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Author: Daniel


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Title: A Beast In Human Shape


         One afternoon, Gennai was staring at the fish in the tank again.  “Monotonous.”  He sighed.


         Gennai turned around and picked up a newspaper from the table.  He has read the same newspaper five times already.  “Boring.”  He sighed again.


         Gennai put down the newspaper and entered his living room.  He unzipped his pants and took out an artificial vagina, also known as a ‘bachelor masturbation pillows’.  It was made from leather stuffed with cotton.  These heart-shaped creations had a slit in them and were tied to the backs of chairs, enabling him to use them in a standing position.


         “Ahh…ooh…” Gennai indulged in fantasy as he was using the ‘bachelor masturbation pillow’.  He pretended he was making love with Kari or Mimi.


         After Gennai finished, he put on his pants and walked to the mirror.  He saw an 80-year-old man in the mirror.  He caressed his bald head and was thinking about what to do next.  “I must find a reason to deflower Kari,” he murmured.




         After one hour, the Digidestined gathered at Gennai’s house again.


         “Izzy, I’ll download some new data to your Notebook,”  Gennai said, and explained the new data to everyone.  Actually it was not really new, he just wanted all of them to come.  He was relieved to see Kari.


         Fortunately Tai brought his sister here, or else… Gennai thought and glanced around, “I’ll ask Mimi to do it.  Sora is too tomboyish.”


         “Children, you may go out to explore the world in the meantime.  You can come back in an hour,” Gennai said, trying to keep his voice casual.


         “Gennai, my parents are not at home, so I brought Kari with me.  Can you take care of her for a while?  I don’t want to leave her at home alone,”  Tai asked eagerly.


         Gennai glanced at the five-year-old little girl and he felt a rush of excitement.   “No problem.  I’ve got lots of toys here,” he said.  He hoped that no one noticed his bulging groin.  His body was burning with the fires of passion already and he needed Kari desperately.  Kari smiled pleasantly at Gennai and that made him even more aroused.


         Mimi glanced at Gennai frantically.  “Gennai, today you look very happy,”  she said.


         Gennai arched his eyebrows. “Is it wrong for me to feel happy?”


         Mimi blinked, then blushed. "No, I guess not."


         The children smiled and bade farewell to Gennai and Kari.  They did not know the real motives of the old man.




         After the gang left the house, Gennai prepared to execute his plan.


         Hmm…finally my wish comes true,  Gennai thought.


         Gennai told Kari seriously, “I can see an evil inside you, one that must be purged.  You MUST let me find this evil and remove it from your body now, or else the evil inside you will turn you into a bad girl. And when you're a bad girl, you hurt others.”  He was satisfied with this lie and he believed that he could worry her into submission.


         Kari, being young, innocent, and ignorant, said desperately, “Please remove the evil from me now.  I don’t want to harm the others or have to fight my friends.”


         “I’ll try my best, but, you know, the evil is powerful. You must not tell the others, or else…” Gennai purposely trailed off, and he was pleased as he saw the horrified expression spread across her face. He was glad that she believed his bullshit.


         “I won’t tell anyone, not even my brother.  I promise,"  Kari answered shakily.


         The old man smiled and took Kari to a private room, where no one could hear them.  She had no idea that she was going to make love again.  She trusted Gennai so much but he planned to use her to satisfy his desires.


         I hope he can cleanse the evil within me, Kari thought.


         Gennai locked the door to the room, and grinned under his beard to himself.  Fortunately his beard covered his mouth and no one could see his mouth.  He was just a dirty old man, underneath it all.  He turned to Kari, who was obviously nervous.  “Kari, don’t worry, everything will be fine,” he said lightly.


         “What should I do now?”  Kari asked nervously.


         “First, you must take off your clothes,”  Gennai answered, his eyes lighting with excitement.


         “Is this necessary?”  Kari asked, puzzled.


         “I’ve to check your body thoroughly.”  Gennai answered slowly.


         And then I will…Gennai thought.


         Kari slowly took off her gown and Gennai gulped.  She slowly took off her skirt and he almost invaded her at once.  She slowly took off her blouse and he controlled himself not to attack her at that moment.  She slowly took off her petticoat and his heartbeat increased.  Finally she was naked and he was amazed that he still could wait until now.  She looked at him and smiled with a new found trust in her eyes.


         Hallelujah!  Thank God for sending this little angel to me,  Gennai thought.


         “Gennai, now what?”  Kari asked and tried to cover her body with both hands.  A puzzled tone was in her voice.


         Gennai asked Kari to sit on his lap and relax.  She stared open-mouthed at him, too aghast to say anything.  He began to kiss her face and neck.  She closed her eyes and moaned as his hands gently massaged her tiny breasts.  He moved his head downward and lightly sucked on her nipples, asking her what she felt each time he did so.  She began to feel hot and sweaty, and there was a tingling in her crotch that she could not explain.  She thought it was the evil inside her tickling her and she did a lot of squirming, trying to make it stop.


         “Kari, please sit over here. I'm going to check your pee hole.”  Gennai said grimly and pointed to a small table beside him.


         Kari was naked and embarrassed, but desperate to rid herself of her evil, so she nodded and sat on the table.  She opened her legs wide, very wide until her knees were several feet apart.  He could see her outer lips part and a hint of the pink inner lips appeared, they looked moist and shiny.  His hands immediately began stroking her legs and pinching them lightly as if looking for something.  He slid his hand up to her vagina and ran his fingers between her labia.


         Gennai took a flashlight from a drawer and said eagerly, “I’m going to examine you very closely now. Hold still.”


         Gennai’s fingers grabbed Kari’s pussy and pulled it open, stretching her lips wide to see the hot wet hole between them.  The inner lips were thin and colored an angry red, glistening in the light.  There was a small white drop of cum forming at the bottom of her cunt.  She was a small girl and he envisioned some problems in penetrating her with his above average sized Zucchini (manhood).  He teased her clit with his tongue and inserted a finger into her crack, slowly pulling it out and pushing it back in.  He knew that a girl’s G-spot was approximately three to four inches up the vaginal canal.  He found and caressed her G-spot.  Immediately she had an initial urge to urinate, but this soon disappeared.  Her thighs gripped his head between them like a vise as he stimulated her G-spot.  He stopped just before she could climax and suddenly she felt bad.  She thought the evil was making her feel so good, and that it was all just a trick.  He even examined her belly-button, tickling her and making her moan in pleasure.


         Wow!  Her moaning sound…I’m sure she would be a pretty and sexy girl after ten years, Gennai thought.  He was touched because this was the first time he'd seen the vagina of a girl so closely.


         Gennai grinned evilly.  This was the moment he’s been waiting for.  He told Kari that he could not reach far enough into her with his finger, but he was sure the evil was there, and would need to use his Zoob (manhood) to get it and spray it with a liquid that would destroy it.  He showed his old pork sword to her, and she reluctantly agreed to this final invasion.


         “But your…it's so big…” Kari stammered and felt her face redden.  Gennai’s sausage was obviously bigger than Tai's.


         “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you,”  Gennai answered softly.  He did not tell Kari that her pussy was soaking and she was in the middle of reaching climax. She could tell that herself.


         I hope you don’t feel painful,  Gennai thought.  He knew that her love tunnel was too small for his bazooka, but he was going to try anyway.


         Gennai lifted Kari up and settled her onto his manhood.  He was surprised that she had no hymen, “Who took away her first time?”  Gennai thought but dared not grumble about it.  Virgin or not, he was going to appease his desires.  He slid his pecker into her twat and she groaned painfully.  At first it was uncomfortable for her, but eventually she adjusted and began to enjoy it.  She felt her vagina was filled when he pushed in and she felt emptiness as he pulled out.


         I feel so…how to describe the feeling again?  Kari thought.


         Soon Gennai began to squirt his cum inside Kari’s freshly deflowered pussy.  She clung tightly to him and clawed at his back.  She felt like someone was pouring water into her stomach through her pee hole.  He wanted to fill her with all sperm that he had accumulated.  He slid himself in as deep as he could, until his wrinkly old balls were pressed right up against her flesh.  He cupped her ass as he let his sperm fly into her uterus.  Her mound of Venus clamped and sucked his rod like a mouth.


         Underage girls…are always good, Gennai thought.


         “Finished?”  Kari asked.  She shivered noticeably and gave Gennai a dazzling smile.


         Gennai nodded. “Yes.  It’s all over.” 


         Gennai and Kari rested for a little while before separating.  He cleaned her up, put away his limp dick and helped her to dress.  He reminded her before she left the room that she was not to tell anyone about this. “Unless you want to be badgered or turn into a monster,” he warned her.  She agreed with both anxiety and pleasure.  She kind of enjoyed what she had done and wondered if she could do it again.


         Next time, I will call for Mimi.  Gennai thought.




         After one hour, the children returned and they went home happily, completely unaware of what had happened to Kari.  They still thought that Gennai was a good and kindly old man.  They respected Gennai and would help him willingly.




The end.


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