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Reminder: This is an AU (Alternate Universe), and not a regular fic.



Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This lemon is related to Kinky Lemon 2.


Title: Kinky Lemon 3


         Gatomon opened a door and saw a field.  The four Holy Beasts were surrounding a table.  This place was specially designed for the Holy Beasts because their sizes were too large to enter the hall.


         “Gatomon, want to play Scrabble?”  Asked Quinlongmon with interest.


         Gatomon lifted up her head.  “Sure, but how?  I’m so short and I can’t even stand on the table.”  She asked in astonishment.


         Quinlongmon gave Gatomon a core from his body, “With this, you can evolve to Mega level.”  He said, chuckling to himself.


         Gatomon took the core, immediately a light engulfed her.


         Gatomon felt the strength inside her body, “Gatomon digivolve to…” she murmured, “I think is Magnadramon.”  She did not evolve to Mega level for about 50 years and she almost forgot the name of her Mega level.




(She’s Magnadramon.  This picture is shrunk.  Her height was about 20 feet and about 95 feet long.)



         Magnadramon joined them to play Scrabble.  “Hmm…I haven’t make love with anyone in this level before and I want to try it out.”  She thought.


         Magnadramon purposely lost the game and the four Holy Beasts were discussing how to punish her.


         “How about orgy?  I haven’t make love with this level before and I’m sure you’re the same.”  Magnadramon suggested and the Holy Beasts agreed immediately.  She lay on the ground and prepare to receive the sweet punishment.


         Qinlongmon leaned down and kissed Magnadramon for the first time.  It was heavenly.  His kiss was warm, heartfelt and deeply passionate.  As it lingered, he gentle caressed her lips with his tongue until she consented and parted them.  For what seemed like minutes he explored everywhere, beginning with her teeth and, like someone scouting new territory, did not miss anything.  Both dragons enjoyed the kissing and they kissed like husband and wife.


         Zhuqiaomon found Magnadramon’s two holes at the end of her tail.  He took her clit into his left mouth and sucked hard.  He stretched his right mouth and began to lick her anus.  She groaned in pleasure as he sucked with both tongues.  She continued to shiver as his tongue began to move up and down the entire length of her slit, delving in and out of her slick opening, tasting her juices, which had an interesting, pleasant tanginess.  He used both tongues professionally, giving her double pleasure and she almost came immediately.  But he stopped suddenly because he wanted her to come with the others.


         Qinlongmon asked Magnadramon to float a little so that Baihumon and Xuanwumon could join too.  She turned over her body and floated a little.  The Holy Beasts aroused when they saw her soaking pussy and huge breasts.


         Magnadramon seemed delighted at the idea of Quinlongmon.  “C’mon, who will deflower my cunt first?”  She asked.


         “I will.”  Returned Baihumon, he stood with four legs outside Magnadramon’s tail and grasped her hips with his paws gently.  Her soaking and trembling pussy parted to accept his cock as he presses it into her.  She shuddered and sighed as she felt his shaft slide up inside her, stretching her and exploring her.  His body size was huge, and so his cock was long and large too.


         “Wow!  How long is your pecker?”  Asked Magnadramon in astonishment.


         Baihumon was still inserting his penis into her twat, “3 feet only.”  He answered, chuckling to himself.


         Magnadramon was surprised, “So long.”  Her eyes fairly glittered as she spoke.


         Baihumon’s scrotum finally touched Magnadramon’s entrance.  “I’m ready.”  He remarked.


         Qinlongmon lay across Magnadramon’s body and tried to position his dick above her paws.  “Move to the right side a little.”  She also tried to grab his dick with her front left paw.  Finally she managed to grab his dick.


         Magnadramon was surprised again, “And how long is your dick?”  She asked, anxiously.


         “10 feet only.  The longer the body, the larger the dick.”  Qinlongmon answered with a laugh.


         Magnadramon smiled an enigmatical smile.  “How do you urine?”  She asked.


         “We just urine in the bush.  No toilet could accommodate us!”  Qinlongmon cried, with a merry laugh.


         That was the first time Magnadramon holding a 10-feet long dick.  She was thinking about how to pleasure him.


         “Magnadramon, how are you going to urine?”  Ventured Zhuqiaomon.


         “Well, this is my first time I reached Mega level.  So I’ve no ideas, may be just urine in the bush too.”  Magnadramon remarked calmly, she did not feel the pain of the prick inside her vagina.


         “Magnadramon, open your mouth.”  Said Xuanwumon, smiling.


         Xuanwumon turned his body around and positioned his pecker on Magnadramon’s mouth.  His tail was facing Qinlongmon.


         Magnadramon looked at Xuanwumon, “And how long is your pee pee?”  She asked with interest.  She saw some hair covering his groin.


         “About 3 feet too.”  Xuanwumon answered, gruffly.


         Magnadramon smiled approvingly.  “3 feet only, no problem.”  She said.


         After Xuanwumon inserted his pecker into Magnadramon’s mouth, they began to enjoy her body simultaneously.  Baihumon began to pump slowly.  Her back paws began to rub Qinlongmon’s large manhood and her mouth prepared to suck Xuanwumon’s warm member.


         Magnadramon began tonguing Xuanwumon’s balls.  She went back and forth between them getting the hairs soaked with her saliva.  She suddenly stopped, looked up at him, and took his left testicle into her mouth.  She sucked on it softly and stroked it with her tongue.  Letting it slide sensuously out of her mouth, she repeated with the right testicle.


         “Wow, so good!  Girls really can suck better than boys.”  Xuanwumon gasped.


         Magnadramon went back and forth between them, sometimes using her mouth to fuck Xuanwumon’s balls, sliding them individually in and out.  She stopped, and taking a deep breath, took both balls into her mouth at the same time, gently stuffing them in with her hands.


         The sensation was overpowering.  “You’re an expert!”  Xuanwumon panted.


         Xuanwumon cock felt more engorged with blood than ever before; bouncing up at the sky with every beat of Magnadramon’s heart.  He squirmed repeatedly underneath her which seemed to drive her into a heightened frenzy.


         Meanwhile, Zhuqiaomon climbed onto Baihumon’s body.  “Baihu, as usual?”  He asked earnestly.


         “Of course.  My asshole always welcome any one of you.”  Baihumon answered, in his languid fashion.


         “Magnadramon, do you know that we’re gay?”  Qinlongmon gasped.


         Baihumon assumed Magnadramon bobbed her head.  “We always play orgies almost everyday.”  He remarked.


         Actually Magnadramon was not surprised.  What would four guys do when they were free?  Having sex was the best thing to do to pass time, as well as to increase relationships.


         Zhuqiaomon aimed his cockhead at Baihumon’s puckered opening and began his journey up Baihumon’s back door.  Zhuqiaomon’s cockhead was now in and they felt this was going to be seventh heaven.  The feelings kept getting better, and Zhuqiaomon kept stroking in, out, and all the way in.  Baihumon was now into the full swing of things as his ass flexed forward and back.  Zhuqiaomon’s cock got hotter with each insertion.


         Magnadramon tried to please Qinlongmon with both paws only and she already shrunk her fingernails.  She played his balls with one paw while humping his anus with a finger.


         Obviously Qinlongmon was not satisfied, “More fingers.”  He demanded.


         Magnadramon inserted her middle finger slowly and Qinlongmon’s asshole accepted it easily.  Finally she sunk her last finger into the black hole, to her surprise, she could insert her paw into his anus without lubrication.


         “Good, now began to hump.”  Said Qinlongmon wearily.


         Magnadramon increased the pressure and Qinlongmon’s ass-ring spread around the wide knuckles of the paw.  He loved the feel as it slid in and began to massage his innards.  She slowly and sensually fisted him.  He was moaning and groaning at the sensation of that huge fist working its way up his bowels.  She squirmed her fingers, pushing and stretching, working in and out, ever widening the black hole.  With a lunge she stretched the sphincter beyond all reasonable limits and broke through into the hot steamy depths of his bowels.


         “Fantastic!”  Qinlongmon exclaimed and his manhood shot pre-cum.  Actually he did not feel so much pain because his anus was also large and deep.


         Zhuqiaomon proceeded to thrust in, out, in, out.  Baihumon’s cock also got hotter with each insertion into Magnadramon’s cunt.  Baihumon started groaning, moaning, and flexing his cock faster in and out of Magnadramon’s twat.  In a moment, Baihumon pushed forward with one last desperate shove and he held it there.  Zhuqiaomon knew Baihumon had reached orgasm and he also almost ejaculate.


         Meanwhile, Magnadramon could also feel the penis in his mouth started to twitch and feel her own orgasm building inside of her.  He lengthened his strokes, pumping harder.   She knew he was cuming and she prepared to swallow his sperm.  He yelled out and slammed his dick even deeper.  She could feel it pulsating and then dumping his cum deep inside of her mouth.  He shot his seeds directly into her throat and she almost choked.


         Zhuqiaomon also released his seeds into Baihumon’s rectum.  Finally Magnadramon withdrew her paw from Qinlongmon’s anus when Qinlongmon ejaculated but he only ejaculated a little.  The three of them collapsed on the ground next to her and they rested for a while.  Xuanwumon licked Qinlongmon’s sperm from Magnadramon’s rear paw and Magnadramon cleaned her front paw herself.


         “Now, who’s going to taste my asshole?”  Magnadramon gasped.


         “Wow!  You still have the energy to continue?”  Asked Baihumon in astonishment.


         “Don’t forget I’m also a Mega level digimon.”  Magnadramon answered loftily.


         “In that case, let me deflower your anus because I got the highest score.  And besides, I was not satisfied yet.”  Said Quinlongmon warmly.


         Magnadramon was excited and anxious because a 10-feet long pecker was going into her anus.


         “Don’t worry.  His dick can also slide into our anus without hurting us.”  Said Xuanwumon in a soothing voice.


         Magnadramon smiled, he trusted Quinlongmon and believed that he would not hurt her.


         “Let me tell you something.  I’m soft at first but wild near the end.  If you’re ready, show me your shitting hole.”  Said Quinlongmon sternly.


         Magnadramon did not understand, but still decided to go on.  She lay on the ground in spread eagle again.  The other Holy Beasts decided to have orgy again without Quinlongmon.


         Quinlongmon kissed Magnadramon again lightly.  Their lips barely touched.  He kissed her cheek and her neck.  She pulled him to her and tasted my lips.  She darted her tongue over them.  She ran it against his teeth.  Their breathing had been quiet; almost reverent.  They were breathing hard now, through their noses.  Their bodies fought the cold with slow, sinewy friction.


         Magnadramon’s extreme large tits fell un-hindered free against her chest.  Quinlongmon took them each in his paws and start to rub them.  She was now starting to groan.  He pulled her down to him gently.  He slipped a nipple in his mouth and began to tease it with his tongue, this made her moaning and breathing very heavily


         After a few minutes, “I’m coming, ready to receive your final punishment?”  Asked Quinlongmon eagerly.


         Magnadramon nodded and smiled.  Quinlongmon moved down and found a hole, but that was her cunt.  He moved down a little and found saw another hole.


         Quinlongmon positioned his prick on her anus.  Magnadramon was excited as his pecker came to rest between her upturned and spread cheeks.  His fur pressed against the pink dragon’s soft scales.  She could feel the monstrous pecker rub against her ass.  She was readied to accept the 10-feet long pecker.  He crawled up again so that he was staring at her face to face.


         Magnadramon groaned as she felt the head of the Quinlongmon’s dick began to press against her, the ring of his ass on fire as the huge head shoved against it.  The dick was huge and her anus was deep too, but she still felt painful.  She began to moan, bawling in pain as the dragon’s cock head popped inside her.  He embraced her body as he penetrated his anus.


         Quinlongmon paused a while, “Are you alright or do you want to accept another punishment?”  He asked earnestly.


         “I’m fine.  Please continue.”  Magnadramon gasped.


         Quinlongmon and Magnadramon kissed again for about five minutes, he broke the kiss and stared into her eyes.  “Are you ready again?”  He asked and she nodded.


         The huge shaft of flesh began to force Magnadramon open.  She sobbed and tried to relax, shaking and weeping as the dragon’s crotch pressed flush with her spread ass.  She had no ideas how long his penis was inside her.  She was in great pain but refused to stop.  She knew joy would come after the pain.


         Quinlongmon paused again, “Hey, I think I entered 2 feet into your hole.”  He observed.


         “8 more feet to go.”  Magnadramon whispered.


         “Fear not, I won’t hurt you.”   Said Quinlongmon softly.  He caressed her breasts again and comforted her.  She took the opportunity to adjust her anus for his prick.


         “Thanks.”  Said Magnadramon, with a smile.  She also brushed and explored his chest again.


         After a while, “Let’s continue.”  Magnadramon suggested and Quinlongmon smiled.


         Magnadramon’s body slumped as she felt Quinlongmon began to push into her again, her ass shuddering as waves of fiery pain and pleasure washed over him as he began to fuck him in earnest.  After a few tries, she could feel his scrotum touched her ass cheeks and she knew that she had accepted his full 10-inch prick.


         Quinlongmon paused again, “From now onwards, I’ll hump you fast and furious.”  Said he, as his keen eyes darted over her.


         The young pink dragon blushed and laughed.  “I liked to be fucked in a hard way.”  She answered.


         Quinlongmon moved his head down a little and licked her belly.  He let her to rest until she was not panting.  She moaned softly as he played around her belly.  He lifted up his head and gave her a grin.  She smiled back and he began fucking fast and furious.


         Magnadramon body shook with each hammering blow, her ass feeling ripped open over and over as his prick took her.  She also began to feel the pleasure as her anus adjusted to his prick.  They hugged with each other tightly and rolled on the ground slowly.  Blood dripped from her anus but she did not care.


         “Yes…good…” Magnadramon gasped.


         “I can’t…believe you like…it…” Quinlongmon panted.


         Quinlongmon’s humped with force until Magnadramon felt like his tail was spanking her.  His heavy and stiffed balls also slapping her ass cheeks.  Suddenly he stopped and pulled out his penis about six feet, he grabbed her waist tightly and thrust into her anus with force.  He repeated this about ten times, this indicated that he was near the orgasm.  She gasped as she was also reaching climax.


         Magnadramon felt the dragon’s sperm began to fill her rectum like cold water.  Wave after wave of cold seed pouring into her and her rectum felt the chill.  He closed his eyes and continued to release the load.  She was surprised because he could ejaculate for such long time.  Her body shivered and her stomach chilled.  She felt someone was putting ice cubes in her rectum.


         “Still not over yet?”  Asked Magnadramon wearily.


         “I’ll release my load for 10 to 15 minutes.”  Quinlongmon answered severely.


         Magnadramon eyes shone, and her cheek was flushed with the exhilaration of the master who sees his work lie ready before him.  “Fortunately my body is large enough to accommodate your cum.”  She answered.


         Quinlongmon and Magnadramon decided to kiss and caressed with each other while waiting for him to finish his load.  So they explored each other’s body while his pecker still inside her anus.


         After 13 minutes, Magnadramon could feel the huge cock softening inside her, a huge pool of cum still chilling inside her.  Her body trembled with the force of the fucking, limp and spent as she shivered in ecstasy as Quinlongmon slowly pulled out of her.  They lay there to rest and enjoy the afterglow.


         “So good, we must have to do it again sometime!”  Said Magnadramon, exultantly.


         Quinlongmon assented.


         After they rested for a while, they cleaned their bodies and Magnadramon de-digivolved back to Gatomon.  She left the field happily and decided to visit the other rooms.





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