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Episode 3



Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This lemon took place after season 3.

Note 3: Lopmon has changed her name to Arleigh.


Title: Sightseeing


         The next morning, Arleigh woke up early as usual.  She stood in front of the mirror, an attractive adult lope-eared rabbit looked back at her with beautiful shining eyes.  She was thinking about Kazuo and she was a little nervous.


         She entered the washroom to clean herself.  After she took a shower and dried herself, she stood in front of the mirror again.  She lifted up one hand and perfumed her armpit, then the other armpit.  She put back the perfume and touched up her horns until they were shining.


         She looked at the clock; she was restless and excited.  Yesterday she learnt a lot of things, what would she discover today?  She waited like a bride, her heart was pumping fast and she blushed.


         ‘Ding dong!’ The doorbell rang and she jumped down from the sofa, she rushed towards the door and opened it wide with a sweat smiling face.


         She was surprised to see Kazuo.  Kazuo was wearing a blue shirt with a sports jacket, a tie and tailor-made blue jeans.  He was holding a rose on his right hand, he grinned and he greeted her with the most majestic voice.


         Arleigh stared at him with nervous, “Kazuo…you don’t need to do this…” Arleigh went beetroot red, and looked down, which was her usual practice on such occasions.


         Arleigh, according to our tradition, when a boy dated a girl for the first time, he must wear formally.  But next time, he don’t need to wear formally or don’t need to wear anything anymore.”  Chortled Kazuo.


         “Sorry, I don’t know,” Arleigh blushed and started to stutter, “do I need to wear anything?”


         “No, you have the natural beauty.  Your smile, your ears, your eyes and even your horns.”  Said Kazuo with pleasure.


         “Thanks.”  Arleigh went as red as a beetroot when Kazuo praised her.


         “And this is for you.”  Said Kazuo, earnestly.


         “I loved roses, thanks.”  Arleigh answered, demurely.


         “Shall we go now?”  Kazuo’s eyes fairly glittered as he spoke, and he put his hand over his heart and bowed.


         “No…” Arleigh, smitten with anxiety, said, “I’m sorry…”


         Kazuo looked surprised and a little shocked, “it’s okay.”  He was broken-hearted.


         Arleigh quickly answered, “I mean I’m not your type, I’m a digimon and I got power that can kill you with one blast.  Why you and everyone trusted me so easily?  Don’t be mealy-mouthed about it.”


         Kazuo explained, respectfully, “in this world, everyone is ignorant.  We trusted each other.  We hated war.  There is no ruler here and we don’t need a ruler.  Everyone is equal.  You’re our first guess, you helped Ruhe before and decided to stay here.  You also hated war, so we welcome you.”


         “You people are so kind…unlike the people on the Earth.”  Arleigh was heartily pleased of his explanations and told him about the behavior of the human being.


         “The people are stupid, they don’t know that life is short and must cherish every seconds.  Why fight with each other?  No one remembers what has happened in the past, and no one in days to come will remember what happens between now and then.”  Kazuo sighed with deep feeling.


         Arleigh continued, “they fought for power, status and money.  But when they passed away, they have to leave everything behind them.  The people were born with nothing, and will die with nothing.  They have ravaged the Earth with their envy and greed, I’m glad that I found a peaceful world here.”  Kazuo had obviously struck a chord with Arleigh.


         “Don’t you feel bored?  I mean we’ve no T.V. and cinemas.”  Asked Kazuo, raising his eyebrows.


         “I’ve been fighting for so many years, it’s time for me to rest.  And I don’t need to worry about being deleted whenever I’m looking for foods.  T.V. and cinemas are not important.”  Arleigh answered resolutely.


         “Well, today is your first day here.  Forget the past and enjoy yourself here, nothing can spoil our date.”  Kazuo announced.


         “Right!  We should not talk something so dismay in the morning.  Let’s enjoy ourselves!”  Cried Arleigh, exultantly.


         “Let’s go!”  Kazuo clapped his hands approvingly.


         “Wait, Kazuo.”  Said Arleigh suddenly.


         “Any more problems?”  Asked Kazuo cordially.


         “Where’re you working now?”  Asked Arleigh, scratching her puzzled head in her perplexity.


         “Oh I forgot to tell you that I’m working at the barber shop.  Yesterday I informed my assistant to help me, so I can show you around this village.”  Said Kazuo fervently.


         “Oops, sorry about that.”  Arleigh apologized.


         “It’s okay, I am very glad that you agreed to go out with me.  I can show you the world, shining, shimmering and splendid.  I can open your eyes and take you wonder by wonder.  Now are you ready?”  Kazuo’s eyes glistened, his cheeks took a warmer hue, and his whole eager face shone with an inward light when Arleigh agreed to go out with him.


         “Let’s go to the whole new world.  A new fantastic point of view, I thought I’m dreaming; but when I look at you, it’s crystal clear that I’m not dreaming. ”  Said Arleigh in great delight.




         As they made their way to the Seiyru Cafe after leaving Arleigh’s house, Kazuo gave Arleigh a few more particulars about the village.


         “Do you see the roads?”  Kazuo pointed at the road and asked.


         “Yes, but why got two different roads?”  Arleigh asked in undisguised wonder.


         “The second road, which is near the houses; is a moving road.”   Kazuo explained.


         “Moving road?”  Arleigh asked in astonishment.


         “They used it to transport things like refrigerator.”  Remarked Kazuo, sententiously.


         “I was going to ask this question.  How’re you going to move a heavy things from the shop to the buyer’s house?”  Arleigh raised her eyebrows.


         “They moved the refrigerator to the moving road, control the moving road by a remote control to send the refrigerator to the buyer.  The refrigerator is not heavy and two people can lift up easily.”  Said Kazuo, good-humouredly.


         Arleigh passed her hand over her brow.  “No wonder the road does not has tar.”  She gave a whistle of surprise.




         They spoke happily and finally they reached the café.


         “Morning Kazuo.”  A yellow female anthropomorphic leopard kitty greeted Arleigh and Kazuo; she has a sexy voice.


         “Morning Wangari.  She’s Arleigh.”  Kazuo introduced Arleigh to her.


         “Good morning and welcome to my café.”  Arleigh shook hands with her and smiled demurely.


          Wangari’s body was the color of human flesh, though just a little bit lighter, the fur always well groomed, and there were tiny black rosettes placed throughout her body.  Her ears were rounded like cookie cutters, with little dollops of pink fur resting within.


         “He’s my mate, Reynard.”  Wangari announced the arrival of a young anthropomorphic, who spanned the kitchen doorway with his broad shoulders, and looked from one of them to the other with a cheerful smile on his face.


         “Nice to see you.”  Arleigh gave a bob of greeting.


         Reynard was a tall and handsome young fox.  He has blue eyes, and an ever-smiling face.  He was wearing tailor-made jeans shorts, cut off at mid-thigh, showing off his long muscular legs.


         “By Jove!  A newcomer!  How are you?”  Said Reynard cordially, gripping Arleigh’s hand with a strength for which she should hardly have given him credit.  Arleigh blushed when Reynard studied her from head to toe.  And then Reynard wrung Kazuo’s hand with effusion.


         Both Wangari and Reynard were about five feet tall.


        “Pray sit down.”  Reynard’s face was beaming as he sat down.


         “Please excuse me,” Wangari tittered politely, “I need to prepare breakfast.”  Before she entered the kitchen, she glanced at Arleigh and giggled.


         They sat together while Wangari entered the kitchen to prepare breakfast.


         And then Reynard told them about his café and the foods, Arleigh listened with interest.


         Arleigh, do you know how to cook?”  Asked Reynard suddenly.


         “Yes, but very simple foods only,” answered Arleigh confidently.  “I work in a café as a cook before.”


         “Do you want to work here?” Reynard added, forcibly, “we’re lack of cooks, we’ll pay you well.”


         Arleigh seemed delighted at the idea of working as a cook.


         “Sure, thanks.  I like cooking.”  Confirmed Arleigh.


         “Can you start tomorrow morning?  I think today you need to meet a lot of people.”  Asked Reynard eagerly.


         “No problem.”  Arleigh answered politely.


         “Oh, that’s good!”  Reynard cried, with a merry laugh.


         Wangari walked out from the kitchen with breakfast, “Arleigh, if not enough, you can order again.”  She said in a friendly voice, her eyes fairly glittered as he spoke.


         “Thanks.”  Arleigh answered with a smile of contentment.


         Wangari glanced Arleigh again before she returned to kitchen again, “she’s so cute.”  She murmured.


         Arleigh, if you have any questions, we are here ready to help you.”  Said Reynard, smiling in the most pleasant fashion until his eyes were just two little shining slits amid the white creases of his face.


         “Thanks, you are so kind.”  Arleigh nodded.


         Reynard left the table and greeted the other customers.


         “Do you like the breakfast?”  Asked Kazuo with a significant raising of the eyebrows.


         “Very delicious.”  Arleigh tasted the rice and said.


         Arleigh, I need to tell you about money.”  Kazuo started.


         “Money, I forgot about this.”  Arleigh scratched her head.


         “You get your salary every month end.  You don’t need to bring money along with you, you just signed on the bill and paid at the month end.”  Kazuo wheezed.


         “But what about if I denied that I signed the bill?”  Asked Arleigh quietly.


         “In this place, everyone is very honest.  No one has denied before.”


         “How much is the interest?”


         “Interest free.  You will get an original copy, during the month end, you will compare with the carbon copy and paid accordingly.”


         “Oh just like Master Card except that it’s interest free.”  Arleigh thought.


         “Any questions?”  Kazuo raised his eyebrows quizzically.


         “I’ve no money this month…”


         “It’s okay.  It’s free for this month.  But you’ve to pay starting from next month.”


         “Where can I keep my money?”


         “In your own house or in the bank.  But again interest is zero.  And there is no robber here, so don’t worry about being robbed.”


         Arleigh kept quiet for a while and said, “currently I’ve no more questions.”


         After the breakfast, they left the café.  Arleigh was anxious to meet the others friends.




         Kazuo led Arleigh to a grocery shop.


         “Hello Danielle!”  Kazuo greeted the shopkeeper.


         “Hello!”  Danielle cried, looking Arleigh up and down, “here’s a new visitor!”


         Kazuo introduced Arleigh in a few words.  A hand-grip passed between Arleigh and Danielle.


         Arleigh has no idea about her type.  Her body was covered with a velvet smooth layer of light orange fur, except for the white stretch that extended from the tip of her chin, over her neck, chest, tummy, and down the insides of her legs.  She had medium length brown hair tied back in a ponytail, a few strands fell down on either side of her large ears atop her head, and fell over the sides of her face.  Her eyes were a dark brown color and bright. Her nose was cute and pink, centered in the middle of her face.  She wore a white T-shirt and blue jeans, in which a little hole had been cut away in the seat, to poke her short white tail through.


         Arleigh, you can buy foods and drinks here.  This is the only grocery shop here.”  Said Kazuo cordially.


         “But if you want to buy clothes, you have to go to the next shop.”  Danielle told Arleigh meekly.


         Arleigh looked around the shop, she saw many familiar and strange things.  Her paws were sticky, so she could hold big and smooth things.  But she could not climb the wall like a spider.


         “These are walk-away cookware,” said Danielle in a jovial mood, “after the initial first few minutes of cooking, you simply turn off the burner and walk away letting the walk-away cookware automatically self-cook your food without the need of gas or electric.  Besides there’ll be no tough, undercooked foods or even dried-out burnt dishes.”


         There was a murmur of astonishment through the shop, Arleigh was so amazed by the new things.  Danielle was very kind to introduce her about new products.


         After a while, they left the shop.




         Arleigh, let’s visit the clinic.”


         Arleigh nodded and followed him to the clinic.  After five minutes, Arleigh saw a building with a notice board on the right side of the door: Clinic.  Kazuo entered and introduced Arleigh to the doctor.


         “I’m Adolph, welcome to our village.”  He stood up and was about 5’7” tall.  He shook hand with Arleigh and welcomed her.


         “Thanks.”  Arleigh answered, with good-humoured.


         Adolph was an anthropomorphic wolf.  He has red-and-white fur, black paws, black ears, a black tip on his tail, and his eyes were beautiful shade of gold-yellow.  Somehow the magic is broken by his somewhat prosaic attire: tailor-made jeans, and 'flip-flop' style sandals.


         “Pray sit down.”  Three of them sat down on a chair in front of Adolph.


         Arleigh, you mentioned that you fought with many foes before, but I don’t see any bruises on your body.  So I just want to know if my medicine can help you if you got injured.”  Adolph started.


         “Actually digimon have self-healing ability but not so strong.  Even my ribs are broken, I’ll be fully recovered in less than two weeks.”  Arleigh explained, looking at him keenly.


         “Interesting, we don’t have such ability.”  Adolph nodded, and with that their conversation drifted off on to other subjects.  Beneath his gruff exterior he’s really very kind-hearted.


         They talked for around twenty minutes, “and now, we’ve already taken up too much of your valuable time, and we shall wish you good-day.”  Kazuo stood up and said.


         Arleigh, this is a small village, thus we’ve no bicycles.”  While they walking on the street, Kazuo told Arleigh.


         “Bicycles?  Do you have cars or other transportations?”  Asked Arleigh with interest.


         “Cars can create accident and air pollution, so we don’t invent cars.  Besides riding a bicycle is good for your health.”  Said Kazuo with enthusiasm.


         “By the way,” Arleigh asked suddenly, stopping and turning upon Kazuo, “how do you go to another village?”


         Kazuo smiled an enigmatical smile.  “I’m going to show you now.”  He said and walked towards the mountain side.




         Kazuo led Arleigh to a very big house near the mountain.  They entered the house and saw a phoenix.


         “He’s Anka, he’ll fly us to another village.”  Kazuo introduced Anka to Arleigh.


         “By George, you’re marvelous!”  Cried Arleigh, in an ecstasy of admiration.


         Arleigh, welcome!”  Anka gave an enigmatic smile.  He was an anthropomorphic phoenix.  He looks exactly like a phoenix and his body was huge.


         “Hello.”  Arleigh shook with his feather-hand.


         Aghy set off to another village already.  If you just wish to visit another village, I may help you.  But if you need to bring along heavy goods, you’ve to look for Aghy.”  Said Anka, and he smiled in a singular way as he glanced at Arleigh.


         “You appeared to be astonished.”  Said Kazuo, smiling at Arleigh’s expression of surprise.


         “I do not expect to see a phoenix.”  Arleigh explained and scratched her head.


         Arleigh, do you want to take a ride now?  FOC for this month.” said Anka, and eyeing Arleigh keenly from under his light-coloured eyelashes.


         “No, thanks, may be next time.”  Arleigh answered with a placid smile.


         After they talked for a while, they bade farewell to Anka and left.  Kazuo decided to take off his clothes prior helping Arleigh to clean her house.




         After lunch, Arleigh visited all the shops in that village.  That was a small village and the shops were adjacent to each other.  After that, Kazuo helped Arleigh to re-organise her house.


         “Wow!  It’s almost dinner time, let’s go for dinner.”  Kazuo exclaimed.


         Arleigh assented.


         “Thanks for helping me.”  Said Arleigh gleefully.


         After dinner, Kazuo escorted Arleigh home happily.


         Arleigh, have a nice sleep.”  Said Kazuo with a knowing grin.


         “This is really a whole new world; a dazzling place I never knew.”  Said Arleigh devoutly.


         “This is a wondrous place for you and me,” remarked Kazuo, “see you tomorrow.”  He added in an exultant voice as he kissed Arleigh’s left cheek.


         The kiss was like a match tossed into a pile of gasoline soaked rags.  Both Arleigh and Kazuo froze for just an instant; they stared at each other.  And in the very next moment, Arleigh was in Kazuo's arms and the two were locked in a kiss of desperate passion, bodies pressing for maximum contact.


         After a few minutes, Kazuo put Arleigh down.  They know that they need to put out fires, the fire of passion.  Arleigh invited Kazuo to her house, and to her room again.  After they switched on the lights, they lie on the bed.


         Softly his lips press against hers, soft, smooth, warm, alive.  They kissed again and a sigh escaped his lungs between kisses.  His arms tighten about her neck as she held him ever tighter in her embrace, she also stretched her arms and massaged his back slowly.


         She had let him put his hands on her breasts as well as hard, pointy nipples.  Squeezing them gently, he drew her closer and felt her woman flesh melting into his arms and chest.  He tried to insert a finger into her vagina but she stopped him.


         She broke the kiss and said with certainty, “Kazuo, I am sorry that I am not ready yet.”  She was not ready to accept his pecker yet.


         “It’s okay, we still have plenty of time.”  Kazuo reassured her, “we can do it again when you are ready.”  He continued tersely.


         “Thanks.”  Arleigh blushed and nodded to him gratefully.


         “Then let us kiss one more time before I go home.”  Said Kazuo excitedly.


         “Okay.”  Arleigh nodded contentedly.


         They kissed and hugged with each other for another five minutes.  And then Kazuo bade farewell to Arleigh and went home.




         Back to the digiworld


         Renamon, have you seen Lopmon?  She has been missing for days.”  Terriermon remarked.


         “No, she could not return to the Earth, so she must be somewhere here.”  Renamon answered.


         “Or may be she has been deleted by evil digimon.”  Guilmon guessed.


         They all sighed.


         “We have been waiting in her house for days, I think we should search this area.”  Terriermon suggested.


         Guilmon, you will search the north side alone while he and I will search the east side together.”  Renamon ordered.


         “Why me alone?”  Asked Guilmon, pointing at himself.


         “Because Terriermon is my mate and we must stay together.”  Renamon explained.


         “Okay.”  Guilmon shrugged and left the house.




To be continued.