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Renamon: adult fairy-tales

Story 4


Author: Daniel


Note 1: This is an AU (Alternate Universe) and is not related to the series.

Note 2: This lemon contains background music, please relax and enjoy.

Note 3: All Digimon has no special powers.


Title: Sleeping Beauty


         Once upon a time there were a king and queen, “Ah, we want a child.”  Said the queen – Lopmon.


         “We made love day and night for ten years, but still no child.”  Said the king – Terriermon.


         Lopmon and Terriermon were very rich, but also loved money as much as life itself.


         One day, Monochromon broke a plate accidentally.


         “Monochromon, that plate cost half of your salary.  This month, you only have half salary.”  Said Lopmon blandly, actually that was a very cheap plate.  Monochromon sighed after Lopmon left, he knew the queen very well.


         They lived in a beautiful palace.  It was a great white marble palace with wide halls and high towers.  The roof and ceiling were made of gold, there were many guards protecting the palace.  A special room was built to keep all the jewels and monies.  Lopmon and Terriermon ruled with peace and there was no war.


         And all round the palace, for miles and miles, there were lovely gardens and pleasure – grounds, with terraces and green lawns, and ancient trees where the birds would sit and sing all day and all night long.  A hundred flowers were in full bloom.  There were peacocks and birds of paradise on the broad lawns, and pretty slender brown deer in the shady glades, and gold and silver fishes in the ponds and fountains, and great red and yellow fruits ripened in the orchards.


         “I wish that we could see our children playing in this garden.”  Said Lopmon sweetly.


         “Me too.  It’s a fly in the ointment, for we don’t have a child.”  Terriermon nodded.




         One day…


         When Lopmon was bathing, a frog crept out from nowhere into the bathroom, and said to her, “Your wish shall be fulfilled, before a year has gone by, you shall have a daughter.”  The frog was called Scubamon.


         “I’m not joking, it’s as sure as a gun.”  Scubamon continued, seeing her look of incredulity.


         “Arhhhh!  A Peeping Tom!”  Lopmon shrieked and covered her body with the towel.  She opened the door a little and kicked Scubamon out from the bathroom.


         “Kill that frog!”  Lopmon shouted from the washroom, immediately one of the guards – Mummymon killed Scubamon.


         After finished taking shower, she walked out from the washroom and warned the guards, “If you ever let anyone or anything enter the bathroom while I was taking a bath again, I’ll have your head removed from you body!”


         “Yes, my queen.”  The guards answered with respect.




         What Scubamon had said came true. The queen had a little girl who was so pretty that the king could not contain himself for joy, and ordered a great feast.  But there was something wrong with their daughter.


         Lopmon chuckled heartily.  “Darling, we’re rabbits, how can we give birth to a fox?”  She remarked.


         Terriermon looked at the yellow fox, he could not understand either.  “Honey, did you ever made love with a fox before?”  Asked Terriermon at last.


         Lopmon was in a fluster, “Darling, I love you and I only made love with you only.  I would not make love with others!”  She cried.


         Terriermon kissed Lopmon’s cheek, “I trust you, honey.”  He said cheerily, “What will be her name?”


         “How about Renamon?”  Said Lopmon thoughtfully.


         Terriermon burst into a hearty laugh.  “Renamon…nice name!”  He exclaimed.


         Renamon has a face like a blush rosebud, eyes like violets, and a little yellow mouth like the pimpernel flowers that grow in the cornfields and by the wayside in summertime.  Her tail was so huge and soft.  The fur on her chest was white color and looked tempting.




         Bonfires as big as haystacks were kept burning all night, fat oxen were roasted whole in the market-place of every town, the church-bells were rung and rung again until the ringers were out of breath and their arms were aching, and every little child in the kingdom was given a beautiful present for the baby Princess’s sake.


         Terriermon invited everyone to celebrate his daughter.  The feast was held with all manner of splendor and when it came to an end the female fairy Digimon bestowed their magic gifts upon the baby.


         “She shall always be as pretty as gold.”  Said the first fairy – Fairymon.


         The second fairy – Biyomon said, “She shall be the cleverest Princess in the world.”


         The third fairy – Floramon said, “She shall marry with the most handsome guy.”


         The fourth fairy – Palmon said, “She shall be the happiest Princess in this world.”


         The fifth fairy – Gomamon said, “She shall have the sweetest voice that was ever heard.”


         Every fairy prayed for Renamon and wished her good luck.  There were all total thirteen female fairy Digimon.  And everybody was as happy as happy could be.  When twelfth of them had made their promises, suddenly there was a clashing of brazen claws and a rushing of wings, and something like a black cloud seemed to pass before the tall windows and darken all the room, so that the guests could hardly see their plates.


         “Protect the princess!”  Mummymon shouted, immediately all guard drew out their daggers.


         Then the great doors burst open with a terrible bang, and a fairy named Calumon, with her face almost hidden in a black hood, jumped out of a black chariot drawn by fierce griffins, and stalked up to the table.  She cried with a loud voice, “Since you didn’t invite me, your daughter shall in her fifteenth year prick herself with a spindle, and fall down dead.” And, without saying a word more, she turned round and prepared to leave the room.


         The King turned pale, and the Queen nearly fainted away.  This fairy Digimon was a spiteful fairy who lived in a dismal black stone castle in the middle of a desert.  The Queen had been so happy and so busy that she had forgotten all about her, and never sent her an invitation.


         “Sorry, please forgive me for not inviting you.  Please don’t kill my daughter.”  Terriermon pleaded in a quavering voice.


         “You high and mighty evil, I’ll kill you!”  Mummymon roared.


         Mummymon threw his dagger to Calumon but Calumon caught the dagger easily and bent it.  Another guard – Robin Ninjamon shot some arrows to Calumon rapidly, but Calumon was faster than the arrows and could evade it easily.


         “Anymore?”  Before the angry crowd, Calumon did not turn a hair and was very calm.


         They were all shocked, but the thirteenth fairy, whose good wish still remained unspoken, came forward.  Her name was Guilmon.  As she could not undo the evil sentence, but only soften it, she said sternly, “Don’t cry, dear Queen.  I can’t quite undo Calumon’s wicked enchantment, but I can promise you that your daughter shall not die, but only fall asleep for a hundred years…” she has a nose in the air.


         “Wait!  Why one hundred years?  Why not one or less than one year?”  Cried Lopmon with outstretched hands and quivering fingers.


         Guilmon went easy before the crowd.  “Because one hundred years is less than one year.”  She answered, scratching her chin in some perplexity.


         Terriermon’s eyes bulged and Lopmon felt as if sitting on pins and needles.  Calumon laughed until a tear rolled down from her cheek.


         “Guilmon, one hundred years is 100 times longer than one year.”  One of the fairies – Impmon whispered to Guilmon.


         “Really?”  Guilmon scratched her head and said calmly.  “Sorry, but I can’t change anymore.”  She apologized.


         Terriermon and Lopmon began to cry.  The others had mixed feelings of grief and joy; Renamon would not die, but must sleep for one hundred years.


         The wicked fairy Digimon – Calumon flew towards the windows.  No one could catch her because she was flying very fast.  Suddenly, she flew back towards the table and grabbed a turkey, “Culon!”  She shouted and left happily.


         “Guilmon, please study hard in order to pass your next exam.”  Another fairy Digimon – Gatomon said quietly.


         “Sure, mo man tai.”  Guilmon answered, she has a level head in any emergency.




         Terriermon, who would fain keep his dear child from the misfortune, gave orders that every spindle in the whole kingdom should be burnt.  Meanwhile the gifts of the wise fairy (except Guilmon) were plenteously fulfilled on the young girl, for she was so beautiful, modest, good-natured, and wise, that everyone who saw her was bound to love her.


         “Finally, we see our child playing in the garden now.”  Observed Lopmon thoughtfully.  She led Renamon into the flower garden.  What fragrance and loveliness were there!  All imaginable flowers of every season stood in the most gorgeous bloom; no picture book could be so bright and gay.  Renamon jumped for joy, and played till the sun went down behind the tall cherry trees; then went to sleep in a lovely bed with silk pillows stuffed with violets, and slept and dreamed as nicely as any queen on her wedding day.


         “She’s as pretty as you, honey.”  Said Terriermon, smiling.


         Lopmon smiled demurely, “Now I wish that she could find a good husband.”


         They went wild with joy on seeing their daughter.  Looking at their daughter playing in the garden, they were merry as a cricket.




         It happened that on the very day when Renamon was fifteen years old, she was playing with the maids.  She accidentally found herself at the top of a narrow winding stairway in a tall turret that seemed even older than all the rest of the palace.


         “Funny, I never saw this place before.”  Said Renamon with a twinkle in her eye.


         Renamon climbed up the narrow winding-staircase.




         “Argh!!!!!”  She shouted when a group of bats flew passed by her side.


         “Damn, this place is creepy.”  Renamon grumbled but refused to retreat.  Finally she reached a little door. A rusty key was in the lock, and when she turned it the door sprang open, and there in a little room sat an old woman with a spindle, busily spinning her flax.


         “Who’s she and what’s she doing?”  Renamon thought, rubbing her paws.  For some time she stood at the door, watching the old woman curiously; she could not imagine what she was doing, for she had never seen a spinning wheel in her life before.


         Renamon shot an angry glance at the woman.  “Who are you?  What are you doing in my castle?”  Asked Renamon bravely and pretended to be calm.


         “I’m spinning,” she answered shortly, “do you know anything about spinning?”  Before the angry Renamon, she did not bat an eyelid and was very calm.


         Renamon was curious instead of frightened; she turned her attention to the spinning wheel.  She was like a hen with one chicken for that thing.  “What sort of thing is that, that rattles round so merrily.”   Renamon raised her dark eyebrows, and she took the spindle and wanted to spin too.  But no sooner did she touch it than she pricked the palm of her hand with the point.


         “Ouch!”  Renamon looked at her palm, a drop of blood dripped from the wound.


         “Do you feel tired?”  Asked the old woman with some coldness.


         “Yes.”  Renamon answered and yawned.


         “You can have a nap on my bed.” The old woman showed Renamon a beautiful bed.


         “Thanks.”  Renamon answered politely and lay herself on the bed.


         “Have good dreams.”  Said the old woman coolly.


         “Thanks…zzzzzzzzzz” Renamon smiled and fell asleep.


         This sleep extended over the whole palace, the king and queen began to go to sleep, and the whole of the court with them.  The horses, too, went to sleep in the stable, the dogs in the yard, the pigeons upon the roof, the flies on the wall, even the fire that was flaming on the hearth became quiet and slept.  The soldiers and men-at-arms slumbered as they stood.


         The old woman laughed happily, she transformed back to Calumon.  “You fool, now you shall sleep for 100 years.”  She said with some bitterness.  “Curiosity killed the fox.”  She added.


         Calumon slide one finger down Renamon’s belly, and down Renamon’s slit, and found Renamon’s drenched with her own wetness.  “Now I can do as I please, you won’t wake up even if you reached climax.”  Calumon whispered, she had her nose in the air.


         Calumon was indulging in fantasy, if she was a boy, his crotch would be bulging.  “I’ve always been wanted to have sex with another girl, now it’s my chance.”  Calumon told herself.  She went easy because she knew Renamon would not wake up until 100 years.  Calumon was licking her lips and she was above herself.


         Calumon slid that finger into Renamon. Renamon still did not move or moan.  Calumon began to pump the finger in and out of Renamon.  Calumon slide a second, then a third finger in, wondering if Renamon could handle any more of her hand inside Renamon.  Calumon pumped her three fingers, and Renamon still remained silence.


         “Wow!  I like her twat.”  Calumon felt to be in her element fingering her twat.


         Calumon stopped finger fucking after a while and rolled Renamon’s body over.  Calumon spread Renamon’s ass cheeks with her fingers.  Calumon leaned over and began to lick and kiss the cheeks of Renamon’s ass until she found what she was looking for, Renamon’s puckered little anus.


         “I can’t believe she also sprayed perfume into her anus!”  Cried Calumon without reservation.


         Calumon put her lips on her asshole and kissed it like it was a person’s mouth.  Calumon slid her tongue into Renamon’s anus.  Calumon could feel Renamon’s ass start to move in a slow circler motion, as Calumon’s tongue penetrated Renamon’s ass deeper and deeper with every thrust.


         “The perfume smells good.”  Said Calumon from the bottom of her heart.


         Calumon removed her tongue from Renamon’s sweet asshole.  Calumon rolled Renamon’s body over again; Calumon lowered her head to Renamon’s crotch, and covered Renamon’s young pussy with her mouth.  Calumon parted Renamon’s swelled cunt lips with her tongue, and began to lick her erect clitoris.


         Calumon lapped at the pussy, her tongue jabbing in and out of Renamon’s lips.  Calumon darted her tongue in and out of Renamon’s tunnel of love, causing the waves of pleasure cascading up and down the younger girl’s body to double.  The harder Calumon moved her tongue, the faster the waves repeated.  Faster and faster the waves washed over the vixen, each bringing her closer to an explosion, but she still did not moan or move.


         Calumon licked the drops of pre-cum off Renamon’s cunt; she had never tasted anything so sweet.  Calumon’s tongue drove deep inside, scooping up the ambrosia and withdrawing it into her mouth.  If Renamon could move, she would buck back and forth with the motion of Calumon’s action.


         Calumon was insatiable.  She continued until Renamon’s juices flowed out from her cunt.  Renamon had her first orgasm while she was sleeping.  Renamon’s small body did not shake even she was in ecstasy.  “Taste like watermelon!  Unfortunately she could not enjoy the orgasm.”  Calumon thought.


         Swallowing the taste of another woman, Calumon was pleased to find it different than her own.  “Each woman is different and special.  Mine is strawberry taste.”  She thought.  She felt so good to be able to take her time, to stretch each pleasing moment to as long as she could make it last.


         “Time to say goodbye.”  Calumon finished the last drop of juice, she bade farewell to Renamon and prepare to take off.  Renamon still sleeping and did not make any sounds.  “Culon!”  Calumon shouted and flew out through the window.




         A magic wood had sprung up all around the palace and its grounds.  It was at least half a mile thick, and was composed of thorns and prickly plants, through which it seemed impossible for anyone to penetrate.  It was so thick and high that it hid even the topmost towers of the enchanted castle.


         Not far away from the castle, there was a small castle.  A prince named RenamonBaba and his female Digimon friend named Patamon were the owners.  RenamonBaba was twenty-five years old.  He was six feet tall, nice brown hair and blue eyes.  A broad sword was hanging on his right wrist.


         There were no towers in the land more time-honored than his gloomy, gray, hereditary halls.  His line has been called a race of visionaries; and in many striking particulars – in the character of the family mansion – in the frescos of the chief saloon – in the tapestries of the dormitories – in the chiseling of some buttresses in the armory – but more especially in the gallery of antique paintings – in the fashion of the library chamber – and, lastly in the very peculiar nature of the library’s contents – there was more than sufficient evidence to warrant the belief.


         “RenamonBaba, are we going to that castle now?”  Asked Patamon eagerly, who looked like a pot roast with big ears.  She had an axe to grind by saying this.


         “Are you sure about this?”  Asked Prince RenamonBaba serenely.


         “Of course.  I also found out that they’re very stingy although they’re very rich.  So, it’s time for us to teach them a lesson.”  Patamon told RenamonBaba about the legend of the sleeping beauty.


         RenamonBaba pricked up his ears.  “The princess will only wake up after 100 years, that means I can rape her and steal all her treasures before she wake up.  They were so stingy, now it’s time for me to take revenge on them.”  He remarked, he was going to loot a burning house.


         Patamon was extremely happy, for she chuckled and rubbed her paws together.  “That’s right.  No matter what you’re going to do, she would not wake up.”  She answered and she liked to hit a man when he was down.


         “I’ll bring along my S/M equipments.  When I found her…” said RenamonBaba imperturbably, saliva dripped from his mouth and his groin bulged.  He licked her lips and indulged in fantasy.


         Patamon glanced reproachfully at her prince, “Unfortunately I’m a female, or else I’d rape her too.”  She sighed.  “Never mind, I still can help my prince.”


         “What’re we waiting for? Let’s go.”  Said RenamonBaba in his easy, genial way.


         After some time, RenamonBaba packed all S/M equipments that he had into a bag and was readied to take off.  Patamon transformed to Pegasusmon and RenamonBaba straddled her back.  Pegasusmon flew towards Terriermon’s castle.


         “Pegasusmon, do you know how to torture a girl Digimon?”  Asked RenamonBaba while on the way, this was the first time he was going to torture a girl Digimon.


         “RenamonBaba, Digimon and human are the same.  Nipples and clits are our most sensitive and painful parts.”  Pegasusmon spoke out her mind freely.


         “So, if I used nipple clamps on those parts, you would feel very painful?”  RenamonBaba asked again.


         “When you clamp our nipples or clits and removed them immediately, we would not feel so painful.  We only feel painful after you removed the clamps after several hours.”  Pegasusmon explained thoughtfully.


         “Why?”  Asked RenamonBaba in astonishment.


         “The blood circulation.”  Pegasusmon paused a while before she continued.  “When you clamp our nipple, the clamp stopped the blood from flowing to our nipple.  When you removed the clamp after a few hours, or even after fifteen minutes; the blood would rushed back to the nipple and we would feel like endless needles were piercing our nipple.”


         “So, if I clamped Renamon’s nipples and let her remove them after 100 years, would she feel the pain until she wished that someone could slice down her nipples?”  RenamonBaba guessed.


         “No.  If you clamped our nipples for more than one hour, the cell in our nipples would slowly begin to die.  Eventually, our nipples would be damaged and became useless.”  Pegasusmon remarked.


         “Hmm…when Renamon woke up after 100 years, what would she do after she removed the nipple clamps?”  RenamonBaba indulged in fantasy.


         “She would become a flat-chest girl.”  Said Pegasusmon thoughtfully, they laughed and the conversation drifted away into other channels.


         After some time, they saw an eagle was chasing a cat.


         “RenamonBaba, shall we help the cat?”  Asked Pegasusmon, laughing good-humouredly.


         “Why must I help that little cat?  We’ve more important business to do.”  Said RenamonBaba with some impatience, he was thinking about the methods that he would use on Renamon.


         “You’re right.”  Said Patamon with a malicious smiled.


         After Pegasusmon flew away, the cat sighed and the eagle disappeared.  “Another warriors who are going to kick the bucket.”




         When they reached Terriermon’s castle, Pegasusmon landed on the ground.  RenamonBaba climbed down from her back and she transformed back to Patamon.


         “So, the plants covered the castle?”  Asked RenamonBaba, looking at Patamon with mischievous eyes.


         Patamon nodded, RenamonBaba drew out his sword and walked towards the plants.  Suddenly the plants began to attack RenamonBaba and Patamon.


         “They’re alive!”  RenamonBaba and Patamon cried mischievously.


         “Sorry, I didn’t know that they were alive!”  Pegasusmon apologized.


         “Never mind, I can handle this.”  RenamonBaba lifted up his sword and tried to cut a tentacle, but the tentacle was too strong and his sword was broken into pieces.


         Patamon quickly transformed to Pegasusmon, “RenamonBaba, let’s get out of here now!”  She gasped in astonishment.  But before RenamonBaba and Pegasusmon could escape, a tentacle knocked RenamonBaba to the ground while another tentacle grabbed Pegasusmon’s body.


         “Argh!!!!!”  Pegasusmon shouted painfully because the tentacle was full of prickles.


         “Pegasusmon!”  RenamonBaba tried to help her but some tentacles pinned him on the ground.


         Pegasusmon was gasping on the ground, blood dripped from her body.  Some tentacles also pinned her on the ground.  Suddenly she screamed with all strength as a tentacle penetrated her pussy.  She cried even louder when another tentacles deflowered her ass hole, both tentacles were full of prickles.  Immediately blood flowed out from both holes.


         The tentacle in Pegasusmon’s twat began to pump brutally and she was groaning painfully.  The tentacle explored every part of her twat, the tentacle tore some skins from her twat and she fainted due to the pain.  She woke up with a start when the tentacle bumped her cervix.  She felt like someone was poking her cervix with needles.


         “No…please stop…” Pegasusmon pleaded them to stop.


         At last, the tentacle pushed itself into Pegasusmon’s womb with one thrust.  She screamed and almost fainted.  The prickles scratched her cervix canal and vagina badly.  After the tentacle raped her for a while, he killed her brutally.  RenamonBaba closed his eyes and vomited, his partner had died horrifyingly.  He felt regret for coming to rob the treasure and torture Renamon, but everything was too late.


         “Argh!”  RenamonBaba shouted painfully when a tentacle whipped his face.  The tentacle whipped him and the prickles tore his clothes.  Finally he was naked and his body was full of scratches.


         One tentacle rubbed RenamonBaba’s buttocks and he could feel the prickles on that tentacle.  RenamonBaba was nervous and his body shivered.  But he could not move because the tentacles were holding him tightly.  The tentacle was raised high in the air, and brought down lightly on RenamonBaba’s ass cheeks; the tentacle was long enough to cover both cheeks simultaneously.  RenamonBaba gave a little yelp, obviously that first swat had not done serious damage.


         The tentacle was lifted high and came down smartly across the seat of RenamonBaba’s ass.  Immediately RenamonBaba groaned and prayed the tentacle to stop.  The tentacle gave RenamonBaba another stroke, just below the last one, and his right foot came off the floor.  The tentacle gave RenamonBaba another, across the place where his bottom and thighs met, and he screeched in pain.  The prickles tore some of RenamonBaba’s skins.


         The tentacle found another spot and landed a stinging lash on RenamonBaba’s right ass cheek.  The pain was so overpowering that it made RenamonBaba shoot jets of pee.


         “Ouch…please stop…” RenamonBaba gasped.


         The tentacle struck RenamonBaba’s left ass cheek.


         “Noooooooooo!”  RenamonBaba panted, he could not endure anymore and hoped that the tentacle would kill him immediately.


         The tentacle spanked again and again, RenamonBaba could not believe that he did not faint.  The tentacle stopped after RenamonBaba’s buttocks turned red.  The tentacle suddenly penetrated RenamonBaba’s virgin ass hole and he cried with all strength.  The tentacle ignored RenamonBaba and continued to destroy his anus.  After a few minutes, RenamonBaba screamed for the last time and died painfully.


         A cat was watching from behind some bushes.  She shook her head and built a small cemetery.




         After one month, another Princess – Kari also would like to steal the treasures from Terriermon’s castle.  She was very poor but has a heart of gold, and she was twenty years old.  She decided to walk because she believed that she would find a good horse on the way.


         “If you don’t know how to use your money wisely, I’ll help you to use them.”  Said Kari with an oath.


         Kari was wearing a blue dress with puffy short sleeves; there was a heart logo in front of her dress.  Although the dress had a fairly modest neckline, the hem was very short, barely reaching to the middle of her thighs.  She wore white stockings, black boots, and a Bastard Sword was hanging behind her.  She was about 5'6”, brunette.


         Bastard Sword also known as the hand-and-a-half sword, the bastard sword derives its name from the fact that it is halfway between the two-handed sword and the long sword.  The bastard sword has a double-edged blade and a long grip, which could accommodate both hands if preferred.  The overall length of the bastard sword ranges between four feet and four feet ten inches.


         One day, while Kari was resting beside a river, she saw an eagle was chasing a cat.  She quickly drew out her sword and rushed towards the eagle.  The eagle saw her and attacked her, she stepped aside to evade the attack.


         “Wow!  A female warrior, wait, she’s…” the cat thought, cocking her eyes at Kari.


         Suddenly Kari pretended to trip and fell down.  The eagle immediately flew towards her.


         Kari waited for the right moment, “Eat this!”  She threw her sword to the eagle, the eagle did not aware that she could attack him, he tried to avoid the sword but it was too late.  The sword pierced the eagle’s chest and he groaned painfully, he tried to fly away but she managed to grab her sword.  She pulled out her sword and stabbed him again and again until he did not struggle anymore.


         Kari turned around to find the cat, she saw the cat was standing under a tree.


         “I’m Gatomon and I was just testing you.”  Said the cat good-humouredly.


         “I’m Kari, you can talk?  And you tested me with that fierce?  He almost killed me.”  Kari answered with a little anger.


         “That was a hologram created by me, don’t worry, it won’t kill you and even if you failed, you won’t die.”  Said Gatomon, good-humouredly.


         “Why do you want from me?”  Asked Kari sharply, she turned around and did not see the eagle anymore.


         “I’m a fairy, are you going to the Terriermon’s castle?”  She asked, glancing very keenly across Kari.


         Kari ascended.  “Yes.  Frankly, I’m going to steal his treasures to help the poor.”  She answered and smiled an enigmatical smile.


         Gatomon chuckled to herself.  “You’re brave but still can’t defeat Calumon.”  She said affably.


         “Then can you help me to defeat him?”  Asked Kari anxiously.


         “Calumon is a female evil fairy.”  Gatomon corrected Kari.


         “Oops, she has a boy’s name.”  Said Kari, smiling.


         Gatomon laughed heartily at Kari’s perplexity.


         “I’ll enchant your sword with magic, so that you can cut anything easily, including a diamond.”  Said Gatomon thoughtfully.


         Kari passed her sword to Gatomon, “Can you come with me?”  She asked again after Gatomon enchanted her sword.


         “Sorry, I can’t help you directly.  I can only help you indirectly, for example, giving you a magical sword.”  Said Gatomon curtly.


         Kari grabbed the sword and lifted high her sword, “I have the power!”  She shouted, the sword shone and engulfed Kari with a light.  But nothing happened after the light was gone.


         Kari put her sword back to its sheath.  “Is this mean that you won’t help me even if he’s…she’s going to kill me?”  She asked blandly and Gatomon nodded.


         “I’ve built some graves for those who were killed by Calumon.”  Said Gatomon, rubbing her paws.


         “How could you stood there and did nothing?  You cold blooded fairy.”  Said Kari tartly.


         “I knew those warriors very well, they never cared for the others; they only cared for themselves.  They all had bad intentions, some wanted to burn the castle, some wanted to torture Renamon while she was sleeping, some wanted to steal Renamon and make her a sex slave, and some wanted to become a king but would rule with violence.”  Gatomon explained cordially.


         Gatomon paused a while and pointed at Kari, “But you’re different, you didn’t have bad intentions.”  She continued calmly.


         “So, those who died because they didn’t have magical sword?”  Said Kari, looking at Gatomon in bewilderment.


         “Correct, now your sword is called Sword Of Faith.  You still need Armor Of Hope and Shield Of Love.”  Said Gatomon with a touch of asperity in her voice.


         “Where can I get them?”  Asked Kari with a mischievous twinkle, she hoped that Gatomon could give her the other weapons now.


         “Ride that horse.”  Gatomon pointed to a direction and said.


         When Kari turned around, a great horse came striding through the forest; his coat was glistening and his mane flowing in the wind of his speed.  As soon as the horse – Silverfax saw Kari, he checked his pace and whinnied loudly; then trotting gently forward he stopped his proud head and nuzzled his great nostrils against Kari’s neck.


         Kari caressed him like he was her old friend.  “So, your name is Silverfax?”  She saw a ring on his neck and Silverfax was embedded on the ring.


         Kari turned around to ask about her parents, but Gatomon has disappeared.  “She’s gone, can I meet her again?”


         Gatomon was hiding behind some bushes, “Ryo, Rika, you’ve a brave daughter…and she’s flower of the flock among the warriors.”  She murmured.


         Impmon was standing beside Gatomon, “Our leader helped her parents, now you helped their daughter, this is really a circle of life.”  She said, chuckling to herself.


         “I hope she could make it.  Unfortunately we can’t help mankind directly, or else I would have help her.”  Gatomon sighed.





(He’s Woodmon)



         Kari was riding along the path; the horse seemed to know where she could find the other weapons.  “Damn, is this the correct path?”  She grumbled after she did not find or see anything after one hour.  She decided to take a break and answer nature’s calling.


         Suddenly a tree stood in front of her, “Leave your monies here or I’ll kill you!”  The tree shouted and he was Woodmon.


         “Hologram or not, I’m going to destroy it.”  She drew out his Sword Of Faith and thought.  She climbed down from the horse and the horse walked away.


         “I won’t surrender my monies without a fight.”  She retorted.


         “Then you must DIE!”  Before Woodmon say the word ‘die’, he was already standing in front of her.  He swung a trunk towards her and she quickly blocked it.


         “Argh!!!!!!”  Woodmon shouted as the sword sliced his trunk into half easily.


         She was also shocked, “Wow!  So powerful.”  She looked at her sword and thought.


         Woodmon stepped back and disappeared.


         “Damn!  Where did…” she trailed off as the tree appeared from nowhere and attacked her.


         “Urgh!!!!”  She groaned as she was knocked to the ground.  She lifted up her head but did not see Woodmon.  He was moving so fast until she could not see him.


         Ninjutsu is really a very practical art.  Unlike samurai, ninja don’t worry about style, or honor, or glory.  We start with very basic exercises in movement and meditation, and make them part of our everyday lives.  We want, after many years of study, to ‘forget’ our training and to achieve a state of complete emptiness which is also complete awareness and readiness.”  She remembered what her Sensei told her.



(Author’s note:  Ninjutsu – The ‘art of stealth’ or ‘way of invisibility’.  An unconventional discipline incorporating martial arts, special weapons, techniques of concealment, and sorcery.)



         She realized that she must meditate.  So she closed her eyes and began breathing slowly.  As she entered a state of deeper listening, she was immediately aware that there is a presence around her.  She managed to avoid the attacks from Woodmon but she still could not counter it.


         She had to rely on sakki – a sixth sense used to detect harmful intentions.  At last, she could predict the movements of Woodmon.  With a shout, she did a back flip, and then a blinding series of stabs.  When she stopped, her sword was buried deep inside the front part of him.


         “How could…you see me…? asked Woodmon wearily as she pulled out her sword slowly.  There were some holes on the front part of him and he began to shatter to data.


         She put her sword back into its sheath and was surprised to see a shield on the ground where Woodmon shattered into data.  “I think this is the Shield Of Love.”   She murmured.


         The horse came back and she decided to change her dirty clothes.  She found a river and climbed down from the horse.  She looked around before she removed her clothes.  She stepped into the river to clean herself while the horse was drinking water.


         “Aahhh…” she felt so comfortable as she washed her body.


         Her full chest had large prominent nipples, and her fully exposed pussy had a thick growth of black pubic hair that tried in vain to hide her full cunt lips.  She has six-packs on her belly.  She also has long, smooth, but strong legs.


         After a while, she walked out from the river and dried her body with a towel.  She answered the nature’s calling near a bush.  She put on new clothes and hung the old clothes at the branches.  She took out some foods from her bag and began to eat.  After she finished, she took a quick nap under a tree.




         “Dad!  Mom!  The enemies had surrounded our castle!”  Kari shouted and began to weep.


         Rika and Ryo knew that their armies were exhausted and could not fight anymore.


         “My daughter, listen carefully.  Be bold and be strong, for you’re a princess.”  Ryo – Kari’s father told her.


         “We’ll come back to celebrate the victory.”  Kari’s mother – Rika hugged Kari and said in a soothing voice.


         “Let me help you.”  Kari drew out a dagger and pleaded.


         “No, you’re our last hope.  You must protect this castle while we’re gone.”  Said Ryo gravely.


         “Henry Potter, please take care of my daughter.”  Said with a thoughtful face.


         “Yes my queen.”  Henry Potter bowed and answered in a very amiable tone.


         Henry Potter followed Ryo and Rika as they began to walk out from the room.


         “Henry Potter, please teach my daughter well and don’t ask her to take revenge.  Revenge only leads to destruction.”  Said Ryo after they left the castle.


         “Sir, you want to use the final spell?”  Asked Henry Potter nervously.


         “Only this final spell can destroy all foes.”  Rika answered, he had a card up his sleeves.


         “I know we’ll die, but we’ll feel proud because we can protect this castle.”  Ryo’s small eyes twinkled with pleasure.


         “Sir, I promise that I’ll take good care of Princess.”  Said Henry Potter with an oath.


         Rika and Ryo stood on the drawbridge; they saw the foes were standing in front of their castle.


         Rika grabbed Ryo’s hands, “Darling, although this is our last battle, I don’t feel afraid.”  She said with a smile.


         “Why must we be afraid of death?”  Asked Ryo and kissed her cheek gently.


         The foes were surprised to see Rika and Ryo only.


         “Let’s do it.”  Said Rika calmly when she saw the foes began to attack them.


         Rika and Ryo lifted their hands and murmured something.  Immediately a light engulfed the foes and they shattered into data.  Soon, there were nothing left.


         “We made it!”  Ryo gasped.


         “We protected our future.”  Rika panted.


         Kari rushed out from the castle to hug her parents.


         “Mom!  Dad!”  Kari cried loudly as she saw her parents began to transform to dragons.


         “Princess Kari, they consumed all their energies and must go home now.”  Henry Potter explained gloomily.


         Kari passed her hand over her brow.  “Go home?  Where?”  She asked involuntarily.


         Finally, two dragons – blue and red color stood in front of Kari and Henry Potter.


         “My daughter, don’t cry because we’ll return to take you home.”  Said the blue dragon with a smile.


         The red dragon smiled approvingly.  “Kari, this is the circle of life and the circle would not end.”  She said.


         “But,” Kari stammered, “I thought you’re going to celebrate the victory, and live happily for years and years, after all you have done.”


         “My daughter, don’t cry in front of your armies.  You are now the princess of this castle and you must help your people.”  Said the blue dragon in soothing voice.


         Kari rubbed the tears from her face and looked around, every army knelt down before her.  She nodded and bade farewell to the dragons.  “Dad, mom, I promise that I’ll take good care of this castle until you return.”  Said Kari with an oath.


         Henry Potter also knelt in front of Kari, “Hail to the Princess!”  He shouted.


         Every army echoed loudly, “Long live to princess Kari!”


         The dragons flew away satisfactory.


         “Henry Potter, I want to become a warrior like my mother to protect this castle.”  Said Kari sternly.


         “Princess, please don’t think about taking revenge.”  Henry Potter advised.


         “I know, revenge leads to destruction only.  I want you to train me harder so that I have the ability to protect this castle.”  Kari nodded.


         “Princess, my training will be very tough…” Henry Potter trailed off.


         “I’m not afraid.  I just want to protect my people, just like what my parents did.”  Kari Interrupted.


         After five years, Kari became a famous warrior.  She ruled with peace and fight for justices.  Several years later, Henry Potter also passed away due to illness.


         Before Henry Potter die, “Princess, you should find out yourself how your parents could use magic spell.  You could become stronger after you revealed the truth by yourself.”  He stammered.


         “Sensei, I never blamed you for not telling me the answer.  I promise, I’ll become stronger when my parents return to take me home.”  Said Kari with an oath.




         Kari woke up with a start.


         “It’s just a dream.”  Kari looked around and found out that she was lying under a tree.  “Dad, mom and Sensei, I missed you.”  She murmured.


         She checked her old clothes, they were already dried and cleaned.  She put them back into her bag carefully.  She also put the shield behind his back, near her sword but she still could draw out her sword easily.  Fortunately, the shield was not heavy.


         She straddled the horse and decided to set off to Terriermon’s castle.  “I hope I can find the Armor Of Hope on the way.”  She told herself.




         After a few hours, she reached a small village.  She decided to find a room to stay overnight.


         “Are you Princess Kari?”  Asked Tai when he saw Kari.


         “Yes.”  Kari nodded.


         “Oh Princess, please help us!”  Tai knelt in front of Kari and cried loudly.  The other people also pleaded.


         “Calm down, and tell me what happened.”  Kari asked in undisguised wonder.


         Tai slowly stood up and sobbed into his handkerchief, “There’s a monster on that hill, he would kill us if we didn’t pay him tribute.  He would rape the girls and bar-be-cue the boys.”  He explained.


         “We can’t beat him because he’s too strong.  Please help us, we don’t want to be roasted.”  Matt continued earnestly, he was sobbing his heart out.


         “Princess, you must help us!”  J.P. pleaded while rubbing the tears away from his face.


         “Poor guys!”  Said Kari, commiseratingly, after she had listened to their misfortunes.   “Tell me the location and I’ll take care of him.”





(He’s Greymon)



         Kari was riding towards the hill.  She saw a cave and climbed down from the horse.


         A dinosaur named Greymon walked out from the cave, “I smelled human.  Wow, it’s a girl and I can release my desires!”  Had he discovered a gold mine, greater delight could not have shone upon his features.


         “I came here to destroy you.”  Kari interrupted impatiently and prepared to fight.


         “You want to fight?”  Greymon asked in astonishment, clapping his paws, and looking as delighted as a child with a new toy.  “I’ll crush you easily with my tail.”  He said with a clear but rather harsh voice.


         “Firstly, can you hide your dick?”  Asked Kari cordially.


         Greymon looked down at his groin but did not see his pecker.  Kari took the opportunity to attack Greymon.


         Greymon quickly stepped back, “How dare you tricked me!”  He roared.


         “So what?”  Ventured Kari and attacked again.


         “Nova Blast!”  Greymon shouted and shot a medium-size fireball to Kari.


         Kari lifted up the Shield Of Love and blocked the fireball.  Greymon was shocked because he thought the fireball would melt the shield.  Kari leapt into the air and sent down her sword, Greymon dared not to block it, so he quickly moved backwards.


         “Fire Claws!”  Greymon attacked Kari with both claws as soon as Kari landed on the ground.  Kari could not lift up her sword in time, so she used her shield to block the burning claws.


         But Greymon suddenly turned around and used his tail to attack Kari, “Ahhh!!!”  Kari cried painfully as his tail hit her waist.  Kari fell to the ground and her sword flew into a bush.


         “I’m going to bar-be-cue you, you liar!”  Greymon shot numerous medium-size fireballs to Kari while rushing towards Kari.


         Kari used both hands to hold the shield to block the fireballs while looking for her sword.  Suddenly Kari heard a voice, “This is not an ordinary shield, it’s a weapon too.”


         “Weapon?  How?”  Kari thought while she was moving backwards.


         “Okay, let’s try this.”  Kari closed her eyes and murmured.  “Bounce the fireballs back to him.”  She prayed silently.


         The shield blinked and bounced all fireballs back to Greymon.  “What…” he did not expect that the shield could bounce back his fireballs, he was knocked back by his own fireballs.


         “Wow!  This shield is alive!”  Kari quickly rushed to the bush to search for her sword.


         Greymon was still gasping for air while Kari attacked him, blood dripped from his mouth.  He used all his strength to attack Kari with his horns while Kari rushed towards him with her sword above her head.


         After three minutes…


         Kari was standing not far away from Greymon, she put her sword back to its sheath.  He was standing behind her, but did not attack or move.  He collapsed slowly to the ground and shattered to data.


         Kari turned around and saw something shining on the ground.  “It’s the Armor Of Hope!”  She exclaimed while picking up the armor, receiving the armor, she was merry as a cricket.


         Kari groaned painfully while riding the horse back to the village, blood dripped from her mouth.  Her waist was injured and she felt painful.  She fell down from the horse as soon as she reached the village.




         “Oohh…” Kari moaned softly as she tried to open her eyes.  She blinked her eyes a few times before she finally opened them.


         The first thing Kari saw was the ceiling.  “Where…am I?”  She asked wearily.


         “Princess, you woke up already.”  Said a male voice cordially.


         Kari turned to her left side and saw a handsome boy.  He was tall and slender, with short, brown, curly hair, the cutest dimples she has ever seen, and deep brown eyes big enough to drown in.  One look at him and she was in love.


         “Princess, I’m Takato and I’m twenty years old.”  The boy introduced himself.  And then he thought, “Why am I telling her about my age?”


         “What happened?  I remembered that I fainted and fell down from the horse.”  Said Kari in her consequential way.


         “Princess, you’re injured badly.  Fortunately I know some healing magic, although you’re healed, you still need to rest for a few days.”  Said Takato severely.


         Kari knew that she was exhausted after she battled with Woodmon and Greymon.  Besides, she also used her mental power to control the shield.  She lifted up the blanket and saw the same clothes.  “Did anyone rape me while I was sleeping?”  She asked loftily.


         “No, Princess, we dare not to…take advantage on you while you’re sleeping.”  He quivered with emotion, “You’re as pretty as angel and you’re tempting, but we won’t do that thing.”  He said with deference.


         Kari observed gloomily, “How long have I been here?”  She asked cordially.


         “You’ve been sleeping for whole day, Princess.”


         “Thanks for your help.”  Kari stood up and answered.


         Takato clapped his hands softly together and chuckled.  “Princess, we should thank you for saving our village.”


         “But without your information, I won’t get the armor.  Anyway, where is the washroom?”  Kari asked, keenly interested.


         “Princess, the washroom is over there.”  Remarked Takato.


         After Takato left the room, Kari took the towel from her bag and entered the washroom.  “Greymon sure hit me badly.”  She still could feel the pain on her waist.




         That night, there was a great ceremony in the village.  Kari followed Takato to a hall where people were waiting for them.  They stood up and bowed when they saw Kari.


         Kari saw the table spread with a snow-like damask cloth, on which were ranged shining china dishes.  The roast goose stuffed with apples and dried plums stood at one end, smoking hot, and – which was pleasantest of all to see.


         Kari also saw a Christmas tree, far larger, and far more prettily decked out, than the one she had seen last Christmas Eve through the glass doors of the rich merchant’s house.  Hundreds of wax tapers lighten up the green branches, and tiny painted pictures such as she had seen in the shop windows, looked down from the tree upon her.


         For a moment they stood silent with respect, and then they shouted for joy till the hall rang, and they danced merrily round the table with Kari after Kari sat down.  They danced for a while, and then they sat down and began to eat the dinner happily.


         “Princess, we took back our treasures from the cave.”  Takato purposely sat beside Kari and told her that they had take back almost everything that was stolen by Greymon.


         Takato glanced at Kari.  Her skin rivaling the purest ivory, the commanding extent and repose, the gentle prominence of the regions above the temples; and then the raven-black, the glossy, the luxuriant tresses, setting forth the full force of the Homeric epithet, “hyacinthine!”


         Kari turned around and faced him, he blushed and pretended to take something to eat.  He was young, well groomed and trimly clad, with something of refinement and delicacy in his bearing.


         Kari was a princess, but she did not ride the high horse.  Actually, she was not a mamma’s darling.  She joined them to eat, drink and be merry.  They went wild with joy on hearing about death of Greymon. 




         After the dinner, Kari and Takato returned to the same room.


         “This is the best room we have, Princess.  Hope you don’t mind.”  Said Takato politely.


         “It’s okay, I like this room.”  Kari smiled.


         “Princess, I’m glad that you like this room.  Good night and see you tomorrow.”




         “Yes, Princess?”


         “Who taught you the healing spell?”


         “My mother was a witch and she used her healing ability to help the people here.  She never mentioned to me or my father about who taught her the spell, she taught me the spell and always reminds me to help the others.  My parents passed away due to illness.”


         Kari tried to talk with Takato longer, she liked him but her wound reminded her that she must rest now.  Takato also liked her but he wanted to talk with her when she’s in good condition.  They looked at each other, “Princess, I think you should sleep now.”  Said Takato with dignity after a few minutes’ silence.


         Kari nodded, “See you tomorrow.”  She said demurely.


         Takato bowed before he left the room.


         “Tomorrow, I must learn more about my new weapons.”  Kari murmured after Takato left the room.




         The next morning, Kari woke up and entered the bathroom.  She removed her clothes and put them on the rack.  She looked down and saw her pussy.  She decided to shave her pubic hair.  She put a plastic bag on the floor and prepared a bowl of warm water.


         Some people who remove their pubic hair do it for their own pleasure or fun, some people do it for their partner’s pleasure or fun, and some do it for both reasons. For her, she would remove 100% of her pubic hair for beauty purposes because she liked to have smooth pussy.  There are several ways to remove public hair, for example, shaving, waxing or using chemical depilatories.  Since she could not afford to buy the wax or chemical depilatories, she decided to shave.


         She knew that she had to allow the hair to absorb water about five minutes before starting her shaving routine. So she did the shower routine first and saved the shaving for last.


         After she took the shower, she took out the shaving cream and sat on the floor.  “Oohhh…” she moaned softly as she began to lay a warm cloth over the pubic area for about ten minutes, this softens coarse pubic hair and makes it easier to shave and style.  “I feels so good.”  She murmured.


         She then trimmed the genital area by using clippers (with safety guards).  To get a closer cut and avoid unwanted nicks, she pulled the hair up before she trimmed away.  “Aaahh…” she moaned in pleasure when she used shaving cream to lather the pubic area.  “Finally, that area was readied to be shaved.”  She thought.


         The bikini area was difficult to shave closely.  So she shaved in the direction the hair was growing and never shaved against the grain of the hair.  She kept her repeat strokes to a minimum because short strokes would lessen repeat strokes.


         She moaned as she was shaving.  The next stroke was started where the last stroke ended.  Every time she finished a stroke, she took one last look for any missed or choppy areas.  She smiled satisfactory and continued for the next stroke.


         Once finished shaving, she trimmed the remaining hairs with moustache scissors.  The scissors was turned up at the end to prevent poking.  She trimmed slowly and gently to prevent any harms.


         “Finished!”  She whispered and looked at her smooth pussy.  She began to clean her skin after shaving.  She used a ‘loofa sponge’ and normal body soap.  Due to sensitivity of this area, she rubbed lightly with the sponge to prevent skin irritation.  This would help remove anything that might clog the pores.  She smiled satisfactory and put everything back to a plastic bag.  She toweled herself and put on the clothes.  Finally she looked at her long hair.


         “What hairstyle should I apply today?”  She asked herself.  “Hmmm…I know, the ‘Bun’.”  She said thoughtfully.


         She coiled the hair into a basic bun and then ‘stitched’ the bun to the hair against her head using an in-and-out sewing motion as she insert the hair sticks in a crossed design.  She put it in a small, neutral ponytail holder first and then twisted the hair until it began to coil naturally.


         “Every night, in my dreams, I see you, I feel you.  Dad, Mom, Sensei, my heart will go on and on.”  She hummed while she was combing her hair.  After she finished, she walked out from the bathroom.


         She sat in front of a table and took out some lipsticks from her bag.  She colored her lips fully with a lip liner before applying lipstick so that she would not be caught with the “border-lined” look.


         She tried mixing different shades of lipstick because a totally unique color would make people stop and ask her for the name of that color.  Besides, even when she bought the wrong shade, mixing it around can give the lipstick a new lease of life.  She looked at the mirror and smiled satisfactory after he finished.


         She used Johnson brand hand and nail lotion on her hands and nails to protect and moisturize them, because dry nails tend to crack & split.  Then she began to paint her nails.  Painting nails can protect them from being damaged, to a certain extent.


         “I’m sure Takato will be surprised.”  She looked at mirror and murmured.




         After about ten minutes, she walked out from the house and saw Takato.  She was surprised to see him.  He had a cute, round face with soft, brown eyes and a genuine heart-shaped mouth, short brown hair that surrounded his face lake a golden halo, and a truly majestic figure.


         “Takato, good morning.”  Kari managed to say something at last.  “Where do you want to go now?”  She asked demurely.


         Takato was shocked too.  He was too stunned to see Kari until he could not speak.  She was so attractive until any man would fell in love with her at the first sight.  She was dressed in a short black skirt and a tight top with c-size breasts.  She was warm, friendly and shy, and spoke so softly that he had to listen carefully to catch her words.


         “Takato, are you alright?”  Asked Kari, winking at him.


         Takato still starring at Kari, she was totally different from yesterday.  He wondered if she was the same princess.


         “You’re so pretty…” replied Takato with some warmth, “Princess, I can assure you that you’re the prettiest girl in this village now.”


         “Thanks, you’re handsome too.”  Kari blushed.


         Takato also blushed.  “I just came back from the morning market and now going home.”  He answered, returning to his natural manner.


         Kari’s singular yet placid cast of beauty, and the thrilling and enthralling eloquence of her low musical language, made their way into Takato’s heart by paces so steadily and stealthily progressive that they had been unnoticed and unknown.


         “Princess, do you want to have breakfast together with me?”  Said Takato after a long silence.


         “Sure.  Thanks.”  Kari nodded, glancing up at him.


         Takato led her to his house.  It was so pretty out in the village.  The corn stood yellow, the oats green, the hay was stacked in the meadows, and the stork strode about on his long red legs.  Round about the fields and meadows were great forests, and in the midst of the woods deep lakes; the village was truly delightful.


         “That’s my house.”  Said Takato gently and pointed at a direction.


         Kari looked at the direction.  In the sunlight stood an old country house encircled by swallow ditches.  From the walls right down to the water grew large dock-leaves that had shot up so high that little children could stand on tiptoe beneath the tallest.  And there lay a duck upon her nest; she was engaged in hatching her young.


         “Wow!  Nice house!”  Kari exclaimed.


         “Princess, more surprises are waiting for you.”  Said Takato with a mischievous smile.


         “Really?  I hope you didn’t surprised me by poisoning me, and then raped me while I fainted.”  Said Kari gravely.


         “No, Princess, I won’t and I dare not.”  Takato answered nervously.


         C’mon, I was just joking, don’t be afraid.”  Kari laughed indulgently when she saw his pale face.


         Takato sighed, “This is the first time I’ve met a “not serious” princess.”  He thought.


         They entered the house and Kari glanced around curiously.  On the walls hung pictures, and near the great stove stood great china vases with lions on the lids.  There were rocking chairs, silken sofas, and large tables, covered with papers and books.


         “Princess, please have a seat and relax.  I’m going to prepare breakfast.”  Said Takato with a mischievous smile.


         “Takato, let me help you.”  Said Kari with decision, “I also know how to prepare breakfast.”


         Takato raised his eyebrows in surprised, no princess would volunteered herself to help in the kitchen, “Princess, I won’t poison you.  Besides, I can do it by myself.”  He said.


         “You dare to reject me?”  Asked Kari with some asperity.


         Takato looked surprised and a little nervous.  “No, princess.  I mean you’re a princess and the kitchen is a very dirty place, it may dirty your beautiful clothes.  As far as I know, no princess would enter the kitchen…” he explained.


         Kari laughed at his bewildered expression.


         “Takato, I’m not a princess who did nothing.  In fact, I also helped my maids to clean my castle and prepare meals.”  Said Kari in high glee, rubbing her hands together with satisfaction.


         “Sorry princess, because I thought all princesses just sit there and do nothing.  They played in the garden everyday, they waited for their maids to feed them, they never entered the kitchen because they were afraid that the kitchen would dirty their clothes, they never clean their castle or even their own room, they only waited for a prince to come and propose to her.”  Said Takato, glancing keenly across at her.


         “Takato, I’ve also seen princesses who don’t know how to wash their own clothes.”  Said Kari with a grin.  “They have hands and legs, but they were too proud to do it because they thought that they’re not maids.  They are mamma’s darling, a mamma’s darling can hardly adapt herself to the fierce competition in the future market.”


         “Frankly, this is the first time I met a hardworking princess.”  Said Takato, gazing at her in amazement.


         “I learned from my parents…” Kari sighed and told him about her parents.


         “Sorry princess….” Said Takato, commiseratingly, after he had listened to her misfortunes.


         “It’s okay, let’s prepare breakfast now.”  Kari answered in low voice.


         The kitchen in the apartment was not large and it was inevitable that Takato and Kari would come into body contact sooner or later.  Kari was reaching up to put something on the top shelf of a cabinet and she asked Takato to help her because she could not reach.  Takato, standing behind her, reached to take the object from her hand; their hands and arms touched as his body pressed against hers from behind.


           That situation was like a match tossed into a pile of gasoline soaked rags.  Both Takato and Kari froze for just an instant at the physical contact, and in the very next moment, Kari was in Takato’s arms and the two were locked in a kiss of desperate passion, they were burnt by fire of passion.


           Takato’s arms went around Kari’s waist and held her close while Kari’s arms did the same to him.  In a few moments the pair broke their kiss in order to catch their collective breath.


           “I'm sorry…” Takato began to apologize, the perfume from her body still lingering around the kitchen.


           “No.  Don't say that,” Kari interrupted.  “I wanted that to happen.

I think you want that to happen too, right?”


         Takato nodded and stared at Kari, waiting for her approval.  He would not do it without her permission.


         But Kari rejected, “Takato, I think it’s better to make love after I finished my business.”  She explained to him about her plans.


         “Princess, please take me along with you.  My healing spell may help you.”  Takato exclaimed devoutly.


         Kari looked at him with a surprised face.


         “Okay, but please run as fast as you can when danger comes.”  Said Kari thoughtfully.


         Takato smiled and they continued to prepare breakfast.  Finally they were eating breakfast happily.


         Kari was eating bread while talking with Takato.  Suddenly her face turned pale, her eyes bulged and she spat the bread out from her mouth.  She pointed at him and muttered, “Takato, you…you…”


         “Princess, what happened?”  Asked Takato, looking at her in a curious way.


         “Takato,” Kari continued, “You didn’t clean your house, because there’s a mouse there.”  She stammered.


         Takato turned around and saw the mouse near the chair, he quickly chased the mouse and killed it.  After threw away the mouse, he washed his hands and returned to Kari.


         Kari smiled feebly, and looked appealingly to him.  “Takato, I’m sorry for shouting at you.  Because I’ll feel nervous and afraid when I saw a mouse.”


         Takato put his hand upon her shoulder with a pleasant smile.


         “Princess, it’s okay.  I’ve no ideas where did that mouse came from, sorry.”  Takato answered.


         Kari cleaned the table and said in great delight, “Never mind, let’s continue.”


         Takato smiled and his eyelid quivered as he glanced towards her, they continued eating and talking.




         After another three days, Kari was familiar with her weapons and she decided to continue her journey.


         Kari chuckled and rubbed her hands.  “Takato, let’s go.”  She said.


         “Okay, Princess.”  Takato answered eagerly.


         The villagers bade them farewell and they left the village.  Kari was riding the same horse while Takato was riding his own horse.  On the way, they stopped at a riverside to have a break.


         A gentle breeze was blowing and they took a deep breath.


         “Wow!  Fresh air!”  Kari exclaimed in great delight.


         “So nice.”  Said Takato, with a smile.


         The grasses were dancing in the wind and the roses had beautiful blooms.  The birds were singing happily and the bees were working hard.  The river was calm and shallow, they could see the sand below the water.  The sand was shining upon the reflection of the sun and it was very clean.  They looked at the river and felt the gentle wind caressing their bodies, immediately they were refreshed and felt very calm.


         They sat under a tree and spread out their blanket.  The tree was huge and they did not feel the wrath of the sun.  They began to prepare hamburgers together while talking happily.


         “Aahhh…so romantic.” Kari thought.


         After they finished eating, Takato took out a piccolo from the bag.


         “Takato, you’re very good.”  Kari leaned on the tree and listened as Takato began to play the piccolo.


         Takato put down the piccolo and answered, “My father was also a musician.”  His face lit with a quick smile and continued to play the piccolo.


         Kari closed her eyes, her spirit left her body and entered the Heaven.  There, she saw angels singing loudly and she also joined them.  She felt so happy and began to dance too.  After Takato stopped playing the piccolo, her spirit still wondering in the Heaven and singing joyfully.  Finally her spirit returned to her body and she opened her eyes, “Takato, you can become a good musician!”  She chuckled and rubbed her hands together in her professional satisfaction.


         Takato blushed, “Thanks, princess.”  He answered gleefully.


         “Let’s take a quick nap before we continue our journey.”  Kari suggested and lies down on the glade.


         Takato agreed and lie down beside her.  Kari closed her eyes but Takato still looking at the sky through the leaves.  Suddenly a wind blew and Kari’s skirt was lifted high, revealing her underwear.  Takato gulped and his groin bulged.


         “She’s so tempting.”  Takato thought.  He realized he could not fight against the tempting, so he closed his eyes and tried to forget about her underwear.


         After Kari woke up, she was not surprised about her skirt, “The wind also wanted to see my underwear.”  She murmured.


         Kari turned around and saw Takato who was still sleeping, she smiled when she saw the little hill on his crotch.  Kari got an idea to wake up Takato, she smacked the hill and he woke out with a start.  Takato saw Kari was giggling at him who was rubbing his groin.  Kari was in her most cheerful and debonair humor.


         “Princess, that’s hurt…” Takato groaned painfully.


         “Takato, don’t look so sad, we’re not going to die.  Cheer up!”  Cried Kari with many chuckles.


         Takato felt painful and shameful, “Okay…but I can’t forget my parents…and please don’t wake me up by using that method again.”  He answered, glancing with some surprise at her.


         “I was also wondering, how could my parents use magic?  Human being could not learn or use magic.”  Said Kari.


         “May be some fairy Digimon taught them.”  Takato suggested.


         “That’s another reason I’m going to that castle, I wanted to find out about the truth.”  Said Kari cheerfully.


         “Me too.  The truth is out there.  I wanted to find out more about my mother.”  Said Takato.


         “The truth hurts.  Beware of the truth, the cost for truth is unpredictable.”  Said Kari sympathetically.


         After they finished packing, they decided to answer the nature’s calling.  Takato walked towards the bush, “She’s over-mature and playful, is she really a princess?  But she’s right, I should not look so gloom.”  He murmured, his dick shrunk due to the pain.


         After they finished, they continued their journey.




         Finally they saw Terriermon’s castle.  They climbed down their horses and walked slowly towards the castle.


         “Princess, look over there!”  Takato exclaimed and Kari turned her head around.  They saw some small graves near the forest.


         “These must be the graves that were mentioned by fairy Gatomon.”  Said Kari heartily.


         They paused and studied the graves for a while.


         “Takato, let’s go.  Nothing we can do here.”  Kari broke the silence.


         While they were walking towards the castle, some tentacles ambushed them.  Immediately Kari used her sword to cut down the tentacles.


         “Princess, look out!”  Takato shouted from behind when he saw a light shot out from within the tentacles.


         Kari quickly lifted up her shield and blocked the light.  Some tentacles took that chance and wrapped Kari’s body.  Immediately Kari’s armor blazed and burnt the tentacles.


         “Not bad!”  Calumon flew out from the tentacles and said blandly.


         Calumon landed in front of Kari and shot some ice balls to Kari.  Kari blocked with her shield and rushed forward to attack Calumon.  Kari pierced Calumon’s chest with her sword, but when Calumon collapsed to the ground, she turned to a stuffed dummy.


         “Oh no!  I was tricked!”  Kari thought.


         Calumon re-appeared from behind Kari and plunged her paws into Kari’s back.  Her paws were so sharp that it pierced Kari’s armor, Kari groaned and collapsed to the ground, but she turned to a wood.


         This time, Kari re-appeared from behind Calumon and attacked her.  But Calumon flew into the sky quickly in time to avoid the attack.  “Culon!”  She shouted merrily.


         “Fortunately I knew so ninja skills.”  Kari sweated.


         “Calumon Head Bump!”  Calumon knocked Kari’s back with her head but she managed to block the attack.  Calumon flew away again and attacked from the air, Kari could not attack Calumon because she could not fly.


         “Argh!”  Kari collapsed to the ground and groaned painfully.


         “Princess!”  Takato rushed towards Kari and used his healing spell to heal Kari.  Fortunately Kari was wearing the armor, so she was not injured seriously.


         “That healing spell…” Calumon was surprised to see that spell.


         “Princess, I’m going to paralysis her.  Can you still move?”  Takato whispered.  His paralyze spell could only used in short range, so he must wait until Calumon came closer to them.


         “Sure.”  Kari gasped.


         “Are you the son of Nancy?”  Asked Calumon loudly.


         Takato was shocked, “how…do you know my mother’s name?”  He asked in a surly voice.


         “Defeat me and I’ll tell you about your mother.”  Said Calumon while flying towards them.


         Immediately Takato used the paralyze spell and Calumon fell to the ground.


         “No doubt, this is one of the Nancy’s spells.”  Calumon thought.


         Kari quickly sent her sword to Calumon and there was a small explosion.  After the explosion, Calumon was still alive but her whole body was bleeding.


         Takato and Kari walked towards Calumon, they knew that Calumon was exhausted and could not attack them anymore.


         Takato showed mild surprise.  “Do you know my mom?”  He asked.


         Calumon was panting on the ground, “She was a fairy Digimon too.”  She began to explain.  “Her original name was Arukenimon and she was a healer.”


         Takato shook his head, “No wonder she knew so many healing spells…” he murmured.


         Calumon took a deep breath before she continued, “She broke one of the rules, she loved a human.  A fairy Digimon must not love a human.”


         “Was that human my father?  How they met?”  Takato stammered, he knew that he was getting close to the truth.


         Calumon nodded.  “I don’t know, may be she met him while she was playing in the forest.  Our leader was angry and kicked her out of our world.  She married with that human and she lost the ability to transform back to Digimon.  That human was indeed your father.”


         “But what about you?”  Kari interrupted.


         “That’s none of your business.”  Calumon tried to smile.


         “So…my mother was a good Digimon?”  Asked Takato earnestly.


         “Yes.  She was very friendly and helpful.  She would become a leader if she didn’t love that human.”  Calumon nodded.


         “No wonder I can learn magic spell too.”  Takato murmured.


         “But…she died…a fairy would not die, right?”  Asked Kari carefully.


         “After she married with that human, she lost her fairy characteristics and she became a normal human.  But our leader was kind enough to let her to maintain her healing ability.”  Calumon explained.


         “So my mom was grateful and used her special power to help the others.”  Takato murmured.


         “How about my parents?  Do you know my parents?”  Kari interrupted.


         “Yes.  Our leader taught them to use the magic spell.”  Gatomon came out from the bush and answered.


         Kari was surprised and turned around, “Why?”  She asked, if her parents did not learn that magic, may be they would not die.


         “Because they wanted to save you, as well as the castle.”  Gatomon explained.  “Three days ago, they knew that their castle was surrounded, and so they prayed for help.  Our leader answered their prayer and appeared in front of them.  According to our leader, the only way to protect the castle was to use the final magic.  Thus, my leader taught them to use that final magic, even though they knew that they would die after they used that magic.”


         “Why your leader didn’t help my parents?”  Ventured Kari.


         “A fairy must not help the human directly, this is one of the rules.  Sorry.”  Gatomon apologized.


         Kari wept, she did not say anything.  She found the truth, fortunately the truth did not hurt her.


         “Why my parents never told me about that?”  Kari sobbed.


         “Because they don’t want to worry you.”  Gatomon smiled ruefully.


         Kari lifted up her head, “Mom, dad, I forgot to say thank you for saving me and our castle.”  She murmured.


         Suddenly the tentacles and obstacles moved to sideways, “I knew your purpose.  You wanted to steal the treasure after you found out the truth, right?”  Asked Calumon meekly.


         “That’s right.”  Takato and Kari answered in one voice.


         “Then, you may enter now.  I won’t fight against you for the time being.”  Said Calumon good-humouredly.  “Arukenimon helped me before, so I won’t kill her son this time.”


         Takato and Kari were surprised to see how Calumon changed her attitude so fast.  They began to walk through the drawbridge slowly and entered the castle.




         “Calumon, return the book to me now so that you could be released from the evil spell.”  Said Gatomon in a very gracious manner after Takato and Kari left them.


         Calumon looked deeply chagrined.  “But…I’ve done so many evil things…” She said in a crackling voice.


         “Calumon, you still have a pure heart.  Your dirtied heart was washed away a little when you remembered your sister – Arukenimon.”  Biyomon also came and said.


         “Besides, those people died because they’re greedy and refused to help others.”  Gatomon pointed to the small graves and remarked.


         Calumon began to weep, “My sister was always stronger than me, I wanted to become the leader, so I stole the book to learn more powerful magic spells.  I didn’t know that the book is cursed.”  She sobbed.


         “The book is cursed, whoever stole it would turned to evil and die during the full moon.  Return the book before you’re completely turned to evil and…die.”  Said Gatomon eagerly.


         “Can you forgive me after I surrendered the book?”  Asked Calumon meekly.


         “Of course!  We’re friends and we don’t want to see you die.”  Cried Biyomon piteously.


         “I’m sure our leader would forgive you too.”  Floramon interrupted heartily.


         Calumon took out a book from a bush and returned to Gatomon.  Immediately a dark cloud rose from Calumon’s body.


         “Calumon, the cursed is dispelled from you!”  Calumon shouted merrily.


         “I…I feel so joyful.  I never felt so good after I stole the book!”  Calumon broke into passionate sobbing as she spoke.


         The others hugged Calumon and wept for joy.  Gatomon transformed to Angewomon and used her healing ability to heal Calumon.




         Takato and Kari walked slowly and tried not to step those who were sleeping on the floor.  The whole castle was bright because all lamps were lit up.


         “Oops, sorry.”  Takato quickly apologized when his feet accidentally stepped on a boy’s hand.  But the boy did not groan or move.


         Kari kicked the boy’s groin purposely but the boy did not shout at all, “Gatomon was right.  They won’t wake up no matter what happened.”  She said, mopping her brow.


         Takato sweat-dropped when he saw what Kari had done, he pitied the boy and hoped that the boy’s groin was all right.


         They continued to walk and were amazed by the surroundings.  The windows were of stained glass whose color varied in accordance with the prevailing hue of the decorations of the chamber into which it opened.


         Takato stares at that place in astonishment.  “This place is so colorful…” he said, smiling grimly.


         That at the eastern extremity was hung, for example, in white – and vividly white were its windows.  The second chamber was purple in its ornaments and tapestries, and here the panes were purple.  The third was yellowish throughout, and so were the casements.


         “Why used different colors?  I felt dizzy with those inconsistent colors, my castle didn’t have so many colors.”  Kari sighed.


         The fourth was furnished and lighted with gray – the fifth with light blue – the sixth with violet.  The seventh apartment was closely shrouded in black velvet tapestries that hung all over the ceiling and down the walls, falling in heavy folds upon a carpet of the same material and hue.  But in this chamber only, the color of the windows failed to correspond with the decorations.  The panes here were scarlet – a deep blood color.  Now in no one of the seven apartments was there any lamp or candelabrum, amid the profusion of golden ornaments that lay scattered to and fro depended from the roof.  There was no light of any kind emanating from lamp or candle within the suite of chambers.  It was in this apartment, also, that there stood against the western wall, a gigantic clock of ebony.


         “What kind of room is this?  How could someone sleep in this room?”  Said Kari in a solemn voice.


         They searched the castle and finally they found a metal door that was locked.


         “Takato, step back.”  Said Kari with an exulting smile upon her face and drew out her sword.  She sliced the locked easily.  Takato helped her to push the door open.


         “Wow!”  They were surprised to see the treasures.


         “I’ll only take as much as this bag can hold.”  Said Takato and took out a small plastic bag.


         “So do I.  Even with this little, I don’t need to worry for my lifetime.”  Kari also began to pack her plastic bag with the treasure.


         “With these money, I can buy a lot of foods for my villagers.”  Takato murmured.


         After they finished, they decided to visit the sleeping beauty.




         After some time, they found the hidden room.  The room, which they found, was very large and lofty.  The windows were long, narrow, and pointed, and at so vast a distance from the black oaken floor as to be altogether inaccessible from within.  Feeble gleams of encrimsoned light made their way through the trellised panes, and served to render sufficiently distinct the more prominent objects around; the eye, however, struggle in vain to reach the remote angles of the chamber, or the recesses of the vaulted and fretted ceiling.


         “This room is so creepy…” Kari whispered.


         “There she is!”  Takato exclaimed and pointed at Renamon.


         “She’s so pretty.”  They murmured at the same time when they looked at Renamon.


         After they examined Renamon, said Takato grimly, “She’s not dirty even after sleeping here for some time.  There is no dust around too.”


         Kari nodded, “She didn’t piss or release bowel too.  She’s in hibernation and every part in her body stops functioning except her heart.”


         “I wonder if she still can orgasm?”  Asked Takato anxiously.


         “I think she can, but Gatomon said that she won’t wake up even if we raped her.”  Kari answered.


         “Princess, can you leave this room for a while?”  Asked Takato.


         “Sure.”  Said Kari, catching his meaning.  “But she’s not a human…” She reminded him.


         “She looks like a human, I think she’s an anthro and I’ve never do this thing with an anthro before.”  Said Takato thoughtfully.


         “Well, find me after you finished.”  Kari smiled, “Don’t shoot too much, save some for me after we returned.”  She remark and left the room.


         Takato blushed, “She’s over-mature, playful and open-minded …”




         After Kari left the room and closed the door, Takato slide his hand tentatively up Renamon’s tummy as he kissed across her cheek.  He kissed down her neck, stopping to suck at the sweet spot of her neck and shoulder.  He nibbled and licked as his hand moved ever closer to the fur on her chest.  He found her breasts under the fur and ran his fingers along the gentle curved underside of her breast.  “Wow!  She has big breasts, no wonder she needs the fur to cover them.”  He thought.


            He rested his hand just under her breast, he lean in and kiss lightly up her cheek.  He reached her earlobe, closing his lips around her lobe he began to suckle lightly.  He cupped her breast in his palm, his fingers softly exploring her softness.  He squeezed and pinched her nipples gently, “Her nipples could be harden too!  Fortunately she still didn’t wake up, or else my head would fell to the floor.”  He thought.  She did not moan or move no matter how he pleased her.


            His hand began to gently massage her breast over the fur.  He smiled as he ran his hand up her tummy and cupped her breast again, rubbing his thumb lightly around her areola, teasing her nipple, then softly running his fingertips over the hardness, he really enjoyed playing her breasts.  “Unfortunately the fur covered her breasts.  Never mind, I could see princess’s breasts after we returned.”  He thought.


            He slide his palm down her tummy, rubbing over her mound and down between her thighs.  Pressing his palm to her mound and his fingertips lightly pressed to her mound.  He ran his middle finger intently up and down her moistening slit.  “I found her pussy!”  He thought.


         He kept his lips on her clit, slowly parting them and lapping at the sensitive bud with his soft tongue.  He held her thighs apart with his gentle hands, slowly licking a long stroke up either side of her lips and teasing her like a normal girl.


            He made soft groaning noises as he slid his tongue along her very wet slit, letting her know that he was enjoying tasting her.  The feeling was incredible, the taste so sweet, his tongue softly circling her tender entrance.  He gently pressed his lips to her entrance, tenderly kissing there, parting his lips occasionally and sliding his tongue into her pussy, teasing at first, then deeply tonguing inside her with purpose.  He continued until he felt her juices.  “She came!  I hope she didn’t wake up.”  He was surprised but continued to suck her juices.


         After he finished, he lifted up his head and look at her for the last time.  “She still could reach climax even though she was in deep sleep situation.”  He murmured.


         “Now…how to close her pussy?  Ah…never mind, I hope it will close automatically.”  He shrugged and left the room.




         Meanwhile, Kari found Terriermon and Lopmon on the ground near the kitchen.


         “Rabbits!  They’re so cute.”  Kari thought.  She bent down and examined them.


         “Which is male rabbit?”  She murmured and began to explore the green color rabbit.  “Normally male has green color.”  She told herself.


         She began to check his groin, she touched something hard, “I think this is his member, but how to take it out?”  She murmured.


         She continued to study the groin and finally she found a small skin that covered his pecker.  She unveiled the skin and his pecker pop out.  “So, this little thing is hidden under the skin…I wonder how to put it back?”


         She touched his dick gently, “It’s clean, now it’s my turn while Takato was having fun with Renamon.”  She thought.


         “Does he have nipples?”  She murmured and massaged his chest, immediately she saw his nipples.  “They’re small, but it’s better than nothing.”


         She moved down to his nipples sucking each gently.  Her hands moved softly over his torso, occasionally moving down for a quick stroke on his cock, which was beginning to firm up.  She kissed her way down his stomach to his rod, which she took in one hand and began to lick up and down.


         He stiffened rapidly under her ministrations.  “He’s body is small, but his member is so large!  I hope it would shrink back to normal size so that I could put it back.”  She was surprised to see his pecker.


         She gushed saliva over his shaft, getting it wet all over, and took it in, filling her hot, wet mouth.  She sucked at his cock, sending waves of pleasure through him.  A small strand of her saliva and his pre-cum linking her lips and the tip.  She snared it with her tongue and made smacking sounds.  “Wow,” she said,  “He can’t move, but still can produce pre-cum.”


         She rubbed her hands and chuckling as she added this bizarre incident to her memory.  She went fast, then slow, her tongue always moving over him.  She took a deep breath and then went down, taking him all the way in.  Her dives downward and sucking became more vigorous.


         Finally he came, spraying her mouth with his digi-sperm, which she swallowed and sighing happily around his spewing penis.  She cleaned his cock, finally letting it slip from her slick lips, which she licked clean and then swallowed while staring at him lasciviously.


         “Hey!  His member began to shrink!”  She was shocked when she saw his member shrinking.


         “It returned to its original place automatically!”  She was surprised to see his pecker shrunk back to its pouch.


         “Now, let’s find Takato.”  She murmured and walked towards the front entrance.


         Takato was standing at the front entrance.


         “Princess.  Let’s go home now.”  Said Takato in a very amiable tone.  He was eager to go home.


         “Sure.”  Said Kari and chuckled.


         They walked out from the castle hand-in-hand.  They saw Calumon and the other fairy Digimon outside the castle waiting for them.  They told Kari and Takato about Calumon.


         “Let’s celebrate, I can smell foods coming from inside the castle!”  Guilmon clapped her paws and cried merrily.


         “Good idea, I’m hungry too.”  Gomamon patted her stomach and nodded.


         They re-entered the castle and Guilmon found the kitchen easily.


         “Fairymon, she’s really good in searching for the kitchen.”  Kari told Fairymon.


         “Guilmon is good in finding foods only.”  Fairymon joked.


         Takato looked at the stove in a singular way.  “The fire is not burning, how to cook the foods?”  He asked.


         Impmon laughed good-humouredly.  “Leave it to me.”  She patted her purple chest and said warmly.


         Impmon walked towards the stove, “Bada Boom!”  She shouted and threw a mini fireball into the stove, immediately the stove was burning with fire.


         Calumon smiled and rubber her paws.  “I’ll create water for you all.”  She said and summoned water for them to wash the vegetables.


         They were preparing meals happily.  “This reminds me of the old days where we cook together.”  Said Palmon, her small eyes twinkled with pleasure.


         “You’re right.  We used our own magic spells to cook, that’s the most happiest moment.”  Biyomon nodded.


         “But after Calumon left us, we felt incomplete and prayed that she could come back someday.  Now she’s return and I felt like we’re back to one family again.”  Guilmon chuckled.


         Kari and Takato were also happy to help them.  Takato was surprised that they could use so many different types of magic spells.  Takato learnt from his mother that he could never learn black magic spells.  Takato could only master his white magical spells, i.e. the healing spell.  Black magic spells were those spells that could attack others while white magical spells could heal and help the others.


         After they finished, they cleaned the kitchen and restored the lock to the treasure room so that no one could realize that someone has stolen some treasures.


         “These tentacles will cover the castle until the final year.”  Said Fairymon cheerily when they were standing outside the castle.  The tentacles covered the castle like last time.


         They bade farewell to each other and went separate way.




         The villagers welcome them after they returned.  Takato gave them the treasures and they were very grateful.  Kari decided to stay overnight before she return to her castle.


         That night, Takato went to Kari’s house to ask for proposal.  To his surprised, Kari agreed immediately.


         “Takato, there’s no reason for me to reject.”  Said Kari and flushed with pleasure.


         “Princess, thanks.  I promised that I’ll become a good ruler.”  Said Takato earnestly.


         They did not talk anymore.  They just kissed gently, then frenched one another’s eager mouth.  She pressed her erect nipples against his shirt so that he could feel them.  He grew very hard and hot, so did her.  She rubbed her tits against him some more, so he reached up under her silky blouse and fondled those hot, erect nipples.  She also fondled his cock for a minute or two.


         He gently pulled her blouse from her skirt and reached under it, feeling her peach-soft belly skin.  He began massaging her muscular belly, working around her sides to her back.  She purposely did not wear bra, her breasts were springy after he removed her blouse.  He was surprised but did not ask anything.  As he placed his palms over them he felt her nipples pressing through.


         She unbuttoned his shirt, slowly, one button at a time, finally pulling it from his pants.  “Nice chest”.  She whispered, giggling as she kissed my navel.  It was so wonderful, undressing each other for the first time.  They both lay on the bed after they were naked.  He stared at her one more time, this time he could study her even closer.


         He looked at the delicate outlines of the nose – and nowhere but in the graceful medallions of the Hebrews had he beheld a similar perfection.  There was the same luxurious smoothness of surface, the same scarcely perceptible tendency to the aquiline, the same harmoniously curved nostrils speaking the free spirit.


         He regarded the sweet mouth.  Here was indeed the triumph of all things heavenly – the magnificent turn of the short upper lip – the soft, voluptuous slumber of the under – the dimples which sported, and the color which spoke – the teeth glancing back, with a brilliance almost startling, every ray of the holy light which fell upon them in her serene and placid yet most exultingly radiant of all smiles.


         She was also starring at him.  He was beefy, short hair and cleaned shaven, deep voice and his brown almond-shaped eyes kept looking her over and lingered on her crotch.  His naked form looked fresh, delicate and yet manly.


         After some time, he moved around to the front of the couch and lifted her legs up over his shoulders so he could delve into her hot pink flesh.  He wasted no more time; with a smile of delight on his face, he dived for her opening.  It was delicious and far better than Renamon.  He licked around her whole pussy, wanting the taste of all of it.  She was squirming under him and kept moaning in pleasure.


         He experimented with using his tongue and his lips.  He rubbed with his fingers while sucking and licking.  She moaned in delight and her muscles tensed and relaxed quickly over and over.  He was glad that he could give her what she wanted.  He continued until her pussy was soaking wet, he stopped abruptly and she opened her eyes to glance at him.  She smiled when she saw his stiffen cock in front of her pussy.


         She saw his cock began to slip smoothly into her cunt.  He could not believe the softness, the tightness, and the warmth it felt although she was not a virgin anymore.  He could not believe how much she was moaning.  When he started pumping his dick in and out of her instinctively, she moaned louder.  This gave him the strength and courage to continue.


         He started pumping as hard and fast as he could, not sure how long this should last, but he was sure that he would come.  After a few minutes, he felt her vagina tighten around him as he pumped in and out.  Her mouth was wide open, but nothing was coming out.  She was going to enjoy the orgasm, he knew that and continued to pump with passion.


         He bounced on her hard and fast but did not hurt her, and soon enough, he felt the heat rise and the velvet walls tighten.  His dick already reached her cervix and she let out a soft groan every time his dick bumped her cervix.  After another few pumps, she came as he ejaculated.  She was gasping for air while he was filling her womb with his warm and salty sperm.


         He was tired after he finished and withdrew his pecker.  He leaned down to her chest and panted.  His head was near her breast and he rubbed her breasts with his head gently.  They pulled the blanket to cover their bodies and dozed off with the light still turned on.  They hugged with each other and slept happily.




         The next day, they got married.  Although the marriage was held in the village without a long ceremony or an extravagant banquet, the wedding overflowed with joy and merriment.  They returned to Kari’s castle after three days.  Since that day onwards, they lived happily.


         After many years later…


         Kari and Takato were old and weak.  They knew that they were going to die.


         One morning, a bright light surround their castle, they walked out from the castle after the light disappeared.  They saw two dragons outside their castle: blue and red.


         Kari remembered her parents immediately, she rushed to the blue dragon and hug the dragon.


         “Dad!  I’m glad to see you again!”  Kari wept for joy.


         “Kari, I’m you mother.”  The blue dragon answered in her soothing way.


         Kari released the dragon, “Sorry, I thought guys always has blue color.”  She said complacently.


         “Kari, Takato, today we’re going to take both you to our world.  You had been fighting and protecting this castle for a long time, now you may come with us to the world where you don’t need to fight anymore.”  Said the red dragon.


         Kari, Takato and their children were surprised, but they did not feel sad.


         “Mom, dad, we’ll protect this castle.  Don’t worry about us.”  Said one of their sons – Kai.


         “Kai, I’m glad to hear that.”  Kari hugged Kai, she entered the castle again and came out with the armors – Sword of Faith, Armor of Hope and Shield of Love.


         “These are my weapons, take them and used them wisely.”  Said Kari eagerly and passed her weapons to Kai.  When Kai took the weapons, the weapons blinked.


         “Mom, finally I can use your weapons to protect our castle.”  Said Kai firmly.


         Takato also hugged their daughter – Alice, “Alice, used the healing spell to help the sick and help your brother to protect this castle.”  He said cheerfully.


         Alice nodded, “I will, dad.”  She answered eagerly.


         After they finished talking, Kari straddled the blue dragon while Takato straddled the red dragon.


         “Children, don’t cry.  We’ll come back to bring you home, just like today.”  Kari promised to her children.


         “Remember, this is the circle of life and it’s a never ending circle.”  Takato continued and the dragons floated to the sky slowly.


         “We’ll not forget you!”  Kai and Alice shouted.


         Finally they could not see the dragons and their parents anymore.


         On the way, the red dragon told Kari that Henry Potter was waiting for her.


         “Sensei!  I could meet my Sensei at last.”  Kari wept for joy.


         “Takato, your parents were waiting for you too.”  Said the blue dragon merrily.


         “Mom, dad.  I’m coming, I can’t believe I can meet them.”  Takato also wept for joy.


         After a few minutes…


         “What…happen to me?”  Asked Kari nervously.


         Takato turned around and saw Kari, but she became a young and pretty girl.  “Kari!  Your outlook…” Takato was surprised to see Kari, she was back to around twenty years old.


         “Takato, you’re changing too!”  Kari was also shocked to see Takato, he was also back to around twenty years old.


         “You both have eternal life after we entered the kingdom, so don’t be surprised.”  The red dragon answered.


         Then the blue and red dragons rode on.  Though they rode through the midst of Terriermon’s castle all evening and all the night, none saw them pass, save the wild creatures; or here and there some wanderer in the dark who saw a swift shimmer under the trees, or a light and shadow flowing through the grass as the moon went westward.


         “We’re arriving very soon.”  The blue dragon smiled.


         “Finally, we could celebrate the victory together.”  Kari remarked.


         Finally at last on a night of singing that came over the water.  And then it seemed to them that as in their dream in the house of Eden, the grey rain-curtain turned all to silver glass and was rolled back, and he beheld white shores and beyond them a far green country under a swift sunrise.


         “Joy to the world…” they could hear the angels singing and they joined them too.




         After 100 years, one of the Digimon warriors – Leomon decided to save Renamon.  With the help of the fairy Digimon, he reached the castle.  There were no more tentacles or any obstacles and he could enter the castle easily.


         “After I saved and married her, I would become a prince and king!”  He thought.


         Leomon passed on, wondering more and more, until he came at length to the narrow staircase, which led to the little tower in which Renamon had fallen asleep.  He drew out his dagger and prepared to face and dangers.


         He saw a beautiful Digimon sleeping on the bed.  She was so beautiful that he almost raped her there and then.  Falling on his knees, he bent to kiss her cheek.  And as he kissed her, she opened her lovely eyes and said, “Oh, warrior, you came to rescue me?”


         “Yes, my princess.  My name is Leomon.”  Leomon remarked with a courteous bow.


         Renamon raised her eyebrows.  “How old are you?”  She asked after she yawned.


         “I’m around 30 years old.”  Leomon answered grimly.


         Renamon gave a whimsical smile.  “I’m still only 15 years old, I think.”  She said warmly, she had no ideas that she had been raped while she was in coma.


         “Yes, princess, you’re still 15 years old even you slept for 100 years.”  Answered Leomon with conviction and she was not surprised.


         Renamon sat up; laughing and rubbing her eyes, and gave him her hand.  They went hand in hand together down the stairs and along the corridors, until they came to the throne-room.  And there were Terriermon and Lopmon standing there, they just entered the room.


         “Huh?  You’re not a prince?”  Asked Lopmon, with some surprise.


         Leomon smiled at her bewildered expression.  “No, my queen.”  He answered politely.


         Lopmon grinned mischievously.  “Never mind, I’m glad that you came to rescue our daughter.”  She said.


         They kissed their daughter and welcomed the warrior most gladly.  All at the same time, the whole palace was awake.  Cocks crowed, dogs barked, the cats began to mew, the spits to turn, the clocks to strike, the soldiers presented arms, the heralds blew their trumpets, the head cook boxed a little scullion’s ears, the butler went on drinking his half-finished tankard of wine, the first lady-in-waiting finished winding her skein of silk.  Everything, in short, went on exactly as though the spell had lasted a hundred seconds instead of years.


         “Leomon, although you’re older than my daughter, I shall engage my daughter to you.  Do you agree?”  Asked Terriermon seriously.


         “Thank you my king.  I’ll protect her, I’ll grant her happiness, I’ll treat her like my own daughter, I’ll…” said Leomon.


         “Okay…enough…my daughter, do you agree?”  Lopmon interrupted.


         Renamon looked at Leomon with great interest.  “Of course I agree!  Let the wedding ceremony begin now.”  She was eager to marry Leomon.


         And then the marriage of Renamon with Leomon was celebrated with all splendors, and they lived contented to the end of their days.  The fairy Digimon wished them the very best, a new and happy life awaited them.


         After Terriermon and Lopmon slept for 100 years, their characteristics and personalities changed.  They were no longer stingy and they liked to help the poor.


         One day…


         “Monochromon!  You broke the plate again!”  Lopmon exclaimed and rushed towards him.


         “Sorry my queen.  Please don’t deduct my salary because I don’t have enough salary to be deducted.”  Monochromon pleaded.


         But to Monochromon surprised, Lopmon asked nervously, “Are you alright?  Do you need a doctor?”


         “I’m…alright…” Monochromon stammered.


         “Forget about the plate, I’m glad that you’re alright.”  Lopmon smiled and asked some maids to clean the floor.




         That night, inside Renamon’s room.


         “Leo, let’s finish the procedure.”  Said Renamon cheerily while laying on the bed.  She was afraid and yet full of eagerness.  “What will be the sensations?  I hope I don’t feel painful since this is my first time.”  She thought.


         “Rena, I won’t hurt you.  I promise.”  Said Leomon soothingly and unzipped his pants.


         “Wow!  You didn’t wear underwear!”  Renamon exclaimed when she saw his penis after he pulled down his pants, she felt even uneasy to see his pecker.


         “I don’t need to wear underwear because my pants is already covering my monhood.”  Leomon explained and gave her a smile – a smile that would sweep away the fears.


         “You also saved money because you don’t need to buy underwear.”  Renamon joked and they laughed together for a while.   Their laughter washed away some of her uneasiness.


         According to the tradition, the newly married wife must give her chastity to her husband.  This was a symbol for enduring loyalty in love.


         She was at a loss about what to do before him.  “Leo, what should I do?”  She blushed and asked nervously.


         “Rena, I’ll guide you during the process, don’t worry.”  Said Leomon in a relieved voice.


         She gave a sigh of relief and relaxed into a smile.


         He lie on the bed, reaching out with both hands he started at her belly and slowly ran his hands through her fur, working his way up along her sides.  When he got to her neck he grabbed two handfuls of her nape and gently started kneading it.  Her body shook a little and a shade of anxiety seemed to him to cross her expressive face.


         “Rena, take a deep breath…relax and enjoy.”  He spoke in a calm, clear voice.


         She took a deep breath and relaxed herself.  “Thanks.”  She gave him an angelic smile.


         He moved up in front of her so he had a better angle at her neck.  She stuck out her tongue and started to lick his torso.  The feeling was electrifying, pushing him even further.  He took one of his hands off her neck and started to rub it slowly through the fur on her chest.  The vibrations from her purring were most intense.


         He leaned down, and his furry muzzle grazed lightly over her cheek.  His whiskers tickled lightly at her face as their lips pressed together.  They parted a little, and their gazes met once again, but there was a subtle, yet raging heat between them.  He looked at her through lidded eyes and she replied him with her shining eyes.


         He stared at her gorgeous yellowish face.  Her tongue was pink and moist.  Her muzzle was long and delicate.  He stared into her tempting eyes, and the dark eyebrows that sat above them.  Her eyes were wide with anticipation.  Her nostrils flared with her quickening breath.  Her chest was heaving with excitement.


         “Rena, how do you feel?  Do you want to take a break before we continue?”  He asked in an encouraging voice.


         By now, she was burning with fire of passion and refused to stop.  “And how do you feel?”  She retorted.


         “I feel great.”  He said cordially.  “I liked every part of your body.”  He blushed and added.


         “Thanks, I feel great too and I also like your muscular body.”  She answered proudly.  “And I’m glad that I could please you so well.”


         He bent down to her groin, “Rena, please spread your legs.”  He asked earnestly.


         She spread her legs as wide as she could.  “What are you going to do now?”  She stammered.


         “You’ll know very soon.”  He said, confidently.


         He zigzagged his tongue through her lips, to just underneath her vagina, focusing there for a long moment, until he pressed himself upward.  His tongue still curling about, causing shudders of delight to go through the fox.


         She cupped his head and pushed him apart, “Wait…you’re licking…that place, don’t you feel dirty?”  She asked naively.


         “No, I need to make that place wet before I could continue next step.”  He assured her.


         She could not understand but she trusted him and allowed him to continue.


         He smiled and hummed into her labia, teasing them profusely before his muzzle went to her clitoris with a passion.  She moaned loudly, her juices saturating his muzzle.  “Oh…so good…” she murmured and clamped his head gently.  He continued until he tasted her pre-cum.


         He guessed that she was coming and decided to stop.  He crawled up to her chest and showed him his pecker.  He smiled and without saying a word, she understood and grabbed his pecker.  That was the first time he touch a man’s pecker and she felt nervous because she had no ideas how to please him.


         “Rena, your…that place is wet now.  Now it’s my turn, you just imagine that you’re sucking a lollipop.”  He explained in a soothing voice.


         She was still hesitating because she was afraid that his penis was dirty.


         “Don’t worry, it’s clean and won’t have nasty taste.”  He continued, with a pleasant smile.


         “If he could lick my piss hole, I could suck his manhood too.”  She thought.  “Everything must have a first time.”


         She followed his advice, she sucked and licked his dick like a lollipop.  She kissed each part of his manhood and made one long lick from the base of his manhood to the tip.  He let out a moan and his hips jerked slightly.  She then took the tip of his penis in her mouth and rested it on her tongue.


         “Taste good...” she savored his penis, letting her saliva cover him in a slippery film.  She came down around the plump head and gently started to suck.  He immediately began to buck a little from the pleasure and gasped for air.  She sucked a little harder pulling him slowly into her mouth.


         “Wow, you’re good for the first time…” he stammered and she felt pleased.  He could feel her raspy tongue teasing his sensitive head and tasted his pre-cum.


         “Leo, you pissed…” she blushed and whispered softly.  She thought the liquid was his urine.


         “That’s not my urine.”  He explained enthusiastically.  “When a man got sexually aroused, a sticky liquid spurts out of his erected penis.  This is called ejaculation – the liquid is semen or sperm, not urine, and they traveled out from the body through the piss hole.  But the liquid you saw was called pre-ejaculate, also known as pre-cum, is the liquid that seeps from the tip of the penis during sexual excitement before ejaculation happens.  This fluid helps coats the urethra and helps sperm move.”


         She pricked up her yellow ears, “do I have that thing?”  She asked with interest.


         “No.”  He shook his head, “girls don’t have sperm, you only have cum or juice.”


         “I still don’t understand, how do I produce cum?”  She asked with wondering eyes.


         He patted her furry head, “you’ll produced cum afterwards.  You can also produce cum when you masturbate.”


         “Masturbate?  How?”  She asked again.


         “You should ask your mother to teach you about that, because you and I are different.”  He answered cordially.


         “Okay, I guess I should continue.”  She smiled demurely.


         He could already feel his testacies swelling and getting ready to release.  She took a claw and ran it slowly and gently up the underside of his meat bringing him to the edge of orgasm.  He asked her to stop and she obeyed him.


         She stopped and let his pecker out of her mouth.  He climbed down a little again until his pecker was in front of her pussy.  “Are you ready?”  He asked eagerly.


         “What are you going to do now?”  She was nervous to see his dick, it was stiffen and huge.  “Your thing is so huge now, how can it be?”


         “I’m going to put this into your cunt, when I shot my sperm into your womb, the process is finished and you’re considered as a woman.”  He said respectfully.  “My dick is huge because I’m going to ejaculate.”


         She was a little frightened, “but my cunt is so small, it won’t fit.”  She said in nasal voice.


         He smiled, “do you still remember how I lick your pussy and you suck my manhood?  Now your pussy and my manhood are wet, so I can put it in without much pain.  Besides, you cunt is not that small as you thought.  When you give birth to a baby, the baby would come out from your pussy too.”


         She was surprised because her parents did not tell her about that.  She trusted him closed her eyes, “let’s finish the procedure.”  She stammered.  She was excited, she knew that she would become a woman after he deflowered her.  On the other hand, she hoped that she would not feel so much pain.


         He massaged her slit with his fingers, guiding his dick into place and pushed into the warm moistness that soon surrounded him.  She was tight but, not so as to cause either discomfort because her twat was already soaking wet.  So he could slide in with less resistance and she did not feel painful even he pierced her hymen.


         “Aahhh.” She groaned softly.


         He paused and withdrew a little, “Sorry, are you hurt?”  He asked with concern.


         “No…please continue…” she was happy that he really cared for her.


         He smiled and continued gently.


         She was relief and began to enjoy his thrust.  “Rena, are you okay?  Did I hurt you?”  He asked nervously, she shook her head and he began to pump.  She pushed back against him, forcing as much of him into her as she could.  Her mouth hung open as she panted, his arms tight around her waist and he was also gasping.


         “I…like…it…” she blushed and panted.


         Neither of them could take very long of this, the excitement and passion bringing them both closer and closer to climax.  He felt that familiar shuddering going through her body, her muscles clenching his cock deeply inside her as she rushed towards orgasm.


         “Darling…” she whispered as her body was shivering.


         “Honey…” he whispered back as his dick also tensed.


         He picked up his pace, wanting his own pleasure to occur at the same moment as hers.  She recognized this somehow and began an equal but reverse thrusting, slamming her hips to him with every in stroke, lifting her hips with every outstroke.  “Thanks…” he was grateful because she also wanted to come with him at the same time.


         With a keening squeal he felt her muscle tighten impossibly strongly around him, her body bucking against him and losing all semblance of control as her orgasm washed over her.  This was too much for him to bear and he thrust one final time, he groaned as he exploded deeply within the coming vixen.


         “Oohh…” she groaned softly and could feel the warm liquid flowing into her uterus.


         His hands gripped her waist desperately, he kissed her neck and cheek as wave after wave of his orgasm came over him.  Finally, they were both panting and gasping, they relaxed slowly on the bed.  They could recover their strength faster than human.  Soon they opened their eyes and looked at each other.


         “Darling, now I’m a woman and I’m the youngest wife.”  She said with a grin.


         “Honey,” he hugged her, “I also love you and I’ll love you until the end of the world.”  He whispered into her large ears.


         “Darling, let’s take a bath...” she chuckled.  He agreed and they took a shower together.


         “Darling…I want to try again…” she said and he was shocked.


         “But…you looked tired.”  He observed, he was not tired because he was already an adult.  But she was still a child, not even a teenager yet.


         “Don’t worry, I can do it one more time.”  She said with confident.


         “Alright.  But don’t force yourself.”  He nodded.


         After a few years, Leomon became the most respectable and most inspirational prince.  Renamon helped him to rule the kingdom with peace.






         Gatomon passed the exam with the best result and was promoted to become the leader of the fairy Digimon.  As for Calumon, she became Gatomon’s assistant.


         “Gato, congratulations.”  Gatomon’s boyfriend – Veemon hugged her.  “I’m proud of you.”  He whispered softly.


         “Thanks Vee.”  Gatomon also hugged him.


         “Guilmon, don’t worry.  You have improved a lot, I’m sure you will pass the coming exam.”  Said Biyomon in soothing voice.


         “Thanks.”  Guilmon chuckled to himself as he spoke, his eyes also twinkled.




The end.  (Thanks for reading it ^_^)


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The end.