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Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This lemon is not related to the series.


Title: Two Dinosaur


         Somewhere in the Digital World, Gennai and the four Holy Beasts had built a school.  Gennai was the headmaster and currently there was only one teacher.


         “Leomon, I know you like to show off your muscular body, but you’re a teacher now and I hope you can set a good example.  As you know, fish begin to stink at the head.”  Said Gennai, chuckling to himself.


 “This is my first time wearing clothes.”   Leomon who was wearing a coat, said with a laugh.


         “This is your tie.”  Said Gennai in his consequential way.


         Leomon took the tie, “Gennai, how do…” he asked in undisguised wonder because he never used a tie before.


         “Oh, this is your first time using a tie?”  Gennai asked knowingly and showed Leomon how to use the tie.


         After ten minutes, Leomon stood in front of a mirror.  He almost did not recognize himself.  From the mirror, he saw a young and handsome man.  He had short hair and was wearing a black coat.  He also shaved his beard and his face looked handsome.  He was wearing tailor-made pants and new shoes.  “How am I going to battle?”  He murmured.


         “Leomon, these are your teaching materials.”  Said Gennai loftily.


         “Thanks.”  Said Leomon in his consequential way and putting the materials into his suitcase.


         “You looked like a professor.”  Said Gennai with a grin.


         “A professor without teaching experience.”  Leomon added gravely.


         “Don’t worry, it’s very easy.”  Gennai remarked.


         Leomon smiled and left the room.




         Leomon walked towards the classroom.  He could hear noises coming from the classroom, but when he entered the classroom, the students stopped talking and stood up, “Good morning sir!”  They said greeting Leomon politely.


         Leomon glanced around the room, “You may sit down.”  Said Leomon loftily and the students sat down.


         “This is the weirdest day…a warrior has become a teacher.”  Leomon thought.


         Leomon sat down and took out some textbooks.  “Okay, how to teach?”  He thought again.


         “Now, turn to page 5.”  Said Leomon at last.


         Immediately the students turned to page 5 and waited for the lesson to begin.


         “Fortunately they obeyed me.”  Leomon murmured.


         Leomon asked them to write an essay when a student, Veemon, realized that he had forgot to bring pens. 


“Pineapple head, can I borrow a pen?”  He asked the student sitting beside him in his consequential way.


         “I’m not pineapple head, little blue dragon.  My name is Guilmon.”  He whispered, passing a pen to Veemon.


         “Sorry, but your head looks like a pineapple.  Anyway, I’m Veemon and I’m a dinosaur too.”  Veemon whispered, taking the pen.


         After one hour, the class stopped writing and Leomon collected their essays.


         “Class dismissed.”  Said Leomon blandly after he put the essays into his suitcase.


         After the students left the classroom, Leomon realized that he forgot to ask for their names.  “I also forgot introduce myself.”  He murmured.




         “Hello, I’m Veemon.  Nice to meet you.”  Said Veemon with a grin to a pink bird.


         She smiled an enigmatical smile.  “I’m Biyomon.”  She answered blandly.


         “Biyomon, are you ready to go home?”  A small dinosaur interrupted them.


         “Oh, Agumon, this is Veemon.”  Biyomon introduced Agumon to Veemon, “Veemon, this is my boyfriend, Agumon.”


         Veemon looked startled, “Nice to meet you.”  He shook paw with Agumon and greeted him.


         “We’ve to go now, see you again tomorrow.”  Said Agumon loftily.


         Veemon bade farewell to them and left.


         Suddenly someone tapped Veemon’s shoulder, Veemon was shocked and turned around.  “Oh, Guilmon, it’s you.”  He said with dignity.


         “I can hear your heart breaking sound.”  Said Guilmon with a stare and a snicker.


         Veemon blushed, “Why do all the pretty girls have boyfriends?”  He sighed.


         “Cheer up.  There are still many girls outside this school.”  Said Guilmon with a grin.


         “Thanks.  Anyway, did you come here to cheer me up or tease me?”  Asked Veemon suavely.


         Guilmon laughed indulgently.  “Well, I just wanted to ask if you want go to my house to finish the homework?”  He asked.


         “Sure, let’s go.”  Veemon answered, laughing.


While they were walking Guilmon began a conversation.


“Veemon, you said that you’re a dinosaur, but you looked like a dragon more than a dinosaur.”  Guilmon remarked.


         “My father was a dinosaur while my mother was a dragon.  My ancestors were dinosaurs and my parents told me that I’m a dinosaur too.”  Veemon explained.




         When they reached a T-junction, Veemon remarked, “This way is the road to my house.”


         “Oh, my house is that way.”  Said Guilmon, winking at Veemon.


         They continued to walk for about ten more minutes and saw a building.  In the sunlight stood an old country house encircled by deep ditches.  From the walls right down to the water grew large dock-leaves that had shot up so high that little children could stand on tiptoe beneath the tallest.  It was as lonesome there as in the thickest wood.


         “So your house is not too far away from my house.”  Said Veemon demurely.


After they entered the house, Guilmon switched on the air conditioner.


         “Veemon, can I visit your house tomorrow?”  Asked Guilmon gently.


         “Sure.”  Veemon answered in his consequential way while taking out his textbooks.


         After they finished their homework, Guilmon invited Veemon to play Final Fantasy 8.


         “Guilmon, how did you get the Chocoboo?”  Asked Veemon demurely.


         Guilmon explained everything to Veemon and Veemon listened with great interest.


         “Can I borrow this memory card?”  Asked Veemon at last.


         “No problem.  You can bring it back anytime.”  Guilmon answered, laughing.


         They spent a wonderful evening together and Veemon returned home happily.  Since they had common interest, they became good friend immediately.




         The next day after school, Veemon and Guilmon went to fishing.  Here flowed a river, as clear as the atmosphere itself.  Gold and silver fish swam in it; purple eels which emitted blue sparks at every motion were playing beneath the surface; and the broad leaves of the water lilies shone with all the colors of the rainbow.  The flower itself was like a glowing orange-colored flame, receiving sustenance from the water, as a lamp from oil.


         “Nice weather.”  Veemon said looking at the sky with a grin.  The sun looked like a crimson flower from the cup which light streamed forth.


         “It’s breezy and not too hot.”  Guilmon chuckled to himself as he spoke and his eyes twinkled.  He saw pretty green hillocks covered with vines.


         They found a place under the shade of a tree and sat down.


         “Veemon, we should find a mate and bring her here.”  Said Guilmon sweetly.


         Veemon chuckled grimly.  “That sounds right, this is a romantic place.”  He said.


         They were fishing and chatting happily.  Suddenly the sky became overcastted with dark clouds, and soon there was thunder and lightening.


         “Guilmon, I think it’s going to rain.”  Said Veemon in a quavering voice.


         “Let’s get out of here before it does.”  Said Guilmon nervously.


         But it was too late.  While they were still packing, rain began to pour down.


         “Oh God, can’t you give us more time to pack?”  Veemon whined.


         Soon it rained like cats and dogs and they were panic-stricken.


         “Veemon, you shouldn’t grumble.”  Said Guilmon blandly.


         After they packed everything, they quickly left the lake.


         “Guilmon, a cave!”  Veemon exclaimed suddenly.


         “Let’s hide in there!”  Guilmon shouted back.


         They knew that they would not be able to go home in time.  So they decided to hide in the cave.  They were shocked when they heard the rumble of thunder.


         A flush sprang to the blue cheeks of Veemon.  “Damn, the cave is so small!”  He ejaculated.


         “Let me enter first.”  Said Guilmon quietly.  He began to enter the cave and squeezed himself in.  He felt uncomfortable when his back rubbed the rocky wall.  He coiled his tail and invited Veemon to come in.  If Veemon entered first, there would be no free space for Guilmon.


         Veemon quivered with emotion, “Guilmon, is this a good idea?”  He asked in crackling voice as he crawled entered the cave.


         “Do you have a better idea?”  Guilmon retorted.


         Veemon leaned his back against Guilmon’s chest and tried to curl himself like a ball.  They had to leave their things outside the cave.  Soon they could not even see the trees outside the cave.


         “Fortunately we didn’t try to rush home.  Surely we would have gotten lost immediately.”  Said Guilmon sternly.


         “That’s right, but the weather is changeable.”  Veemon responded cheerily.


         Veemon felt the cold wind and his body shivered a little.  Their bodies were still wet but Guilmon was stronger than Veemon and did not feel chilled.  Guilmon hugged Veemon more tightly, his chin caressed Veemon’s head and his paws rubbed Veemon’s paws.  “Veemon, do you feel better now?”  He asked in a soothing voice.


         “Thanks.  I feel much better now.  But how about you?”  Asked Veemon eagerly.  His groin bulged as Guilmon caressed his body.  His manhood expanded and almost popped out from the pouch.  He could not understand why he felt so good.


         “The wall is rocky but don’t worry, my skin is thick and I don’t feel any pain.”  Guilmon answered loftily.  He also tried to move his groin away from Veemon’s body.  He controlled his manhood so that it did not crawl out from the hidden skin.  He could not understand why he was aroused.


         “Guilmon, can I ask a question?”  Asked Veemon, smiling.


         “Shoot.”  Said Guilmon soothingly.


         “I’m bi, how about you?”  Veemon asked softly and he blushed.


         Guilmon also blushed, “I’m bi too.”  He answered shyly.


         There was a long silence.  Suddenly Veemon pushed his buttocks backwards, immediately Guilmon groaned softly as Veemon’s buttocks bumped his bulging pecker.


         “Sorry…” Veemon quickly apologize.  But he thought,  Wow, so hard.”


         Guilmon chuckled heartily.  “Never mind.”  He answered.  His paw accidentally touched Veemon’s groin and Veemon moaned softly.


         “He’s also aroused.”  Guilmon thought.


         They both felt uneasy and ashamed.  They kept quiet and did not know what to say.


         “I hope the rain would stop so that we could go home.”  Veemon broke the silence.


         “Why don’t we take a quick nap?”  Asked Guilmon.


         “Good idea.”  Said Veemon and closed his eyes.


         After about one hour, they woke up again and found that the rain had stopped.  They quickly took their belongings and left that place.  But none of them could forget that incident.




         After one week, Veemon went to Guilmon’s house as usual to discuss the homework.


         After they finished, “Veemon, you said that you’re bi.  Have you done that thing with another guy before?”  Guilmon asked.


         “No.  How about you?”  Veemon blushed and answered.


         “Me either.  Do you want to try it with me?  I’m curious.”  Guilmon asked.  He wanted to hug Veemon again and feel the softness of his body.


         Veemon starred at Guilmon, he remembered how good it was when Guilmon hugged him in the cave.  “Okay, but please be gentle because you’re huge.”  He said.


         While still sitting on the sofa, Guilmon smiled and took out his pecker from the hidden skin.  Veemon also unveiled his pecker.  Guilmon leaned back, content to let Veemon lead the way and deliriously happy that a fantasy of his was coming true.


         Guilmon has a handsome face with piercing deep brown eyes, a pineapple head, and that ‘all round athlete’ type body that was perfectly muscled.  But the ace of the whole package was his legs and the cock that hung between them.  Strong, high arched feet supported a pair of super-defined thickly formed calves and thighs.


         “Wow!  If Veemon were a girl, I’m sure she would kill every single man with her eyes.  In beauty of face no maiden ever equaled her.  It was the radiance of an opium-dream – an airy and spirit-lifting vision more wildly divine than the fantasies which hovered about the slumbering souls of the daughters Delos.”  Guilmon thought.


         Veemon understood and was reaching his hand up to stroke Guilmon’s chin.  Taking Guilmon’s chin in his grasp, he pulled Guilmon to him as he crushed his lips to his.  They spent several minutes kissing one another while their bodies moved against each other.


         “His naked form looks fresh, delicate and yet manly.”  Veemon thought.


         “His small and cute body makes me aroused.”  Guilmon thought.


         Veemon looked at Guilmon’s penis.  It was about ten inches and fat from tip to base with a big mushroom head.  His balls were huge and hairy.  His penis was brown color with some black dots.  Veemon slowly jacked his dick and he just laid back and moaned.  Guilmon was excited; he closed his eyes and enjoyed the treatment.


         “He like’s it.”  Veemon thought.


         “He’s so good.”  Guilmon thought.


         Veemon moved his head down so his lips were just above the tip of that fat monster.  Veemon stuck out his tongue and licked the tip.  Guilmon moaned and his body jerked.  Veemon opened his mouth and started to suck that big monster.  Veemon slowly worked Guilmon’s fat tool into his throat and sunk down deep on the length of his shaft.  The foreskin of the dick was rough but Veemon did not care so much.  Guilmon felt so excited that he was about to come.


         Veemon slopped on his fat cock for a while and let it out of his mouth to get to his big balls.  Veemon slowly brushed the foreskin as he sucked one of Guilmon’s balls into his mouth and gently worked it with his tongue.  Veemon cupped Guilmon’s balls and played with them.  Veemon continued until he tasted the pre-cum.


         “Veemon, why did you stop?”  Guilmon gasped.  He wanted to come so eagerly now.


         “I want you to put it in my anus.”  Veemon answered.


         “I’ll lubricate your asshole first, but it’s going to hurt too.”  Said Guilmon.


         Guilmon grasped Veemon’s sides as he found his anus.  Guilmon licked Veemon’s asshole and lubricated the hole with his own saliva.


         “Veemon, are you ready?”  Asked Guilmon and poked Veemon’s ass cheeks with the mushroom head.


         Veemon was nervous but tried to relax.  He nodded and closed his eyes.


         Guilmon began to slide his rough prick into the lubricated and waiting hole.  The feeling was incredible, like fire inside of Veemon.  As the prick was going deeper and deeper, Veemon felt like someone was caressing his inside with sandpaper.  Tears dropped from Veemon’s face but he did not scream.  Guilmon’s prick was too huge for his virgin hole.  But after Guilmon’s whole prick was inside Veemon, the pain slowly subsided.  Veemon was relieved and then began to feel the pleasure.


         “You’re doing…good…please continue…” Veemon gasped.


         “Thanks.”  Guilmon answered.


         Guilmon humped gently into Veemon, Guilmon pumped harder and faster until Veemon’s virgin asshole started bleeding but Veemon did not feel the pain.  Finally, Guilmon could not take it any longer.  With one last deep thrust, Guilmon felt his cock spew forth into the depths of Veemon’s hot ass.  Veemon could feel Guilmon’s warm seed spilling into his hole.  Guilmon withdrew his prick after he finished and collapsed onto Veemon’s chest. Veemon licked him tenderly.  This was Guilmon’s first time and he ejaculated fast.


         “It’s my turn.”  Guilmon gasped.


         Guilmon hugged Veemon again and found the same feeling he had in the cave that day.  Veemon’s skin was smooth and elastic.  Veemon also tried to hug Guilmon with his small paws.  Guilmon was like a tree trunk to Veemon.  Guilmon’s body was a little rough and solid.  But Veemon liked to hug Guilmon too.


         “Veemon, I’m ready.”  Guilmon whispered and released the hug.


         Guilmon showed Veemon his virgin asshole.  “I don’t need lubrication.”  Said Guilmon.


         Veemon then started to push his way in without lubrication.  Guilmon’s hole resisted for a moment, but he quickly loosed up because Veemon’s prick was smaller than Guilmon’s anus.  Veemon’s cock then began to slide smoothly into Guilmon’s smooth, hot passage.  Once Veemon was balls deep in Guilmon, he pulled out again.


         Guilmon was nervous and gave a slight shiver as Veemon began his reentry. The feeling was wonderful for both of them.  The tightness around Veemon’s cock almost sent him over the edge by itself.  As Veemon humped deeper and faster, Guilmon’s groans became louder.  Veemon could not hold back anymore and ejaculated.  After Veemon finished loading his seeds into Guilmon’s hole, he withdrew his dick.


         “Guilmon, that was great.” Veemon leaned on Guilmon’s strong back and whispered.


         “I feel great too.”  Guilmon whispered back.  Both of them decided to take a break.




         After one year, Guilmon married Veemon and they lived together happily.




The end.


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