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Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: [Angel] means you feel proud.

Note 3: [Devil] means you are thinking something very evil.


Title: Bogus Hero


         In the Digital World.  Both Veemon and Patamon visited Gatomon at the same time.


         “Gatomon, do you like these flowers?”  Asked Veemon, he rubbed his paws and chuckled with delight.


         Gatomon was surprised to see so many beautiful flowers.  “Yes, I like them very much.”  She said.


         “Gatomon, these are for you.”  Said Patamon earnestly and passed some rose to her.


         “Oh thanks.”  Said Gatomon warmly and sniffed the roses.


         “Guys, thanks for your flowers.  But I’ve to go shopping with Palmon now.”  Said Gatomon and left hurriedly.


         “Damn pot roast, why you came here at this moment? icon_mad.gif  Veemon thought.


         “Shit little blue plushy, Gatomon is mine, not yours! icon_evil.gif  Patamon thought.




         Gatomon returned to her hideout to put down the flowers.  Palmon and Biyomon were standing in front of her hideout.


         “Sorry, I’m late.”  Gatomon apologized to them.


         “Flowers from Veemon and Patamon again?”  Asked Palmon with a smile.


         “Yes…I escaped before they ask that question again.”  Gatomon answered serenely.


         “Who would you choose?”  Biyomon asked and smiled demurely.


         “They always ask this question and you knew I hated this question.”  Said Gatomon serenely.


         “But you haven’t answered the question yet.”  Said Palmon sternly.


         Gatomon hesitated.  “Well…honestly…I loved Veemon more than Patamon.”  Gatomon answered sternly.


         “Good, tell them so that this love triangle ends.”  Said Biyomon serenely.


         “I’m sure Patamon would kill Veemon if I told them.”  Said Gatomon, good-humouredly.


         “You’re right.  Patamon is hot-headed, just like T.K.”  Said Biyomon with a grin.


         “I’m thinking of a way to end this love triangle peacefully.”  Said Gatomon, her smile broadened and her eyes twinkled humorously.


         “You must act fast before it’s too late.”  Said Palmon, curtly.


         “Don’t ask me that question again anymore because I told you the answer already.  And don’t tell them.”  Said Gatomon and rubbed her paws.


         “Okay, now let’s go shopping.”  Biyomon answered, good-humouredly.




         The next day, the children entered the Digital World to visit their Digimon partners.


         “Kari, you all came at the right time.  Red Vegimon caught some Digimon and placed them under a dungeon.”  Said Gatomon desperately.


         “Show us the way.”  Said Kari and smiled demurely.


         Gatomon led them to the dungeon, Palmon and Biyomon were at elsewhere.


         “There’re two guards only.”  Said Veemon nervously while they were hiding behind some bushes.


         “Okay, here’s my plan.”  Davis began.


         “Wait.  No plans are needed because we can beat them easily.”  Patamon interrupted.


         “That’s right.  Let’s go.”  Said T.K. curtly.


         “But there may be a trap.”  Said Hawkmon, good-humouredly.


         “You don’t need to come if you’re afraid.”  Said Patamon impatiently.  He just wanted to show his bravery in front of Gatomon.


         “We must rescue the prisoners fast.”  Said T.K blandly.  He also wanted to show his courage in front of Kari.


         Before the others could say anything, Patamon digivolved and began to attack the guards.


         “See?  As easy as ABC!”  Cried Pegasusmon exultantly after he defeated those guards.  He winked at Gatomon and waited for her to hug him.


         T.K. was also waiting for Kari to praise his partner.  Suddenly a lightning shot out from inside the house and hit Pegasusmon directly.


         “Argh!”  Pegasusmon groaned painfully and collapsed on the ground.  He de-digivolved to Patamon and was gasping.


         Red Vegimon and some evil Digimon came out from the house and smiled evilly.  “How dare you came here!”  He ventured.


         The others tried to rescue Patamon, but Red Vegimon grabbed Patamon and shouted, “Freeze!  Or I’ll crush him like a pot roast.”


         Immediately the evil Digimon surrounded the children and their partners.


         “Throw your digivices to the ground now!”  Red Vegimon ordered.


         The children had no choice but throw their digivices to the ground.


         “It’s my fault.  I should have made up a rescue plan.”  Said T.K. gravely


         “No, it’s not your fault or Patamon’s fault.  Don’t blame yourself.”  Said Davis in a soothing voice.


         But actually Davis thought, “If Kari isn’t here, I’ll sure blame you icon_mad.gif.  C’mon Kari, say something good about me.”


         Davis is right.  We didn’t know this would happen.”  Said Kari serenely.


         “Finally, Kari praised me [Angel].  Okay, I must continue to act naturally.”  Davis thought.


         “Now we must work together and think of a plan to get out of here.”  Said Davis thoughtfully, and he smiled in a singular way as he glanced at Kari.


         Davis, I’m glad to hear that.”  Said Kari demurely.  She gave an enigmatic smile.


         Davis laughed in his sleeve, but pretended serious.  He thought.  “Oh I’m sure she loves more than T.K. now .”


         “You think you can escape?  Now I’m going to teach him a lesson for being so brave.”  Red Vegimon interrupted.


         Red Vegimon squeezed Patamon and immediately Patamon spat blood.


         “Yes!  After he died, Gatomon will be mine [Devil]!”  Veemon thought.


         Red Vegimon began to smack Patamon with his fist that was full of pricks.


         “Hahahaha!  Die pot roast, die !”  Veemon thought.   icon_idea.gif Suddenly he got an idea.


         “Wait!  He’s dying, let me replace him!”  Veemon shouted.


         Everyone was shocked and stared at Veemon.


         “Veemon, you don’t need to save me.  I knew you hated me.”  Patamon gasped.


         “You’re wrong!  We’re friends!”  Veemon purposely shouted loudly.


         But actually Veemon was thinking, “I’m sure good at acting .”


         A tear rolled down from Gatomon’s cheek, “Veemon, you’re so generous.”  She sobbed.


         “Yes, Gatomon is touched [Angel]!”  Veemon thought.


         “But Gatomon will be yours if I died.”  Said Patamon in his blandest voice.


         Veemon ignored Patamon, he walked over to Gatomon and kissed her cheek, “Gatomon, I won’t forget you.”  He said gravely.


         “Veemon, you’re really the Digimon of courage.”  She wept.


         “Wow!  She cries !”  Veemon thought.


         The others also touched by Veemon.


         “Now, put him down and take me instead!”  Veemon walked towards Red Vegimon and shouted.


         Red Vegimon picked up Veemon and threw Patamon on the ground.


         “Patamon, I knew Gatomon loved you, not me!”  Veemon purposely shouted again, in an ecstasy of despair.


         “Veemon!  Actually I loved you!”  Gatomon shouted back.


         “Finally she confessed she loved me .”  Veemon thought.


         “I lost her [Broken Heart]!  It’s my fault for showing off my bravery [Sad].”  Patamon thought.


         Kari grabbed Davis’s hand and whispered, “Davis, I’m proud of you and your partner.  I…I…loved you…” she blushed.


         Davis blushed, “Kari, I loved you too.”  He said kindly.  He looked triumphantly at T.K.


         “I defeated T.K. YAY! [Devil]  Davis thought.  Now he was imagining the nude body of Kari.


         T.K. was envied and angry, but could not say anything.


         Red Vegimon laughed, “Another hero?  I hated heroes!”  He shouted impatiently and began to hit Veemon.


         “C’mon, someone do something now and fast!  I don’t want to die! [Sad]  Veemon thought.


         While Red Vegimon beating Veemon, Veemon purposely shouted painfully and showed his painful face.


         “I’m sure after today, I’ll be the greatest hero among them [Angel].”  Veemon thought.


         The others closed their eyes, they could not see such horrible scene.  Veemon screamed until everyone wept silently.  Suddenly Red Vegimon was deleted.  They were surprised and opened their eyes.  They could see Tai and the others arrived and deleted the remaining evil Digimon.


         “Veemon, are you alright?  Answer me!”  Gatomon picked up Veemon from the ground gently and asked nervously.


         Veemon was not injured badly, “Gatomon…I don’t think I can make it…” he pretended to say wearily.  He also purposely coughed and spat the blood from his mouth.


         “No!  You must live, for the sake of me!”  Gatomon shouted.


         “She really loved me deep down from her heart now .”  Veemon thought.


         “Okay…but please find a place for me to rest…” Veemon whispered.


         Davis, I’m sorry.  I should have listened to your plan.”  T.K. apologized.


         “This is the first time T.K. apologize to me.  [Devil]…because of your Patamon, Gatomon is Veemon while Kari is mine.”  Davis thought.


         “It’s okay.  Now we have to find a place for Veemon to rest.”  Davis answered calmly.  He would sure put his fist on T.K.’s face when no body’s around.




         After one week, inside Veemon’s hideout.


         “Veemon, how do you feel now?”  Asked Gatomon eagerly.


         “The doctor has removed the bandage last night and I feel very good now.”  Veemon explained heartily.


         “Veemon, I can’t believe you saved Patamon.  I thought you hated him.”  Said Gatomon gravely


         Veemon shook his head good humouredly.  “No matter how I hated him, he’s still my friend.”  He said.


         But he thought, “If he died, you would feel sad and may be you would not choose me.”


         “Did you realize that you might die?”  Asked Gatomon with dignity.


         “I’m not afraid to die for friends.”  Veemon answered, with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.


         But he thought, “I was so afraid that I almost pee without control.”


         “Veemon, you’re really a Digimon of courage.  I loved you not because you’re handsome, but because you’re brave and generous.”  Gatomon explained in her gentlest voice.


         He was glad to hear that, he thought, “I won her heart!  YAY!  Now, give me a kiss [Kiss].


         Gatomon removed her claw gloves, “Veemon, this is the only way to repay for your bravery.”  She said serenely.


         “Gatomon, you don’t need to do this.  I don’t ask for any rewards and I don’t need any rewards.”  He lied.


           But he thought.  “Finally, she wanted to give her chastity to me.  Hip hip hooray !”


         “Veemon, I’ll hate you if you reject me.”  She said seriously.


         “Well, okay.  I promise I won’t hurt you.”  He nodded approvingly


         But actually he thought, “C’mon baby.  I can’t wait to deflower you [Devil].”


         She slid over to his side, put her arms around his neck and they started kissing.


         He thought, “I hope pot roast saw us.  I’m sure he would die of heart attack when he saw us [Devil].”


         She slid her tongue inside her mouth and played with him in a way that promised greater things to come. He was not petrified because he knew this was it; it was finally going to happen.


         He thought, “I’ve been waiting for this kiss for decades .”


         His cock was straining and almost screaming at him to get started.  But he knew that he must have patience.   He reached out and caressed her chest until he found what he was looking for.  He cupped and explored her breasts.


         “Gatomon, you’ve huge breasts on your chest, don’t you feel heavy?”  He asked, as his keen eyes darted over her.


         “Veemon, you also have heavy balls on your groin, don’t you feel heavy?”  She retorted, with a smile.


         They both giggled for the silly questions.


         He thought, “Fortunately I didn’t die, or else I wouldn’t have any chances to play her nipples.”


         She moaned, she reached both arms behind him and crushed herself against him.  He felt so good and moaned loudly.  This was too good to be true!  No begging or pleading, just someone who wanted it as much as him.


         He thought, “This is called after rain comes sunshine .”


         Slowly she lowered her tail to explore his chest, brush her legs, and caress his testicles.  It felt so soothing and aroused.  He grabbed her tail gently and sniffed it, he could smell the vanilla perfume.


         She pulled back her tail.  “Veemon, I want you to eat me.”  She said, chuckled with delight and turned her body so that they were in 69-position.


         This was the first time he had been so close to another girl’s pussy, or had paid any attention to one at all.  The white lips of her slit were plainly visible through the light fur.  The smell was enticing and he wanted to explore it fully.


         He thought, “After the fatal beating I received from Red Vegimon, I earned my reward!  Fortunately I was smart enough to come out such plan at that time .”


         He wasted no more time.  With a smile of delight on his face, he dived for her opening.  It was delicious and far better than he imagined.  He licked around her whole pussy, wanting the taste of all of it.  He pleased her by using both his tongue and his lips.  He also massaged her labia with his fingers.


         Meanwhile, she began to kiss his dragonhood.   She licked the beads of love that were on it, and ran her tongue under the rim.  She parted her lips and then took the mushroom head into her mouth.  She sucked on it for awhile, teased it again with her tongue, then started kissing the shaft.  Her kisses came now on the balls themselves, in the joint between them and the legs, back on top at the head again.


         She stopped suddenly and moved her body aside, “Please enter me now…” she gasped.  She lay on the bed with her pussy facing up.


         “This’ll be a little pain…” he warned her.


         Her face grew tense with anxiety and closed her eyes again.


         He gripped her waist gently and deflowered her with one thrust.  She did not scream painfully because she has no hymen.  He was surprised but did not ask any questions.  They felt so good and moaned loudly.


         He could take it much longer as his body tensed up causing him to grab her ass and jam his cock all the way inside her as he reached his climax.  His dragonhood exploded into spasms pumping load after load of hot cum into her tiny womb.  The spasming of his prick causing her to tense up and reaching her sexual peak as she writhed about on the bed.


         Her nails sank into his back as she tried to push him towards her.  Her sweet pussy contracting and sucking the cum from his body as it slammed into her cervix.  He slowly came to a halt as he slid his softening rod out of her sopping whole, the juices and sperm slowly dripping out her snatch and dribbling onto the bed.  They hugged each other and dozed off, bringing the afterglow to their dreams.


         He thought, “It’s nice to be a hero.




The end.


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