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Title: New Era

In the year 2010, the chosen children defeated Mummymon and his gang. Since then, digimon had become popular and everyone owned one but only some of them could digivolve. The four Holy Beasts and Gennai sealed the portal to the digiworld again.

Ten years later, the Earth was crowded – too many digimon and human. Digimon could live longer than human and soon, digimon took up most jobs causing many human jobless. The four Holy Beasts and Gennai were regretted; they decided to send all digimon back to the digiworld. However, re-opening the sealed door also accidentally opened another dimension which enabled aliens to invade the Earth. Nobody knows where they came from and their purposes. Immediately the human and digimon combined forces, they began to fight against the aliens bravely.

The war lasted about a year. During the war, many people were dead and many digimon were deleted. Some chosen children and Gennai also died in the war. Most of the aliens were destroyed but the digimon on the Earth were also extinct - they got deleted and could not reborn.

The people on the Earth started rebuilding their homes. They would never forget that the digimon had protected the Earth with their lives. They thought that all aliens were destroyed, but some still remained on Earth undetected. The remaining aliens managed to hide and waited to fight back. While the human were busy repairing the buildings on Earth, the aliens also busy building a kingdom under the Earth.

The aliens secretly kidnapped some teenagers for experience purpose. They wanted to build an army that could wipe out human race. After the battle, they also lost many comrades and now they were unable to launch an attack. Some of the remaining aliens were injured but could not find any medicines from Earth to heal.

The era of Digital Monsters (digimon) was over. Now a new era had begun but nobody knows about it.


Two teenagers – male and female were chained on the wall and the aliens were examining their naked bodies.

“What do you want from us?” shouted the male teenager.

One of the aliens masturbated the teenager’s penis until it was fully erected, then the alien tried to bend down his penis. Immediately the teenager shouted painfully and his whole body shivered.

“Ouch, that must be very painful,” the female teenager thought.

“Funny, it can’t be bent. Ours can be bent even it’s fully erected,” said the alien.

“You fool, you’re not human!” shouted the male teenager, but again all aliens ignored him.

An alien took out his tentacle and stood in front of the female teenager. “Please don’t do it,” she pleaded. The alien inserted his tentacle into her vagina and immediately she shouted painfully and her whole body shivered.

“Ouch, that must be very painful,” the male teenager thought.

The alien did not slow down and began to pump. After a few minutes, the alien withdrew his tentacle and tasted it, “sweet taste, but where did it come from? Our females don’t have it.” She gasped and blushed.

The alien injected something into the teenager’s penis and he groaned painfully, “with this, your penis can be bent easily even when it’s fully erected,” said the alien.

“You moron, I don’t need it!” the male teenager shouted.

The aliens injected something into the teenagers’ hands to make them fell asleep. Then they released the two humans from the wall and put them on the table. They took out some equipment and started to modify them. They modified the teenagers’ heads and brains, hands and legs, and finally their hearts. They were modifying the teenagers’ bodies so that they could transform or morph into another form – a form which would be much stronger than aliens.

Suddenly, “we’re losing them! Cease the operation!” an alien shouted.

“Too late, their heart explodes,” another alien remarked.

“This room is going to explode again!” another alien shouted.

Not all teenagers survived during the operation, some were successfully modified but refused to become the aliens’ armies. The aliens and the other newly modified evil teenagers decided to destroy the traitors, suddenly there was an explosion in the operation room and all of the teenagers were thrown out of the building. The traitors managed to escape but they were separated.


When Adam regained conscious, he found out that he was lying on a bed and two people were sitting beside his bed – a man and a woman. Both of them were around 35 years old, the man was about six feet tall while the woman was about five and a half feet tall.

“Where…am I? What’s…” asked Adam weakly.

“You’re in a hospital, we found you near an empty school,” answered the woman shortly.

“Do you remember anything?” asked the man slowly.

“Explosions…fell to the ground…and…now I’m here…” he tried to recall back.

The man and woman looked at each other.

Suddenly Adam shouted, “who am I? I only know my name!”

“The doctor said that you’ve lost some of your memories, but don’t worry, we’ll help you to regain your memory,” answered the man.

“Who’re you and what do you want from me?” asked Adam.

“I’m Mary and he’s my partner Robert.”

“You need some rests now, we’ll tell you everything tomorrow morning,” remarked Robert. Adam nodded and slept, they walked out from the room quietly.


At the guest room, both of them sat down and started talking, “he can’t remember the experience and the location of the aliens,” Robert began.

Marry took out a file and read, “Adam, 20 years old. 5’7” tall, the aliens killed his parents and he has no relatives. He’s one of the victims of the aliens’ abduction. Although he is a digital data, he also has feelings. He has a human outlook but he’s not a human anymore because he can transform to a tiger.”

“Now he has the power to morph to a tiger. I hope he can use this ability to help us to fight against the aliens,” said Robert.

“The aliens want to fight back, so they created a bunch of new armies,” said Marry and closed the file.

Robert sighed and asked, “any ideas why some of them refused to join the aliens?”

“Beats me. Some people are not easily brainwashed,” Marry suggested.

“I hope the others will help us, if not, we’re doomed. They got the power of Mega Digimon – or even more powerful. We’ve no weapons or equipment to kill them – we have no more Digimon,” said Robert.

“Robert, we can use nuclear,” suggested Marry.

Robert shook his head. “Negative. According to the data I accidentally found from the internet – may be posted by the other good guys, even a nuclear can’t destroy them. Now the data is cleared – may be deleted by the aliens.”

Mary was shocked, “you’re exaggerated! You mean they’re immortal?”

“Not at all. They can be destroyed by the same power, that means only Adam can destroy them and vice versa,” answered Robert.

“If Adam joined them…” Mary trailed off.

“The Earth is finished, really. Nothing we can do anymore unless we found other good guys,” answered Robert.

They kept silence for a few minutes, finally Robert broke the silence, “a one million dollar question, how’re we going to tell Adam? He can kill us easily if he refused to help us,”

“He’s a nice guy, he won’t abuse his powers,” said Marry.

“That depends on who you really are.”

Robert and Mary sat up with a start, “Adam! We thought you’re sleeping!” said Robert.

“I was,” answered Adam.

“Adam, will you help us?” asked Mary.

“You must tell me everything before I answer you question,” answered Adam.

Robert and Mary sat down beside him, “we’re an organization that is fully subsidized by the government to fight against aliens,” Robert started.

“After the explosion, all of you are separated and we could manage to find you only,” Mary continued.

“So you want me to help you to search for them?” asked Adam.

Robert nodded and said, “if they became evil, destroy them.”

“How’re we going to look for them?” asked Adam.

“With your instincts,” answered Mary, “you can sense their present easily.”

“Last question for now. What or who am I now? Androids?” asked Adam.

“Now you’re a DigiMan or Digital Man, but after you transferred to another form, you’ll be called DigiTiger or Digital Tiger because your next form will be a tiger,” answered Robert.

“So I’m not a human anymore?” asked Adam.

“You’re a digital data with flash and blood, just liked Gennai,” answered Mary.

“I still don’t get it,” Adam shook his head.

Marry and Robert tried their best to explain to Adam. They also told Adam about the story of Gennai and the Digimon Monsters. After they talked for a while, Adam decided to join them and he left the hospital that day.


They finally reached their headquarter. It was a large three-story house and surrounded by trees.

The people inside the house welcomed Adam, they introduced themselves to Adam and vice versa.

Robert lead Adam to a room, the room was big but empty. “This is a virtual training room where you can mastered your skills.” Mary explained.

They went to another room, “this is a medical room, although you’ve the self healing ability, you still need a place to rest.”

They introduced each room to Adam, finally they showed Adam his room. “This is your room.”

The room was cheerfully furnished and illuminated by two broad windows. The room also got a bathroom and a computer set.

“You can stay here and trained yourself when you’re free, or find a part time job at the town.” Said Robert.

“We’ve prepared a new ID for you.” Said Mary.

Finally they settled down everything, “it’s late now, you should rest after the dinner.” Mary suggested.

Adam slept immediately after he lay on the bed, he was already exhausted.


The next morning, after breakfast, they decided to test Adam’s powers.

They went to the virtual training room and switched on the computer. They left Adam alone and retreated from the room after they explained the process of transformation to Adam.

“Adam, can you hear me?” Asked Robert and Adam nodded.

Robert and his friends were sitting outside another room, the room was full of equipments, there was a big screen where they can see and hear Adam clearly but Adam can only hear them but cannot see them.

“Adam, try to transform now.” Said Mary.

Adam transformed into DigiTiger easily without any pain. DigiTiger was almost seven feet tall and he has a muscular body. His whole body was light blue color. He got a tiger outlook, tiger face, tiger paws and tiger legs but he could stand like a human. He has a tail above his anus. He was naked and wearing underwear only, but the underwear was specially made and nothing could tear it. The underwear was protecting his penis so that nothing could hurt his penis. He felt uneasy being naked in front of the people, but he quickly got use to it.

“DigiTiger (Adam), are you alright?” Asked Mary and DigiTiger nodded.

“DigiTiger, I’m going to release three enemies. Although they’re hologram, you’ll feel pain if they hit you.” Said Robert.

The three enemies were all android. One of the androids shot a torpedo to DigiTiger, DigiTiger jumped to the left side and avoided it but it turned around and hit DigiTiger at the back. “Ahh!!!” DigiTiger groaned in pain and fell forward, the other android raised his leg to kick DigiTiger but DigiTiger managed to grab his leg and lifted him up, then he threw the android to another android and both of the androids exploded. The last android punched rapidly on his chest, but DigiTiger was not hurt and gave him a punch on his stomach that send him to the wall and exploded.

Robert and his partners were stunned.

One of his partners said, “no doubt he is the power type DigiMan.”

DigiTiger transformed back to Adam, and he was wearing the same cloths again. “Adam, are you alright?” Asked Mary and looked at Adam’s back, “I’m alright. Just a little pain.” Adam answered.

After lunch, Robert, Mary and Adam paid a visit to the town.

“Although the war is over, rascals are still around.” Robert told Adam.

“I can sense something, but I’m not sure.” Suddenly Adam told them.

“Where?” Asked Mary.

“It’s in that coffee shop.” Adam answered.

They walked into the coffee shop, a girl looked at them. “It’s her.” Adam whispered.

They walked towards the girl, “I’m Robert, he’s Adam and she’s Mary. Can we discuss with you something for a while?” The girl looked at them and nodded, “I’m Eve.” She smiled and the trio sat down.

Eve was 18 years old, she has a short dark hair and brown eyes. She has a slim body and wearing casually. She looks so friendly and beautiful. She was five feet tall. She stood up and shook hand with them,

“So Eve, you’re alone?” Asked Mary.

“Yes, actually I lost my memories and I only know my name. I was saved by a family who stayed beside the river.”

“Eve, we’re going to tell you something but you must calm down first.” Said Adam.

“I’m ready.” Eve said calmly.

Robert told Eve everything about the DigiMan and DigiWoman.

Eve listened with interest, after Robert finished, she asked, “so now I’m a DigiWoman?” Robert nodded.

“No wonder I can sense your presence and I can feel that you knew the answers.” Said Eve.

“The DigiMan and DigiWoman can easily sense each other’s presence.” Mary explained.

“So you’re a DigiTiger, how about me?” Asked Eve.

“You don’t know?” Asked Robert.

“I’ve never transformed before.” Eve shook her head.

Robert briefed Eve about the transformation process, before they can proceed, three robbers burst into the coffee and shouted, “give us your monies and we’ll not hurt you!”

One of the robbers decided to kidnap a girl as a hostage, so he grabbed a girl from a woman. The girl was crying and struggling.

“Let the girl go!” Adam hissed, he could not tolerate anymore. He stood up and walked towards the robber.

The robber looked at Adam. “Hahaha…you’ll soon regret that for being a hero.”

“I think that you’re the one who’s going to regret.” Adam retorted.

The robber aimed the gun in Adam’s direction. In an instant, Adam had transformed into his tiger form. Seeing this, everyone was amazed at the sight of a beast that had taken place where Adam once stood—this made the assailants perplexed and uneasy. Suddenly, the robber squeezed the trigger and released a bullet into the DigiTiger being, but it proved useless when the bullet itself pierced out the back of beast; he was unfazed by the wound that began to regenerate the lost tissue within a matter of seconds. DigiTiger gazed at his wound and marveled at the thought of being a supernatural being, and such a thought he grinned mischievously.

Before the robber could release another bullet, the tiger latched onto his hand and then pummeled him to the floor with a massive fist. The young girl nervously walked up to the striped feline and said, “Thank you!” and then ran over to safety into her mother’s loving embrace.

Just before celebrating his first victory, two more assailants took aim at DigiTiger, but before they could fire, a feline morph (DigiCat) latched onto their weapons, striped them from their guns, and then sent them to the floor with a powerful crescent kick while in midair. Outside, DigiTiger heard a vehicle starting its engines. In an instant, he rushed outside of the café and over to the unsuspecting driver. As the car’s engine finally churned at last, DigiTiger quickly pounced onto the front hood of the car, and sent his fist through the windshield—yanking the fourth assailant out from the glass by the collar.

DigiTiger pulled the man through the windshield and onto his feet. The tiger brought his prized prey back into the café and upon his reentry, everyone were still amazed at the feline’s massive size.

When the tiger came into view, the renegade feline morph walked over to the feline and smiled, showing her keen teeth. She was six feet tall with a cat’s face and body, however, she has a pair of human hands but she has a pair of cat-type legs. Her eyes were brown color and shinning. She has a slime body and a tail above her anus. Her whole body was yellow color and she was naked, her breast was covered with thick furs and she was also wearing underwear that covers her groin. Some furs also covered her hands and legs. At first, she feels uneasy being naked in front of so many people, but after a few minutes, she used to it already and she was proud of what she has done.

DigiTiger threw the final robber across the floor and into a painful skid until he collided into his comrades.

DigiTiger turned to face the DigiCat. He knew it had to be Eve—that was for certain. Together, in tandem, they morphed back to their human counterparts: back into Adam and Eve with cloths on their body—“newfound friends” they thought silently to themselves, standing adjacent from one another. They started walking out the café hand in hand, Robert and Mary followed them from behind.

After the gang left, a victorious cheer ranged behind them. The sound of clapping and approaching footsteps seemed to intensify, as the crowd followed behind the two saviors. Even the young girl’s mother came aside Adam and thanked him by accepting him for who he was, a morph.

An hour later, Robert, Mary, Adam, and Eve walked out casually from the police station, their heads held up high. After that robber incident that involved to two new friends, they became the center focus of the public.

Afterwards, the trio gave Eve an address card.

“Eve, this is our address. If you’re interested, you’re welcome to join us, anytime.” Robert said, handing the second DigiWoman his business card. Accepting the card, Eve glanced over it and then nodded approvingly. She bade them farewell for now and left the scene, walking down some dark alley and disappearing into the shadows.

“We found another one.” Mary said merrily.

“And she’s the speed-type DigiWoman.” Robert continued.

They went home happily, waiting for good news from the girl. A day later, Eve appeared at the group’s home, being given the business card, and decided to join the alliance. This new presence was another sign for the road of improvement in life because the more they found these half teenage and half beast beings, the better it would be to stop the aliens from recapturing them, and ultimately, taking over the world. Although the aliens were destroyed and driven from the Earth, they shall return when there is a chance.

The next morning, Adam and Eve were doing exercises in the garden beside the headquarter. The birds were singing on the tree praising the creator of the world. The butterflies are chasing with each other’s and the bees are working hard as usual. The day was very still, without a breath of wind. The sun is smiling at the sky indicating a new day has begun and there are not so many clouds.


Meanwhile, inside headquarter.

Robert switched on the screen and typed something on the screen, after a few minutes, a digimon appeared on the screen.

“Hello, Xuanwumon.” Robert greeted the digimon.

“Robert! What a surprise!” Said Xuanwumon, he was eating breakfast.

Robert explained everything to Xuanwumon and Xuanwumon listened with interest.

“Fortunately you found them, if they turned to evil…” Xuanwumon trailed off because he knew the consequences.

“But I’m still looking for the others.” Said Robert.

They continued talking for a few minutes, and then Robert switched off the computer.


“Ah…fresh air.” Said Adam and took a deep breath.

“Finally we can enjoy the peace.” Eve was drunk with the surroundings.

“I hate to spoil your mood but our war has just began.” Adam smiled at her.

“I know, you don’t need to remind me early in the morning,” Eve sighed, and then she continued, “right now, let’s enjoy this wonderful morning.”

“You’re right,” Adam agreed, “Eve, do you want to have lunch with me at the Vanilla Restaurant?” His voice faltered as he tried to speak.

Eve blushed, “we just know each other for two days and now you’re dating me?”

“I…I’m sorry…if you don’t want to go, it’s okay. Look! A bird.” Adam blushed and quickly changed the subject.

“What time we’re going there?” Asked Eve, she does not know why she agreed.

“You want to go out with me?” Asked Adam and Eve nodded, “then let’s go around eleven. Thanks Eve.”

“You’re welcome.” Eve answered, she thought, “may be this is called birds of a feather flock together.”

After they finished exercise, they returned to headquarter for training. After the training, they went to the Vanilla Restaurant and have a lunch.

“Adam, the food was very nice, thanks for bringing me here.” Eve was satisfied.

“I’m glad that you’re happy.” Adam answered, then he said softly, “beside, you’re my companion and also my first girlfriend.”

Eve blushed and answered, “you’re my first boyfriend too.”

Two of them looked at each other for a few minutes, then Adam called the waiter and paid for their meals.

“Eve, do you want to…”

“We knew each other for two days only and you dated me to have lunch together. And now you take another step inviting me to have sex with you, but I agreed. So where are we going now?”

“No…I was saying ‘do you want to go to the lake?’”

Eve was angry and disappointed, but she nodded her head.

When they reached the lake, Adam hired a boat and they went boating on the lake. There were many trees that shaded the lake from the sun and so they do not feel hot. Eve used her hand and gently stirred the water. Adam stopped the boat in the middle of the lake and both of them looked at the fishes in the water. They were relaxed and carefree.

“Adam, so peaceful.”

“Yeah, nothing to worry.”

After half an hour, they returned the boat to the owner and gone home.


After one week, Robert received an emergency signal from the digiworld. He switched on the screen and saw Xuanwumon, but he was injured and blood dripped out from his beak.

“Xuanwumon! Are you all right? What happened?” Robert exclaimed.

“Someone broke the code and invaded this world, can you still open the digiport and come here to help us?” Xuanwumon asked desperately.

“Of course. I’ll ask Adam and Eve to help you.” Robert still remembered how to open the digiport. Xuanwumon has taught him the day before he sealed the digiport.

Adam and Eve have heard about the digimon world, the digiport and four Holy Beasts from Robert, they quickly enter the digiworld. They exit through the computer in the Xuanwumon’s house.


In the digiworld, a DigiBear and DigiRabbit were standing in front of Baithumon, Baithumon was seriously injured and was shivering on the ground.

DigiBear has a bear outlook while DigiRabbit has a rabbit outlook, both of them were six feet tall only.

“Goodbye!” Said DigiBear and lifted up his paws, but Xuanwumon suddenly appeared and saved Baithumon just in time. Later Xuanwumon was knocked by DigiRabbit and fell to the ground.

DigiBear walked towards the two injured Holy Beasts and smiled evilly.

“Stop it!” Suddenly a voice was heard, DigiBear and DigiRabbit turned around and saw DigiTiger, DigiCat and Robert.

“Robert!” Xuanwumon and Baithumon said in one voice.

“Well, comrade!” DigiBear greeted DigiTiger.

“Sorry, we’re enemies.” DigiTiger answered coldly.

“C’mon, join us and rule this world.” DigiRabbit tried to persuade DigiTiger.

“We’re not interested.” DigiCat rejected.

“Then we’ve to kill you.” Said DigiBear.

Robert and the Holy Beasts have moved to a safe place. The battle may be triggered at any moment. The birds also felt the tensions and flew away from the trees, the wind stops blowing and the sun looked at them. DigiTiger stared at DigiBear while DigiCat looked at DigiRabbit.

Suddenly, a leaf dropped from the tree and when it reached the ground, the battle begins. Both DigiBear and DigiTiger were power-type DigiMan and each attack was fiercer than a Mega digimon.

DigiTiger fought with DigiBear, suddenly DigiBear launched a special attack, his left paw shines and smashed down to DigiTiger, DigiTiger countered with a special attack from him right fist. There was an explosion when both of them contacted, they were engulfed by smoke and after the smoke disappeared, DigiTiger was still standing but there were some blood scars on his chest. Meanwhile DigiBear was also hit and knocked onto a tree. DigiTiger attacked DigiBear again before DigiBear can stand up, DigiTiger kicked his enemy rapidly, at first DigiBear can still blocked the kicks, but after a while, he was exhausted. DigiTiger suddenly sent a powerful punch to DigiBear’s belly and DigiBear was shattered into data.

“DigiTiger! Are you all right?” Robert rushed to DigiTaiger and asked.

“I’m…all right…” DigiTiger answered, but blood dripped out from his mouth, he transformed to Adam and collapsed to the ground.

Meanwhile. On the other side, DigiRabbit jumped to the air and came down with a flying kick, DigiCat grabbed her ankle and threw her to a tree. But DigiRabbit managed to land on the ground safely without knocking onto the tree. DigiCat rushed to DigiRabbit and punched her, but DigiRabbit blocked it and countered with a punch from left hand side, DigiCat also avoided the punch. Both of them were speed-type DigiWoman and their attacks were so fast that no human can see clearly. Finally each of them launched a special attack and a bright light engulfed them, after the light disappeared, DigiRabbit was shattered into data while DigiCat transformed to Eve and collapsed to the ground.


When Adam regained conscious, he found out that he was lying on the bed.

“Ho do you feel now?” Robert asked Adam.

“I’m fine, where am I?” Asked Adam.

“You’re in the medical room.” Robert answered.

At that time, Eve also slowly woke up and sat on the bed, “what happened?”

“The digiport was sealed again, but now you’ve to protect both worlds. The enemies may open the digiport again next time.” Said Robert.

“Fortunately the enemies has fought with the Holy Beasts and consumed a lot of their energies.” Mary explained.

“Indeed. We’re still new to our skills but don’t worry, you can count on us.” Adam said in confidence.

“You need to rest now, I’ll talk with you later.” Robert said and left the room.

“Eve, are you okay now?” Adam asked after Robert and Mary left the room.

“Yes, thanks. I wouldn’t forget today’s incident. I KILLED PEOPLE!”

“Me too. But if we don’t kill them, they’ll kill us. And BTW I think we should use the word ‘destroy’ instead of ‘kill’ because they’re not human being.” Adam gave her a few words of comfort.

“Thanks for the console. But I don’t like killing people, I hope peace will overcome war.”

“Yeah, I hope they’re the last enemies.”

Adam stood up and walked towards to Eve’s bed and sat down beside Eve.

“Eve, promise me, don’t upset yourself.” Adam grabbed Eve’s hand and said.

“I promise, we’ve been chosen and we must not failed the worlds.” Eve leant her head on his chest and he patted her head with another hand. Eve lifted up her head and looked at Adam, Adam also looked at her. After a few minutes, they were kissing and no one knows who started first. Adam broke the kiss and asked, “can I increase our friendships?”

“Yes.” She blushed and answered.

“I would like to try it in my tiger form. Do you want to try it? Don’t worry, I’m not forcing you.”

“Where should we try it? We can’t try here.”

“Let’s go to my room.” Adam offered.


Adam’s room was almost sound proof, unless you screamed, no one could hear from outside.

Adam and Eve transformed to DigiTiger and DigiCat, they took off their underwear and lay on the carpet.

He looked at the pubic hair that formed a reversed triangle on her groin, it was well trimmed and the hair was liked a small bush. She also looked at his penis that was covered by pubic hair, his penis was limped now, but she knows that it will become imposing after a few stroke. He smiled and gently explored her furs on her breasts. He finally found her breasts under her fur and start rubbing with both hands. She was also pinching his nipples gently while moving her hands around his muscular chest.

After they satisfied, they stopped and embrace each other warmly. He sent his lips to hers and she welcomed them with her lips. While they were kissing, they rubbed each other’s back. Although he/she was not a human now, they still have a smooth skin like a human. They enjoyed for a few minutes, then Adam broke the kiss.

“DigiCat, I love you. You’re my first comrade cum girlfriend.”

“Me too, DigiTiger.”

She smiled and spread her legs, he sat in front of her groin, he held and lifted up her thighs so that he can insert his dick into her pussy. After everything is ready, he said, “DigiCat, I’m coming.” She nodded and he inserts his dick slowly into her twat. She felt a little pain at first, but pleasure overcame pain later. His dick stopped when it reached her hymen, “DigiTiger, I’m ready.” He pulled out a little and thrust in and broke the hymen. She groaned and so he paused for a while, “thanks DigiTiger, I’m okay now.” He continued pushing in until the hilt, he pulled out again and pushed in again. He repeated the in and out process faster and faster, sending pleasure after pleasure to her. She was moaning in joy and her body was shaking.

“DigiCat…”“DigiTiger…” Their orgasm was closer and closer until finally he came first, then followed by her. He ejaculated and she can feel the warm sperm filling her womb. After a few minutes, he stopped and pulled out his penis. Blood, juices and cum dripped out from her pussy.

They were amazed because they do not feel tired yet and his penis still erected. “DigiCat, we really are different from humans! I think I still can go one more round.” “You’re right, I still have strengths.”

She knelt on all fours on the carpet, showing her anus. He moistened his finger with his cum and slowly inserts into her ass hole, he moved around and moistened the back door. Then he penetrated her back door with his prick and start humping. Both of them were thrown in ecstasy. They moaned in pleasure while building the orgasm. Finally the orgasm was so strong that they have to release it, he shot his cum and she accepted it willingly.

They collapsed on to the carpet and gasping for air, “DigiTiger, now I feel tired.” “Me, too.”

They cleaned themselves and lay on the carpet.

“Oh Adam, I loved that wonderful time”

“Thanks, I also enjoyed it.”

“But the new battle has just begun….”

“And spoiled the peace.”

From that day onwards, they protected both worlds until real peace arrived.

The end.