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Season 3 series

Author: Daniel
Proofread by: 4I Falcon

Note 1: ************ means scene changed.
Note 2: This lemon took place after season 3.

Title: Repent Bitterly

After five years…

Takato was walking along the street alone, he was thinking about Suzie, he loved her secretly. He had not dated with her yet, he was afraid that she would reject him.

One day, he collected enough courage to ask for a date. “Suzie, do you want to have lunch with me tomorrow?”

She hesitated for a few seconds, but to Takato it seemed like days dragged by. She finally answered, “Okay.”

Takato was over-excited and could not sleep for that night.


The next day, Takato invited her to go to the movies.

After about two hours, they walked out from the cinema.

“Suzie, do you like the movie?” Asked Takato.

“I guess.” Suzie answered.

“Want to have tea time?”


Takato was talking to Suzie happily, but Suzie didn’t seem interested in him.

“Suzie, are you alright?”

“Takato, I know you like me, but I am sorry to tell you that I already had a boyfriend.”

Takato’s heart was shattered.

“Takato, I am glad that you invited me today, but we are only normal friends. I hope you can understand.”

“Suzie, I understand. But I hope you can give me a chance.”

“Sorry Takato.” She shook her head.

“Can you tell me about your boyfriend?” He tried to change the topic. She smiled and told him about his boyfriend, and he pretended to be very interested.

After they finished their food, Takato asked nervously, “Can I invite you to do something with me again?”

“Sure, but remember, we are normal friends only.” Suzie reminded him.

“Okay.” Takato tried to smile.

And so Takato returned home with a broken heart.


But Takato never gave up, he continued to date Suzie and tried to please her. Suzie rejected him many times and explained to him that she would not accept him forever.

One night, Takato wept on his bed.

“Why? I loved her but she rejected me.” Suddenly, his weeping turned to evil chuckles. “I know… if I killed her boyfriend, she may turn to me.” He smiled evilly.


One day, Suzie celebrated her birthday. She invited everyone to his house, including Takato. Their Digimon partners returned to the Digiworld many years ago.

Suzie introduced her boyfriend to her “normal” friends, as well as Takato. It made Takato even more jealous.

“She’s so pretty,” Takato thought while Suzie was entertaining the guests, “but he’s so ugly, just like beauty and the beast.”

“Takato,” someone called him from behind. “Still thinking about her?”

Takato turned around and saw Rika, “Suzie? No, she got a boyfriend already,” Takato lied.

“Her boyfriend is handsome too,” Rika continued.

“Er… I have to go to the washroom,” Takato answered and quickly walked away. He did not go to the washroom, he just wanted to avoid Rika.

After ten minutes, the soft music starts and everyone was looking for a partner to dance together. Takato was envious to see almost everyone had a partner. Rika chose Henry, not Takato. Takato left the party, again with a broken heart.


The next morning, Takato realized that he forgot to give Suzie her present.

“It’s only a book… I think she will reject me again... but I will try anyway,” he thought.

He set off to Suzie’s house after he dressed properly.

After ten minutes, he reached her house, he pressed the doorbell and waited for an answer. Soon Suzie opened the door.

“Hello, Takato!”

“Suzie, I forgot to give you this present last night.”

“Oh, never mind about it.”

“Urk! Suzie, I’ve got a stomach ache, can I use your washroom?” Takato lied.

“Sure.” Suzie did not realize and opened the gate.

After Takato entered her house, he asked, “Where’s Henry?”

“He found a job and today is his first day.” Suzie answered.

Takato entered the washroom and thought, “Her parents and Henry went to work. Good.” He suddenly got an evil idea.

Takato prepared to flush and walked out from the washroom.

“Feel better?” Suzie smiled.

“No, not yet.” Takato shook his head.

“Then what’s wrong?” asked Suzie curiously.

“Suzie, do you have pain-killers anywhere?” asked Takato.

Suzie turned around and answered, “Wait here, I’ll…”

Before Suzie could finish, Takato hugged her from the back.

“Takato, let go of me!”

Takato released Suzie but slapped her face many times and she felt dizzy.

“What…” Suzie tried to ask questions but Takato interrupted her.

“Suzie, I loved you and I want you.” Takato grabbed her and dragged her to one of the rooms in the house. Suzie tried to struggle and shout, Takato punched her belly and she bent over double, gasping for air.

Takato threw Suzie to the bed and took off his shirt quickly. Suzie sat up and tried to escape but Takato grabbed her hair, and then smacked her forehead into the wall. Suzie felt dizzy and painful, she collapsed to the floor and burst into tears.

“Suzie, I am more handsome than your boyfriend, why do you reject me so?”

Suzie was in too much pain and afraid to answer. Takato threw her to the bed again and asked, “Why?!”

“Please let me go…” Suzie pleaded with tearful face.

Takato took off his pants and underwear. Suzie was panicked to see his pecker, this was the first time he saw a pecker. Takato tore off Suzie’s clothes and covered her mouth with her own underwear.

Takato slapped her face again and shouted, “Stop struggling!”

Suzie looked at Takato with tearful eyes.

“If you chose me, you wouldn’t be suffering,” Takato growled, and inserted his pecker into her twat with one thrust. She groaned and fainted due to the pain. But Takato continued to pump, after a few minutes, he came and shot his sperm into her womb.

Later Suzie woke up again, “Ah, you’re awake already.” Takato smiled.

She muffled through her underwear and shook her head.

“I assumed you like this,” Takato said and turned her around.

She was afraid to be slapped again, so she did not struggle.

Takato slid his dick into her anus and she groaned painfully.

“Ahhhh…so good…” Takato ignored her and continued to push his dick deeper. Suzie felt like someone was ripping her anus. She tried to plead him to stop; she could not take out the underwear from her mouth because Takato was gripping her hands.

Takato humped faster and deeper, but Suzie was crying and groaning painfully.

“As you can see, my dick is sure bigger and nicer than your boyfriend,” said Takato. He’s turned into a sex beast, burning with the fire of passion. Takato just wanted to release his desires and he did not care about Suzie.

Finally Takato ejaculated again and he collapsed to the bed. Suzie suddenly used her last strength to escape, but Takato managed to catch her again.

He tried to throw Suzie back to the bed again, but Suzie’s head was knocked on to the table near the bed. She collapsed to the floor and fainted.

Takato walked towards Suzie slowly, he turned Suzie’s body over and was shocked. Blood was oozing out from her forehead. Takato quickly put on his clothes and left the place.


In the hospital…

“Doctor, her heartbeat is below normal!” Said one nurse.

The doctors were trying to rescue Suzie, “CPT!” A doctor shouted.

After one hour, the doctor walked out from the emergency room. Suzie’s parents and brother immediately surrounded the doctor.

“I am sorry…” the doctor shook his head and Suzie’s parents immediately fainted. Henry felt the room was spinning, but he did not faint.


Takato did not return home. He knew that he had done something wrong. He found a place to hide himself.

The next day, when Takato tried to buy some food, he was arrested by police officers. Takato did not struggle, he followed them to the police station quietly. He confessed to them everything and asked about the condition of Suzie. They told him that Suzie had passed away. He was completely stunned.

Suzie’s and Takato’s parents went to the police station after ten minutes.

“I’m sorry… please forgive me…” Takato burst into tears and knelt in front to them.

“It’s no use crying over spilt milk. What’s done is done,” Takato’s father sighed.

Henry could only weep for her sister, his parents just stared at Takato with tearful faces. They left the police station sadly after signing some documents.

Takato had been sentenced to death.

The end.

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