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Season 3 series

Author: Daniel

Note: ************ means scene changed

Title: A Raining Day

One morning, Jeri’s parents went to work as usual after breakfast. Jeri did not have class that day, so she could talk and play with Leomon instead. She walked towards the balcony and saw Leomon was standing there.

“My parents went to work already.” She smiled shyly at him.

He returned a smile to her, but he dared not looked directly at her because she was so pretty and tempting.

“Leomon, am I pretty?” She asked demurely.

He was not surprised by the question, he looked at her and nodded, “Of course you’re pretty.” He thought, “Girls at this age like to ask this question.”

She stood beside him, “I can’t believe I have become a Tamer and I have a strong Digimon like you, Leomon.” She caressed his muscular chest and said merrily.

He rubbed his large hand through her hair and answered, “I’m especially glad that I had found a Tamer.” He thought to himself, “…Especially a female Tamer.”

They looked at the sky; it was dark and going to rain. The birds were flying around nervously to look for a shelter.

“Let’s go inside and have fun.” She said at last and entered her room.

She took out the Monopoly and asked him to play with her. They put the board game on a small table and sat on a chair each, he sat at opposite of her and helped her to arrange the things. He lifted up his head a little and saw her little mountains through the loose collar.

He gulped and thought, “She didn’t wear bra.” He pretended that he did not see her. She did not notice that he saw down her shirt. Suddenly, he dropped a little plastic hotel on the carpet. As he bent down to pick it up, his member bulged as he saw her legs. She spread her legs a little wide and he almost saw her underwear. “Did she wear underwear?” He asked himself, then he shook his head, “She’s tempting me.”

They started the game, she enjoyed the game but he could not sweep her off his feet. “I love her, even if she’s a human girl.” He thought.

“Chance.” He murmured and tried to pick up the card, but she also wanted to help him, so his hand was on top of her hand.

They stared at each other, he caressed her hand slowly and she did not reject.

“I’m sorry.” He said at last and removed his hand.

She smiled and picked up the card, “Haha! Go backwards three steps.”

He sighed and moved his game piece, which was a top hat, backwards three steps.

She also admired him, nothing covered his upper body, so she could see his six-pack on his belly, as well as his nipples on his bare chest. She never saw a half-naked man so closely; “He’s a Digimon with such a manly build.” She thought.

“Jeri, it’s your turn.” Suddenly he interrupted her.

She was as if awakening from a dream, “Ah…oh…my turn?”

He smiled and did not say anything, because he knew that she also loved him as well. She did not move her game piece, which was the dog; instead she stood up and walked towards him. He also stood up and looked at her.

“Leomon, you’re so handsome and majestic.” She said and touched his belly and chest.

“You’re sweet and beautiful.” He stroked her cheek and answered.

“Leomon, can I…feel you…inside me?” She asked eagerly.

“But I might hurt you, are you sure?” He asked her.

She nodded shyly and they moved the chairs and table aside. And then it start raining outside suddenly, she quickly closed the French window.

“Leomon, wait here.” She said and ran out from her room. He re-entered again with a condom, she smiled and put the condom on the table.

“I assumed you got this from your parents room… won’t they find out that a condom is missing?” He smiled and asked.

“No, they’ve so many and they never count.” She shook her head.

She pulled her shirt out, unbuttoned it, and took it off. She was not wearing a bra, and her tiny little breasts matched the whiteness of the rest of her torso.

Slowly, she pulled her panties off, to show him her small, white, round ass, with her tiny brown haired muff peeking from between her legs. Her pussy did not take up a lot of area between her legs. Just a tuft of brown, curly hair covered her pussy.

He gazed admiringly at her breasts with their pink nipples standing at strict attention. He took one in each hand and began to shower them with kisses, then began sucking them alternately. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation, swaying slightly,

He stopped and removed his pants; she was surprised because he did not wear underwear. After his pants dropped to the carpet, his half-erect dick popped out.

He kicked his pants aside and they embraced tightly, they put their wet tongues inside each other’s mouth and caressed each other’s mouth. As they were kissing she started exploring his body with one hand, meanwhile he fondled her newly formed breasts. Then he settled his hand on just one of the breasts and started to tease her tiny nipple, she felt so good and gasped with pleasure.

She explored his body lower and lower until her hand came to his groin. She held his pecker in her palm and felt the warmth it gave. She moved her hand to his balls, and squeezed them gently. She could not wait to feel his pecker inside her cunt.

She broke the kissed and stared at him. “You’re special.” She said as she tore open the packet and removed the condom from inside. They began to kiss again, but this time she stroked his prick, unrolling the condom onto it. To his surprised, the condom fixed nicely.

“It’s strawberry favored.” She smiled, and then quickly licked the condom.

He asked her to lie on the bed, she obeyed and he knelt in-between her legs. He lifted up her thighs and positioned his dick into her pussy.

“Jeri, are you ready?” He said softly.

She nodded and closed her eyes.

He slowly pushed the head inside her pussy, stopping every so often to pull back and then thrust deeper into her again. Finally he reached her hymen, with one thrust he pierced her hymen and she groaned painfully. He pulled out his dick a little and let her relax for a while. He took a tissue and cleaned her pussy for blood that dripped out from her cunt.

She opened her eyes and smiled at him, she nodded and he continued to push in. He did not fully insert his pecker into her cunt because he knew that she was too small to accommodate his large dick. So he just inserted about almost half of his pecker into her twat. She felt grateful because he did not hurt her so much.

Soon he was moving rhythmically back and forth inside of her. She could feel him pumping faster and faster but never reach to the cervix of her uterus. He does not wish to hurt her, so he reminded himself not to insert too deep. The room was filled with moaning sound mixed with the raining sound.

The condom he was wearing was thin, so he could experience all the pleasures of their intimacy. She continued to raise her hips against him whenever he would thrust into her. After a few more pumps, they screamed as they reached climax.

“I love you, Leomon!!” Jeri cried out in pure ecstasy from her climax. Leomon’s hot sperm gushed out of the tip of his urethra into the reservoir tip of the condom he was wearing to protect her. “Jeri...I love you!” He cried and continued thrusting as the last few drops of his passion spurted into the condom. He then slowly laid down against her where he held her for a few seconds in a kiss, and then he withdrew his penis from her cunt and disposed the condom. He lay beside her and both of them dozed off.

Finally she opened her eyes, she saw him lying beside her, still naked.

“Jeri, are you alright?” He asked with concern.

“Yes, thanks for being so kind.” She smiled and nodded.

They began to clean their body and the place, and then they put their clothes back on.

“Jeri, the rain has stopped, let’s go out to see rainbow.” He suggested.

“I hope we’re lucky to see one. I love rainbows.” She said and opened the French windows.

They did not search the sky for too long; they found the rainbow easily.

“It’s always so beautiful!” She exclaimed.

“Indeed.” He nodded, for he was glad that she was happy.

They pulled a chair each and sat at the balcony to see the beautiful sky and talked happily.


Sadly, after a few months, Leomon was deleted and Jeri was very sad. She wrote a poem in remembrance of him:

Are you still fighting for right now?
Are you still protecting the weak now?
I’m sure you are, because you’re a Digimon of justice.

It’s raining outside from my window again,
And I’m alone in the house again,
But I feel lonely without you.

I’m standing at the balcony alone,
I’m looking at the rainbow alone,
And I’m holding my D-Arc in my hand.

She wept softly and entered her room again; she vowed silently that she would not forget Leomon for as long as she lived.

The end.

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