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Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This is an AU.



Title: Final Countdown


         It was Year 1980.


         T.K. and his mother – Nancy, were staying in a small village as it had a population of about 300.


         One day, a mysterious sickness attacked the village and they died within two hours.  The mysterious sickness killed each villager, including infants.  Until now, no one could find out a name for the new sickness.


         Some doctors tried to help the villagers but the doctors died and there was still no antidote.  Government quarantined the village so that the villagers could not move to elsewhere and also no one else could visit the village anymore.  The corpses were burned to prevent infections.




         “T.K., we’re going to meet your father in Heaven soon.”  Said Nancy gravely.


         “Mom, I’ve a final request…” T.K. stammered.


         “What’s that?”  Asked Nancy eagerly.


         “I want to do…something very taboo…the thing that I did with my girlfriend…” T.K. blushed.


         Nancy blushed.  “But you’re my son...how could we…” she stammered.


         Both of them kept quiet for a while.


         “Sorry mom.  I shouldn’t have asked that…” T.K. broke the silence.


         “My son, you know how lonely I was after your father passed away?  I wanted to ask you to release my desires but…” Nancy trailed off.


         T.K. understood.  “Mom, let’s do this for the first and last time.”  He said.


         “Then let’s go to my room.”  Nancy replied thoughtfully.




         Inside Nancy’s room, both Nancy and T.K. began to undress.  T.K. tried to cover his personal parts after he undressed because he was still feeling nervous.


         “My son, I saw your body when you’re a baby.  So you don’t need to hide anymore.”  Nancy remarked.


         T.K. blushed and removed his hands.  He was surprised to see her mother’s body.  Her body was flawless and she did not look like 35-years-old.


         “Come, let’s sit on the bed.”  Said Nancy to his 17-year old son.


         T.K. sat on the bed speechless but he did not feel uneasy anymore.


         “T.K., you’ve a muscular body, just same as your father.”  Nancy remarked.


         T.K. laid Nancy back on the carpet on the floor and laid his head on her belly.  T.K. teased her nipples and they were tightening to pebble hardness.


         “Mom, your breasts are as beautiful and elastic as young girl.”  Observed T.K.


         T.K. fondled the breasts between his fingers and kissed Nancy’s chest.  He still recalled that he drank milk from her breasts while he was an infant.  He moved lower and saw the blonde curls between her legs.  He brushed the curly nest at the junction of her thighs.  Then he kissed her pussy, gently, while he squeezed her hot nipples hard.  She moaned some more and spread her long sexy legs.  He inserted his tongue into her twat and was wondering how an infant could come out from such tiny hole.  He continued to lick and suck her until she came.


         “Wow!  You’re so good.”  Nancy gasped.


         Nancy told T.K. to lay still with his manhood facing up, so he could put his cock in her hot and soaking pussy.  He did and she was amazed at the size of his penis.  His pecker was so majestic and tempting.  She crawled up to his stomach, then his chest, prepared to straddle his young frame.


         “My son, are you sure about this?”  Asked Nancy.


         “Yes, mother.”  T.K. answered without hesitation.


         Nancy slowly squeezed her pussy muscles and felt T.K.’s manhood slowly entering her twat.  She was experienced and had very good control over her muscles.  Finally her pussy engulfed his pecker and they were just staring with each other.  Both of them had mix feelings.  He lost his girlfriend while she lost her husband.  After a few minutes of silence, her mother began to pump.  He used his hands to explore her breasts again while she also massaged his broad chest.  She felt so good even that was not her husband’s manhood.


         “My son, we merged into one again.”  Said Nancy.


         T.K. understood and smiled.  After he ejaculated into Nancy, she would be his woman.  She began to ride him and they were building orgasm fast.  She arched in unspeakable ecstasy while he arched in wild response.  They were bucking and arching and colliding in perfect rhythm.  He delved deeper into her with each rhythmic push.  Soon she felt wave of orgasm hit her again.  He also whimpered in a climax and came with soul-shattering intensity.


         “Mom…accept me…” T.K. panted while filling her mother’s womb with his sperm.


         “Sure…” Nancy gasped and felt the liquid rushing into her uterus.  She did not have such sensations since her husband passed away.


         Neither knew if it was seconds, minutes, or eons that they lay in a state of complete exhaustion. T.K. was the first to move.  He propped himself on one elbow and gazed down at his mother.  Now they were no longer mother and son, their relationship has increased to another level.  She was glad that she could replace his girlfriend who died due to the sickness.


         “Mom, I love you.  I never said this even during mother’s day, sorry.”   Said T.K., still breathing unevenly.


         “It’s not necessary to apologize but I’m glad to hear that.”  Said Nancy anxiously.


         “I also knew that you sacrificed your youth in order to raise me.  Mom, you’re so great.”  T.K. drawled, smiling and nodding his head.


         “Don’t talk anymore.  Save your strength and do it again until the fateful moment arrives.”  Nancy remarked.


         The final countdown began and they continued until the last minute.




The end.


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