working into each other’s mouths. Wormmon’s muzzle was totally different from any other Digimon's. Wormmon’s mouth was protruding and small, but fortunately Veemon’s tongue was small enough to enter.  Wormmon’s lips were also not as soft as the others and his tongue was sticky, but Veemon still enjoyed the kiss.


         Wormmon leaned against Veemon’s front body and put all his legs on Veemon’s body, causing Veemon to giggle a little.  Kissing Wormmon, Veemon slowly moved his hand around Wormmon’s first segment.  Veemon slowly moved his hand down to each segment and finally found Wormmon’s rock hard hidden pouch at the last segment near the tail.  Wormmon moaned softly as Veemon rubbed his pouch, feeling it harden even more.  Veemon broke the kiss and smiled.


         “Wormmon, we only met for a few times but we could merge to Paildramon.  That’s something I never expected...” Veemon began.


         “That explained why I blushed when I first saw you.  I somehow liked you since the first day we met,” Wormmon answered gently.


         “Did you tell or try anything with Ken?” Veemon asked gruffly.


         Wormmon shook his head.  “He's always busy with his experiments.  How about you?”


         Veemon sighed.  Davis is always dreaming about Kari.”


         “It was predestined for us to meet, fight together and merge into one,” Wormmon remarked, cracking a smile.


         Veemon giggled.  “I still remember when we merged for the first time, I quickly checked how many manhood and anus we have.”


         “Me too.  Although we merged into one, we still have two separate minds and could somehow communicate with each other.  Fortunately we didn’t turn to a freak with multiple reproductive systems,” Wormmon said under his breath.


         “Tonight, we’re going to do it until we’re exhausted.  Shall we?”  Veemon scoffed.


         Wormmon did not say anything, instead he turned his body upside down.  Without hesitation Veemon found the opening and pulled out Wormmon’s pecker.  Veemon moved his head forward and engulfed Wormmon’s penis in his mouth.  Wormmon’s body was small but his prick was very thick and short.  Veemon felt a tiny claw circle his pouch and eventually released his dragonhood from the hidden skin.  Veemon had a thin but long dick.  Wormmon had a green digihood while Veemon had a white one.


         Veemon and Wormmon did not waste a single second.  They were bobbing their heads up and down on each other’s shaft.  Wormmon nibbled on Veemon’s penis for a few seconds, and then slipped his muzzle all the way down to Veemon’s balls, which was just large enough to engulf the whole penis.  Wormmon went slowly at first and began speeding up.  Wormmon swallowed, then bobbed, swallowed, and then bobbed again.  Wormmon’s fingers lightly scratching Veemon’s balls and the perineum that lay at the base of his pelvis.  From time to time Wormmon lifted high enough to breathe, licking swiftly at the tip of Veemon’s cock, rimming the head with a flickering tongue, Wormmon’s teeth lightly raking up and down the tender, white head.


         Veemon was also licking down the length of Wormmon’s swollen cock.  Drawing Wormmon’s balls into Veemon’s mouth, gently caressing and manipulating them while Veemon ran a finger down the crack of Wormmon’s ass and probing the tight anus.  Veemon was raising Wormmon’s burning lusts even higher.  Veemon pulled up, and as Wormmon’s cock came from Veemon’s mouth, Veemon’s saliva dripped wetly down Wormmon’s shaft, Veemon’s purring moan exciting and sensuous.  Veemon slowly engulfed Wormmon again and again.  Each time Veemon raised his head, Wormmon’s dick became wetter.  Veemon did not forget to tease Wormmon’s buttocks.


         Wormmon was gasping shallowly from his lungs while Veemon was sucking in panting breath.  Soon they let out cry of satisfaction and came together.  Veemon pulled out Wormmon’s dick and let the white-hot eruption shower his face and chest.  Wormmon also felt Veemon’s hot seed spill over his body.  They rode the wild and wonderful waves of sheer ecstasy.  After a good ejaculation that seemed never end, finally they came to a stop.  Each tasted the sperm on their body and spread the liquid to every part of their bodies.


         They gasped and stayed motionless on the sofa for a few minutes to enjoy the afterglow.  Veemon was the first one who moved.  “Wormmon, let’s continue,” Veemon panted and turned his body over.  Wormmon found and parted Veemon’s anus.


         From behind Wormmon used his tongue to lap at the puckered hole moistening it at first then pushing inward.  Wormmon lifted up his head and used the sperm to lubricate Veemon’s anus.  “I’m ready,” Veemon whispered and lay on the sofa with his buttocks facing Wormmon.


         Wormmon crawled on to Veemon’s back and patted Veemon’s elastic buttocks.  With one quick thrust Wormmon rammed his shaft into the young dragon causing a squeal of mixed pain and pleasure.  Starting with a fast rhythmic pace Wormmon’s cock continued pumping into the hot ass.  Veemon moaned softly and knew he would not be able to keep this up for long.  Wormmon’s turgid shaft was short but thick, thus could not reach far into the rectum.


         “Shoot inside me…” Veemon managed to inform Wormmon.


         “Okay…” Wormmon nodded.


         With his knot just beginning to swell a growl escaped Wormmon’s lips, he wildly plowed his engorged flesh again and again.  Finally Wormmon’s knot locked deep inside his mate, spurting loads of sperm completely coating his insides.  Veemon felt like someone was pouring porridge into his asshole.  After some time, Wormmon stopped and withdrew his engorged manhood.  They collapsed still tied together overwhelmed with their own scents of pleasure.  The warm seed made Veemon’s insides feel so good.  After about five more minutes, the knot began to loosen and Wormmon withdrew his dick from Veemon’s anus with a ‘pop’ sound.


         “It’s my turn.”  Veemon put in.


         Veemon turned Wormmon’s body over and found the rear hole easily.  Veemon stuck his erect-manhood into the little bug’s ass.  Wormmon’s entire body trembled as if he had suddenly been charged with electricity.  Veemon felt even better because he liked to insert his pecker into other guys' asses.  Veemon’s erect-rod was too long for Wormmon, one push was enough to reach deep into Wormmon’s rectum.  There was no lubrication needed as Veemon’s penis was still covered with sperm.  Wormmon moaned softly and purred.  Wormmon’s soft moaning became heaving grunts and gasping groans as Veemon buried the entire length of his young manhood up his throbbing ass.


         After a few humps, they groaned in blissful agony as they came together.  Veemon exploded inside Wormmon and Wormmon felt his tiny rectum fill up fast.  Soon Wormmon’s stomach was bulging as Veemon continued pouring his seed.  Finally Veemon ceased and withdrew his hard male heat from his mate’s asshole.  Wormmon could feel the liquid ooze out of his ass.  They definitely had trouble walking the next day but they knew this would not be the last time they would want to do this.




The end.


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