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Season 3 series



Author: Daniel Chan


Note: *********** means scene changed.



Title: Curiosity


         Suzie was playing GB at her room. “Boring...” she thought as she put the GB away and picked up some comic books to read.  After a few minutes, she threw the comic books aside and looked for her doll.


         Suzie found her doll on Henry’s bed.  She looked at Terriermon for a while, and then she poked his belly and rubbed his body.  She was thinking of a new way to play with her doll.


         “Henry, come back quickly!”  Terriermon thought, he had a bad feeling.  But Henry and his parents went out for a movie.


         She caressed his whole body and his ears.  He felt so good but he could not moan.  The feeling was like someone gave you an empty bottle of wine, you could look at the bottle but could not drink.




         Suzie then used both hands and stretched Terriermon’s mouth.  He almost cried painfully as she pulled his mouth like pulling elastic.  She pulled and played his mouth for a few minutes.


         She turned him over and asked, “Do you know how painful it is when people spank you?”  She put him on her knees and spanked his bottom.


         Aaahh…stop!”  He thought.


         “You don’t know because you are a doll.”  She spanked his ass cheek.


         “I am not a doll!  Stop it!”  He thought and controlled himself not to cry.


         “Just a lifeless doll!”  She spanked the sitting spot even harder.


         Ooohhh…” He was controlling himself not to sweat.


         Poor Terriermon, he was spanked badly but could not do anything.  And even worse, he felt his digihood was going to erect.  She spanked him until her hands were tired.  She turned him over again and put him on the bed.


         She took out some clothes, and prepared to dress him up.


         “What’s she going to do now?”  He wondered, his butt still feeling painful.


         She took out a small pair of underwear and gently put it on. While she was putting on the underwear, her hands accidentally rubbed his groin.  He was controlling himself not to moan or shiver.  Then she put on the small gown.


         “I am a boy, not a girl!”  He almost shouted.


         Finally she put on the dress, after she satisfied, she picked him up and stood in front of the mirror.  “Today you are going to be a girl doll.”  She declared.


         “Ah!”  He looked at the mirror, he saw two girls and one of them WAS he.


         While she was hugging him, her hands accidentally rubbed his chest and he could not control himself anymore.  His penis crawled out from its pouch, but the underwear was so tight that it blocked his penis from erecting.  He felt so uncomfortable and hoped that she could leave him alone immediately, he was so horny but could not do anything.


         But she did not realize it and still continued playing with him like a real doll.  He pulled his ears and his horn.  Finally, she put him on the bed and started to undress him.


         “Oh no!”  He hoped that his penis would crawl back to his pouch before she took off the underwear.  To his surprise, his penis crawled back and he was relieved.


         But she kissed his cheek and said, “you are so cute!”  She got an idea and opened his mouth, “hey you also got a tongue!”  She found his tongue and pulled it out.  She looked at her hands, “you also got saliva!”  He was nervous and prayed silently so that she could go to sleep now.  She licked his tongue with hers and his dick immediately crawled out again.  She put back his tongue, closed his mouth and took off the gown.


         “Suzie, go to sleep. Go to sleep now and leave me alone.”  He thought.


         But she did not go to sleep; she took off the underwear and saw his half-hard dick.  “Hey, what’s this?”  She touched it gently.


         “Suzie, PLEASE go to sleep now and leave me alone.”  He sweated.


         She was very interested and grabbed it with her left hand.  He almost yelped from her touch.  She moved it around and played with it like a joystick.  He bit his lips so that he would not moan.  She saw his mushroom head, she touched the apex of his mushroom head with another finger and he could not controlled himself anymore, his dick became harder and bigger.


         “Wow, it gets bigger when I touch this place!”  She cried, clapping her hands, and looking as delighted as a child with a new toy.  She touched his cock’s head again, “C’mon! Get bigger!”  But his dick was already erected to his full length.  It felt so good, but he could not moan.


         She let her hand off his prick and stared at it.  She took a ruler and measured it, “six inches.  What is this?  I’ve never seen this before.”  She murmured.  She slapped his prick with the ruler and his prick swayed a little.


         “I like this!”  Her eyes fairly glittered as she spoke and hit his pecker with the ruler again and again, she was happy to see his pecker swaying wildly.  She tried to press his prick down to the bed, “funny, I cannot bend it.”


         “GAH!! Pain! Pain! SHIT THAT HURTS!"  Terriermon thought and almost sat up with a start.


         Fortunately, she did not try it again.  She saw the scrotum and squeezed the scrotum with force, he almost screamed out.  “Ha!  Ha!”  She said with a laugh, “What is this?  This is soft and warm, and I can feel that there are something inside it.”


         He hoped that she would not cut off his penis to examine.


         She pulled his scrotum until she could not pull anymore, she let go and pulled again, and she squeezed his scrotum so hard until he prayed that she would not squash his scrotum.


         “Hey, now what’s this?”  He saw a liquid on his cock head.  She licked it and said, “hmm…funny taste.”  She thought that she could get more liquid by squeezing the scrotum, so she squeezed again and again; he was sweating heavily, and hoped that she could go to sleep immediately.


         “May be I’m squeezing the wrong place.”  She told herself.


         “Oh no…” he thought.


         She pulled down his foreskin and touched his meat; she assumed that his pecker was a banana.  His eyes bulged and he almost moaned.  She pulled down the foreskin until almost lose from its meat.  He was nervous and almost stopped her.


         “Hmm…this thing is soft and warm.  I wonder what will happen next.”  She rubbed his dick and murmured.  And then she bit his mushroom head. He was surprised that he still could control himself not to scream.


         “Cannot bite.”  She murmured.


         “Suzie, please stop, I am going to cum!”  He would warn Suzie if he could speak.


         But she continued stroking his penis.


         Finally, he came. “Ah!  What’s this?”  Some cum shot to her face, she licked the cum and said, “It’s sour and warm.”  She rubbed his penis again and again, “I want more!  More!”  But she did not get what she wanted, so she took some tissue and cleaned her face. "Ewwww... sticky…" she said as she pulled the tissue over her face.


         “Huh?  It became small and soft.”  She took out his dick and pulled it.


         “Stop!”  Terriermon almost shouted, getting worried where this was going.

         "C’mon…get big again!"  She shouted, pulling it, trying to get it back to the normal size.


         She pulled it until a certain distance. “This is fun!”  She was happy because she had found a new toy.  She started rubbing his dick again.  “YAY!!  It’s hard and big again!”  She was excited.  Then she engulfed his dick with her mouth and licked it.  His body shivered but she did not noticed.  She treated it like a lollipop and sucked it for more liquid.  She lifted up her head and smiled, “Not bad, whatever this thing is. It is nice to lick.”


         He felt so good but could not moaned or groaned.  Before he came, she suddenly stopped.


         “Do not stop!”  He thought, he was hanging in the middle of orgasm and needed released.


         “Wait a second.  I do not have one of this, but I have a hole.”  She undressed and said.  She looked at her little, plump pussy, and started to move her finger into it, “His thing is like a stick… I wonder if it could go in here?” She wondered, and then suddenly the room seemed to be getting warmer and that an intense form of pleasure and longing was forming in her nether-regions.


         Ahhh….” she grunted, head hanging as she rubbed her pussy and began playing with her nipples with the other hand.  The hand buried in her pussy found a small nub of pleasure that dwarfed what she was getting already, and began to rub and play with it.  Moaning, she felt an intense longing further inside her cunt, she could not quite reach it.


         “I need…something in me!”  She gasped out, she saw his erecting pecker and tried to insert it into her wet hole, but was unable to get his dick inside of her.  Finally, her barrier gave way inside her and a sharp pain filled her, she gasped sharply at the pain.


         “Ouch!  It hurts!”  She groaned, but after her vagina canal engulfed his penis, she moaned softly, “It fits nicely now, although it hurt at first.”

         “Damn.  Henry is going to kill me now.”  He thought, trying hard to keep himself from moaning as she twisted her hips.


         She stood up a little and sat down again on Terriermon’s little dick, “Aaahhh… so good.”  She moaned in pleasure.


          She kept humping herself onto him, trying to get his cock further inside of her, nearly screaming in bliss she reached a peak inside herself and suddenly the whole world span, she completely forgot about everything, and then felt the feeling rush out of her cunt.  A small trickle of warm liquid ran out of her cunt onto the bed, and she lay gasping for a few moments, tiredness nearly overcame her as she fell off of his cock.

         He almost yelled in frustration, he had been so close. He had almost come, but Suzie had to come so early!  He prayed that she would return to her room and sleep, so that he could masturbate.


         “More... I want more…” but instead she gasped out, remounting him, kneeling over his body, and she began to rhythmically slam herself onto him once more.  Nnngh!”  She grunted, feeling his cock fill her pussy again and continued to stretch her tight walls.


         Uhhhhh…” He groaned out, he could not endure anymore.  She suddenly stopped and looked straight at him, terror filled him as he realized he had just given himself away.  She pushed him hard in the stomach, and he quickly repeated the groan, trying to pass off as a toy still.  Looking at him oddly, she went back to bouncing on his dick.


         “That was close.” He thought, wondering what would have happened if she realized he was not a toy.  He felt pressure building up in his balls, and he wondered in terror what Henry would do to him if he blew his load in Henry’s little sister.


        She felt the feeling returning again, their backs arched at the same time as they both came, all thoughts washed from them as a wave of pleasure crashed down on them. Suzie felt woozy; she fell backwards off his dick, then smiled at him, kissing him on the cheek, “what a great toy.”  She gasped, before she dozed off.


         “I’m screwed...” He smiled an enigmatical smile, before he passed out beside Suzie. 




         When Henry came back, he could not believe what he saw.


         Henry saw his sister was naked and sleeping beside Terriermon.  He quickly woke her up and asked her to put on her dress.  He was even shocked when he saw some blood and cum on his bed and Terriermon’s body.


         “I found new a new toy!”  Suzie cried, with a merry laugh.


         After Suzie returned to her room, Henry shouted, “Terriermon, how dare you fuck my sister!”


         “Henry, please listen to me, it was a misunderstanding.”  Terriermon explained nervously, “… She started playing around with me and then she ended up humping me!  The feeling was worse than being tortured because I could not make a sound.”


         “Okay, okay!  Let’s sleep now.”  Said Henry in his easy, genial way.




The end.


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