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Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This lemon contains watersports.

Note 3: This lemon also contains child abused.

Note 4: I’d like to thank WaruMonzaemon for spell checking this for me, or else people would have a hard time understanding them.


Title: Don’t Leave Your Child Alone At Home


         It was a normal Saturday morning to Ai.  Mako went to his friend’s house while her parents went to marketplace to buy groceries.


         Outside the house, Lodis was spying on the house.  “My moment has come.  I’ve been waiting for two weeks and they finally left their daughter home alone.”  He thought.


         Lodis’s Flashsback:


         Lodis was a hoodlum who liked to rape girls, especially underage girls.  Two weeks ago, he saw Ai, her brother Mako, and her parents walking down the street.


         “Wow!  A cute little girl!”  Lodis thought.


         Lodis secretly followed Ai home and remembered her address.  Since that day, he waited patiently outside the house for that one chance to kidnap Ai, and to have his way with her.


         End of Lodis’s flashback:


         When Ai walked out from the room, she was surprised to see a stranger looking straight at her.  Lodis had no problems to sneak into Ai’s house.  Lodis could unlock the back door easily, because he noticed that Ai’s parents never locked the back door.  Suddenly, Lodis covered her face with a handkerchief soaked in chloroform. Ai had began to feel woozy, as if the entire room was spinning around her.  Lodis smiled evilly as he saw Ai slowly closed her eyes, and passed out.




         When Ai regained conscious, she opened her eyes, and quickly glanced around.  She was surprised to see Lodis and a different room so unlike the room she was once in.


         “Hi little girl. You woke up faster than I’d figured.”  Lodis greeted Ai.


         Ai was frightened and rushed to the door, but the door was locked and she could not find any other way out.  She was terrified when he approached her.  “Who…are you?  What do…you want?”  She stammered.


         “I’m someone who’s going to play with you.”  Lodis joked while walking towards Ai.


         Lodis caught Ai easily and threw her back on the bed.  She did her best to struggle. But try as she might, it was useless. 


         She was like frightened, newborn lamb in a wolf’s den now, ready to be devoured.


         “Let me go home…” Ai stammered.


         Lodis slapped the struggling Ai’s right cheek. She bawled uncontrollably.  “Shut up or I’ll kill you now!”  He roared. She had no idea what was going on, but now she quickly hated the stranger and her new surroundings.


         “Take off your clothes now.”  He climbed down from the bed and demanded.  He did not undress her because he would like to see her undressed herself.


         Ai shook her head, “No…please let me go…” she sobbed.  She even felt shy to remove her clothes in front of her father.  How could she undress in front of a stranger?  She was naive and did not know why he asked her to undress.


         Lodis unzipped his pants and pulled down his underwear.  Ai quickly turned her face away and closed her eyes.  He laughed and continued to remove his shirt.  He grabbed her hair and forced her head over his dick.  She tried to shake her head violently.


         “Look at me and don’t close your eyes.”  Said Lodis.


         “Eeeakk!”  Ai blushed when she saw his prick.


         “Do you know what’s this?”  Asked Lodis, blandly.


         Ai shook from fear.  She was at a loss about what to do before him.  She shook her head and tried not to see that thing.


         “It’s called a cock.” Lodis said out loud. “Say it.”


         “I-I-It’s a cock.” Ai trembled.


         He grabbed her hand and rubbed his virile masculinity with her tiny hand.  She was panic-stricken and pulled her hand away.  She felt like she was holding a molten-hot banana without the skin.


         “Now, remove your clothes.”  Said Lodis, sternly.


         Ai blushed and began to take off her clothes.  Lodis was so excited to see that Ai was fully undressed.


         Lodis smiled an enigmatical smile.  “How old are you, kid?”  He asked and released her hand.


         “Five…” Ai replied softly.


         “What’s your name?”  Asked Lodis blandly.


         “…Ai…” Ai replied.


         “I’m going to kiss you and don’t you dare to bite me.”  Said Lodis suavely.


         Lodis began to kiss Ai’s face and he loved the sensations.  She dared not struggle because she knew that he would slap her.  He licked her lips lightly and slipped his tongue inside for a little exploration.  Her tongue tried to escape from his but eventually his tongue touched hers.  His tongue caressed hers like a snake, and she felt even uneasy just from that alone.


         “Mmm…” Ai felt disgusted as Lodis’s saliva’s entered her mouth.


         Lodis’s tongue danced inside Ai’s mouth for a while before he pulled it out.  When he pulled it out his saliva dripped from her mouth.  He began kissing, licking, nibbling - gradually from the outside of her shoulder, up her neck to her right ear.  He breathed into her right ear and immediately her body shivered.  She somehow felt so good and she moaned softly.


         “Lolitas are much more better than adults. They never try to hide their feelings. ”  Lodis thought.


         “Argh!”  Ai groaned painfully as Lodis spread her legs with his large hands.


         Lodis examined his prize for a while.  This brown-haired victim had a body that, to him, was built for fucking.  She had slim, tapered thighs and flat chest with two small buds, tiny nipples that were already hard, a fat butt that jiggled slightly when she walked, and a hairless pussy with swollen cunt lips that glistened like jewels.  She has smooth skin, rosy cheeks, beautiful brown eyes that shone with innocence.


         “What’s he going to do now?”  Ai thought.  She felt uneasy being leered at by a stranger.  She was lying spread eagle on the bed and her pudgy, tight pussy was begging for attention.


         Lodis took a closer look at Ai’s soft, moist, damp, center of passion between her creamy thighs. 


         “Why can’t women’s pussies just stay like this, instead of becoming all wrinkly?” Lodis asked, admiring Ai’s virgin treasure.


         Her womanly secrets smelled fresh and alive.  He buried his tongue in her womanhood and started licking madly.


         “Ooohhh!”  Ai felt so tingly and moaned loudly.  Her legs clamped his head and her body shivered.


         Ai’s pussy tasted so good until Lodis never wanted to stop.  His tongue found her clit and he started paying some friendly attention to it.  Soon her breathing was getting shorter and heavier. She begged him to stop because she thought she was going to pee.  But he knew that she was going to cum.  He just kept right on sucking and licking her beautiful pussy.


         “I wonder what’s the taste of a lolita?”  Lodis thought.


         Ai was moaning with pleasure as Lodis gently kissed and sucked her.  She was curious and nervous because she never had such sensations before.  She did not know why he refused to let her go to the washroom.  She was whispering shallowly from her lungs.


         “I’m…going…to pee…” Ai gasped.


         Lodis tongued Ai’s mons until she could no longer stand it.  She cried with uncontrollable, shuddering contractions but she thought she urinated.  He sucked her little juices and licked her pussy clean.  She felt exhausted and dozed off.


         “Tastes fantastic!”  Lodis thought.




         Ai moaned and opened her eyes slowly.  When she regained conscious, Lodis straddled her chest, smiled, and ordered her to open her mouth.  When she opened her mouth, she felt the turgid shaft slid quickly into her mouth and down her throat.  His pecker was a too big for her mouth and she thought her mouth was going to be torn apart.


         “Lick it like ice cream; and if you bite it, I’ll slap you.”  Lodis said with a twinkle in his eyes.


         Ai could not tolerate the nasty smell, so she tried to pull away, but it was still useless.  She was lying on the bed and there was no way to get her mouth off out of his prick.  She struggled but he slapped her again, immediately tears flowed down from her timid eyes.


         “Suck it now.”  Said Lodis, petulantly.


         Ai had never put a nasty thing in her mouth before.  She thought that cough medicine was the vilest tasting thing but she found out that his pecker was nastier than that.  Medicine was bitter but this man’s member was like the unpleasant odor of mold.


         Ai tried to imagine that she was enjoying ice cream but she could not endure the smelled of his pubic hair.  She got fidgety at what would happen next.  She could not understand why he was doing this.


         “Use you hands too.”  Said Lodis serenely.  He grabbed her soft right hand and used it to caress his balls.  She tried to use both hands and brushed his balls but her fingers seemed to be all thumbs.  The situation put her in the mire but he still felt the pleasure.


         “Yes…that’s good.  Continue to massage them.”  Lodis purred.


         Receiving the treatment from a lolita, Lodis couldn’t have ben any happier at this moment.  But Ai was bending her brows all the time.  She tried to avoid his pubic hair.  The food in her stomach was dancing and she would vomit any time.


         Suddenly Lodis withdrew his pecker.  Ai was relief and thought that the torment was over.  Actually he was going to come, thus he quickly crawled down and grabbed her by the waist.


         “What…” Ai thought when he saw Lodis aimed his prick at her pussy.


         Lodis lifted Ai by her hips to guide his tool inside and with one deep thrust he filled her up.  “Take this!”  He shouted.


         “Aaaaahhh!!!”  Ai thought someone inserted a hot iron bar into her cunt and she let out a yell as Lodis deflowered her.


         “And this!”  Lodis pulled out his pecker a little and pushed in again.  He did not feel any resistant anymore.


         “Aarggg!”  Ai arched in groaning protest while answering his thrusting hips.  With each thrust she screamed out in pure ecstasy.


         “Finally!”  Lodis pumped again and felt that he reached her cervix.  He could see her folds spreading as he pulled out and then slammed it back into her treasure. He even enjoyed the fact that Ai’s baby pussy mushroomed over his dick every time it re-entered.


         “Sttoooopppp!”  Ai writhed and arched in torment.  She was now screaming and throwing her brown hair all over the bed as his big shaft was tearing her apart.


         Lodis was overjoyed but Ai was suffering.  His prick was like a mammoth tank moving through a small cave.  As it was moving it rubbed everything inside of her.  She tried to kick him away.  He ignored her and continued to pump.


         Lodis’s breath rush in and out.  Finally he came and his seed spilling into Ai.  She also reached her wild wave of pleasure and felt something burst inside her.  She dozed off after he withdrew his prick.




         When Ai woke up again, she saw the same man sitting on a chair beside the bed.  Lodis was wearing only underwear this time.  She realized that her nightmare was not over yet.  She quickly tried to cover her body with both hands.  He beamed when he saw her actions.  She did not realize that she has lost her chastity and it was useless to hide her secret parts anymore.


         “I’ve called my friends and they’re on the way now.  We’re going to give you a big surprise.  So you better get some rest now.”  Said Lodis with a stare and a snicker.


         Lodis left the room but Ai could not sleep.  She was thinking about her parents and her brother.  She was wondering about the surprise that he mentioned.  She glanced down and saw her own blood, juices and his sperm on the bed.  She has no ideas what were those things but she felt the pain in her cunt.




         Soon the door opened and Ai turned her head around.  She saw three men, a woman and a dog entering the room.  One of the men was Lodis and he looked excited.


         “Ta da!  Isn’t she a sexy little bitch?”  Asked Lodis eagerly and pointed at Ai.  Lodis was a tall, fair man with lion-like hair and curiously penetrating light blue eyes.  He introduced Ai to them.


         “Fantastic!”  One of the men – Frank exclaimed.  He was a small, alert person, very neat and dapper.  He has a broad, intelligent face, sloping down to a pointed beard of grizzled brown.


         “Marvelous!”  The other man – Leo shouted.  His age may not have been more than three or four and thirty, but his haggard expression and unhealthy hue told of a life which had sapped his strength and robbed him of his youth.


         “I can’t wait anymore.”  The lady – Elane observed.  She was a striking-looking woman, a little short and broad, but with a beautiful olive complexion, large, dark, Italian eyes, and a wealth of raven hair.


         Ai was trembling when they walked towards her.


         They glanced the bed, “So, you’ve deflowered her?”  Asked Frank with interest.


         “Just her front hole.  I purposely left the back hole for you.”  Lodis answered with a smile.


         “You’re really my best friend.”  Responded Frank.


         “She has sensitive, rose-tipped, pulsing, supremely ticklish and tingling, plump nipples.”  Elane commented.


         In about five minutes, four naked bodies were surrounding the bed.  Ai was frightened to see so many throbbing manhood as well as the woman’s pussy.  All penis were erected as soon as they saw Ai.


         “Are they human?”  Ai thought when she saw different sizes of dick.


         Leo lifted Ai’s head up by the hair and looked into her eyes.  “You’re ours now.  Resistance is futile.  Obey us and we’ll be gentle.  If you don’t, we’ll be brutal.”  He said harshly and she looked at him in shear fear.


         Leo began kissing Ai’s neck and moving down until he finally reached her nipple. He flicked his tongue on her tiny nipple making her body squirm.  He licked slow circles around her nipple.  He was absorbing her essence into his very being.


         Leo moved down and placed his lips on Ai’s pulsating clit, sending a shiver of delight through her entire body.  He licked her pussy up and down, then slowly pushing his tongue in and out of her wet cunt.


         “Hey!  My turn!”  Frank exclaimed.


         Leo stopped teasing and let Frank to continue.  Frank captured Ai’s mouth with hungry urgency.  He made sweeping, swirling motions inside her mouth.  Her two swollen, ripe plums were as good as adult girls.


         Frank glided his tongue down to Ai’s clit and began licking slow circles around it.  Frank kissed Ai’s lips and the taste was richer than Godiva chocolate.  Her hips were swaying back and forth.  He flicked his tongue lightly up and down her pussy, as she moaned louder and louder.


         Frank stopped and let Elane to continue.  “So good.”  Frank remarked.


         Elane licked down to Ai’s breasts, sucking on each nipple, then down to her inner thighs and tackled her clit.  Elane gasped at her first sight of Ai’s lovely cunt.  It was so beautiful, pink, shiny with her wet juices, the lips slightly parted.  Elane gently touched the wet lips, feeling Ai shudder, seeing the little clit grow harder.  Ai sucking in lungful of air as spasms of delight rocketed through her.  Elane began to suck Ai’s clit into her mouth, caressing it with her tongue.  Ai’s hips moving more rapidly as her whole body began to shake.


         “She’s so underaged, and her body is statuesque.”  Lodis joked.


         “That’s right.  Just look at that cute, plump pussy.”  Frank continued.


         Elane stopped suddenly and left Ai arched with abandoned longing.  Lodis took out a small stool and told Ai to stand on the stool.  Ai’s legs were shaking and could not stand still.  After Ai stood on the stool, her pussy and anus were same height with Leo and Frank’s manhood.


         “No…please…” Ai was frightened when Leo positioned his manhood in front of her vagina.  Frank also prepared to deflower her anus.  They could enter any time from now.


         “Ready?”  Asked Leo with interest.


         “Let me count.  1…2…3!”  Frank shouted.


         Immediately Leo and Frank penetrated Ai’s front and rear holes.  Ai cried painfully and fainted.  Leo woke Ai up with force, “Don’t close your eyes again or we’ll beat you severely.”  He warned her.


         Frank’s wanting became reality as he humped Ai’s anus with pleasure.  Her twat accepted the thrust from Leo.  Her ass hole took all of Frank.  She became a sandwich and accepting all they could give her.  Her virgin anus brought Frank home full measure.  Her cunt was trying it’s best to pulsate, to force Leo’s prick from entering, but all it did was pleasure him even more so.


         “I can’t believe…she could take it all…” Leo gasped.


         “I think I reached her final destination…” Frank panted.


         As Leo pulled out his manhood, Frank would push his manhood in to Ai’s anus.  They repeated the rhythm and soon she also swung her waist to follow their motions.  She was moaning in pain but Leo and Frank was in great joy.  Frank sank himself into her, again and again while Leo thrust deeply into her.  Leo also began to kiss her cheek while Frank brushed her hair.


         “Haha!  That little slut learned how to make love fast.”  Lodis teased Ai.


         “She looks like an experienced girl.”  Said Elane with a stare and a snigger. “Hey girly, tell the men how much you love being fucked by them.”


         “I love… being fucked by you… strong men.” Ai said, panting between the sentence.


         Ai noticed that her breathing got faster and her muscles tighten, particularly the muscles around her pussy.  When the sexual excitement in her body reached its peak, she came.  At the moment of climax, every single muscle in the male body was stretched taut.  Frank let out uninhibited cry of satisfaction while Leo also groaned in blissful agony.  They came almost at the same time and she felt their hot seed spilled into her.  She was exhausted and dozed off again.  After Frank and Leo finished, they carried Ai to the bed and prepared for the next assortment of perverted games.




         When Ai woke up again, she found out that she was still inside the room with four strangers.  The nightmare was still far from over.  “Please let me go to the bathroom.”  Said Ai wearily.


         “Do you feel hungry now?”  Asked Leo serenely and Ai nodded.


         Leo smiled an enigmatical smile.  “I got an idea.”  He said and told the others about his ideas.


         The others also agreed.  Elane brought a glass and brought Ai to the bathroom while the guys followed from behind.  Once inside the bathroom, Elane opened the door to the water closet, a small room with an Easter-style toilet, the type that lies on the floor.  Frank returned after a while with two video cameras.


         “Now, we want you to show us how you pee.”  Chuckled Frank.


         “But I can’t…” Ai whispered.  She felt ashamed to piss in front of so many strangers.


         “Just close your eyes and pretend that no one is around.”  Leo suggested.


         Ai glanced around and still hesitated.


         “We won’t give you food if you refuse.”  Said Lodis with a twinkle in his eyes.


         Ai surrendered, placed her feet on either side of the toilet, and began to squat down.  When Ai squatted down, her pussy was same level with the two video cameras. One facing her front, the other, her back. The camera could show her pussy and ass clearly.  Immediately Elane put the glass in front of Ai’s pussy.


         “Spread your legs and pee into this glass.”  Elane remarked.


         Ai closed her eyes, and tried to push the piss out from her bladder and pussy. Every time she pushed, her little pink asshole would pucker, and she would grunt ever so cutely.


         “Keep going. The cameras love you.” Elane joked.


         “Hey!  Look at her piss, man!”  Leo exclaimed.


         “Her pussy is so beautiful!!”  Lodis raised his dark eyebrows.


         “Wow!  This is my first time I’ve seen a lolita pee.”  Said Frank, laughing.


         After Ai finished, they put her back onto the bed.


         Lodis brought in some food and put on the table.  “This is your food.”  He said, smiling evilly.  “With our cum in it.”  He continued.


         Elane put the glass of urine beside the food.  “And this is your water.”  She said earnestly.


         “C’mon, finish the food fast so that we can continue.”  Said Leo involuntarily.


         Ai could not believe that she was going to drink her own urine and eat the cum-covered food.


         “What’re you staring at?  Don’t you recognize your own pee?”  Asked Frank with a smile and the others burst into laugh.


         Ai winced and began to eat the food.  She tried not to drink the urine but she was exhausted and thirsty.  She picked up the glass and closed her eyes.


         “1…2…3…” she counted silently and drank the urine.  Immediately she spat the urine, as well as the food out from her mouth.


         They laughed again as Ai was coughing.  Elane pinched Ai’s nose and Ai was breathless.  Ai opened her mouth to breath but Leo immediately poured the urine into her mouth and closed her mouth.


         Elane released her fingers from Ai’s nose, “Swallow them.”  She said, stroking Ai’s throat.


         Ai swallowed the urine and she felt that she was going to vomit again.  They repeated the same method and forced Ai to swallow.  Ai could not endure anymore and vomited on the floor.




         They put aside the food and asked Ai to kneel on all fours on the floor.  Standing by Ai’s head, Elane grabbed her hair, lifting up Ai’s head so that she was forced to stare at the other woman’s pussy.  In between that black, hairy bush Ai could discern two very dark brown, swollen lips and a very large, hard clitoris protruding between them.


         “Don’t feel shameful.  You also have this when you grown up.”  Said Elane imperturbably.


         Lodis stood behind Ai and prepared to invade her rear hole.  Elane lay spread-eagle in front of Ai and pressed Ai’s head into her crotch.


         “Lick me.”  Said Elane gruffly.


         Ai dared not lick Elane’s pussy because she was afraid of being pissed on.  Elane pressed Ai’s head down and buried her face with the nest of hair between her thighs.  Ai could not breath properly and almost choked. She obviously didn’t wash herself there often because the smell was even worse than Lodis’s pecker.


         “Lick me now!”  Said Elane, petulantly


         Ai began to lick Elane’s cunt and Elane released her hands.


         “Don’t just lick the outside only.  Go inside and use your hands!”  Elane exclaimed.


         Ai pushed her tongue into Elane’s most sensitive spot and immediately pulled out again.  The smell and taste was too strong and she could not take it.


         Elane pinched Ai’s nipple.  “Lick it like a lollipop.”  She said with an impatience temper.  Ai endured the smell and began to lick again.  The smell made Ai almost forgot about the pain of her anus and pussy.  Ai’s whole front body was on Elane’s groin.  Lodis was grabbing Ai’s waist so that Ai did not fall down.


         Ai’s tongue was like a snake darting in and out of the other woman’s pussy, gently lapping at her hugely aroused clit.  Ai also used her hands to caress Elane’s thighs.  Meanwhile, Elane also massaged her own breasts and moaned softly.  Suddenly Ai’s body shaking violently and she tried to move her head away.


         “Oops, I farted.”  Elane explained and the others burst into laugh.  The fart and the smell of urine almost make Ai suffocated.


         Lodis parted Ai’s ass cheeks wider and positioned his hard cock directly in front of her puckered hole.  The next thing Ai felt was the head of his cock pressed against her asshole.  Then she felt a quick, short thrust and by the pain, she knew he had entered her.  She cried and almost bit Elane’s clit.


         “Wow…as a beginner, you’re so good…” Elane gasped.


         “You’re right.”  Frank continued.


         Frank humped for what seemed eternity to Ai; she felt her butt was on fire.  Ai felt so painful that she wished that he could kill her.  Frank was humping faster and deeper.  After a few minutes, Frank allowed his molten juices to intermingle with hers.  Elane also came and ordered Ai to swallow her juices.


         “Eekkk…” Ai felt disgusting about the juices.


         When Elane removed her groin from Ai’s face, Ai tried to spit the remaining juices from her mouth.  When Frank withdrew his manhood, Ai’s ass hole was still opened liked a mouth gasping for air.  Ai felt so painful and she tried to soothe the pain by caressing her anus.


         “Stay in that same position.”  Said Leo, smiling.


         Ai felt something furry on her body and she turned around.  She saw the dog; a type of collie caressing her body with his front paws.  She dared not move an inch because she knew that his paws would scratch her.


         While sniffing and licking seemed to satisfy the collie, they had noticed that this caused the dog’s prick to poke out from its furry sheathe; somewhat thinner, and no cap on the tip, but almost to the length of a man’s cock.  The collie placed its paws on Ai’s shoulder and they helped him to position his pecker on her cunt. The collie then pumped his monstrous piston into Ai’s soaking vagina.


         “Noooooo…” Ai tried to struggle but they were holding her tightly.


         For several minutes the dog worked his cock in and out of Ai’s now worn-out cunt.  Ai felt utterly ashamed for being raped by a collie in front of so many people.  The dog inserted his prick fully into Ai’s cunt and his balls smacked her ass checks as he humped.


         “Elane, you really trained your dog well.”  Observed Frank.


         “Actually I didn’t train him, I just made love with him almost every day.”  Elane replied.


         “Fortunately we have an experienced dog, or else where would we find one in such a hurry?”  Leo remarked.


         “Hey!  Look at her.  She seems to be enjoying it!”  Lodis exclaimed.


         “It;s called a girl’s natural reactions.”  Elane explained and they beamed.


         Ai felt the familiar jerking sensation as collie orgasm.  As he dumped his dog seed into her, she felt his cock grow.  Ai shrieked and tried to struggle again but it was too late.  Collie had locked onto her.  Ai’s cunt was swollen with his massive cock-knot as it jammed against her pelvic bone.  Ai tried to pull away but she groaned painfully.  Ai felt something was hooking her inner walls of her twat.


         “Don’t move if you don’t want to lose your pee hole.”  Elane warned Ai.


         For over fifteen minutes collie lay on top of Ai, his jaws locked around her neck and his cock locked inside of her.  Ai was exhausted and out of breath.  When collie removed his pecker from her cunt, she collapsed to the floor and dozed off.




         When Ai woke up again, she realized that she was lying on the floor with some newspaper around her.


         “Before we send you home, we’ll give you a final surprise.”  Elane said slickly, then sat on Ai’s face. Her mussed, and hairy pussy pressing against Ai’s mouth and nose.


         Elane forced Ai to open her mouth and began to piss into Ai’s mouth.  Ai could not struggle because the others were holding her head.  Ai groaned as she swallowed the pee.  Elane’s piss was sourer than her own.  After Elane finished, she stood up and saw the urine dripped from Ai’s mouth.


         “It’s shower time!”  Frank shouted and all of them began to urine on Ai’s body.


         Ai rolled her body to avoid the pee but useless.  The dog also joined the shower party and peed on Ai’s face.  After a while, Ai’s whole body was covered with urine.  They wrapped Ai in the newspaper and threw her into a car.  They dropped Ai on the roadside near her house.


         “Mommy? Daddy?” Ai crawled out of the newspaper, soaked and wearing torn-up clothes.


         Ai’s parents were relieved and shocked when they found Ai in her condition.  Fortunately Ai was still alive.


         Ai’s parents never found the four kidnappers/rapists, but they knew someday, somewhere, they’d be caught for their heinous crimes.




The end.


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