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Episode 4



Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This lemon took place after season 3.

Note 3: Lopmon has changed her name to Arleigh.


Title: New Day


Name: Wangari

Species: Leopard kitty

Gender: Female


Name: Reynard

Species: Fox

Gender: Male


         Wangari lay there so sweetly, breathing so softly that Reynard fixed his eyes on her chest and saw the two little mountains rising up and down.  He moved his head up a little and saw her face; she was so happy, and he lay watching her and wondered at what dream made her smiled slightly.


         He leaned closer and breathed gently onto her stomach, smiling to himself as her stomach muscles tense.  He leaned back to look at her from head to foot. Her skin gave off a faint radiant kind of heat.  He loved to curl up to her, forming his body to hers and arm around her waist.


         He caressed her fur, patted her head and stroked her ears.  “Wake up, honey.”  He called her name gently.  He waited for a few minutes, and finally she opened her eyes slowly.  She blinked her eyes for a while and yawned, he had switched on the light and she tried to adjust to the light.


         “Honey, you are late.”  He said with soft voice.  Normally she would be the one who would wake up early.


         “It is all your fault,” she retorted with a smile, “you were too active last night and I am still tired now.”


         “Okay, I apologize.  So I will prepare breakfast this morning.”  He sat up and said with a laugh.


         “That’s more like it.”  She smiled satisfactory.


         She sat up and looked at her groin, still wet.  They were too tired and did not manage to clean themselves last night.  She looked at the bed; juices and sperm dirtied the sheet.  She pulled out the sheet after he climbed down from the bed.  He entered the bathroom to relieve and clean himself while she took the sheet to the washing machine.


         After she finished her work and cleaned herself, she entered the kitchen and saw the breakfast on the table.


         “Wow, smells delicious!”  She exclaimed.


         “Of course!  I’m a chef.”  He answered proudly.


         “Darling, do you want a child?”  She suddenly asked him.


         “Of course, are you pregnant?”  He was overjoyed at the unexpectedly good news.


         They had married for more than ten years but still no child.


         “No.  I am thinking about Arleigh.”  She answered cordially.


         She did not say anything but he understood tacitly.


         “She is cute, a little shy and pretty.  I like her too, I will ask her later.”  He said in a happy mood.


         “Then let us prepare a room for her now.  I think she will agree.”  She said, cherish a feeling of indescribable joy.


         “But we cannot, nor shall not force her.”


         “I know, darling.”


         After they finished the breakfast, they set off to work.




Name: Ruhe

Species: Feline

Gender: Female


Name: Arleigh

Species: Lop-eared rabbit

Gender: Female


         As the morning light filtered softly in through the curtains, Ruhe stirred.  Yawning and scratching her head, she opened her eyes, blinking the sleep from them.


         Drowsily, she got out of her bed and began making ready for the day.  She grabbed the remote control and pressed a few buttons; turning on the lights to the bathroom and her room.  The sudden change in brightness made her squint until her eyes adjusted.  The house was specially built so that everything is within her reach.


         Opening the shower she turned the water on and took out the towel while waiting for it to warm up.  Feeling the shower had warmed, she stepped in, emerging soaking wet a few minutes later.  She dried herself with the towel until she was satisfied with how dry her fur was.  She then combed her fur, looking into the mirror; she saw an attractive adult cat.


         She knew that Arleigh would be coming any time now.  She had invited Arleigh to have breakfast together, so she headed into the kitchen, which was separated from the living room only by the high counter in between.  Just after she prepared breakfast, the doorbell rang.


         She opened the door and saw a pretty lop-eared rabbit standing outside, giving her the sweetest smile.


         “Good morning Ruhe.”


         “Good morning Arleigh, please come in.”


         Ruhe led Arleigh to the kitchen and invited her to sit down.


         “Thanks.”  Arleigh sat down and said cordially.


         “Arleigh, my parents would like to have dinner with you this coming Saturday for helping me, can you make it?”


         “Where and what time?”


         “Here, sharp.”


         “No problem, thanks in advance.” Arleigh thanked her.


         “So have you found a job?”


         “Yes.”  Arleigh told Ruhe about her job and Ruhe listened with interest.


         “Arleigh, can you really cook?  I mean you’re short and your paws…”


         “I worked in a café before, my paws are sticky enough to grab a frying-pan or a wok.”


         “I’ll go to your place to have breakfast tomorrow morning.”


         “You’re welcome.  And how about you?”


         “I’m a kindergarten teacher.”  Ruhe told Arleigh about her job and the conversation drifted away into other channels…


         Finally they finished their breakfast and Arleigh helped Ruhe to clean the kitchen.  After that they went to their working place separately.




         At last, Arleigh reached her new working place.  She took a deep breath and entered the café.


         “Good morning Reynard, good morning Wangari.”  Arleigh greeted her new bosses cordially.


         “Arleigh, we were discussing about you this morning.”  Reynard began and Arleigh pricked up her ears.


         “We have no child, so we would like to ask if you wish to…” Wangari trailed off waited anxiously.


         “You want to accept me as your daughter?”  Asked Arleigh nervously.


         “We do not want to force you, you can think about it if you wish.”  Reynard smiled.


         Arleigh was stunned to hear that, so startled that at first she has nothing to say.  Finally Arleigh was able to talk.


         “I…I accept your offer…” beamed Arleigh and tears came to her eyes; she has a new home and parents now.


         Reynard and Wangari also felt happy, they hugged each other and wept for joy.  Later, Reynard and Wangari told Arleigh about her job functions.


         Arleigh enjoyed her new work so much; the staff was friendly and helpful.  They liked to talk to and help Arleigh.  At about , Arleigh joined them for tea break; she sat on the chair and gasped for air.


         “Arleigh, are you alright?”  Asked Reynard with concern.


         “Yes father…sorry, Mr. Reynard, I am alright.”  Answered Arleigh. According to Reynard, she could not called him as father while working.


         “You looked tired.”  Reynard was worried.


         “Yes but I am very happy, I never felt so tired and yet happy at the same time before.  I liked this working place.”  Arleigh was radiant with health and vigor.


         “Arleigh, eat more so that you can recover fast.”  Wangari interrupted them with a bowl of soup.


         “Thanks.”  Arleigh stared at the soup eagerly; she was so hungry that she could finish the soup with one gulp.


         Arleigh talked with them happily while enjoying the soup, she also told them about Kazuo.  Her beauty made her the focus of attention.  After the break, they continued their work.  They had been on the hop almost all day.


         At about , they decided to call it a day.  Again they indulged in lengthy and empty talk.


         “Arleigh, you can leave now, we can handle from here.”  Reynard told Arleigh with a mysterious smile.


         Before Arleigh could reject, Wangari continued, “you are tired, take a rest with your boyfriend.”


         Arleigh blushed and said, “See you tonight then.”  They hugged and kissed Arleigh again before Arleigh left the café.  Arleigh left the café as happy as a sandboy. 


         “She is so filled to the brim with youthful vigor.”  Wangari took Reynard in her arms and said sweetly.


         “She is such a lively child.”  Reynard nodded.


         Arleigh visited Kazuo and both decided to take a trip to the beach.




         At the beach…


         Arleigh and Kazuo were walking along the warm sandy beach.  It was the early afternoon and there were only a few other anthropomorphic out today.  The waves rolled gently onto the shore, the sound mixing with the voices of gulls nearby.


         They found a place and spread out their mat.  Their place is a little cove at the far end and is partially blocked from public view by the remnants of an old breakwater.  It was very quiet and private; the tree sheltered them and they do not feel hot.


         “So how was your work?”  Asked Kazuo and put the bag beside him.  His eyes fairly glittered as he spoke.


         Good, and….” Lopmon told him about her new parents.


         “Oh good!  Don’t worry; I will help you to move your things to their house.  When are you moving?”


         “Thanks.  I will be moving before dinner time.”


         “I will help you tonight, by the way, can you swim?  Let’s swim together, still early and let’s not waste this good weather.”  Kazuo took out two towels from the bag and remarked.


         “Let’s go, I liked swimming.”


         Arleigh glanced shyly at Kazuo and then lowered her eyes.  She stretched out her right paw slowly; Kazuo understood and put his left paw on her paw.  Their paws gripped together and they blushed, they could almost hear each other’s heartbeat.  Both Kazuo and Arleigh froze for just an instant at the physical contact again.


         After last night’s sweet kisses, Arleigh decided to continue and finish the rest.  She took the initiative and parted her mouth, she close her eyes and waited eagerly.


         Kazuo did not say anything and he answered her invitation.


         In the very next moment, Arleigh was in Kazuo's arms and the two were locked in a kiss of desperate passion, bodies pressing for maximum contact, they kissed like there was no tomorrow.  Kazuo’s arms went around Arleigh's waist and held her close while Arleigh's arms did the same to him.  In a few moments the pair broke their kiss in order to catch their collective breath.


         Arleigh opened her eyes and saw Kazuo staring at her.


         “Arleigh, are you sure that you are ready?”


         “Yes, I am ready.  How about you?”


         “Ready as you are.”


         Kazuo laid down on the mat and Arleigh laid on top of him.  Their tongues met again; she closed her eyes and enjoyed the treatment.  Her hands were rubbing his broad chest and pinching his nipples.  He began searching for her cunt as he slowly worked his mouth down her tiny tits to her furry pussy.  Her body shivered and moaned softly.


         He found her secret place, and thrust his tongue between her parted thighs and began licking her dripping hole.  He slowly and teasingly lapped her small but juicy pussy lips.  Her cunt lips were closed so tightly together that he needed his fingers to pry them apart.  She moaned in pleasure and building orgasm fast.


         He stopped and moved up again.  She opened her eyes to see what happened and saw him lying beside her, “your turn.”  He said softly and she understood immediately.  He lay with his pecker facing upwards.  She crawled towards his pecker and looked at it eagerly.


         She took his half-erected dick in her paws; she starts pulling down its foreskin gently and then she licked up and down his mushroom head.  Finally, she raised her head and brought her mouth down fully over his rod, taking him in as far as she could.  He purred and his body jerked.


         She stayed that way for a moment, with one third of his whole penis engulfed in her soft mouth, then began bobbing her head up and down, licking the apex of his penis when she could.  She went slowly at first, and then began speeding up.  She stopped when she felt the pre-cum.


         They knew that they were going to cum, so he quickly but gently inserted his pecker into her cunt.  She was afraid that his penis would tear her cunt, but he assured her that he would be gentle.


         Since his pecker was too large for her, he only inserted around one third into her cunt.  He pumped slowly, seeing as he did not want to hurt her.  She was relieved and smiled gratefully.


         He look down at her and admired her beauty.  Her cherries on her pink chest were moving up and down as she breath.  Her beautiful eyes shined like



         She enchanted him with her angelic charm.  He smiled back at her, pumping faster and yet gently.  His six-packs were more obvious to her sight as he was humping her.


         She closed her eyes again; she could feel every nuance of the twitches and quirks of his cock's movements within her.  Finally he erupted within her.  A flood of warm, wet, sweet heat washed over her, beginning at a tiny, tiny point high up inside her womb.


         As his hot liquid spread over her insides, so the point expanded.  She simply melted into him.  He withdrew his dick after he finished; and lie beside her; they smiled to each other as they dozed off.


         When they woke up again, they strolled down to the water together soaking up the warmth of the early afternoon sun.  They swam happily, letting the warm water clean their bodies of their previous lovemaking.


         After ten minutes or so, they had lain on the mat again, gasping for air as they dried their bodies off with a towel.  They took out the food from the bag, and ate greedily.


         Arleigh smiled and asked, “Do you still have the strength to help me with my house?”


         “Of course!  I am a man!”  He cried, with a merry laugh.


         After they finished, they cleaned the place and set off to Arleigh’s house.  Kazuo helped Arleigh to move the important things to her new house that was near the clinic.




         This was the first time ever that Arleigh had visited Reynard’s house.


         Arleigh studied her new home.  The roof was snow-white, the walls were painted with sky-blue and the door was a brown color.  There were two sash-windows on both sides of the door.  A fence surrounded the house and there was a garden gate in the middle of the fence.  A doorbell was on the left side of the garden gate while the letterbox was on the right side.


         There was a small lawn and Arleigh could see the clothesline, the border, the hose and the sprinkler.  Arleigh saw a hanging basket on the right side of the door; a knocker was located in the middle of the door.  Arleigh remained speechless at first, but then she gave the house lavish praise.  She had never seen such a magnificent building in the Digital World before.  She stared at her new home like child would towards a new toy.


         The door opened; Reynard and Wangari welcomed Arleigh and Kazuo with open arms.


         “Kazuo, let’s have dinner together.”  Reynard invited them with enthusiasm.


         Kazuo’s parents have passed away due to illness and he was staying alone.


         “Thanks.”  Answered Kazuo cordially.


         “You are welcome, anyway we are almost one big happy family.”  Wangari smiled an enigmatical smile; Arleigh and Kazuo blushed and felt uneasy.


         “So Kazuo, when are you going to marry our new daughter?”  Chortled Reynard.


         “This depends on her…” Kazuo’s voice faltered as he tried to speak.


         Arleigh quickly took her belongings into the house.  She blushed beet red, which was her usual practice on such occasions, she giggled because she knew that she would become his wife soon.


         Arleigh’s new parents laughed when they saw Arleigh, they knew that Arleigh had agreed.


         “Well, I forgot to let you in!”  Said Reynard and they entered the house.


         Reynard introduced a room to Arleigh.


         Arleigh entered her room and was amazed again.  The room was quite spacious.  The four walls were painted with white color.  The carpet was soft green material that felt good on her bare feet.  The bed was against the left wall, and had a soft white canopy of see-through material around it.  On the far wall was a window with the green curtains drawn shut.


         “Arleigh, are you alright?”  Wangari was concerned about Arleigh.


         “I…I…” Arleigh wept for joy, “I am so happy, I am very grateful for the trouble you have taken on my behalf.”


         “Don’t cry, we are one big happy family, and you are a woman now, so be strong.”  Reynard patted her head.


         “You are right, father.”  Answered Arleigh and rubbed the tears from her cheeks.


         “Dinner will be ready in about ten minutes time, you can take a shower first if you wish.”  Wangari reminded and walked away from the room.


         After Arleigh put her things in her room, she and Kazuo took turn to take a shower.


         That night, they had a very pleasant dinner.  After the dinner, they continued to talk until and Kazuo bade farewell to them.


         “Arleigh, good night.”  Said Wangari sweetly and kissed Arleigh’s left cheek.


         “Good night mother.”  Returned Arleigh and kissed her mother’s cheek.


         Arleigh entered her new room; she was very excited.


         She climbed up to the chair and pulled the curtains back a little to peer out, but all she saw was the black void of the night and the rapid gush of dropped-leafs that blew past her window like thousands of shooting stars in the infinite blackness of space.  Below the window was a dressing table.  To her left were two doors. One led into a bathroom that contained a toilet, sink, and shower.


         The room was built for short Anthropomorphic like Ruhe, so everything is within reach.  Arleigh took the remote control to the bed, she pressed a button to turn on the ceiling fan, and she pressed another button to switch off the light.


         “Good night father, good night mother.”  Arleigh smiled and slept.




         Back to the Digital World…


         “Diamond Strom!”


         “Pyro Blaster!”


         “Bunny Blast!”


         Renamon, Guilmon and Terriermon were fighting opponent Digimon.  After a few minutes, they deleted all foes.


         “What were they?  Where did they come from?”  Asked Guilmon curiously.


         “They were Time Bug Digimon.”  Renamon remarked.


         Me do not understand.”  Guilmon scratched his head.


         “Time Bug Digimon, a type of Digimon that can eat and open a portal to another dimension.  The portal will seal automatically after they entered.”  Renamon explained.


         “Did they delete Lopmon?”  Terriermon was worried.


         Renamon shrugged, “Lopmon is a good fighter, she can take care of these Rookie Digimon easily.  Unless she met a Champion Digimon or being ambushed.”


         “Anyway, we must be very careful from now onwards.”  Guilmon remarked.


         “Guilmon, you finally said something meaningful.”  Renamon smiled.


         “Let’s continue to look for Lopmon.  May be these Digimon captured her and torturing her now.”  Terriermon reminded them.




To be continued.