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Author: Daniel


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Title: Cute Couple


         Inside a house, their feet creaked and cracked over the bare planking.  Scary music was playing and they could feel the chill.


         “Veemon, if you’re afraid, you can leave now while the door is still behind you.”  Said Biyomon, looking across at Veemon.


         “Biyomon, I won’t leave you alone and I’ll protect you.”  Veemon answered, trying to be calm and looking defiantly at Biyomon.


         “Why are you walking at behind me instead of by my side?”  A quick blush passed over his fresh young face as Biyomon shot one of her keen, questioning glances at him.


         “Because I’m afraid that people would ambush from the back.”  Said Veemon with dignity after a few minutes’ silence.


         “No one will ambush us, we already deleted our last enemies.  And why is your body shaking?”  Said Biyomon, winking at him.


         Veemon tried to find another excuse, “Because…I’m a little hungry.”  He said demurely.


         “Veemon, can you turn around at look at your back?”  Asked Biyomon with some warmth.


         Veemon turned around and saw a face with nothing on it.  The face has no eyes, ears, mouth, nose and hair.  It was just a plain white face.


         Veemon could feel the coolness coming from the face, he was too shock to act.  He wanted to shout, but did not know which words to use – ‘Arrghhh’ or ‘Eeekk’?  He wanted to run away but he felt someone glued his feet on the ground.  He wanted to close his eyes but he felt someone put a match in between his eyelids.  He wanted to punch the face but he knew that it was a bad idea to do so.  He opened and closed his mouth like a fish without water – but no words came from his mouth.


         Veemon has no idea how long he had been standing there, he was trying to send commands to his body parts but none of them obey.  He was overpowered by an intense sentiment of horror, unaccountable yet unendurable.  Finally, he turned around and screamed with all strength.  He jumped to Biyomon and hugged her like a baby hugged a mother.  Biyomon was surprised to see Veemon, she patted Veemon’s head and tried to comfort him.  At last, Veemon calm down and climbed down from Biyomon’s body.


         “Sorry, I was frightened…” Veemon apologized, but he hoped that he could embrace Biyomon again.


         “Veemon, I know you’re afraid of ghosts, but I don’t blame you or look down at you.  You should leave now before you’re scared to death.”  Biyomon advised gently.


         “Biyomon, you know why I insist to come here even I knew that I was afraid of ghosts?”  Asked Veemon, returning to his natural manner.


         Biyomon shook her head, she knew Veemon loved her and she thought that Veemon just wanted to show off how brave he was.


         “Biyomon, I wanted to cure my only weakness.  None of the Digimon was afraid of ghosts, except me.  I feel ashamed especially in front of pot…Patamon.”  Said Veemon gravely.


         “Veemon, I told you that I loves you.  Don’t compare yourself with others, you’ll feel ashamed, or even angry when you did so.  But I’m afraid that you’ll die before you can conquer your fear.”  Said Biyomon solemnly.


         “Don’t worry, I won’t die so easily.  I promised to myself that when I walked out from this house, I won’t fear any ghosts anymore.”  Said Veemon after a long silence.


         “Okay,” said Biyomon, glancing up at her boyfriend, “but please walk beside me and stop shaking your body.”


         Veemon took a deep breath, “I’m alright now.”  He stammered.  But he thought, ‘I think so…’




         They continued to walk, preparing to meet another surprise.  Veemon was afraid and would like to hold Biyomon’s paw.  He tried to comfort himself, ‘The ghosts will not attack me, why must I feel afraid?’


         Veemon jumped with a start when something tapped his shoulder from behind.


         “Veemon, don’t scream!”  Cried Biyomon.


         He turned around and saw a skeleton.  If Veemon has hair, then his hair would stand up immediately. 


         “Okay…I must not scream…Biyomon, I didn’t shout.” said Veemon, seeing her look of incredulity.


         “Good, you didn’t scream.”  Biyomon chuckled.


         Veemon knew that he would scream if the skeleton did not retreat, he could not endure too long.  Fortunately the skeleton walked away after about three minutes.


         “Veemon, that skeleton looked so real.”  Said Biyomon with a grin.


         Veemon was still shocked by the skeleton and still need some time to calm down.  His heartbeat was over 80 times per minute, which was not a good sign.


         “Are you alright?”  Asked Biyomon passionately.


         After a few minutes, Veemon turned to Biyomon with a pale face, “I’m alright.”  He said, nodding approvingly.  His heartbeat was back to normal rhythm.


         “Let’s rest for a while.”  Biyomon saw Veemon’s blue face turned to white color and pitied him.  They found a smooth stone and sat down together.


         “Veemon, you made it!”  Biyomon exclaimed.


         Veemon chuckled grimly.  “Sorry, I need to go to the washroom.”  He said.


         “I’ll wait for you here.”  Said Biyomon with an angelic smile.


         Veemon stood up and walked away to find a washroom.


         After some time, Biyomon thought.  ‘I think it’s quite a long time, where did he go?  I hope he still alive.’


         Biyomon looked deeply chagrined, “I’m going to look for him.”  She said blandly.


         After a few minutes, “Strange, no toilets here.  Where did he go?”  She asked herself.  Biyomon searched the place for a while but could not find Veemon.  Finally she gave up and decided to leave that place.




         Biyomon was surprised to see Veemon outside the house, “Veemon!  What happened to you?”  She asked nervously.


         “While I was searching for a toilet, I saw a ghost and I ran as fast as I could.  In the end, I lost direction and could not find your location.”  Veemon explained cheerily, “But after I was scared by many different type of ghosts, I was immune to ghosts and not afraid anymore.”


         Biyomon gave a gesture of relief.


         “Congratulation!  You conquered your weakness fully.”  Said Biyomon cheerily and Veemon blushed.


         “Hey!  How’s the haunted house?  Was it fun?”  Davis interrupted in a crackling voice.


         “Sure it’s fun.”  Cried Veemon, in intense excitement.


         The others approached them as well.


         “You should visit the fun house, it’s really good.”  Kari chuckled heartily, who was holding Davis’s arm.


         “The mirror house was okay too.”  Said Cody blandly, who was gripping Yolei’s hand.


         “Sora, can you give us some bucks for the fun house?”  Asked Biyomon suavely.


         “Sure.”  Said Sora, smiling and gave Biyomon some money.


         “I like fun fair.”  Said Patamon thoughtfully, “I wish they could open throughout the year.”  He continued.


         “Unfortunately this fun fair only open for the month of January every year.”  T.K. sighed.


         “Don’t worry, we still can go to the Digital World.”  Said Yolei with a twinkle in her eyes.


         “Right, the battle is over and the Digital World became a peaceful place.  We can have picnic there anytime – without fearing anything.”  Said Ken heartily who was standing beside his girlfriend – Catherine.


         “Floramon, are you coming with us for the Pirate Ship?”  Asked Catherine demurely to her partner.


         “No, I don’t want to interrupt you two.”  Said Floramon earnestly, “Beside, I also need some private time.”  She continued and smiled at Palmon.


         The children were visiting the fun fair and they really enjoy the fair.  They played until almost before they gone home happily for dinner.


         ‘I finally don’t fear of ghosts anymore, thanks to the haunted house.’  Veemon thought.




         That night, Biyomon flew to Veemon’s house after dinner. 


         “Veemon, are you sure that they would only come back after ?”  Asked Biyomon earnestly when she saw Veemon.


         Veemon gave a whimsical smile.


         “Sure, besides, they wouldn’t mind if we did it in front of them.”  Said Veemon firmly.


         Biyomon grinned mischievously.


         “It’s not good to do it so often in front of them, I think we should build our own house somewhere else.”  Biyomon suggested.


         Veemon locked the gate and led Biyomon to his room.  Biyomon saw her photos on the wall and she giggled.  Veemon sat on the bed while waiting for Biyomon.  Biyomon did not let him to wait too long, she took off the small ring on her leg and they were in 69-position.


         Veemon saw the secrets of her femininity lay bare in front of him, the sweet scent of her arousal filled his head.  He rubbed one finger down the center of her, circling the exposed bead, then plunging into her glistening moistness.   Her head fell back at the immense pleasure.  With his thumb gently flicking her clit, he pumped into her.  Her body was rocking to his motions, her slit was wet and his fingers were covered with her delightful juices.


         Meanwhile, Biyomon took Veemon’s stiff dick in her feather hands and started rubbing it gently as she licked up and down his virile masculinity.  She raised her head and brought her beak down fully over his turgid shaft, taking him as far in as she could but did not scratch his warm shaft.  She stayed that way for a moment, with almost his whole manhood engulfed in her soft mouth, then began bobbing her head up and down, licking the purple head of his cock when she could.  She went slowly at first, and then began speeding up.


         Soon, they felt the urge to release tension.  Before they came, they changed position and Veemon slid his penis into Biyomon’s womanly secrets.  He pulled out a little, and then pushed back in again.  He was thrusting deep and she took all of him.  She was on the bed while he was on top of her.  He sank himself into her, again and again.  She was whispering shallowly from her lungs while he fought for his breath.  Finally they climaxed together in minutes.  She cried out with unabashed abandon while he exploded inside her.


         “Biyo…” he was gasping for air and could not say anything.


         Biyomon lie on top of Veemon’s body and put her feather hand on his mouth, “shh…don’t say a word…I know…” she whispered.


         They rest for a while, “Biyo, I think we should build our own house because I want to accompany you day and night.”  Veemon panted.


         “I’ll talk with Sora about this.”  Said Biyomon with a polite smile and sat up from the bed.


         Veemon looked at her with a question in his eyes.


         “You’re going back again?”  Veemon asked with a languid smile.


         Smiling ruefully, “You know that I can’t stay overnight here.”  Biyomon answered sullenly and put the ring back to her leg.


         “After we built our own house, we could do it throughout the night.”  Said Veemon cheerfully.


         “I don’t mind, but you better be careful, or else you’ll ejaculate blood instead of sperm.”  Biyomon answered with an amused smile.


         Veemon accompanied her to the gate and opened the gate.  “See you tomorrow, and thanks for helping me this afternoon.”  He said in a reminiscent voice.


         Biyomon smiled and nodded with a charming coquettish intimacy.  She spread her wings and flew towards her home where Sora was waiting for her.  After she left, Veemon cleaned his body and waited for Davis to come home.




The end.


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