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Season 3 series

Author: Daniel

Note: ************ means scene changed

Daniel looked the screen and exclaimed, “Gatomon, a lemon contest for all who wish to join!”

Gatomon put the dildo back to the table and crawled to the chair beside Daniel.

Daniel pointed at the screen and turned to Gatomon, “Look at this!”

Gatomon and Daniel read the rules together quietly.

After they finished, “I decided not to enter this contest.” Said Daniel at last.

“Why?” Asked Gatomon in undisguised wonder.

“This author wrote the script for X-Files, this author wrote many famous romantic novels, this author has been writing for around three years, and this is the Lord Of The Rings author,” Daniel pointed at the screen and said, “They’re all famous and experienced, but I’m still new and don't have so many experiences. How can I beat them?”

“Daniel, at least you should try. Maybe miracles will happen.” Gatomon tried to comfort Daniel.

Daniel typed something on the keyboard, “Look at this. Someone sent these comments to me.” He said at last.

“Daniel’s lemons are illogical…out of characters…poor grammar…” Gatomon read from the screen.

Gatomon turned around saw Daniel rubbing the tears from his cheek.

“Daniel, don’t feel sad.”

“I’m not feeling sad, I feel happy. If they didn’t read my lemons, they wouldn’t send me these comments.” Daniel sniffed.

“You’re right, at least someone read your lemons.” Gatomon nodded.

Daniel looked at Gatomon and said at last, “This contest is a good way for people to know my name. I’ll send in my entry afterwards.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear that.”

“Sorry Gatomon, but you’ll have to use the dildo again. I promise that I’ll play with you after I’ve finished.” Daniel apologized.

“Mo man tai! (no problem)” Gatomon answered and crawled down from the chair.

After getting the permissions from ShadouRenamon and Elvarien, Daniel began to write the lemon for the contest.


Title: A Night With Renamon

One night, Rika and Renamon were making love again. Once they’d finished, they were gasping on the bed.

“Renamon, I have bad news for you.” Rika panted.

“Yes, Rika?” Asked Renamon.

“I’m going to camp with my friends for three days, and two nights. So you have to stay here alone.”

“Rika, can I follow you?”

“There is no way you can follow me, you will scare them to death with your appearance.”

Renamon tried to smile.

“Renamon, if you smile, they will die instantly. Among all the Digimon, only you should not smile.”

Renamon put on her cool face and deadly stare again, “Then I will find Guilmon to make love with, although I hate doing so.”

“Renamon, can’t you control yourself?” Said Rika, querulously.

“Sorry, but I’ve reached the age of puberty.”

“Digimon also have puberty? This is the greatest discovery of my life.”

“That’s right, that’s why we have different level of evolutions. Now I’m still at teenager stage, almost into adult stage.”

“Then find a mate!”

“I’m finding, Guilmon is not a real Digimon, he was created, so I don’t like him. Terriermon is too small, even a cucumber is better than his member.”

Rika sighed, “Fortunately I have friends who aren’t afraid of Digimon and one is a Digimon, and they are also boys. So I will ask them to take care of you at the meantime.”

Renamon hugged Rika, “Thanks, I’m sure they’ll like me.”

“They’ll like you if you don’t smile.” Rika joked.

“…” Renamon was speechless.

“Let’s sleep now. We’ll go to my friend’s place the next morning.”

“Okay.” Renamon answered and closed her eyes.


The next morning, Rika led Renamon to Elvarien’s house.

“Rika! What a surprise!” Elverien exclaimed.

“Hey, Rika!” ShadouRenamon appeared from behind the couch.

“Oh Shadou, you’re here too?” Rika was a little surprised.

“I came here to do homework with him.” Said ShadouRenamon, smiling at her expression of surprise.

“Rika, please come in.” Said Elvarien and Rika entered his house.

“Elvarien, where are your parents?” Asked Rika curiously.

“They went to outstation, and will be back after three days.” Elvarien explained.

“Perfect!” Rika rubbed her hands and exclaimed.

ShadouRenamon and Elverien did not understand Rika's meaning.

“I need you to take care of Renamon for three days, is that okay?” Rika explained her purpose.

“Sure, no problem.” Elvarien answered and felt his groin bulged a little.

Rika called for Renamon, who later appeared beside Rika.

“Renamon, you’ll stay here for three days.” Rika introduced Renamon to her friends.

Renamon shook hands with Elvarien, and Elvarien grabbed her paws and refused to let go. He gripped her paw tightly and enjoyed the sensations. He liked to touch her soft and furry paw.

“Elvarien, could you let go of my paw?” Asked Renamon coolly.

Elvarien blushed, “You’re really real.”

“I can’t believe I’m seeing the real hero of Shinjuku, Renamon..” ShadouRenamon shook paws with Renamon and said.

“Elvarien, I’ll be back after three days. See you later, I got to go now.” Rika bade farewell to them.

“Wait Rika,” Elvarien stopped her, “you forgot to pay for the meals.” Said Elvarien at last.

Rika gave him a deadly stare and answered, “I’ll pay after I return.”

“Okay.” Elvarien shivered a little.

After Rika left, ShadouRenamon and Elvarien led Renamon to the sofa and sat down. And then they talked with gusto and composure. Renamon was pleased and glad because Rika never talked to her like that.

After lunch, Elvarien told Renamon, “We have class, and will be back before dinner.”

“See you tonight.” Renamon bade farewell to them and they left the house.


“Renamon, I’m back!” Elvarien shouted as he entered the house.

“Oh, ShadouRenamon is here too?” Asked Renamon curiously.

“I’m here to help tutor him.” ShadouRenamon lied.

“Let’s prepare dinner.” Said Shadou and walked into the kitchen.

“Let me help you.” Said Renamon and followed ShadouRenamon.

After one hour, they were eating dinner happily. After the dinner, Renamon took a shower; she borrowed Elvarien’s hair-dryer to dry her fur. After she finished, she sat on the sofa and read the newspaper.

Elvarien and ShadouRenamon were doing their homework while Renamon was sitting quietly on the sofa, “I hope they can finish their homework fast.” She thought and rubbed her groin.

Finally they finished their homework. Elvarien and ShadouRenamon smiled happily.

“Renamon, can you come to my room?” Asked Elvarien and Renamon entered his room; she smiled approvingly.

After three of them entered the room, they kept quiet.

“You want to do that thing with me, right?” Renamon broke the silence, Elvarien and ShadouRenamon nodded.

“Who’s first?” Renamon asked, then layed on the bed.

Elvarien undressed, and ShadouRenamon slipped off his metal gloves and said, “Let’s try a threesome.”

Renamon looked at Elverien, he was handsome and young, and looked majestic although he was around 18 years old. Renamon turned to ShadouRenamon and saw the six-packs on his belly. He was taller than Elverien and had very firm flesh.

ShadouRenamon kneeled down in front of Renamon while Elvarien grabbed Renamon’s waist from the back. Renamon lifted her tail high, unveiled her tight anus and pussy. Elvarien positioned his dick at the bottom of her groin while Renamon rubbed ShadouRenamon’s dick.

Elvarien entered her cunt slowly, and then he paused for a while before he starts pumping. He felt so good as she rubbed his body slowly with her tail, he pumped deeper and fast, he moaned softly and enjoyed the sensations.

Meanwhile, Renamon engulfed ShadouRenamon’s pecker with her mouth. He was young but experienced, and his pecker was a good ten inches or so. She licked and sucked his pecker professionally. He felt so good that he thought he came already.

Elvarien pumped for a few minutes, when her twat clamped his prick, he knew that she was almost there. He pumped passionately for a few times, finally he groaned and reached the climax. He shot his sperm deep into her womb.

ShadouRenamon also came and ejaculated, Renamon tried to swallow as fast and as much as she could. His load was warm and salty and she enjoyed very much. After he stopped, she continued to clean his prick, and then he withdrew himself.

They were gasping for air on the bed. After they had enough rest; they decided to change position.

After a few minutes, ShadouRenamon explored Renamon’s twat like a mineworker with his dick. He was mining for gold and she was also enjoying the mining process. He could move his dick around the cave to dig for more diamonds and gold. Finally he reached her cervix; she does not feel pain when he bumped her cervix. Instead she moaned in pleasure and wanted for more. Her twat produced so many jewels until he thought it was a never-ending process.

Meanwhile, Renamon kissed and licked Elverien’s penis. She held his shaft in her paw and explored the shaft with her tongue, running it around the ridge where it meets the head and rubbing it against the frenulum. When she was ready, she took his penis into her mouth and slowly moved her mouth up and down his shaft. She wrapped her fingers around the base of his prick to control the amount of his prick taken into her mouth.

After a few more humps and sucks; they reached climax again. ShadouRenamon shot a good amount of cum straight into her willing uterus, while Elverien released his cum into her mouth and down her throat.

They once again collapsed onto the bed again and dozed off. ShadouRenamon curled up with Renamon while Elverien grabbed her tail like a stuffed animal and slept. Elvarien and ShadouRenamon would never forget that night; it was indeed a memorable night for them.

The end of ‘A Night With Renamon’.


After Daniel had finished the lemon, he sent it in for the contest.

“Gatomon, I’m finished. Let’s make love now.” Daniel undressed and said, chuckling to himself.

Gatomon smiled and removed her claw gloves.


After three weeks…

“Ha! Ha!” Daniel cried, clapping his hands, and looking as delighted as a child with a new toy. “I’m number three for the contest!” He was checking the homepage.

Gatomon looked at the screen, Daniel continued, “Number three from the back. There’re 20 contestant and I got 17, very good!”

Gatomon nodded, “Right, at least you’re not the worst.” Her eyes fairly glittered as she spoke.

Daniel checked the homepage again, “The winner is the author who wrote for around three years.” He said with a laugh.

“Daniel, next month, you’ll get number 16 or 15. Eventually you’ll become number one.”

“Gatomon, as long as they entered the contest, I won’t get the first prize.”

“Daniel, you will.”


“Yes, after ten years.”

They both laughed together, “You’re right, they may lose interest after ten years and will not enter for the contest, then I’ll surely get the first prize.”

“And look at this, I got 15 out of 100. Wow, what a nice score!” Daniel cried, with a merry laugh.

Gatomon read the comments, “No plots, poor English, a very bad scene…no good comments.” She said, commiseratingly, after she read the comments.

“The judges are such saps. How can they compare me with those experienced authors? I’m new but they had been writing for years.” Daniel sniffed sardonically.

“You’re right, the judges are biased, too. If they dislike you, they’ll give me low score, but if they like you, they’ll give you high score.”

“Gatomon, there are no such thing as impartiality judges, only God is impartiality and upright. For example, I’ll give high score to those lemons that used Gatomon, and low score for those who use Patamon because I like Gatomon and dislike Patamon.”

“Daniel, I’ll give high score to YURI type of lemons and low score for YAOI because I dislike gay.”

“And look at this,” Daniel pointed at the screen and continued, “this judge expected proper grammar from the contestants. C’mon, English is not my cup of tea, how do you expect me to be perfect in English? And this judge asked me to buy a dictionary, I’ve many dictionaries but no matter how hard I learn, I still can’t become an expert.”

“This judge asked you to take a lesson on proper use of quotations!” Gatomon smiled an enigmatical smile.

They laughed for a few minutes before they continued.

“Gatomon, read this. One mark for Character Depth, does he really want me to follow the exact characteristics from the series? Why can’t I say Guilmon is horny and Renamon is childish?”

“Your writing quality is nearly zero.” Gatomon giggled, “He expected you to write as good as those experienced authors.”

“Gatomon, just as I thought. These experienced authors scored 20 out of 20 for their writing quality. C’mon, if they’re not good, how can they become famous?”

“I agree. If someone with bad writing quality wrote the script for X-Files, I won’t watch it.”

“Fortunately I didn’t get 13.”


“Because 13 is an unlucky number for Chinese culture.”

“It’s the same for American culture. So Daniel, are you ready for the next contest?”

“Yes, I’m ready to accept zero marks or any flames.” Daniel laughed.

“Look at the bright side, now everyone knows you.”

“Yes, everyone will say ‘Daniel’s lemons sucks!’ And next time they’ll give me high mark because they’ll probably pity me.”

“Daniel, not all people like your style.”

“You’re right. But some said my style is more interesting and original than the others. It’s difficult to satisfy everyone’s taste, but I’ll try my best.”

“So have you prepared your next lemon?”

Daniel switched off the computer and nodded, “Let’s go shopping now. I need to buy some food.”

The end.

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