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Episode 2



Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This lemon took place after season 3.


(Man fears time, yet time fears the Pyramids.)


Title: A whole new world


         Ruhe exited from the portal and was walking along the cave, she has no idea what lies ahead.  May be his village, may be another world, or even worse, may be back to the digiworld.  She was a cat, and thus she could see clearly. Besides, there were no junctions in the cave.


         But she did not realize that something was following behind her.


         She glimpsed a familiar figure outside the cave.  She quickly rushed towards the exit point.  Her heart pumped faster and faster, she grinned as she ran.  Finally, she exited from the cave again; she blinked in the bright sunlight.  And then she heard the familiar voices.


         “Ruhe!  Where’ve you been?”  Cried one of them.


         “Durene!  I’m glad to see you again!”  Ruhe gave her friend a hug and a squeeze.


         Ruhe has successfully returned to her own village, she was so happy to see her friends again.  Although Ruhe left for only three days, it was like three months.  Ruhe thought that she would never meet her friends again.


         “Ruhe, you brought a stranger with you too!”  Another friend exclaimed.


         “Stranger?”  Ruhe was surprised and turned around.


         “Hello.”  Someone was standing behind her and greeted her.  Ruhe was struck dumb as a wooden chicken and she could not believe what she saw.  She walked towards the stranger with arms opened wide.  The stranger has prepared to be squeezed again.


         “Lopmon!  What a surprise!”  Ruhe squeezed her again and they wept for joy.


         “Hmm…you’re not from this village, where do you come from?”  One of them asked earnestly.


         Immediately Ruhe gave them a full account of what had happened but they had an imperfect understanding of the digiworld.  And yet they accepted Lopmon as their new friend.


         “Thanks for helping Ruhe, I’m Kazuo and I welcome you to our village.”  With a grin and a flash of his violet eyes, he shook hand with Lopmon.  His body was yellowish with six-pack on his belly.


         (Author’s note: Kazuo means man of peace.)


         “Lopmon, why you followed me?  I thought you loved your own world.”  Asked Ruhe, she rubbed her hands and chuckled with delight.


         “I told you before, I also hated war.  I liked to live in a peaceful world, may be very boring but it’s better than a dangerous world.”  Lopmon answered while shaking hand with Kazuo.


         “But what happened if the portal never opened again?”  Asked Ruhe, she seemed a little confused.


         “I don’t need to go back.”  Lopmon shook her rabbit head, her hand was released from Kazuo’s grip.


         “But how about your friends on the Earth?”  Ruhe looked grave.


         “The portal to the Earth is sealed and I can’t go back to the Earth anymore.”  Lopmon explained.


         “Lopmon, you can stay with us.”  Said Kazuo with a majestic voice and stared at Lopmon.


         Kazuo was an anthropomorphic tiger.  He has a human face but with a pair of tiger-ears.  He was bare-chested, he left his generously muscled physique exposed for all to see.  He was about five feet tall with a tail at his back, just above his anus.


         “Thanks.”  Said Lopmon and stared at Kazuo.  Her eyes traced over the thick, round curves of the lupine chest, the broad shoulders, and sculpted arms.  There was some fur covered his groin, his chest and his groin were white color.  She also noticed his huge feet, and wondered if they reflected the size of his maleness.  The overall effect was very masculine, and very interesting to Lopmon.


         Their eyes met, Lopmon smirked slightly, and nodded in greeting.  Kazuo raised an eyebrow, and smiled back.


         For the next several minutes they played a little game of tag; they would stare at one another, each checking out the other's body, until their eyes met, and then they would look away quickly.  After three or so instances, each knew the other was interested.


         The other anthropomorphic knew that they fell in love at first sight.  Kazuo was still single and was looking for a mate.  Lopmon was also single and available.


         Finally one of them interrupted them, “let’s go home now.  We can discuss later.”  They walked down from the field and went their separate ways.  That was the place where Ruhe was missing for three days.


         “Lopmon, we’ll show you your new house.”  Ruhe was in her most cheerful and debonair humour.


         Kazuo and Ruhe led Lopmon to a small house, “Lopmon, this will be your new home.”  Said Kazuo, good-humouredly.


         “My house is just beside your house,” Ruhe continued, “the owner of this house has moved to another village, but he left everything in the house.  So you don’t need to buy furniture, I’ll buy for you the basic necessities.”


         “Thanks, you’re very kind.”  Lopmon’s smile broadened and her eyes twinkled humorously.


         Lopmon was so surprised to see her new home, she had never seen such a building in the digiworld.  She touched the wall gently and turned around, “what is this?  I’ve never seen and touched this before?”  She asked cheerfully.


         “This is called aerogel and is a dry gel principally made from silica.  Weighing as little as 3 times that of air, a single inch thickness of this silica-based material has the internal surface area of a basketball court and can protect our hands from the heat of a blowtorch.”  Said Kazuo gleefully.


         “Aero…what?”  Lopmon still puzzled.


         “Aerogel,” Ruhe continued, “for windows and skylights, is a transparent aerogel.  Current aerogels, as produced on the ground, however, are not completely transparent, but instead have a slight blue haze to them.  Since aerogel has the equivalent thermal insulating quality equal to 10-20 glass window panes, the energy conserving effects of an aerogel window replacement would significantly lower heating bills, especially in winter.”


         “Aerogel will make life more comfortable.  Insulating, clear windows.  Large, energy-stingy skylights; oven door panels; space-saving refrigerators and etc.”  Kazuo added.


         “Amazing!”  Cried Lopmon, highly delighted.


         “Still got something that will surprise you.”  Ruhe smiled.


         “What?”  Asked Lopmon, jovially and boisterously.


         “We’re from Atlantis.”  Said Kazuo calmly.


         “You’re joking.  Atlantis is just a myth.”  Lopmon’s eyebrows rise a little, and she glanced at them curiously.


         “No, Atlantis does exist.  It was located at the opposite mouth of the Mediterranean Sea and it was a large island.”  Remarked Kazuo, sententiously.


         Lopmon gave a cry of astonishment at Kazuo’s words.


         “The Atlantis was the region where Man first rose from a state of barbarism to civilization.  It was the true Antediluvian World – where early mankind dwelt for ages in peace and happiness.”  Ruhe continued, her face lit with a quick smile.


         “What happened then?”  Asked Lopmon anxiously.


         “Atlantis perished in a terrible convulsion of nature, in which the whole island was sub-merged by the ocean, with nearly all its inhabitants.”  Kazuo sighed.


         “But the scientists said that they found no corpses.”  Lopmon scratched her rabbit ears with her paws.


         “Because a few people escaped in ships and on rafts, and carried to the nations east and west the tidings of the appalling catastrophe, which has survived to our own time in the Flood and Deluge legends of the Old and New Worlds.”  Kazuo answered.


         “But…” Lopmon still do not understand, she rubbed her horns while thinking.


         “Meanwhile many people were sucked into this dimension accidentally.  Just like Ruhe found the portal.  But the portal that they found was called Time Gap, it was a very large gap and could suck many people at the same time.”  Kazuo continued to explain.


         Lopmon began to understand, “some people escaped, some people sucked to this world and the rest…may be washed away to elsewhere and became the food of the animals in the ocean.”  Lopmon thought.


         “And so we continued our peaceful life here, fortunately this world has a lot of resources both found and not found on the Earth.”  Ruhe concluded.


         “Do you want to return to Earth?”  Asked Lopmon, she had listened with amused surprised to this long speech, which was poured with extraordinary vigour and earnestness.


         “No, besides the portal never opened since than, until Ruhe found it again.  We refuse to return to the Earth where only the strong survives.”  Kazuo shook his tiger head.


         Lopmon looked in amazement at the house again, “no wonder you can build such house.”


         Both Ruhe and Kazuo laughed at Lopmon’s naïve astonishment.


         “Lopmon, since you decided to stay here, do you want to change your name?”  Asked Ruhe.


         “Good idea,” said Lopmon after thinking for a while, “I’ll change my name to Arleigh, means meadow of the hare.” She pressed her paws on her forehead and answered.


         “Arleigh, good name.”  Said Kazuo with the twinkle of a smile in his eyes.


         “Arleigh, you’re good in choosing names.”  Ruhe bobbed her cat head.


         “Thanks.”  Arleigh answered while staring at her new home.


         Ruhe and Kazuo giggled at Arleigh, “Arleigh, I assumed that you like your new home.”  Said Kazuo while swinging his tail.


         “I don’t know what to say, I can only say thank you.”  Arleigh answered earnestly.


         “Arleigh, I’ll show you around this place tomorrow morning.”  Said Kazuo and lifted up Arleigh’s right hand, he bent down to kiss gently on her right hand.  Once again, their eyes met and Arleigh blushed.


         “Arleigh, you found a mate so quickly.”  Ruhe teased her after Kazuo left.


         “How about you?  Do you have a mate?”  Asked Arleigh.


         “Yes, we just met for one month.  He went to another village to work and will be back these few days.”  Ruhe blushed and explained.


         Later, Ruhe gave Arleigh the basic necessities and Arleigh was very grateful.


         That night, Arleigh joined Ruhe for a dinner at the Asuka Café.


         There were not many anthropomorphic in the café.  They asked Arleigh to tell them about herself and her world.  Arleigh told them everything about the digiworld and the Earth; they exchanged information with Arleigh.  Ruhe continued to tell Lopmon more about her ancestors.


         “Actually our ancestors built the Great Pyramid of Giza.”  Ruhe smiled and rubbed her hands.


         “You mean your ancestors escaped to Egypt?”  Arleigh asked diffidently, she pricked up her big ears.


         “Yes, but very few only.  And they had their portrait painted.”  Ruhe answered, placidly.


         Arleigh remained silent for some little time with her brows knitted.


         “No wonder they drew the half-beast-half-human paintings!”  Said Arleigh at last, her eyes were shining.


         “Correct!”  Cried Ruhe with a laugh.


         “By Jove!  The pyramids and temples ranged along the Nile – suggested the use of powers and techniques that still amaze us in the technological late 20th century.”  Arleigh exclaimed and clapped her paws.


         “Although it is not known how the blocks were put in place, several theories have been proposed.  But the problem is, how do they cut the bricks so smoothly?”  Ruhe remarked and swung her tail.


         “You’re right,” Arleigh agreed, “there was no power saw that time, even if they used normal saw, the bricks would not be so smooth.”


         “Our ancestors borrowed their technologies to the Egyption.”  Arleigh explained with a smile.


         “Another mystery is solved.”  Arleigh smiled.


         After the dinner, they went home happily.




         Arleigh stepped into her new room and was stunned again.  The room was nicely decorated and everything is within her reach.  Actually the house was designed for short anthropomorphic like Ruhe.


         Arleigh glanced through the book that was given by Ruhe.


         “Four seasons?  This place got four seasons?”  Lopmon’s eyes bulged.


         According to the book, this world got four seasons too, but each season last for a short time only.  She glanced through the book with interest.


         Finally her little head could not contain any more information; she was surprised and excited.  She decided to take a shower before she sleep.


         She entered the shower, turning the water on good and hot.  Her mind was racing and thinking about what she is about to do.  She reached for the soap and soaped herself down.  She spread her legs and began to soap around her pussy.


         “Damn Renamon, she infected me with her horny germs.  Now I can get horny easily.”  She grumbled.


         (Far back to the digiworld.  “Ah choo!”  Renamon sneezed and murmured, “who’s gossiping about me?”  She was releasing her horny with a cucumber.)


         She ran her index and middle finger up and either side of her labia, teasing her hardening clit at the top of each stroke.  Inserting a finger then two into her sopping hole, she plunged them deep in and out (fortunately the fingers could filled her hungry vaginal).  Sliding them upwards, she moaned in pleasure as she began her furious attack on her now swollen and hard clit.  Pulling the skin back covering the most sensitive part of her clit, she rubbed furiously side-to-side getting hotter by the second.  A loud moan escaped her mouth as she was nearing her climax.


         Rubbing her clit with intense pressure from her thumb and feel her orgasm began to boil.  Her paw moving faster and faster across her clit, meanwhile she was massaging her breasts with her big ears.  Her legs began to shake and quiver as her explosion began.  She let loose with a gush of warm juices, splattering the floor of the shower.  Slowing her fingers across her clit, she spewed more fluid with each stroke.  Rubbing her own juices over her tits, she brought a hand to her mouth and tasted herself, sucking her fingers clean.  Her legs too weak to stand, she sat herself under the shower, legs still quivering, toes curled tightly.  The water washed over her and cleaned her body.


         After a few minutes, she walked out from the bathroom and entered another small room where she found a wardrobe.  She dried her body with a towel and murmured, “Renamon was correct, bathroom is the best place to jill off.  I won’t dirty the place because the shower will clear everything.  After I finished my business, the shower can clean my body as well.  It’s like killing two birds with one stone.”


         She brought the remote control and crawled back to her bed wearily, she pressed a button and the ceiling fan start spinning; she pressed another button and the light dimmed off.  She put the remote control on the floor and closed her eyes.


         It was a silent night and all was calm.  The spacious firmament on high; with all the dark ethereal sky, the moon was looking down and the stars were blinking.  The moon was smiling as she was watching the peaceful land, she knew that the sun would replace her in a few hours.


         Since that day onwards, the portal to the digiworld never opened again.




To be continued.