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Episode 6 (The End)

Author: Daniel

Note 1: ************ means scene changed.
Note 2: This lemon took place after season 3.
Note 3: Lopmon has changed her name to Arleigh.

Title: Death Of Arleigh

On Saturday night, there was a small celebration in Reynard’s café.

“Arleigh, thanks for saving my daughter.” Said Yokos cordially.

Arleigh smiled back at Yokos. Yokos was Ruhe’s mother. Yokos was an attractive looking anthropomorphic feline. Her body was covered with a velvet smooth layer of light orange fur, except for the white stretch that extended from the tip of her chin, over her neck, chest, tummy, and down the insides of her legs. She had black hair; her eyes were a dark brown color and bright. Her nose was cute and pink, centered in the middle of her face. She wore a green T-shirt and purple jeans, in which a little hole had been cut away in the seat of the jeans to poke her long feline tail through.

“Her mother is so pretty. It’s no wonder Ruhe is so attractive too.” Arleigh thought.

“Fortunately, my daughter met you.” Said Von, he was a handsome feline. He had fairly short brown head-fur and grayish fur.

“She also saved me before.” Arleigh remarked.

“But without you, she would not be able to come back alive.” Von smiled and put a drumstick on top of Arleigh’s rice, “You should eat more.”

“Thanks.” Arleigh smiled demurely.

“Ah, I forgot to introduce my boyfriend to you.” Ruhe chimed in, “This is Holleb.”

Hallob and Arleigh stood up to shake hands.

“Arleigh, Ruhe was correct, you are very pretty and have a nice name.” Hallob praised Arleigh.

“You are very handsome too.” Returned Arleigh.

“*cough*Hallob, she is mine.” Kazuo joked.

“Do not worry, I have Ruhe.” Hallob sat down and hugged Ruhe.

“Kazuo, I do not want to introduce him to Arleigh because I was afraid that they will leave us. Now look at Arleigh, she was staring at my boyfriend.” Ruhe giggle.

“And Hallob is staring at my girlfriend. Oh no, we must separate them.” Kazuo continued to tease them.

“Kazuo, I love you and no one can ever replace you.” Arleigh blushed.

They all laughed, “So when are you going to marry my daughter?” Asked Reynard again.

“Err…” Kazuo glanced at Arleigh and blushed.

“Kazuo, why don’t you join us? We are going to get married next week.” Hallob suggested.

“Congratulations!” They all congratulated Hallob and Ruhe.

“Next week? So fast?” Arleigh raised her eyebrows quizzically.

“Fast? We met for one month already. Normally we will get married within two weeks.” Said Ruhe naturally.

“Besides, we are already twenty-five years old.” Hallob continued.

“Two weeks? But you still do not know each other well. I mean you should wait for some time, people on the Earth will get married after at least one year under normal circumstances. Some even waited for three years.” Arleigh was surprised.

“Arleigh, if both of you loved with each other, why must you wait so long?” Wangari smiled.

“May be due to finance problem?” Arleigh suggested.

“Arleigh, remember, there will be no finance problems here, you can find a job easily. Besides, our lives are short, so we cannot wait for years.” Reynard explained slowly.

“We can live for a maximum of fifty years, some even shorter. We still have another twenty five years or less, so we have to get married soon.” Hallob continued.

“Sorry, I do not know. I thought you could live up to one-hundred years.” Arleigh apologized.

“It’s okay. We just want to see your husband and may be our grandson or grand daughter before we die, so we wanted you to get marry earlier.” Wangari patted Arleigh’s head and smiled.

“Well, what should I do next week?” Said Arleigh at last.

“Nothing. Just put on a smiling face and don’t cry.” Said Wangari cordially.

“Err…and after that?” Asked Arleigh, scratching her head.

“You can continue to stay here with your husband, or you can stay at your husband’s house.” Reynard kissed Arleigh’s cheek and answered softly.

“Arleigh, since I have no parents, I will stay here.” Said Kazuo earnestly.

“Thanks.” Arleigh blushed.

Hallob and Ruhe congratulated Kazuo and Arleigh.

“Three cheers for the bride and groom!” Hallob lifted up his glass and shouted.

“Cheers!” The others echoed.

“So now, we are one family!” Cried Wangari merrily.

“Arleigh, kiss your future husband now. C’mon, don’t be shy!” Ruhe teased Arleigh.

Arleigh closed her eyes and kissed Kazuo, they all clapped their hands and laughed happily. Later, they were talking and discussing about the wedding party.


Meanwhile, inside Durene’s house.

“Guilmon, do you want to marry me?” Durene leant her head on Guilmon’s chest and asked shyly.

“Yes. Guilmon loves you and will protect you.” Guilmon answered and patted her head.

“Guilmon, take good care of my daughter, we’re going to visit our friend now.” Durene’s mother smiled.

“Guilmon, you can stay here tonight if you like.” Durene’s father dropped a hint before he left. Durene blushed but Guilmon does not understand.

That night, they talked and joked happily. Guilmon returned to his house before her parents came back.


The next day, Kazuo and Arleigh decided to visit Danielle to buy flowers for the wedding hall.

Danielle congratulated them and explained, “If the flowers aren't gorgeous, people will overlook them, and you've missed an opportunity to enhance your wedding.”

“Hmm…so which flower should we choose?” Asked Kazuo while looking at the flowers.

“Some flowers carry several (sometimes conflicting) meanings, whilst others have no hidden messages at all (perhaps because the flowers have only become popular recently). So you should give her groom sprigs of rosemary that symbolized faithfulness, to ensure future happiness for her.” Danielle explained and they listened with interest.

“Then how about bouquet?” Asked Arleigh.

Danielle looked at them for a while and answered thoughtfully; “I’ll recommend Teardrop where a posy top with a wide trail all the way down. The trail flowers are attached to a central wire.”

At last, Kazuo and Arleigh decided to choose Teardrop as bouquet and rosemary as the flowers.

Meanwhile, Ruhe and Hallob chose and decorated the wedding cake with traditional royal icing, to match the color scheme of the wedding party.


On Saturday night, Arleigh took a sleeping tablet, just to make sure of a good night's sleep. She woke bright and early on Sunday morning. The sun was shining and birds were singing outside from their windows.

“Mom, how do I look?” Asked Arleigh nervously.

“Relax, you are as pretty as usual.” Wangari smiled at her daughter.

“So I will do this…” Arleigh repeated the procedures to her mother.

“Yes, but do not worry if you have done something wrong.” Wangari assured her.

“Arleigh, are you ready?” Reynard entered the room and asked eagerly.

“Arleigh, remember to put on a smiling face and don’t cry.” Wangari reminded her.

There were three couples that would get married that day, Guilmon and Durene, Hallob and Ruhe, Arleigh and Kazuo. The wedding place was a hall that was decorated with balloons and flowers.

The wedding procedures were very easy and they finished when they kissed with each other. Then they did the “cutting of the cake” photos and lined up to greet everyone. Arleigh was touched and moved, and she tried not to weep. She looked at Kazuo, she would start her new life – new life as a wife – from today onwards. Finally they enjoyed their buffet and went home happily.


After many years later, Arleigh has evolved to Turuiemon. Inside Kazuo’s house, Kazuo was laying on the bed, gasping for air, “Honey, please don’t cry.”

Arleigh and the other anthropomorphic were surrounding Kazuo and were weeping quietly. Turuiemon sat beside Kazuo with a tearful face; they knew that Kazuo was dying due to old age.

“Honey, you don’t look pretty after you’ve wept.” Kazuo tried to smile.

Turuiemon rubbed the tears from her face, “I’ll never forget you.” She said at last.

After a few hours, Kazuo passed away peacefully…


After another ten years, Turuiemon evolved again to Antylamon and gave birth to a daughter.

One night, she talked to her daughter, “I’ve been in this form for too long a time. I can feel that I’m going to die, promise me that you’ll not weep for me.”

Her daughter was shocked and cried, “Mom! You won’t die! You said that you’re immortal!”

“I’m immortal only in my own world. Besides, I had lived long enough and it’s time for me to rest – permanently.” Antylamon comforted her daughter.

Her daughter wept in her arms, “I’m glad to come to this world, to meet with Kazuo and many friends, finally I’m glad that I can give birth to a daughter. I’ve had everything that I needed and I’m very satisfied.” Antylamon patted her daughter’s head and said gently.

After her daughter left her and returned to her own room, Antylamon and her new husband talked happily until midnight, then they decided to sleep. But Antylamon secretly wrote something on a piece of paper and put it on the table beside their bed before she slept.

The next morning, they were shocked because Antylamon could not wake up. They found the piece of paper on the table:

‘Thanks for the memories and please don’t cry for me.
With love: Antylamon.’

They were very sad and buried Antylamon beside Kazuo – her first husband. But as soon as they buried her, her body shattered into data and transformed to a butterfly. Another butterfly flew out from Kazuo’s coffin and both of them flew away happily. When they opened Kazuo’s coffin, they did not see Kazuo’s corpse.

And so, the romantic story between the anthropomorphic and Digimon ends.

The end.

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