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Reminder: In this lemon, Gatomon will make love with a cat.


Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2:  This lemon took place after season 2.


Title: Two Little Cats


         Gatomon, this is your new house and you don’t need to hide anymore.”  Kari smiled, Gatomon followed Kari to her room.


         “This will be your bed.”  Kari pulled out a basket and said eagerly.


         Gatomon answered cordially.  “Thanks, Kari.”  Gatomon checked the basket; it looked comfortable and beautiful.


         “And this is Miko, our male cat.”  Kari showed Gatomon a cat.


         “He’s so cute.”  Gatomon thought.


         Gatomon bent down and patted Miko’s head, “Hello kitty.”


         “Meow.”  Miko meowed and Gatomon could understand.


         Miko brushed Gatomon’s legs with his head, Kari smiled demurely and said grimly, “He likes you too.”


         After they talked for a while, Kari bade them farewell, “I got to go now - see you tonight.”




         After Kari left, Gatomon began to play with Miko.  She sat on the sofa with him, and he licked her groin and she moaned softly.


         Gatomon gave a whimsical smile.  “You naughty kitty.”  She said but she did not reject him.  He meowed again and continued to lick her, she purred and patted his head.


         “So you want me, right?”  She asked in amazement and he grinned mischievously.


         She crawled down to the carpet and spread her legs, “You can use me but please be gentle.”  She removed her claws-glove and put them aside.


         He used one of his front paws to caress her breasts, he also licked her thighs and belly.  Her body shivered and she moaned softly.  She was aroused and the nipples emerged from her hidden skin.  There were four small nipples on her belly and they looked as pretty as those on her chest.  He did not feel surprised to see her extra nipples.  She was a cat and all female cats had multiple breasts.  He licked and sucked each of them like a kitten seeking for milk.  She couldn't yet produce milk, but he still enjoyed ‘eating’ her nipples.  The treatment made her body jerk and she moaned so loud that she was afraid that the neighbors might hear her.  He even used his paws to brush the nipples.


         “I can’t…endure anymore…I’m going to come…” she thought.


         He crawled forward, his legs were surrounding her body, he lowered himself gently on her body and she could feel his prick.  He was now looking directly, face to face with her.  He licked her face while she caressed his back.  He stopped licking, he moved down his head and kissed her cheek, he lifted up his head to see her response.  She smiled and parted her mouth, he understood and moved his lips to hers.  She was hoping for him to enter her desperately.


         He traced the outline of her lips with his tongue and ran his tongue across her lower lip.  As he drew back to end the kiss, he sucked on her lower lip a little, then released it.  She nibbled on his lower lip gently, she ran her fingers through his head, cup his furry face in her paws, rubbed his soft back and brushed his neck.


         At last, she felt something poking her belly, she knew that he was aroused and ready.  He lifted his body a little and positioned himself to enter her.  He pushed the throbbing tip of his pecker against her clit and felt her shudder with excitement.  Then he pushed until it had slid firmly and deeply inside her hot pussy.  They both groaned at the pleasure as he felt his pecker move deep inside her, touching against the head of her cervix.


         They were both feline, so he could enter her easily.  He gently applied pressure with each stroke and she could feel every inch of his dick.  He eased deeper into her with each stroke; she moaned while he meowed.  Her legs obediently wrapped around his back, forcing him to give her deeper penetration.  His pace gradually quickened; she was concentrating on the pressure against her clitoris and the impending orgasm.


         He licked her breasts while she massaged his head, they were thrown into ecstasy and were moaning/meowing loudly.  Her body shivered and came, he also reached climax and shot his cat seeds into her uterus.  He ejaculated for sometime until she thought her womb could not take any more.  Finally he stopped and she was relieved, her legs released from his back and she dozed off.


         When she woke up, she saw him lying beside her.  She smiled and picked him up, she walked into the washroom to clean his body, as well as herself.  He looked at her and she knew he had something to say.


         “What do you want to say?”  She encouraged him.


         “Meow.”  He meowed and crawled out from the washroom.  She understood and followed him.  He crawled out the house and meowed again, after a few minutes, a female cat approached him.


         He meowed at Gatomon and Gatomon was a little disappointed. “So she’s your girlfriend?”  Gatomon patted the female cat’s head and asked with a grin.


         He meowed and nodded his head, the two cats massaged each other’s body with his/her head.


         “You don’t need to apologize, I’m a cat but I’m not your type.  I’m glad that you found a girlfriend.”  Gatomon knelt down and smiled demurely.


         He meowed again, meaning ‘thank you’ and Gatomon nodded, “Remember to return before dinner time.  And you’re still welcome to make love with me anytime.”  He and his girlfriend left the house happily.  Gatomon returned to the house with a little sadness, but she managed to put on a smile on her face after a few minutes.




         That night, after dinner, Kari and her parents went out for a movie.  Agumon and Gatomon do not like the movie, so they stayed at home.


         Agumon.”  Asked Gatomon suddenly.


         “Yes?”  Agumon looked at her.


         They were sitting on the sofa watching a different movie, and she purposely sat nearer to him and put a paw on his thigh.


         “Do you have a girlfriend?”  She asked eagerly.


         “No, why?”  He was a little nervous and curious.


         “I’ve no boyfriend, so…” she trailed off.


         He gulped, “But I thought you loved Patamon.”  He answered, with some surprised.


         “No, he’s too feminine,” she caressed his thigh and continued, “You’ve a male voice, you look like a man and act like a man.  Besides, you’re strong and handsome.”


         “Thanks.”  He answered, he felt so good as her paw was rubbing his thigh and he was getting arouse.


         Agumon, we’ve been staying in the Digital World together for so long and I already fell in love with you.”  She explored his chest and said.


         “Wow, she’s tempting.”  He looked at her and thought.


         “Do you love me?”  She asked again and took off her claw-gloves.


         He could not endure anymore, his groin bulged and he just nodded, “I love you too, Gatomon.  Since the first day we met, I fell in love with you.”


         She looked down and saw his crotch; “You want me now?”  She asked purposely.


         He blushed and nodded again.  They decided to enter the bedroom to continue their activity.  After they did so, they hugged and kissed passionately.  She kissed his cheeks, down to his neck, chest and up to his face again.  He also kissed her ears, face, chest and back to her face again.


         They lay on the bed and she kissed his pouch.  His pecker crawled out from its pouch and she licked it.  After a few minutes, she could taste the pre-cum.  She licked his cock head but could not taste his piss.  She drew his balls into her mouth, gently caressing and manipulating them while she ran a finger down the crack of his ass, probing the tight anus.  Bringing her mouth back up his cock, she choreographed the motions of his cock in-and-out of her mouth while her finger probed in-and-out of his ass.  He moaned in pleasure and his body was shivering a little.


         The pressure kept increasing and increasing until suddenly, he came.  She thrust her head down on his cock, taking it as deep as before.  He shot load after load of sperm into her throat while she continued to bob her head up and down on his deeply engulfed cock.  It was like he could not stop coming and she could not get enough.  As the flow lessened, she pulled her head back and began running his still spurting cock around her face.  Finally he stopped and she took his softening cock back into her mouth, gently licking and sucking it clean.  She used her fingers to wipe off her face and sucked off the collected come.


         Gato…that’s great, thanks.”  He said with a polite smile.


         Agu…” she gave him her angelic smile.


         They both were gasping on the bed, after he rested for a while, he crawled down to her groin.


         Agumon, you recovered very fast.”  She said, with a little surprise.


         “Well, I’m young and energetic.”  He answered cordially.


         He looked at her pussy and she held her breath as he touched her.  He lubricated his fingers with his saliva, he shrunk all his fingernails so that he would not cut her pussy and gingerly pushed a finger into her. She moaned softly and her body shivered.  He put in another finger and stroked her rhythmically.


         He bent over her body to take in a nipple.  He took it into his mouth, sucking it gently then harder, increasing the pressure to a light bite that she shivered at, he sucked at her like a baby, feeling her getting harder between his lips.  He cupped her breasts on her chest and explored the remaining four nipples on her belly.  He pinched, rubbed, brushed, caressed and poked them.  Those nipples were more sensitive than the two on her breasts.  She moaned so loudly again and almost came immediately.  He smiled and stopped.  He moved his paws down and stopped at her secret part.


         He found her G-spot and she felt like she was going to urinate.  He moved his fingers in and out of her twat, she was thrown into ecstasy and building her orgasm fast.  He continued to suck her breasts and explore her twat with his fingers.  She moaned louder and louder, until she finally came.  Her orgasm was glorious, matching her expression.  She quivered, then purred, drawing herself up, to take him into her arms and hold him.  He kissed her lightly on the mouth, she gasped and grinned, drawing him down with her to the bed.  He closed his eyes and they dozed off together.


         And so, the two little cats each found a mate.



The end.


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