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Episode 1



Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This lemon took place after season 3.


(“Come to the edge.”  He said.

   They said, “we are afraid.”

  “Come to the edge.”  He said.

  They came,

  He pushed them…

  And they flew.

                             --- Guillaume Apollinaire)


Title: Friendship forever




         There are about six dimensions on Earth.  One of the dimensions is the digimon world.  No one knows how many dimensions are there in the digimon world, but one of the dimensions is the anthropomorphic world.


         Our Earth is suppose to be a green planet, a peaceful place, but…


         “…and the years of our sorrow have rolled on and on, and the wars of our pride never cease.  We have ravaged the Earth with our envy and greed…”


         When you read the newspaper, you will read the following news:


         “A singer felt that people do not respect him/her anymore, so he threaten people that he/she will stop singing unless people respect him/her.  But after a few days, he/she denied that he/she threaten people.”


         “A 40-year-old father raped his 5-year-old daughter.”


         “A 12-year-old boy killed his friend with a gun.”


         “A betrayed B, B hired killer to murder A.”


         “A student committed suicide because he/her failed his/her exam.”


         “Terrorist bombed the building caused more than 1000 people died.”


         There are people dying everyday.  Our hearts are full of longing, our eyes are filled with tears, nations are waiting, when will these bad news end?  When can we have a peaceful day?  Who can stop the war?


         There is a world that is totally different from the Earth.  In that world, there will be no ruler or king because everyone is equal status.  They will hammer their swords into ploughs and their spears into pruning-knives.  Nations will never again go to war and never prepare for battle again.


         That is the anthropomorphic world.  That world is full of half-human-half-beast creatures, they have human hands and legs but with a beast body, they are called the anthropomorphic.  That world is at the other dimension of the digiworld.


         Do you believe that such a world exists?  Do you want to live in such a world?




         In the anthropomorphic world, an anthropomorphic feline was resting under a tree.  Suddenly the sky rain cats and dogs, it happened so fast that she could not return to her house in time.  The sky was getting darker and darker; she was afraid and she looked around nervously.  She noticed a cave and ran towards the cave.  She found a stone and sat on the stone, her fur was wet and her body shivered.




         “Argh!!!”  She screamed and closed her big ears as there was a peal thunder.  Her heart almost fell out from her furry chest.  She removed her paws slowly from her ears after a few minutes.


         Another crash of thunder and the cave shook.  She turned around and saw a dim light inside the cave.  She sat up slowly from the stone; she was curious and afraid.  She wanted to check out the light but she was afraid.


         Finally she walked towards the light.  When she reached the light, she saw a portal.  She has no ideas about it, she stretched out her right hand and touched it.  She felt something like liquid and her paw could pierce through it.


         Suddenly the liquid sucked her into it.  She screamed and tried to struggle but useless.  The liquid was like a giant hand that pulled her tiny hands into it.  The portal was like a giant mouth that gulped her little body.  In less than one minute, she disappeared.


         Rain, still pouring outside the cave, no one knows about this because the portal also disappeared.  And then, everything quiets down, like nothing happened before.




         Meanwhile, in the digiworld.  Lopmon was returning home from the forest.  She built a small hut near the riverside, she was staying alone in the hut.  Her friends were staying at the other side of the forest.


         Suddenly it rains.  She grumbled and began looking for a shelter.  Luckily she found a cave.  She quickly entered the cave and panted.  She dared not looked into the cave because she was afraid.


         She was sitting on a stone while waiting for the rain to cease.  And then she felt a little tremble, not her body, but the cave.  She looked around and saw that the cave was shaking slowly, she quickly exited from the cave.


         As soon as she exited from the cave, a dim light shot out from inside the cave.  After a few minutes, the rain stops and the light disappeared.  She had never seen this happened before.


         She thought that she heard a sound from inside the cave.  She was afraid and curious.  She wanted to check the cave but was afraid to do so.  After she collected enough courage, she re-entered the cave.


         She walked slowly, but suddenly she saw something moving.  She paused and prepared to attack.  The thing moved slowly towards her and her heart was pumping faster and faster.  She was sweating and shivering.


         “Who or what are you?!”  She shouted, the thing stopped but no respond from it.


         “I’ll attack you if you keep quiet!”  She warned the thing.


         “Please don’t attack me!  I don’t want to die!”  The thing shouted in a female voice and walked out again slowly.


         Lopmon pricked up her ears and slowly retreated from the cave, finally the thing exited from the cave.  Lopmon looked at the thing.  The thing looks like a human, but with a cat-like body.  The face of the thing was haggard and eager, stamped with the print of a recent horror.


         “Who or what are you?  You don’t look like a digimon.”  Lopmon looked round her with curiosity, that thing was no ordinary digimon.  Seldom have Lopmon seen so graceful a figure, so womanly a presence, and so beautiful a face.


         “I’m Ruhe.  What’s this place?”  She introduced herself and looked around nervously.  She did not understand what had happened, the only thing that was clear was that she was in a new place, a strange place, and up until this moment, she had been alarmingly alone.


         “I’m Lopmon.  This is the digimon world.”


         Ruhe looked at Lopmon for a while, Lopmon had a pair of softest brown eyes, and was just plump enough to be alluring.  Lopmon looked like she was made of light tan velvet (although she had no fur).  Lopmon had a pair of big ears too, bigger than any other parts of her body.


         “What world?”




         “But this is not my village.  Wait, now I remember.  I was resting in the cave, suddenly a thunder struck the cave and I found something, and then I appeared in this world.”  Ruhe explained and described the thing that she found.


         “The lightning may open a portal between your world and my world,” Lopmon suggested, “you found a portal and was sucked into it.  I think both worlds are very close to each other, so a lightning or tremble could open a portal.  Well, just my theory only.  This also happened on the Earth where a person was sucked to another dimension.”  Lopmon concluded that Ruhe came from another world.


         “Can I go home?”  Ruhe’s expression grew very grave as she spoke, and a look of something akin to fear sprang up in his eyes.


         “I’m not sure.  Do you want to go to my hut and have a rest?  You’re wet.”


         “Thanks, you’re so kind.”  Ruhe immediately hopped to her feet, and without any warning she threw his arms around Lopmon, giving her a good squeeze.


         Ruhe trusted Lopmon, Ruhe used to trust anyone in her village.


         “Ruhe, you trusted me so fast and easy, what happened if I was an enemy?”  Asked Lopmon.


         Ruhe stopped squeezing Lopmon and stared at Lopmon, “why can’t I trust you?”


         “Because I may rape, torture, kill or even eat you.”


         “But we trusted each other in my village.  We’ve no enemies.”  Said Ruhe in her easy, genial way.


         “Remember, this is not your village and is a very danger place.  Fortunately you met me, or else you’ll become the prey of other evil digimon.”


         “So you’re a nice girl?”  Asked Ruhe, cocking her eyes at Lopmon.


         Lopmon sighed, “now let’s go to my place before it’s too late.”


         “Thanks.”  Ruth squeezed Lopmon again.


         “And stop squeezing me, I’m breathless and I can’t walk properly.”


         “Okay.”  Ruhe gave a whimsical smile.




         Inside Lopmon’s hut.  Lopmon invited Ruhe to have a seat, she passed a towel to Ruhe and helped her to clean her furry body.


         Lopmon stared at Ruhe for a while.


         Ruhe was about three feet tall only, and has a voluptuous dancer's figure.  As Ruhe caught Lopmon’s eyes; she returned Lopmon’s gaze with her own green flecked Mayan-gold rimmed black pupils, which dilated slightly as she regarded Lopmon.


         “Where’s the washroom?”  Asked Ruhe.


         “It’s…” Lopmon pointed to a direction.


         Ruhe nodded and walked the washroom.  Lopmon looked at her back, the delicate grace of a feline emanates from her subtle movements, from the lazy side-to-side twitch of her tail to the gentle heaving of her sides in breathing.  Her form is covered in luxurious white fur that is streaked in random patterns with shiny black, fur so thick and soft to the touch it seems to envelop Lopmon in warmth even now.


         After Ruhe walked out from the washroom, Lopmon gave her something to eat, “so can you tell me about your village?”


         “Well,” Ruhe began, “my village is full of lions, tigers, leopards and etc.  But all of us do not have special powers, and thus we’re very weak.”  Said Ruhe in a reminiscent voice, “I wish to go home.”


         “Don’t worry, you can go home someday.  I’ll help you.”  Lopmon comforted Ruhe, Lopmon assumed that Ruhe is an anthropomorphic.


         “Thanks.”  Ruhe rubbed her tear from her cheek with her right paw, and gave Lopmon an angelic smile.


         “The way she talked and her face, looks like Calumon, cute and ignorant.”  Lopmon thought.


         “Ruhe, it’s getting dark now.  I think you better spend a night here.”  Lopmon suggested.


         “Thanks.”  Ruhe agreed and squeezed Lopmon like a soft toy again.


         “Ruhe, I’m not plush toy.”




         “Ruhe, do you want breads?”


         “Anything except spicy.”


         Lopmon passed a butter-bread that she bought from another village to Ruhe.


         “Yummy.”  Ruhe ate the butter-bread happily.


         They were talking and joking while having dinner.


         After a few hours, they decided to end the day.




         That night, both of them were sleeping on the same bed.


         “Ruhe, sorry because this is the only bed I got.”  Actually they were sleeping on a cushion that was donated by Suzie.


         “It’s okay.  But this is the first time I sleep with another girl.”


         “I used to sleep with Suzie, my Tamer.”


         The cushion was just big enough for them, “her body so furry, touching her makes me horny,” Lopmon thought.


         “She’s so warm and soft,” Ruhe thought, “I missed my friends.”


         “Lopmon.”  Ruhe shook Lopmon’s body gently.


         “Yes?”  Lopmon yawn.


         “I think it’s better to hug each other so that none of us could fell out from the sofa.”  Ruhe blushed because she had not hug a girl before, she squeezed girls before but only for a few minutes.  But now she is going to hug an alien girl for whole night.


         “Good idea.”  Lopmon answered and put her little paw on Ruhe’s furry waist while Ruhe put her paw on Lopmon’s soft back.  Their belly caressed with each other, they could feel each other’s breath.  Lopmon did not feel uneasy because she slept with Suzie before, but Ruhe was shivered a little as her hand touched Lopmon’s bare back.


         “Huh???”  Ruhe was nervous because her groin was itchy, she knew that she was getting wet now.


         “But she’s a girl, how can I got horny?”  Ruhe thought.


         Actually Lopmon’s pussy also getting wet, but she hid it so well.  She imagined that she was sleeping with Suzie.


         Ruth hugged Lopmon like a pillow, “I’m hugging a girl’s body.  Her body is so soft and her paws are so warm.”  Ruhe thought.


         And so both of them slept with wet pussy.




         The next morning, Lopmon woke up first.  She found Ruhe snuggled into her, sleeping deeply across her chest.  One ear on Lopmon’s shoulder, right arm and leg embracing Lopmon, intertwined, not knowing where Lopmon’s body ends and Ruhe’s begins.


         After a few minutes, Ruhe released herself from Lopmon, she stretched her hands and yawned softly.  And then she sat on the sofa and smiled at Lopmon.


         “Good morning little cat.”  Lopmon smiled back.


         “Good morning little rabbit.”  Ruhe answered, glancing keenly across at Lopmon.


         “Sleep well?”  Asked Lopmon.


         “Yes.”  Ruhe nodded.


         Later they entered the washroom, Lopmon took time to relief herself while Ruhe was washing her face.  They do not feel uneasy because they are girls.


         “Ruhe, you can use the extra toothbrush, it’s the red color one.”  Said Lopmon.


         Ruhe found the red toothbrush and say ‘thank you’ to Lopmon.


         After they finished everything, they walked out from the washroom.


         “Ruhe, I need to go to the forest to find something to eat.  Want to follow me?”




         “Ruhe, since you have no special powers, you better be careful.  There’re some wild digimon here.”


         “There’re no dangers in my world.  Everyone loves peace and lives together in harmony.”  Ruhe scratched her head.


         “In here, only the strong survives.”  Lopmon warned Ruhe.


         They talked and joked while entering the forest.  On the way Lopmon introduced some friends to Ruhe.


         “Fortunately you can speak our language.”  Said Lopmon.


         “We’re in the same world but different dimension, so the language will be the same.”  Ruhe answered.


         “Unlike the Earth, different countries have different languages.”




         Lopmon told Ruhe about the Earth and she listened with interest.


         Finally they found some food and sat beside the river to enjoy the breakfast.


         “This reminds me that I sometimes also eat breakfast near the riverside.”  Ruhe sighed.


         “How’s the food?”  Asked Lopmon.


         “Not bad.”  Ruhe answered.


         After they finished, they sat under the tree to rest.


         Suddenly a digimon appeared and shouted at them, “I’m going to absorb your data!”


         “Ruhe, hide yourself now!”


         Ruhe quickly hid behind the bush.


         “Leave us alone now.”  Lopmon warned the digimon.


         “Take this!”  The digimon attacked Lopmon but Lopmon avoided and countered.  He was angry and kicked Lopmon.


         “Argh!”  Lopmon was hit to the ground and groaned.  He was a Champion digimon and was stronger than Lopmon.  He was about five feet tall.


         “I must help her.”  Ruhe looked around to find something to help Lopmon.


         He punched Lopmon on her belly and Lopmon knocked on to a tree.  Immediately blood dripped out from her mouth.


         Suddenly Ruhe got an idea, she carried a stone and climbed the tree.  She looked down and saw him below the tree.  He was going to finish Lopmon.  Ruhe jumped from the tree with the stone on both hands, she aimed the stone on his head and knocked his head with force.  He was dizzy and Lopmon quickly attacked him, making him fell to the water.


         “Run!”  Lopmon shouted and both of them rushed back to Lopmon’s hut.


         Suddenly Lopmon groaned and fainted in front of her hut.  She was exhausted and injured.


         “Lopmon!”  Ruth tried to wake her up but useless.


         Ruth carried Lopmon into the hut, “please don’t die!”  Ruhe burst into tears.


         After a few minutes, “ahhh…” Lopmon groaned and opened her eyes slowly.


         “Lopmon, you’re still alive!”  Ruhe gave a gesture of relief.


         “I was…beaten many times before and I’m still alive…this little hurt will not kill me…” Lopmon tried to smile.


         “You’re my only friend here, if you die…” Said Ruhe and rubbed her tears from her cheek.


         “Thanks for helping me.”  Said Lopmon wearily.


         “No, you protected me first.”  Ruhe retorted.


         Lopmon coughed and groaned again, her belly was injured badly.


         “Don’t talk now.  I need to clean your body.”  Ruhe left her and entered the washroom to find a towel.  Ruhe returned to Lopmon with a towel and a bottle of alcohol that she found.  He upturned the bottle of alcohol upon the towel.


         Lopmon watched her and said, “thanks.”


         Ruhe whispered, soothingly as she looked into Lopmon's eyes, "this is going to hurt just a little bit" as she slowly dab across with the towel upon Lopmon’s tummy.  Lopmon drew in breath through her teeth, and closed her eyes, knowing that this was a necessary evil.


         Ruhe gathered a little more of the alcohol upon the towel, and continued to dab it across the nasty looking cut upon Lopmon's stomach, finding that it was only a surface cut, not too deep.  Lopmon groaned and her face twisted.


         Ruhe turned his head to examine Lopmon’s groin, some alcohol flowed to her groin.


         “I’m going to clean your groin, your groin is dirty.”  Ruhe blushed, she had never cleaned a girl’s groin before, “she saved me, I must help her.”  She thought.


         Lopmon nodded and opened her legs as wide as she could.


         Ruhe rubbed Lopmon’s groin with another towel and Lopmon purred, “she’s cleaning me like Suzie.”  Lopmon thought.


         Suddenly Ruhe asked, “Lopmon, I’ve never made love with same sex before, can you…” Ruhe trailed off.


         Lopmon understood, “of course.”


         “Thanks, but I don’t think this is the right time to do it.  You need to rest now.”  Ruhe answered cheerfully.


         Lopmon smiled and dozed off.  Lopmon wanted someone to help releasing her desires.  She also wanted to have sex with an anthropomorphic.


         “This is a really danger world.”  Ruhe thought.


         Ruhe stared at Lopmon on the cushion with interest.  She watched her bare chest rise and fall as she gently breathed in and out, “she’s so pretty.”  Ruhe thought, and then she looked at Lopmon’s pussy, she could not wait to have fun with her.




         After Lopmon woke up, she felt much better.  Fortunately there was still some food left in her house.  After lunch, Ruhe lie beside Lopmon and smiled.


         “Ruth, do you know how to pleasure another girl?”


         Ruth shook her head.


         “Want to try it out?”


         Ruth blushed and nodded.


         “Then lie down and relax, I’ll show you and then your turn.”


         Ruth lie down and stared at Lopmon with her shining eyes.


         "First, let’s try kissing…" Said Lopmon.


         "Okay…" Ruhe whispered back.


         Ruhe felt Lopmon’s unbelievably soft mouth pressing her lips.  She felt Lopmon’s tiny paw slipped down to her furry little pussy, and her legs parted for Lopmon automatically.


         “Her lips…so soft, wow…totally different from boy.”  Ruhe really enjoyed the kiss.


         How wonderfully gentle and careful her fingers were as they wandered about within Ruhe’s crotch, petting and fondling, finger fucking Ruhe, then caressing some more.  Ruhe’s little cunt grew wetter in its response, and kissing with Lopmon at the same time, her fresh, clean breath puffing into Lopmon’s nostrils.


         Just when Ruhe thought that she was going to come, Lopmon broke the kiss and stopped playing Ruhe’s pussy.


         “…why you stopped?”  Asked Ruhe nervously, she wanted to reach climax eagerly.


         “Do you like that?”  Asked Lopmon.


         “Of course!”  Ruhe nodded.


         “Then I’ll give you…with my mouth.”  Lopmon smiled.


         Lopmon crawled down a little and stared at Ruhe’s pussy.  Lopmon started stroking her clit and massaging her belly.  Immediately Ruhe’s body jerked and meowed in pleasure.  Lopmon continued for a few minutes and felt Ruhe’s entire body begin to shake as her orgasm came on.  Finally Ruhe exploded.  It was the most incredible sex Ruhe had ever had, Ruhe moaned softly and drifted off for a few minutes.


         Ruhe woke up to see Lopmon smiling at her, “well?”  Lopmon patted Ruhe’s head.


         Ruhe panted, “that was great.”


         “Now it’s your turn.”  Said Lopmon and spread her legs wide.


         Ruhe smiled and crawled down to Lopmon’s groin, she decided to give Lopmon a good climax.  Ruhe did the same thing to Lopmon and Lopmon received the orgasm from a girl from different dimension.  Lopmon was satisfied although that was her first time.


         “How’s that?”  Cried Ruhe in high glee, rubbing her paws together with satisfaction.


         “Ruhe, good job for the first time.”  Lopmon was gasping for air.


         After they took a quick nap, they entered the forest again to find more food.  Fortunately they did not encounter any foes.




         The next day, the sky starts raining again.


         “Ruhe, let’s go to the cave where you came from, may be the portal is opened once again.”  Lopmon suggested, but there was no ring of conviction in her words.


         And so they rushed to the cave.  Indeed they saw a portal inside the cave.


         “A portal!  But does it lead to your world?”  Lopmon asked.


         “I’ll take the chance.”


         “Ruhe, I wish you good luck.”


         “Thanks.  I’m going to miss you.”  A tear rolled down from Ruhe’s cheek.


         They shook hands with effusion.


         “Ruhe, I won’t ask you to stay because this world is not suitable for you.”  Lopmon tried not to weep.


         “Thanks for the memory.”  Ruhe burst into tears.


         “Someday, somehow, we’ll meet again.  I’m sure.”  Lopmon could not endure anymore and also burst into tears.  They only met for three days, but they built a strong friendship.


         The portal was getting smaller.  But the rain was getting heavier, and they heard the roar of the thunder.


         “Goodbye.”  Ruhe stepped into the portal and said.


         Lopmon watched her back and wept.  Finally Ruhe disappeared.


         Lopmon made a decision, a decision that changed her life from that day onwards.




To be continued.