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Author: Daniel


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Title: Biyomon’s Secret


         One day, Sora entered the Digital World to visit her partner.




         Sora lifted up her head and saw a pink bird.  “Biyomon!”  She cried merrily.


         Biyomon flew down and they hugged with each other.


         Biyomon’s brows shot up.  “Sora, why you didn’t come for so long time?”


         “Sorry, homework and housework.”  Sora declared.


         “Let’s go to my new home and play.”  Biyomon suggested.


         Sora was eager to visit Biyomon’s new home, she was surprised to hear that Biyomon has a new home but she did not ask any questions.  Sora has a pretty and friendly face.  Sora was beautiful having huge puppy-like eyes and a very well proportioned body.  Sora had an hour glass figure 36-23-36.




         After walking for about 15 minutes, Sora saw a hut.


         “Biyomon, why you stay so far away from the others?”  Sora asked worriedly.


         “It’s not that far if you could fly.”  Biyomon replied with a smile.


         Once inside the hut, Biyomon began to prepare drinks and foods for Sora while Sora was glancing around.


         “Biyomon, let me help you.”  Said Sora at last.


         “Thanks.”  Biyomon replied and put the cups on the table.  Sora entered the kitchen to take the remaining food.  Biyomon smiled evilly and quickly poured something into Sora’s cup before Sora returned.


         They ate and drank happily.  Sora did not suspect Biyomon and also did not know that a trap was waiting for her.  Biyomon pretended to talk naturally and waited patiently for Sora to doze off.  Soon Sora kept yawing and finally her head collapsed onto the table.


         “It’s play time.”  Biyomon murmured.




         Biyomon tried to drag Sora to the only bed in the house.  “Fortunately she’s not that heavy.”  Biyomon thought.


         Biyomon placed Sora on the bed with spread eagle and took out some ropes.  “How would she feel when her trusty partner raped her?”  Biyomon smiled.


         Biyomon climbed to Sora’s chest and began to caress her chest through the clothes.  “She got breasts at this age!  I’m sure she’s over-matured.”  Biyomon murmured and began to unbutton her clothes.


         Soon Biyomon removed Sora’s clothes and panties.  “No pubic hair…not yet or she shaved?”  Biyomon whispered.  Sora was still young and her breasts were small, but Biyomon liked them too.


         Biyomon left the room to hide the clothes and panties.  “Now she wouldn’t be able to escape.”


         Biyomon returned to the room and examined Sora’s body.  This was the first time Biyomon saw Sora’s nude body.  Sora was not a virgin but Biyomon did not care so much.  Sora has rich brown hair, tied back with a terry headband, cascaded down her shoulders.  Her hips were nicely shaped, and her legs were slim, firm, and elastic.


         After some time, Sora began to regain conscious.  She moaned softly and blinked her eyes.  When she opened her eyes, she was surprised that she saw the ceiling and she could not move her hands.  She lowered her head and blushed when she saw her own breasts.  She then realized that she was lying naked on a bed.


         “Sora, you’re awake.”


         Sora turned her head around and saw Biyomon sitting on a chair.  “Biyomon, what’s going on?  Let me go!”  Sora asked worriedly and tried to struggle.


         “Sora, I want to tell you a secret.  But you’ve to calm down first.”  Biyomon said smoothly.


         “I’ll calm down, but untie me first and give me back my clothes.”  Sora gulped.


         “I can’t because I’m going to rape you…or make love with you, depends totally on you.  If you refused, I’ll have to force you and I’m sure you would suffer a lot.  But if you accept me willingly, I’m sure you would get a lot of pleasure.  So, do you want to make love with me or you want me to rape you?”  Asked Biyomon brusquely.


         “But you’re my partner, how could you hurt me?”  Sora demanded.


         Biyomon flew up a little and stamped on Sora’s belly.  Immediately Sora groaned painfully and a tear rolled down from her cheek.  “Who said I couldn’t hurt you?”  Biyomon replied shortly.


         Sora sniffed, “Biyomon, what happened to you?  Why…” she asked wearily.


         “We met for one month but you never made love with me.  Now I just want to have sex with you.  I’ll let you go after we had some fun.”  Biyomon cut in.


         “But I’m…not…lesbian…” Sora stammered.


         “Ah!  I mentioned that I’m going to tell you a secret.  Sora, you listened carefully.”  Said Biyomon sternly and Sora pricked up her ears.


         “I AM A BOY.”  Biyomon said smoothly.


         Sora scowled.  “But you told me that you’re a girl?”


         Biyolomon taunted.  “You’re so ignorant.  Actually I lied to you all the time.  Digimon doesn’t have male or female voice, both genders have almost same voices.  And one more thing, pink color doesn’t necessarily must be a girl.”


         “Why you lied to me?”  Sora snapped.


         “You won’t like me if I told you so.”  Biyomon screeched.


         “No!  I like you…no matter what gender you’ve.”  Sora answered, trying to stay calm.


         Biyomon’s eyes narrowed to slits.  “Then do you want to make love with me?”


         Sora’s mouth fell open, she never thought about making love with a bird.


         Biyomon snorted.  “C’mon!  You can have sex with your boyfriend but not with me?”


         “But you’re not a human…” Sora asked, her voice slightly shaky.  She felt shameful because she was thinking about bestiality.


         “Find.  I’ll use the hard way.”  Biyomon sounded disappointed.


         “No!  Wait!  I’ll do it willingly.”  Sora shouted.  She recalled the pain on her stomach.


         Biyomon nodded.  “Now I’ll untie you.  Remember, even if you could escape, you won’t be able to walk out from this forest alive without your clothes and shoes.”


         Biyomon began kissing Sora’s hands, her arms, her face and her lips.  He kissed so carefully that his beak did not hurt her.  Her tiny nipples began to harden and her body shivered.  He carefully massaged her newly formed breasts with his feather-hands, and began running his tongue up and down the space between them.  He trailed his tongue up the side of them, and gently put one of the rosy nipples in his beak.  She moaned in ecstasy as he alternated breasts.  He licked and sucked until she felt as if she would burst.  He then let his tongue move down across her belly-button and she purred in delight.


         Biyomon paused and asked gently, “Do you still think I’m not a human?”


         Sora blushed and shook her head.  She actually liked the sensations and she was in the middle of reaching climax now.


         Biyomon’s eyes twinkled.  “Do you want to let me pleasure you when we have the chance?”


         Sora hesitated for a while but nodded at last.  She did not consider this as bestiality anymore.


         “Then kiss me now.”  Biyomon said excidely.


         Biyomon turned Sora to face her, and she looked into his eyes.  He slowly bent down to kiss her and she met him halfway.  She treated him as a human rather than a Digimon now.  When his beak touched and caressed her lips, she kissed around his beak and he also returned the kiss.  She was relief because his beak was not rough as she thought earlier.  Instead she liked his smooth beak and she enjoyed his kiss.  She gave his feather an affectionate stroke.  She parted her lips to let his tongue entered.  He ran his tongue over her teeth and then stuck it in her mouth.  Their tongues danced together and their saliva mixed with each other.  They kissed passionately for a few minutes before they broke the kiss.  Her pussy was soaking and his groin was bulging.


         “Now give me a good blow-job.”  Biyomon observed and released his digihood from the pouch.


         Sora was nervous and surprised when she saw Biyomon’s manhood.  His pecker was surrounded by feathers and she could only see the mushroom head.  The feather was not thick and it was also pink color.


         “Treat it as a normal thing.”  Sora reminded herself.


         Sora grabbed Biyomon’s dick at the base and was holding it with both hands, it was not that big but it was furry.  She stared to lick up and down the sides of his dick and every so often would just go at the head and suck as hard as she could on the head.  She felt that it was like a plushy toy, she could only feel the softness of the feather but not his meat.


         “Wow, she’s good.”  Biyomon purred.


         After a few minutes, Biyomon asked Sora to stop and sit on his pecker.  She knelt over his hips and felt his feather lightly brushing her fanny.  Then she sat up and held his dick in her hands while she pressed it between the lips of her vagina.  She was nervous but it somehow felt better than a human’s manhood.  His prick was getting pre-cum and her pussy was wet, so when she pushed it back; it slipped in easily.


         “Oohhh…” Sora moaned softly, the sensation was like someone tickled her vagina with a writing brush.  She almost came there and then but she managed to controlled herself.


         Sora did not move because she wanted to feel the oddly ticklish but pleasant sensation of his penis inside her.  Her excitement heightened as she bent forward so he could caress her body again.  She hugged him between her knees as he started pumping his hips against her, and with each thrust of his hips, she felt a wave of pleasure wash through her body.  Both of them could not hold much longer and came after a few pumps.  She was still sitting on his manhood when he ejaculated.  She dismounted from him after he stopped.  She lay beside him and they dozed off happily.


         When Sora woke up again, Biyomon was already sitting on the chair beside the bed.  He passed the clothes back to her.  After she cleaned her body and wore the clothes, he escorted her to leave the forest.


         “Sora, thanks and please come again more often.”  Biyomon chuckled.


         “Sure.”  Sora bade farewell to her partner and went home.




         After Biyomon entered his house, he transformed back Bakemon.  Bakemon was a Digimon that could transform to almost anything.


         “School girls are ignorant and easily fooled.  My next target will be the girl who likes to wear big hat.  I shall visit Palmon to gather more information about her.”  He thought.



The end.


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