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Season 3 series



Author: Daniel


Note: ************ means scene changed.


Title: Takato’s First Orgasm


         One day, Takato searched for some information on the Internet.  He nodded and murmured, “I think that’s enough.  Now I need to find a girl to practice.”


         He switched off the computer and thought, “Who should I choose?  Rika will sure kick me although she also learned from Renamon.  Jeri still too ‘wet behind the ears’.  Suzie… Henry will kill me even if I tried.  Ha, I know!”


         He sat up with a start and shook his head again, “But Renamon is a Digimon. Besides, Rika will dump me if she found out about this.”


         Finally he made a decision, “I have no choice. I’ll look for Renamon tonight; hopefully, she’ll agree.”




         That night, Takato’s parents went to a relative’s house and would be back in two days.  Takato set off to Rika’s at about eight o’clock.


         “Rika!”  Takato knocked the door and shouted.


         The door opened by Rika’s grandmother, “Rika went out and will be back in two hours.”


           Takato answered cordially, “I’ll visit her again tomorrow, thanks.”


         After she closed the door, Takato murmured, “How to find Renamon?”  He turned around and shouted, “Aaahhhh!!!”  He saw Renamon standing behind him all of a sudden.


         “Renamon, you scared me!”  Takato gasped.


         “Sorry, but why did you come here?”  Renamon asked unhappily.


         “I came here to look for you. You see, I need your help.”  Takato remarked calmly, “Can you come with me to my house?”


         “You should look for Guilmon, not me.  And why must I go to your house instead of you coming inside here?”


         “Guilmon is not a girl, and I need to discuss something with a girl.”


         “Then discuss it with your mother.”


         Takato became grossed out at the suggestion, even if Renamon didn’t understand what he meant. “I can’t…”




         “Can we PLEASE discuss this at my house?”


         “Okay.  But cut to the chase.  Rika needs me.”




         Inside Takato’s room:


         “Ok, tell me now. What do you want?”  Asked Renamon in undisguised wonder.


         “Renamon, is Rika still a virgin?”


         “She made love with me almost every night, I think she’s not a virgin anymore, sexually at least.”


         “Does she love me?”


         Renamon glanced at Takato and raised her eyebrows sardonically.  “Yes, she’ll never forget you as a goggle-head.”


         “I’m still a virgin, so…can…you teach me…how to make love…” Takato blushed as he was speaking.




         Takato dared not to lift up his face because he was so ashamed.


         “No wonder Guilmon is so dumb.  A dumb Tamer would sure have a dumb Digimon.”  Renamon answered with the utmost coolness.


         “And Rika the Ice Queen has a Digimon from North Pole.  She’s cold enough to freeze someone’s heart, killing them in the process.”  Takato thought.


         “I’ll help you, but why are you doing this?”  Renamon said in her consequential way.  She retracted her sharp and long fingernails.


         “I want to give Rika a good first time, but I’m too green; so, I need your help…” Takato lifted up his face and answered frankly.


         “Then let’s get started, I want to leave before Rika comes back.”  Renamon nodded. She also wanted to make love with a boy.  Rika was a girl and could not satisfy her in the way only a male could.


         Takato immediately took off his clothes, Renamon shook her fox-head and sighed, “You shouldn’t take off you clothes right away. You should take off each other’s clothes, and praising each other at the same time.  The act of removing your own clothes and your partner’s can be an important part of foreplay.  Your partner may want you to remove their clothes, or they may do it themselves.  Either way, undressing has as erotic impact which is irresistible.”


         Takato observed gloomily, “Okay, I’ll remember that.”


         Renamon lie on the bed and waited for him, he rubbed his dick and harden it.  He crawled on top of her and prepared to penetrate her cunt.


         Renamon stopped him and said severely, “Wrong again!  You must have foreplay first.”


         Takato crawled down from the bed and walked towards his writing desk.  He picked up a piece of paper and murmured, “Foreplay… it’s kissing and caressing each other’s body.  Men who know how to enjoy sensitive foreplay will find their partners reach orgasm more easily.  A woman needs prolonged stimulation to reach full arousal, and foreplay can ensure she receives the stimulation she requires.”


         Renamon grabbed the paper and read it. She found some papers on the table and glanced them.


         “You sure are an eager beaver.”  Said Renamon at last.  Takato had printed out the information about making love and some stories.


         “Err…” Takato was speechless.


         Renamon lie on the bed again and invited Takato, “Let’s do it again.”


         Takato lie beside Renamon and she taught him about foreplay.


         “Kissing during foreplay offers sensual pleasure and feelings of intimacy, girls liked to be kissed passionately.”  Renamon began and Takato wrote down on a piece of paper.


         “TAKATO!  YOU DON’T NEED TO WRITE THAT DOWN!”  Renamon gave a little stately cough, “You just need to memorize!”


         Takato apologized again and put away the paper.


         “The lovers' kiss or French kiss as it’s called involves the whole mouth and tongue. It is said to have its origins the way mothers used to feed their babies in prehistoric cultures.”  Renamon explained, Takato opened his mouth to kiss with Renamon but Renamon turned her vixen-face away.


         “Another thing, Takato, you MUST use mouthwash before you start kissing.”  Said Renamon blandly and Takato went to the washroom to gargle.  He returned after five minutes and lie beside her again.


         “Now this is called French Kiss.”  Renamon informed him and kissed him.  He parted his mouth and let Renamon’s tongue explored his mouth.  They kissed for a few minutes and stopped.


         “Wonderful!  Where did you learn all these things from?”  Said Takato with a stare and a snigger.


         “Shut up or I’ll go home now.”  Renamon warned him.


         “Okay…” Takato answered with reverence.


         “A deep kiss is very often the first mutual acknowledgement that sexual attraction exists between a couple, and it is the first element of sexuality to disappear from a relationship that is on the wane. Now let’s try this and caressed each other’s body.”  Renamon explained again.


         “Takato, kissing is not restricted to the mouth only, try kissing every inch of your partner’s body.”  Renamon corrected Takato when he just kissed her mouth.


         They kissed again while exploring each other’s body.  Renamon was satisfied and enjoyed the sensations.  They broke the kiss again after a few minutes.


         “One more thing, before you kiss, you should find out with your lips and tongue where her teeth are, so you can avoid banging into them with your own teeth.  The next thing to remember is that kissing should be wildly exciting, vary the pace, and vary the initiative. Sometimes taking it, sometimes being receptive to your partner.”  Renamon remarked and Takato nodded.


         “Now let’s go to foreplay.  Some woman needs twenty minutes of foreplay.”  Said Renamon serenely.


         “Twenty minutes, why?”  Asked Takato with interest.


         “Girls like foreplay, they don’t like to be penetrated without foreplay.  If you entered her without foreplay, it will feel painful and it will be like you’re raping her.”  Renamon explained.


         “How do I do it for such long time?”  Asked Takato, scratching his head.


         “First, hold her hand gently in yours and kiss the backs of her fingers.  Fingers are a woman's most ignored erogenous zones.”  Renamon answered calmly.


         Takato kissed Renamon’s paw and thought, “Nice to see, nice to touch and nice to kiss.”


         “And then put her bottom lip between your lips and kiss it lightly.  Move on to her upper lip, then her throat, earlobes, and eyelids.”  Renamon continued and taught Takato how to kiss in this way.


         “Now, when you’re kissing, never extend your tongue more than a third of the way into her mouth.  Instead, use the tip of it to play with the tip of her tongue, the inside of her lips, and the edges of her teeth.”  Said Renamon cordially and Takato just nodded.


         “Licking, stroking and sucking the breasts can be very erotic and exciting.  Another sensitive part of a woman’s body is the perineum, the area between the anus and the vagina.  Now let’s do the foreplay from the beginning.”  Said Renamon merrily and they kissed with each other passionately.  Takato was a quick study and could give pleasure to her immediately.  This was the first time Takato made love with Renamon, he was so excited when he explored her furry body.  Her body was spread with perfume. He massaged her soft belly, her elastic thighs, her firm legs, and finally back to her cool but pretty face.


         While they were kissing again, Takato inserted a finger into Renamon’s cunt while she grabbed his penis.  He started to explore her twat with his finger while she massaged his penis.  They continued to kiss and explore each other’s body.  Finally her pussy was wet and his penis was hard.


         “Now you can put it in.”  Said Renamon at last and spread her legs.


         Takato slid his pecker into her vagina and then he started to pump, but suddenly he groaned and ejaculated.  He collapsed to the bed and panted.  His first orgasm was over and he gave his first time to Renamon.


         “Takato, you came too fast!  What you just did was called Premature Ejaculation. You must learn to endure.”


         Takato blushed and was gasping for air on the bed.  After a few minutes, he was ready again and entered her again.  He felt so good and almost came again. He controlled himself and started to pump slowly, and then faster and deeper.  Finally they reached the climax and he shot his load into her uterus.  After he finished he withdrew his pecker and dozed off on the bed.  Takato awoke with a start when someone shouted his name.


         “Rika!  How did you get in here?”  Takato was surprised to see Rika standing in front of his bed.


         Rika shot an angry glance at Takato.  “I returned home and couldn’t find Renamon, so I end up finding her here.  Takato, how dare you rape my partner without locking the door!”  She snarled.


         “Rika, please don’t jump the gun, I didn’t rape her!”  Cried Takato with an ashen face.


         Rika blew her stack and asked, “So you mean she came here to rape you?”  She raised her dark eyebrows.


         “Rika, let me give you the lowdown on this matter.  He wanted to find a girl to try for his first time, so he looked for me.”  Drawled Renamon before Rika kicked Takato.


         Rika’s eyes bulged and Takato was his face red!


         “Why don’t you look for me instead of a Digimon?  Don’t you love me?  Or are you just plain nuts?”  Asked Rika with a twinkle in her eyes.


         “I love you, believe me, but…” Takato trailed off, he did not tell her that he was afraid to be kicked.


         Rika took off her clothes and said to Renamon, “Renamon, can you leave for a while?”  Renamon nodded and walked out from the room.


         “Rika, what’re you doing?”  Asked Takato nervously.


         “You don’t want to do this with me?”  Asked Rika impatiently.


         Takato gulped, “But are you sure?”  He sat there with his mouth opened and his cock about to shot cum again.  She reveled her size B breasts and his eyes bulged, he was looking at her in her nakedness for the first time. She was the most beautiful girl that he ever did see.  Her long soft red hair cascaded over her shoulders. He just looked at her for a second in wonder and in appreciation of her body.  She was drop-dead gorgeous.


         Rika hugged Takato and whispered, “I wanted to do this with you for the longest time.”  They began to kiss with each other and rolled on the bed.


         “Ouch!”  They groaned in one voice as they fell from the bed.


         “Takato, your bed is too small for us to roll in.”


         “Sorry Rika.”


         They climbed back to the bed and continued.


         Takato remembered what Renamon had taught him, so he used all the techniques to please Rika. They engaged in a passionate embrace and kissed wildly.


         Rika also recalled what Renamon taught her.  She knew that she was preparing Takato for penetrative sex by building a firm erection.  She kissed and caressed the back of his neck, ears and eyelids.  She also used her breasts, nipples, mouth and tongue to stroke and caress his body.  After a few minutes, they changed to 69-position.


         Takato moved down to her pussy, her pubic hair was new and were soft as he brushed it.  He did not waste any more time and licked her pussy, she moaned and her body shivered a little.  The clitoris is the most sexually sensitive area at this time, he stimulate it gently and skillfully as Renamon taught him earlier.  He also gave Rika pleasure by stimulating her buttocks and vagina with his fingertips, lips and tongue.  He continued for a few minutes and stopped when her pussy was soaking wet.


         Meanwhile, Rika was touching his genital area, especially the area between his shaft and anus.  She played his balls gently, and she also explored the length of the shaft and the glans at the tip, as well as the frenulum.  She also stopped when Takato stopped.


         Takato stretched his hand and took something from the table beside the bed.  She giggled as he was putting on the condom.


         “Rika, I don’t want to impregnate you yet.”


         “Takato, according to a medical report, some sperm will still manage to enter my body even if you used a condom.”


         “Err…then I shall not do it at all.”


         “Never mind, you can do it.”


         After he put on the condom, they decided to use the ‘missionary’ position.


         He lie on top of her and she guided his dick into her vagina.  He slid in slowly inch-by-inch and she groaned as he pierced her hymen.  He let her rested for a while before he continued.  He pumped slowly at first, then faster and deeper.  She moved her legs to change the angle for deeper penetration and control his thrust.  They were really in 7th Heaven.


         He also moved his body forward a little, bringing his pubic area over on top of hers to stimulate her clitoral.  They rubbed their pubic areas together to prolong intense orgasm by direct clitoral stimulation.  Finally they moaned loudly and reached climax together.  He filled the condom with his sperm; he withdrew his dick after he finished.


         “Shit!  The condom is still inside.”  He was nervous when he did not see the condom on his manhood.


         Rika was also stunned. They quickly tried to dig out the condom.  Fortunately they manage to take out the condom, but there was a small hole at the end of the condom.


         “Rika…now most of my sperm is inside you, sorry.”


         “Takato, next time, use a suitable size and better brand condom.”




         They lie side by side and were gasping for air.


         “Takato, I love you.  You’ve given me a good night although there was an accident.”  Rika remarked with some coldness.


         Takato blushed and answered wearily, “I love you too, thanks for doing this.  I’ll take up the responsibility if you become pregnant.”


         Rika smiled satisfactory, they rested for a while and cleaned their bodies.  And then Rika went home with Renamon happily.




The end.


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