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Author: Daniel


Note: ************ means scene changed.


Title: Kinky Lemon


         After the children returned to Earth, Gennai sealed the portal to the Earth.  The Digimon began to restore their world.  Wizardmon was revived and accepted Gatomon as his mate.


         “When I walked out from the Primary Village, I saw you all fighting and I thought you would lose.  I’m glad that you won and bring the peace back to here.”  Wizardmon observed while helping Gatomon to paint their hut.


         “Actually I was very afraid during that time, fortunately miracle occurred and we managed to delete him.”  Gatomon remarked.


         They were talking about the last battle, “Well, let’s forget about him and concentrate on our little hut.”  Said Gatomon with a grin and looked at their new hut.


         Wizardmon paused a while, “What color should we use on that window?”  He lifted up his head and asked demurely.


         Gatomon looked at the paints on the ground, “How about green color?”  She suggested thoughtfully.


         “Good idea.”  Wizardmon chuckled.


         Wizardmon carried the paint and a brush, he walked to the windows and began painting.  Meanwhile, Gatomon was painting the door.  After some time, they finished painting.


         They both stared at their new hut with satisfaction, “A job well done.”  Said Gatomon with a smile.


         “So beautiful.”  Said Wizardmon cordially.


         “Home sweet home.”  Said Gatomon, chuckling to herself.


         They sat under a tree to rest.  Wizardmon took something out from the bag.


         “Gatomon.”  Wizardmon threw a bottle of beer to Gatomon and she caught it easily.  Wizardmon began to smoke instead of drinking beer.


         “Aahhh…just like old time.”  Said Gatomon blandly and looked at the bottle.


         “You’re right.”  Wizardmon nodded.  “We used to drink beer and smoke daily while we’re serving Myotismon.”


         “I’ve to quit drinking beer and smoking after I found Kari.  That was my worst time, I was thinking of beer and cigarette day and night.  Now I can drink as much as I could and smoke as long as I wanted.”  Said Gatomon serenely and drank the beer again.


         “Me too, I couldn’t smoke or drink in the Primary Village.  But now…” said Wizardmon, laughing.


         “Wizardmon, I couldn’t forget the first time we met.”  Gatomon remarked passionately.


         “You surprised me when you invited me to the bar.”  Said Wizardmon, nodding approvingly.


         “And you shocked me when you won the beer contest, you drank ten bottle of beers!”  Said Gatomon, laughing.


         “You’re not bad too, you finished seven bottle of beers – and that’s considered a lot for a female Champion digimon.”  Wizardmon retorted.


         They laughed for a while.


         “Myotismon taught me all these things.”  Gatomon remarked.


         “If he didn’t kill me and tried to destroy this world, we wouldn’t delete him.”  Said Wizardmon cheerily.




         After one year…


         One morning, Gatomon and Wizardmon decided to visit the Vanilla Hall.


         “So many people.  I can’t believe that are so many kinky people in this world.”  Said Gatomon cheerily when they arrived at the Vanilla Hall.


         In Vanilla Hall, it was prohibited to gamble with money.  You could bet your body only, i.e. the loser would punish your body with any methods and you could not reject.  This hall was built for those who like to torture other people but would not kill them.  Some people came here not to bet, but to see how the winners punished the losers.  Some people visited this hall but dare not to bet.  And some people dared not enter this hall at all.  Since the world became a peaceful place, the digimon and Gennai built this hall for leisure purpose.


         “Wizardmon, I’m going to play Blackjack.”  Said Gatomon cheerily.


         “Well, I’ll play Mahjong.”  Wizardmon answered thoughtfully and they went to separate way.


         Gatomon found the place where some people were playing Blackjack.  Gatomon pulled a stool and sat on it to see the game.  Gennai was playing with other digimon and he was only wearing underwear.  Gennai was about 30 years old now.


         “Okay, I’ll bet my underwear.”  Said Gennai, puffing a cigar.


         When they opened their cards, Gennai lost by 2 points.  He removed his underwear and people shouted excitingly when they saw Gennai’s pecker.  Gennai continued to play so that he could win back his clothes.


         After a few minutes, “Ha!  I got 18!”  Gennai exclaimed.


         A digimon glanced reproachfully at Gennai.  “Sorry, I got 20.”  Said Floramon.


         “I got 19.”  Another digimon answered in his easy, genial way.


         “And I got 19 too.”  Said the third digimon.


         Gennai shook his head and walked to another table.  He climbed to the table and lay spread eagle, waiting to be punished.  He was not afraid at all; instead he was excited.  “C’mon, whip me, burn me, smack me, anything!”  He thought.


         Floramon opened a drawer and took out what looked a lot like a large cloth diaper and a pair of light blue, semi-transparent plastic pants.  Gennai was getting very excited thinking about the diapers he was soon going to wear.


         Gennai teased himself a little, exploring with his mind what the diaper would feel like once it was on, groping at the diaper with his hand at the same time and hearing that all too familiar rustle.


         “She’s going to diaper me, how good!”  Gennai thought.  This would be the first time that a girl digimon diaper him.


         Floramon applied a thorough coat of baby oil to Gennai’s diaper area and then some baby powder.  With each application, she lifted his ankles together with her left hand and folded his legs back to oil and powdered his bottom as if he were an infant.  She then slipped the thick, cloth diaper under him and expertly pinned it on.  Finally, she pulled his blue plastic pants on over his diapers and put him in a yellow sleeper with snaps at the legs and crotch.


         “Please stand up now.”  Said Floramon, smiling.


         Gennai blushed when he stood up, but he calm down immediately and glanced around.  “Oh what a feeling.”  He thought.  This was a mind shattering experience and very sexual.   


         Floramon took a microphone and said demurely, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is baby Gennai.”


         Immediately Gennai became the focus of the hall.  He turned around his body slowly for all people to see him.  Some people even took some photos and he waved his hands happily to them.  “Thank you!”  He said through the microphone.


         “Gennai, stand at the other table.”  Said Floramon sternly.


         Gennai walked down from the table and followed Floramon to another table.  His plastic pants crackling noisily with every step.  Gatomon purposely walked in front of him to have a closer look and saw his diaper bulge.  This was the first time Gatomon saw him in diaper.


         “Gennai, you like the diaper!”  Gatomon exclaimed.


         Gennai was aroused and excited.  “Yes, I feel very comfortable.”  He answered.


         Floramon led Gennai to a table near the entrance and he climbed up to the table.


         “Show them your new pants!” yelled Floramon in a paroxysm of excitement.


         Gennai turned his body slowly and showed off his diapers.  He did not feel embarrassed at all, instead he was proud of it.  He stood there for about ten minutes before Floramon climbed to the table for the next punishment.


         “Gennai, show them how you masturbate.”  Said Floramon, laughing good-humouredly and removed his diaper.


         Everyone was surprised to see the way Gennai wanked.  That was the first time they saw a mankind masturbate.  Finally he ejaculated and panted on the table.  Floramon returned all clothes to him and he rested for a while before putting on the clothes.




The end of this part.

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