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Season 3 series

Author: Daniel

Note 1: ************ means scene changed.
Note 2: Ai and Mako does not have Impmon yet in this lemon.

Title: Childhood

Ai and Mako, when they were four years old:

Their mother was helping them to take a bath.

“Mom, what’s this?” Asked Mako as he pointed at his dick.

“That is called penis. You use it to pee with.” Her mother explained.

“Then why doesn’t Ai have the same thing? Did it fall off?” He asked again and pointed at Ai’s smooth pussy.

“Silly. She’s a girl, so she does not have one.” Her mother smiled.

“Then how does she pee?” He asked curiously.

“Don’t worry, she has a hole in her vagina to pee with.” Her mother answered and stood up, she took a towel and toweled Mako’s body. After she helped Mako to wear clothes, she asked Mako to go back to his room.

Later, she hugged Ai and told her to go back to her room. Ai and Mako shared the same room.

“Ok you two, dinner will be ready in an hour. So behave yourselves.” Her mother reminded them and walked out from the room, she closed the door but did not lock it.

Both Mako and Ai were too curious about the thing they saw. They took shower at the same time almost everyday, but they were not satisfied with their mother’s explanations about their parts.

“Sis, can you show me your thing again?” Asked Mako eagerly.

“Sure.” Ai answered without hesitation and removed her pants.

Mako saw her baby-smooth pussy again. To Mako, it looked like a slit of some kind between her legs. Ai took two fingers, and opened her pussy for Mako to get a better look. Mako was shocked to see a tiny hole inside her pussy. “Sis, I think there is something inside your hole, can I try to get it out?” Mako suggested.

Ai looked down and nodded. “Maybe you are right. I won’t be able to pee without that…thing.”

Ai lay on the carpet and Mako knelt down in front of her groin. He inserted a finger into her cunt and she cried painfully, “Argh! What have you done?” She gasped and a tear rolled down from her cheek.

“Sorry sis, I didn’t know this would hurt you.”

“Please, do it slowly.”

“Alright sis.” Mako nodded and tried to slide his finger into her cunt slowly. When he touched her labia, she moaned softly and her body shivered.

“Sis, are you alright?” Mako was nervous when he saw his sister shivering.

“It… feels…good…please do it again.”

Mako caressed her pussy again; she shivered again and gasped, “More…”

Mako slid his finger gently into her cunt but it was too tight, so he pushed a little and this time she groaned and rolled on the floor.

“Sis, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to hurt you.”

“No, you didn’t hurt me, Mako… It hurt and felt good at the same time, what did you do?”

“I just pushed my finger in to your… what was it mom called it… va… gin… a?”

“Please try again.”

“Okay.” Mako answered and slid his finger into her cunt again, she purred and endured a little.

“Sis, do you want me to take my finger out now?”

“No…just continue…”

Mako pushed in a little again, she felt her cunt has been torn apart but still felt good. She does not know how to describe the sensations but she wanted more. Finally she asked him to stop because she could not take it anymore. He stopped and moved his finger around the hole.

She groaned and her boy jerked, “Take it out! I am going to pee now!” Ai gasped. But when Mako withdrew his finger, she could not feel the urge to piss.

“Sis, what happened?”

“I…don’t know…I thought I peed…”

“And now?”

“Now… no more. Can you do that again? Maybe moving your finger in and out made me want to go pee.”

Mako inserted his finger into her hole again. When he caressed around, she felt the urge to piss again. “I’m…going…to pee…” She panted and he withdrew his finger immediately.

She rested for a while, before they could continue, their mother called them, “Ai! Mako! Time for dinner!” She quickly put on her pants, and then their mother entered the room in less than two minutes.

“Today you didn’t fight? Very good!” Her mother smiled.

After the dinner, they decided to try again some other days.


When they reached five years old, they had the chance again.

One afternoon, their mother was busy in the kitchen and their father would not come back so early.

“Sis, let’s try that thing again.”

“Okay, but let me see yours first.”

Mako unbuttoned his pants and showed her his small, limp pecker.

Ai bent down and examined his pecker. She took it up and studied with interest, “Are you alright?” She asked when she heard him moaning softly.

“It…feels...good…” he gasped.

She rubbed around his piss hole and his body shivered, “Hey, it’s getting hard.” Mako’s dick was getting hard a little, she played a while but it could not erect anymore. She licked its apex and he purred, he pulled back his dick and said nervously, “I’m…going to…”

Before Mako could enter the washroom, he does not feel the urge anymore.

“So you also had that feeling?”

Mako looked at his dick and answered, “Yes, I felt I needed to, but I could not pee once you stopped touching me.”

Suddenly Ai got an idea, she removed her pants and suggested, “Could you put your pee-pee into my hole?”

Mako looked at her pussy and shook his head, “It’ll never fit.”

“But I want to try.” Ai lay on the carpet and said.

Mako nodded, “Ok, let’s do it. But…I think you better lie on that box, so that I can put in easier.”

Ai nodded and lay on the box that contains some books. Mako tried to stand up and placed his hands on her thighs, “Just nice.” He smiled and crossed one of her legs, and then positioned his hard dick into her pussy. He tried to slide in slowly, but she was too tight and she groined painfully.

“Sis, it’s too small, and it won’t go in.”

“Let’s try the other way, you lie on the carpet first.”

Mako lay on the carpet and Ai squatted down, like she would do if she needed to pee, onto her brother. Ai lined up her cunt onto his penis and sat down slowly. Suddenly, her foot slipped and her whole cunt engulfed his penis.

“Aaarrrrrhhhh!!!!!” Ai groaned loudly but their mother did not hear them.

“Sis, are you alright?” Asked Mako nervously.

“I’m alright…” Ai panted, “Oh… it went in already.”

“Now what?”

Ai lifted up her body a little and sat down again, “It’s still kind of painful, but I feel good, too.”

“Me too…” Mako gasped.

Mako stared at his dick going in and out of his sister’s tiny pussy for a while, which made him feel that strange urge again.

Ai pumped a few times and they moaned in pleasure.

“Sis, It’s happening again…”

“Same to me…but I won’t stop. I want to see what will happen next…”

After a few more pumps, they cried softly and reached their very first orgasm. But they were still too small to produce cum, so after their orgasm faded, she collapsed to his belly with her cunt still clamping his pecker. She used her last strength to stand up and lie beside Mako. Both of them were gasping for air on the carpet, and could not speak for some time.

“What…was…that?” said Mako at last.

“I…don’t know…” Ai shrugged.

“Sis, I feel tired…” said Mako and dozed off.

Ai did not answered because she dozed off too.

Later, when their mother entered the room, she was shocked and speechless…fortunately Ai and Mako were sleeping apart, so she assumed they just took off their pants and played until they slept.

The end.

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