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Author: Daniel


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Note 2: This is an AU, and not related to any series.

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Digimon Season 5



         Alice was a Digimon Tamer and she wanted to be the best Tamer.  She already caught five Digimon.


         “Hmm…there are about 300 Digimon, including two legend Digimon.”  Alice glanced at her notebook and murmured.  “The two legend Digimon are Mewmon and Mewtwomon.  I wish I’ve the chance to see them.”


         Alice looked at her watch, “It’s time to catch more Digimon!”  She put on her goggle and cried merrily.  Leader must wear goggle.


         “Flora!”  Floramon was happy to hear that, she was the only Digimon that was not kept in the Digiball.  She was a special Digimon because she was created in the lab by Professor Kai.


         Alice bent down and patted Floramon’s head, “Are you ready?”  She asked cheerily.


         Floramon nodded her head, “Flora!”  She answered demurely.




         After ten minutes, Kai, Alice and Izumi were walking along the forest.


         “Today, we’re going into this forest.”  Alice showed them a map and informed them.


         “But this is the most dangerous forest.”  Kai protested.


         “Since it’s a dangerous place, I think there are many rare Digimon in there.”  Izumi guessed.


         “That’s right, we’ll go where no men has gone before.”  Said Alice kindly.


         After a few minutes, they found the path that led to the forest.


         “Wow, this place is so beautiful!”  Kai exclaimed.


         “Florrrrr!”  Floramon was excited and she ran around, checking at each flower and blade of grass.


         “Floramon is a plant Digimon and she likes the forest.”  Alice thought.


         Suddenly, a Digimon blocked their way.


         “Let me catch him!”  Cried Kai merrily.


         Kai checked his notebook, “Err…this is Pikachumon…okay…” he drew out a Digiball and threw it to the ground, but Pikachumon destroyed it with his electric power.


         Kai gave an ejaculation of impatience.


         “Okay, this means war!”  Kai shouted.  “Leomon, attack him!”  He shouted and threw a Digiball to the ground.  Soon a Digimon appeared and stood beside Kai.


         Izumi shook her head good humouredly.  “Kai, this is not Leomon.”  She said.


         Kai blushed, he picked up the Digiball and murmured, “I wrote the name wrongly.”  He changed the name on the Digiball to Terriermon.


         “Terriermon, attack!”  Kai shouted again, confidentially.


         Terriermon began to fight with Pikachumon.


         “Terriermon, slap him with your ears!”  Kai shouted and Terriermon followed order.


         “Jump!”  Kai gave another order and Terriermon jumped.


         Kai took out a bottle of mineral water.  When he was drinking, Pikachumon hit Terriermon many times but Terriermon did not counter attack.  Terriermon did not know how to fight if Kai did not give him orders.  Kai quickly put away the mineral water and gave orders to Terriermon.  At last they won, but Pikachumon still refuse to accept Kai, so he escaped.


         “Kai, you should train your Digimon until they can fight by themselves.  Our job is not only to catch Digimon, but also to train them to become a fighting machine.”  Said Izumi, with dignity.


         “Okay, I will.”  Said Kai, in his gentlest voice and put the Digiball back into his bag.




         After they walked for a while, they saw a small pig with big ears.


         “He’s cute!  I want him…” said Izumi with a smile, “his name is Patamon.”  She continued after she checked her notebook.  They could see from Izumi’s rigid face that she was vibrating with inward excitement.


         Izumi took an empty Digiball and walked towards Patamon slowly.  After one minute, she returned to her friends with some scratches on her face.


         “I’m going to kill him for scratching my face.”  Said Izumi angrily and took out a Digiball.


         Izumi threw the Digiball to the ground, “Veemon, kill him!”  She cried with frenzied eagerness.


         “Veeeeeee!”  Veemon answered with dignity and rushed towards Patamon.


         “Pata!”  Patamon shouted and tried to slap Veemon with his ears.


         Veemon avoided the attack, “Vee, Veeeeeeee!”  He sent his fist to Patamon’s nose and broke his nose.  Patamon fell backwards as blood dripped from his nose.


         “Die, pot roast, die!”  Izumi shouted and her face became radiant.  She did not wish to catch Patamon anymore.  She only wanted to show off how good was her Veemon was.


         “Wow, he’s good!”  Cried Kai, in an ecstasy of admiration.  “I must train my Digimon hard starting from tomorrow.”


         Veemon leapt to the sky and shouted, “Veeeeeeeee!!!!!”  His left foot stomped on Patamon’s chest and broke some ribs, immediately Patamon spat blood.


         Veemon laughed happily, “Vee!”  He said and grabbed Patamon’s huge ears, he spun Patamon a few round and knocked Patamon’s body to a tree until he broke Patamon’s backbone.  Veemon continued to punch and kick Patamon until he was tired.


         The others stared in amazement.


         “Vee!”  Veemon walked back to Izumi happily, he gave her a thumb up.


         Izumi laughed at their naïve astonishment.


         Izumi returned a thumb up to Veemon, “You’ve done a great job.”  She praised him.


         “He fought really good.”  Said Kai, with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.


         “You trained him very well.”  Alice continued and looked at Izumi with twinkling eyes.


         “Thanks.”  Said Izumi after she kept Veemon back to the Digiball.




         They continued their journey and saw three figures blocking the road.


         “I’m so handsome.”  Said the man while holding a rose.


         “I’m so pretty.”  Said the woman while waving her handkerchief.


         “Meow!”  Their cat meowed while waving his claw.


         “We’re the justice, we brought you hope and we’re the Team UFO!”  They shouted in one voice.


         “Oh, it’s the Three Stooges again.”  Said Alice in a very amiable tone.


         The boy – JP walked towards them and said in a querulous voice, “Give me Floramon, or else…”


         Alice chuckled.  “What stupid methods are you going to use today?”  She asked.


         “Floraaaaaaaaa!”  Floramon stared at them angrily.


         The male cat – Gatomon ambushed Floramon.  They both rolled on the ground, struggling and fighting.  Meanwhile JP and his partner – Jeri attacked the children.


         “Ga…to!”  Gatomon exclaimed and slapped Floramon’s face.


         “Flo…ra!”  Floramon returned by whipping Gatomon with her stamen.


         Alice threw a Digiball to the ground, but nothing happened.


         “Oh, I think the spring is spoiled.”  Alice grumbled and picked it up again.  She examined the Digiball and fixed the problem.


         A Digimon appeared, but he was shaking.


         “I forgot to feed him.”  Said Alice with a grin and took out some food from the bag.


         “Guilmon Bread!”  The Digimon exclaimed.


         After the Digimon finished eating, he yawned and slept on the ground.


         “Guilmon!  Attack the foes!”  Alice shouted but Guilmon ignored her.


         Alice has no choice but to abandon Guilmon.  “I’ll find a better Digimon.”  She murmured.


         The battle ended within five minutes, the children had beaten JP and Jeri while Floramon defeated Gatomon.


         Izumi looked at Team UFO in a singular way.  “You think you can bully us?  We learned a little martial arts to defend ourselves.”  She remarked.


         “ARGH!!!”  The Team UFO shouted as Terriermon shot a fireball to them, sending them sky high and disappeared.


         “I can’t believe they could survive and come back again without any scratches.”  Said Kai sharply.


         “Flora!”  Floramon was happy because they won the battle.


         “Let’s go home.  I’m exhausted already.”  Said Alice sternly.  “Guilmon, you’re not my fighting machine anymore, you’re fired.  I’ll find another Digimon to replace you.”




         That evening after dinner, Alice was waiting for her girlfriend – Izumi in her house.  They were going to discuss about the plans for tomorrow.  Floramon seemed anxious because she knew that her mate was coming.


         About , Izumi came with Veemon on his side.






         Veemon and Floramon hugged with each other and cried merrily.  Izumi and Alice were happy too and they also hugged with each other.


         “Floramon, you can enter the room now.”  Said Alice, smiling.


         Floramon and Veemon walked into a room hand-in-hand, Alice and Izumi knew what they were going to do after they closed the door.


         “What’s your plan?”  Asked Izumi at last.


         “Well…” Alice told Izumi about her plans.


         After they finished, they entered Alice’s room to continue with other activity.




         Inside the room, Izumi casually pushed Alice down onto the large bed.  Alice pulled Izumi’s top off and removed her pants.  Alice had already begun pulling off her own clothes too. Alice was now clad in her pants and panties, her shirt and bra were next to her on a pillow.


         Izumi crawled on top of Alice and kissed her again driving her tongue deep inside her mouth.  Alice ran her hand through Izumi’s soft blonde hair.  Alice rubbed Izumi’s back and unhooked her bra.  Alice loved the feeling of her breasts brushing up against Izumi’s now exposed chest.  They were both moaning with pleasure.


         Their tongues continued to play as Izumi unbuttoned Alice’s black pants.  Izumi had them unzipped and pulled them off while keeping the kiss.  Izumi revealed Alice’s red panties and slid her hand down them.  Alice broke the kiss and pushed Izumi towards her crotch.  Izumi took the hint and slid down kissing her belly.


         Izumi pulled the cloth to the side and gave Alice a gentle lick.  Alice shuddered at Izumi’s talented tongue.  Izumi slipped the panties off of Alice and spread her legs savoring the beautiful site.  Izumi leaned in and kissed up and down Alice’s slit.  Izumi finally snaked her tongue inside of Alice probing her innards, she slid two fingers along with her tongue and began to finger her furiously.


         Alice had one hand holding Izumi’s head in her pussy and her other hand was pinching her one of her nipples.  Izumi removed her fingers and just used her tongue as she sensed Alice coming to a climax.  She was right. Alice did not last much longer and sprayed Izumi's beautiful face with her juices.


         Alice, you’re fast.”  Said Izumi wearily.


         “It’s my turn now...” Alice gasped.


         Pushing Izumi back and pulling her legs wide apart, Alice began to feed hungrily at Izumi’s pink gash.  Alice loved to eat pussy, especially the way Izumi’s excitement drooled out to cover her nose.  Izumi’s clit was marvelously meaty and Alice chewed it gently between her teeth all the while fingering her juicing hole.


         Izumi arched to allow Alice better access to her throbbing cunt and Alice lunged into it licking, chewing and sucking like she had never be satisfied.  Izumi did not know it could be this pleasurable, Alice was so good that finally bringing that pussy off to a creamy climax.


         “You’re even faster than me.”  Said Alice softly.


         “You’re damn good...” Izumi retorted.


         After they rested for a while, they entered the washroom to clean their bodies.  They put on their clothes and walked out from the room.  They saw Veemon with a pale face and gasping on the sofa while Floramon was sitting next to her.


         “Vee…” Veemon panted and shook his head to Floramon.


         But Floramon small eyes twinkle with pleasure.


         “Floramon, you almost killed your mate.”  Said Alice, smiling.


         “Flora…” Floramon murmured and looked at Veemon.


         “Poor Veemon, I don’t think he can ejaculate anymore for the next few hours.”  Said Izumi with a grin.


         They continued to talk for a while before Izumi bade farewell to them.




         The next morning, Izumi decided to clean the Digiballs.  She randomly chose a Digiball and opened it.  A Digimon appeared and began to masturbate.


         Izumi laughed good-humouredly.  “Poor Renamon, you can’t masturbate inside the Digiball.”  She said.


         “Renaaaaa, Reeeeeena!”  Renamon ignored Izumi and continued to wank.


         Izumi looked inside the Digiball and saw juices.  “She still could orgasm inside the ball?”  She murmured.


         Izumi took a tissue to rub the juices and washed it with water.  She also helped Renamon to bath because she still did not know how to bath.  After she finished, she asked Renamon to return to the Digiball.


         “Rena…” Renamon returned to her Digiball sadly.


         Izumi opened another Digiball and she groaned painfully, “Argh!!!!!”  A nasty smell came from the Digiball.


         “You peed inside the ball?”  Said Izumi, petulantly, “How many times have I told you that you can only urinate three times a day?”


         The Digimon’s body was also covered with his own pee and smelled nasty.  Izumi quickly brought the Digimon to the bathroom to clean him up.


         “Gazi…” the Digimon moaned softly because he liked to take showers.


         After Izumi cleaned Gazimon and the Digiball, she took out a rubber band.  “This will teach you a lesson not to pee without my permission.”  She said brusquely and tied Gazimon’s pecker with the rubber band.


         “Gazi!”  Gazimon groaned painfully.


         After Gazimon returned to the Digiball, Izumi opened another Digiball.  A Digimon appeared with diaper.  When Izumi removed his diaper, she almost fainted by the nasty smell.


         Izumi quickly threw away the diaper, used the lightning speed to clean the Digimon and changed a new diaper.  She knew she would faint if she did it slowly.


         “Elec!”  Elecmon felt comfortable again with the new diaper.


         “Finished…I must teach him how to control their bowels someday.” Izumi thought.




         Elsewhere, Kai took his Digiballs to the Hospital because Terriermon was sick.


         The nurse chuckled, “Kai, you haven’t paid for the last month’s bill.”  She said.


         “Sorry, I don’t have enough money.”  Kai apologized.


         “Kai, I know you want to become a good Tamer.  But you must find a job and earn some bucks, you can’t just sit at home and wait for the tournament.  Even if you won the coming tournament, you still can’t pay for the last month’s bill.”  Said the nurse warmly.


         “I know.  But I had to clean and train my Digimon.  I really don’t have the time to work.  You see, after I cleaned all the Digiballs, the first Digimon began to urinate again.  It takes time to change a diaper, to shower them and to clean the ball.”  Kai explained.


         “Kai, you’ve too many Digimon to take care of.  Why don’t you sell some of them to the shop?”  The nurse suggested.


         “But I like all of them.”  Kai remarked, shaking his head.


         “Then when are you going to pay for the bills?”  The nurse retorted.


         Kai had no choice, he wept sadly and sold all his Digimon to the shop – except Terriermon.


         “After I become a rich man, I’ll buy you back again.”  Kai thought.




         Meanwhile, Alice was training her Digimon.  A rope was tied on Floramon’s waist to a car and she was pulling the rope, Alice was standing behind her with a whip on her hand.  “Faster!”  She shouted and whipped Floramon.


         “Flora!”  Floramon groaned painfully and began to pull the car faster.  The car was too huge for her.  Every step she took, the rope would tighten her waist and she groaned painfully.  Alice was training her strength so that she could beat the male Digimon too.


         Another Digimon was lifting a dumbbell with a twisted face.  The dumbbell was so heavy that it almost broke his arm.  “Lift up and don’t put down without my permission!”  Alice shouted.  And then she kicked his groin with force, but he did not groan or move.  “Good, you must not lose strength even when the foe squeezes your member.”  Said Alice with a grin.


         Alice glanced around and saw all the Digimon were training hard, “I’m going to win the coming tournament, hahahahaha…” she laughed happily.




The end.


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