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Episode 5



Author: Daniel

Spell- and Grammar-Checked By: 4I Falcon


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.


Note 2: This lemon took place after season 3.


Note 3: Lopmon has changed her name to Arleigh.


Note 4: Kazuo was an anthropomorphic tiger.  He has a human face but with a pair of tiger-ears.  He was bare-chested; he left his generously muscled physique exposed for all to see.  He was about five feet tall with a tail at his back, just above his anus.  He was Arleigh’s mate.


Title: Reunion


         After two days, Arleigh and Kazuo were having picnic at the hill.


         They were sitting under a tree and enjoying the food.


         “Delicious. Your parents are really good at cooking.”  Kazuo praised the food.


         “Indeed, and they made so much.”  Arleigh looked at the basket and answered.


         While they were enjoying, suddenly Arleigh sat up with a start.


         Arleigh, what’s wrong?”


         “A Digimon. I can sense another Digimon.”


         “You mean the portal has opened again and your friends came through it?”


         “No…not my friends…”




         “Something is wrong… we must return now,” said Arleigh. She rushed back to the village.  Kazuo put down the bread and followed her.




         Back at the village…


         Some Digimon were attacking the village.


         “Who are you!?”  Wangari shouted.


         The Digimon did not answer. Instead, he shot a fireball at Wangari.


         “Honey!”  Reynard tried to save her but he was too far away to do anything.


         Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!”  Wangari closed her eyes and screamed.






         “Mother, father, I hope you are alright.”  Arleigh prayed silently as she was rushing back to the village.


         Suddenly Anka appeared and landed beside Arleigh and Kazuo, “Arleigh, Kazuo, get up here quickly!”


         Anka!”  Arleigh and Kazuo were surprised to see him.


         Arleigh and Kazuo straddled Anka.


         Arleigh, something is attacking our village!”  Anka gasped, “I came to you as soon as possible.”


         “Where did they come from?”  asked Kazuo.


         “I have no idea.”  Anka answered as he was flying towards the village.




          Back at the village…


         Wangari felt someone grab her and put her in a safe place to avoid the fireball.  Wangari opened her eyes and saw a yellow fox.


         “Who…are you?”  asked Wangari nervously.


         “Honey!  Are you alright?”  Reynard ran to them and asked.


         “We can talk later.”  Said the yellow fox and left them.


         “Wait!  Who are you? What happened?”  Reynard exclaimed.


         The yellow fox did not answer. She just fought the Digimon.


         Arleigh returned and was surprised to see the condition of the village.


         “Mom!  Dad!”  Arleigh saw her parents and ran to them.


         Arleigh, you’re alright!”  Arleigh’s parents wept for joy when they saw her.


         “What happened?”  Kazuo asked again, as Anka landed on empty space.


         “We were attacked by something, and a yellow fox saved me.”  Wangari told Arleigh.


         “Yellow fox?  Renamon?  But how?”  Arleigh murmured.




         Arleigh was surprised, no one would call her original name in this village.  She lifted up her head and saw…


         “Leader Renamon!”  Arleigh could not believe that Renamon was standing in front of them.


         “Hello, Lopmon. Looks like you are staying here.”


         “Mr. mo man tai!”  Arleigh exclaimed when she saw Terriermon.


         “And me.”


         Guilmon!”  Arleigh was really stunned to see her old friends.


         Arleigh, are they your friends?”  Asked Kazuo curiously.


         “Yes.”  Arleigh nodded.


         At that time, the villagers surrounded them.


         “It’s him,” Durene pointed at Guilmon, “He saved my life.”


         “This one saved my son.”  Said another anthropomorphic and pointed at Terriermon.


         Renamon was still grabbing a Digimon and asking for ropes with which to tie him securely.




         Inside Reynard’s house.  Renamon, Guilmon and Terriermon exchanged information with Arleigh.


         “So they are called Time Bug Digimon.”  Reynard nodded.


         “We were fighting with them in our world, they tried to open a portal to escape and we followed them here.”  Renamon explained.


         “Thanks for saving us.”  Wangari smiled.


         Terriermon turned to Arleigh. “So, you’re staying here. We thought that the Digimon caught you.”


         “Sorry, I forgot to leave a message.”  Arleigh apologized.


         “Mo man tai!”  Was Terriermon’s answered.


         Suddenly they realised that Guilmon was not with them.


         “Hey where is Guilmon?”  Renamon asked Terriermon.


         “May be he is eating in the kitchen now.”  Terriermon suggested.


         Arleigh stood up and walked into the kitchen, she came out and shook her head.


         “Let’s go out and find him.  Terriermon, keep an eye on the Digimon.”  Renamon suggested.


         “Mo man tai.”  Said Terriermon.


         They walked out from the house and saw Guilmon was talking with Durene.


         Guilmon, don’t disappear so suddenly.”  Renamon reminded him.


         “Sorry.”  Guilmon scratched his head and apologized.


         “I think you must be hungry and tired now, let’s go to my café and rest.”  Wangari suggested.


         “Thanks.”  Renamon answered cordially.


         They entered the house again.  Renamon picked up the Time Bug Digimon and punched his belly.  Immediately he fainted.


         “Do not worry, he will sleep for at least one hour.”  Renamon put him on the floor and assured them.  She checked the rope and nodded.


         After that they left the house.


         Guilmon was walking with Durene hand in hand.


         Guilmon found a girlfriend so fast?”  Renamon thought.




         As they entered the café, many anthropomorphic welcomed them.


         “We’ve become famous again!”  Guilmon exclaimed.


         Guilmon, don’t eat too much.  You’re getting fat.”  Terriermon joked.


         “So how are you going back?”  Asked Arleigh at last.


         “We will ask the Time Bug Digimon to open the portal.”  Renamon answered naturally.


         “You are not coming with us?”  Asked Terriermon curiously.


         Arleigh shook her head, “I love this place. Besides, I can’t leave them at this critical moment.”


         “You mean that thing will return?”  Asked Wangari nervously.


         “Maybe, maybe not.  Sorry, I do not know.”  Renamon sighed.


         “We cannot stay here because we must protect our own world.”  Terriermon explained.


         “Yes, I can understand.”  Reynard nodded.


         “Well, let’s enjoy our food now and discuss this matter later.”  Kazuo suggested.


         They all agreed, and they ate and talked happily.




         That same night…


         Renamon brought the Time Bug Digimon to the empty field and asked him to open the portal to the Digital World.


         Terriermon, Guilmon, let’s go.  Goodbye Lopmon, I mean Arleigh.”  Said Renamon.


         Guilmon not going back.”  Guilmon announced and they were shocked.


         Guilmon want to stay here and help them re-build the village.”  Guilmon continued.


         Guilmon, the portal will be sealed forever, are you sure?”  Renamon reminded him.


         Guilmon looked at Durene and then back to Renamon; he smiled at Renamon.  Renamon looked at Durene, who blushed. Renamon understood.


         Durene was a female anthropomorphic that looked like Guilmon, except that her whole body was white color.  There was some fur on her chest covering her breasts.  Her eyes were like sky blue while her tail was mixed with blue color.  She was about four feet tall.


         Renamon and her mate, Terriermon stepped into the portal and bade farewell to their friends again.  The portal closed and they also returned home separately.  Durene’s parents found a house for Guilmon because Guilmon was too large to stay inside Durene’s house.


         “Bye bye Durene.”  Said Gauilmon and waved his paw to Durene.


         Durene and her parents smiled at Guilmon and went home.




         Back to Reynard’s house…


         “I can’t believe that Durene can fall in love with Guilmon,” Arleigh murmured, “maybe this is only that birds of a feather flock together.”


         Arleigh switched off the lights and tried to sleep.


         But after ten minutes, she switched on the light again.


         “Oh no… I feel horny again…” she murmured and walked into the washroom.




        The next day, after Ruhe returned from her work, she was surprised to see her boyfriend, Holleb.


         Holleb!  What a surprised!  I thought you will be coming back tonight.”  Ruhe gave him a hug and a squeeze.


         “I finished my job, so I can return earlier.”  He smiled and explained.


         Ruhe stared at his smiling face.  He was an anthropomorphic dog, he has a dog face but with human hands and legs.  He was not wearing anything because his brown chest to belly; as well as his back, was covered with yellowish fur.  His tail and his eyes were brown color.  He was about four and a half feet tall with broad shoulder.


         Ruhe, why are you staring at me?  Do not tell me that you have forgotten me.”


         “How can I forget you?”


         Ruhe, want to have lunch together?


         “Sure, but let me have a shower first.”


         “Let me help you.”


         Ruhe told Holleb about her adventures and her new friend: Arleigh.


         “Really?  That thing didn’t attack another village.”


         Holleb, I’m so glad that you are alright.”


         Ruhe, I can’t wait to see, and say thank you to, your friend.”


         “On the second thought, I do not want to introduce her to you.”




         “Because she is so cute and pretty.  I am so worry that you may fall in love with her.”


         Ruhe, no one can replace you, you have filled my whole heart.”


         Holleb, I was just joking.  I knew that you love me deep from your heart.”


         As they were talking, they entered the washroom.


         They stood below the shower and Ruhe turned it on.  They purred as the cold water poured down on their body.  They hugged and kissed under the shower, they enjoyed such sensations.


         Holleb, I missed you.”  Ruhe broke the kiss and said shyly.


         Ruhe, I missed you too.”  Holleb smiled.


         Ruhe’s fur was loose, and one could almost see her breasts. Holleb turned off the shower and caressed her breasts.  Ruhe also massage his fur on his muscular chest.  They took a soap each; they massaged and soaped each other’s body.  After they put back the soap, they turned on the shower again.  They waited until the water washed away the soap and then they turned off the shower again.


         “Can I have you inside me?”  Asked Ruhe demurely.


         “Sure, why not?”  Holleb nodded.


         Ruhe positioned herself in doggie style.  Holleb bent down and inserted a finger into her anus.  She moaned and her body shivered.  He inserted another finger and spread his fingers.  He humped her anus for a while and withdrew his fingers.  He aimed his pecker carefully and slid in her anus slowly.  Both her anus and his pecker were wet, so he could slide in easily.


         They both moaned softly as he humped faster and faster.  He gripped her waist tightly and humped deeper.  They were thrown into ecstasy and building orgasm fast, and they wished to reach climax together.






         They cried each other’s name and came.  She could feel her warm sperm flowing into her rectum.  After he withdrew his pecker, they collapsed and sat on the floor.  After a few minutes, they turned on the shower again, they sat under the shower and gasping for air.


         After another five minutes or so, they walked out from the washroom, they took a towel each and toweled each other’s body.  Holleb helped Ruhe to comb her fur.  After their fur dried, they went out for lunch happily.




To be continued.