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Author: Daniel


Note: This lemon is related to Kinky Lemon.


Title: Kinky Lemon 2


         After finished watching Gennai masturbation, Gatomon returned to the table to play card games.  Her opponents were her old friends.


         “Hi Patamon.  What do you want to bet?”  Asked Gatomon while smoking.


         “How about whips?”  Said Patamon after a while, filling up his old brier-root pipe.


         “Losers will receive whipping from winners, any problems?”  Asked Gennai with something appealing in his voice and expression.


          Gazimon had lit his pipe again and was leaning back with drooping eyelids.  “No problems.”  He said languidly.


         After five minutes…


         Gatomon smiled gently.  “I bet 5 whips.”  She said when she received her fourth card.


         “I’ll follow you.”  Said Gennai and took a sip of the beer.


         “No problems.”  Patamon answered pensively.


         “I quit.”  Said Gazimon thoughtfully.


         There was one extra rule, you could not quit after you received the last card.  When they received the last card, Patamon sweat-dropped and Gennai gulped but Gatomon was excited.


         “In order to open cards, you must add another 5 whips.”  Said Gatomon with a grin.


         “No problems.”  Said Gennai and hoped that he was not the loser again.


         “Okay…” Patamon stammered.  He knew that the loser must receive 20 whips from the winner now.


         Gazimon was anxious to know who would be the winner and loser.


         “Full house!”  Cried Gatomon, much excited.


         “Damn, I got two pairs only.”  Gennai sighed.


         Patamon also got two pairs, but the points were smaller than Gennai.


         Patamon, you lost!”  Cried Gennai merrily.


         Patamon sighed and flew to an empty table, waiting to be whipped 20 times.


         “Oh…which part of my body will be whipped?”  Patamon murmured.  He did not close his eyes because he loved to see how she whipped him.  He knelt on all fours on the table.  His lifted high his buttocks to receive the punishment.  Some people stopped and looked at them.


         Gatomon climbed to the table with a cane on her hand.  She spent a few seconds checking the view as she judged the best position to stand.  After a few moments Patamon felt the light pressure of the cane across the center of his seat as he checked her aim.  There was a swish, a sharp crack and he felt the cane landed dead center across his bottoms.  There was a split second delay before the awful pain struck him, “so good…” he gasped.   He loved it when her cane cracked across his bare ass, making it jiggle and sting.


         The cane came back and then swished down with a loud crack across his bottom, just below the anus.  The pain exploded an instant later, and he felt as if his bottom had been cut in two.  He waited a full twenty seconds – he could feel tears beginning to form in his eyes and his bottom was smarting appallingly.


         Gatomon, you’re so good.”  Patamon gasped.


         “Your buttocks are soft and nice too.”  Said Gatomon while caressing Patamon’s buttocks.


         “No pain, no pleasure.”  Patamon thought.


         Gatomon whipped Patamon’s back with a fury.  He was caught by surprised but managed to endure the pain.  She was merciless and still he screamed “More!” so loudly.  She whipped again and looked down at his pulverized backside.  There were streaks of blood on the yellowish flesh.  She put her mouth down and licked his clean of blood.


         The next stroke was a shade higher and landed across the full meat of Patamon’s bottom, and he yelped involuntarily.  Gatomon waited again so that he had endured the full agonies of the stroke before renewing his pain.  She gave him twenty seconds or so to absorb the pain and ready himself for the next one.


         Patamon felt the coolness of the cane touch against his bare bottom.  He felt it bounce up and down at least ten times as Gatomon prepared to deliver a most devastating strike.  It was withdrawn for a longer period and suddenly made a ‘whoop’ sound that ended with a sharp rifle crack against his bare bum.


         Patamon let out a terrific yelp and jumped up, grabbing his bum and howling considerably.  Everyone laughed at him, they liked to see how a girl whipped a boy.  Patamon did not felt ashamed at all; instead he liked the sensations.  “I hope she could whip me for more than 20 times as promised.”  He thought and positioned himself again on the table.


         The cane landed again and again, creating a symphony of complementing burns and stings across Patamon’s thighs and bottom.  He waved it eagerly for more, hoping to entice Gatomon to continue the sweet torture she is providing to his bottom.  His begging works, for her blows did not slow.  Instead, they felt heavier and more intense.  He cried, but the crying is not from pain; rather, his tears form from his inability to find a satisfactory resolution to the spanking in itself.


         Patamon’s bottom was red and tingling when Gatomon paused.  Patamon waited anxiously, feeling the cool air of the room brushed against his burning skin.  Again Gatomon came forward and whipped Patamon just below the previous stroke – he could not believe she was able to give him such good sensations.  The next blow was the hardest yet – across the top of his buttocks.  Gatomon, can you change another methods?”  He pleaded.


         Gatomon agreed and removed her claw gloves.  Patamon felt both of her paws, warm and firm, on the cheeks of his ass, squeezing, rubbing, stroking.  One finger slid down the cleft, gently tracing the divide, circling his hungry pink anus tantalizingly. Slowly her paw dropped to his hidden pouch.  She took out his dick from the pouch.


         “I’m going to whip your pee-pee, do you like it?”  Asked Gatomon anxiously while rubbing Patamon’s dick.


         Patamon nodded, he felt so good that his penis stood up fast.  Gatomon smiled and stopped rubbing.  The people were anxious to see how she was going to whip his penis.  He was excited too, “C’mon, whip until I cum.”  He said.  She picked up the cane again and smiled demurely.


         The next few strokes landed on Patamon’s penis, especially the mushroom head.  He moaned softly at each stroke.  Gatomon asked someone to lifted him up so that she could whip his scrotum.  The first hit on his scrotum almost make him faint.  When the second hit landed on his scrotum, his penis shot pre-cum.  The people were worried that his penis would break before he ejaculated.


         Arhhh…” after a few more whips, Patamon groaned and ejaculated.  He shot his sperm into the air and everyone laughed again.  They were surprised that his pecker could endure so many whips.  By this time, his yellowish pecker has swelled and turned to purple color.


         Gatomon decided to finish the remaining whips on Patamon’s back and chest.  After she finished, his body was reddish and some wounds were bleeding.  Urinate and cum spread around the table.  Patamon was gasping for air on the table, but he felt so good.  “Thanks, Gatomon.”  He said wearily.


         The whipping that Gatomon gave Patamon could take his breath away.  It was passionate, yet controlled.  It was harsh, yet loving.  In the end, she had no ideas how many whips she gave him, may be more than 20 times, or may be less than that.


         “You’re welcome.”  Said Gatomon with a smile and put on her claw gloves again.


         Some digimon brought Patamon to the medical room to rest after Gatomon climbed down from the table.  He could not move his body or fly.  He felt like someone was boiling his body.  He could not sit for weeks and could not pee for hours.


         Gatomon decided to visit the other places.




The end of this part. 

Next: Magnadramon would have orgy with the four Holy Beasts.


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