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Season 3 series



Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed

Note 2: This is an AU (Another Universe), not related to any series.


Title: Renamon Found A Mate


         After the Digimon bade farewell to the Tamers, they returned to the Digital World.  After a few weeks, they could digivolve and de-digivolve without the help of Tamers.


         One day, Renamon was standing under a tree near her hut.  Guilmon and the others were staying in different areas.


         “Now I need to find a mate.”  She thought.


         She walked into the forest to find some food, “But who should I choose?”  She murmured.  “Guilmon is too childish while Terriermon loved Lopmon.”


         She found an apple tree and smiled demurely, “I’m so lucky to find an apple tree.”  She climbed to the tree and sat on a trunk, she plucked an apple and began to eat the apple.


         “Yummy!”  She exclaimed, she decided to take some back to her hut.


         While she was on the way back to her hut, three Rookie Digimon blocked her, they were about three feet tall only.  “Little girl, want to play with us?”  One of them asked with his eyes opened and he was Toeimon.


         “Rascals.”  Renamon sighed and put down the apples.  She stretched her hands and shook her head a little, “This’ll be my first fight without Rika.”  She thought in considerable excitement.


         Another Digimon --- Veemon walked towards her and tried to attack her.


         “Ah cha!”  Renamon lifted up her paws and sent a punch to Veemon’s face.


         Veemon fell backwards and blood dripped from his nose, Renamon’s fist was too fast for him to avoid.


         “C’mon!”  Renamon waved her right paw to her foes.


         “How dare you attack us.”  The third digimon was Agumon, he shouted and attacked her.


         “Yi ya!”  Renamon lifted up her right leg while spinning her body, her heel hit Agumon’s cheek and knocked him to one side.


         Renamon gave a deadly stare to Toeimon and he was too afraid to attack.  Toeimon quickly turned around and ran as fast as he could, he knocked many trees before he finally disappeared.


         “Wait for us!”  Veemon and Agumon shouted in one voice, in less than five minutes, all rascals had vanished from the sight of Renamon.


         “Okay, who’s behind the bush?  Come out now!”  She turned to the bush and shouted.



(He’s Gallon)



         A wolf-man walked out from his hiding place slowly, Renamon was shocked to see him.  She never saw such handsome creature after Leomon’s death.  He was young, well-groomed and trimly clad, with something of refinement and delicacy in his bearing.


         “I’m Gallon.”  He stretched out his hand and introduced himself.


         Renamon just stared at Gallon, “He’s not a Digimon, is he a friend or foe?”  She thought in considerable excitement.


         “I just migrated to here, I’m looking for hostel and friends.”  Gallon explained, grimly.


         Renamon shook paws with him, “I’m Renamon and I’m a Digimon, where do you come from?”  She asked calmly.


         He rubbed his hands and chuckled with delight.  “I’m a Night Warriors and I came from a different world, there’s no name for the world but it’s full of Night Warriors.  Is this world called Digital World?”  He explained frankly.


         Renamon nodded, “And how do you come here?”  She asked earnestly.


         Gallon took out a small machine from his pocket, “This device can open a portal to here, I did a research and found out that this world is very suitable for me to stay.”  He answered in his consequential way.


         “So…do you still want to go back to your own world?”  Asked Renamon, whose eyebrows had gone up once or twice during that remarkable explanation.


         “I stayed at my world for quite a long time, so I decided to change environment.  I’ll only go back if something really happens.”  Gallon smiled indulgently.


         “You said that you’re looking for a hostel, but…” Renamon trailed off.


         He took out some money from his another pocket, “I exchanged some money too before I came.”  He said loftily.


         Renamon smiled, “You really prepared well.”  She said blandly.


         Gallon looked at Renamon from head to toe.  “You’re a fighter too?  You fought very well just now.”  He asked serenely.


         “Yes.”  Renamon nodded.


         “Before I wanted to help you, you finished already.”  Gallon remarked.


         “Since when did you arrive here?”  Asked Renamon thoughtfully.


         “Since this morning only, I thought I could find a village anywhere but looked like I made a mistake.”  Said Gallon with a stare and a snigger.


         “There’re very few village here, and I don’t think you can find any hostel.”  Renamon answered frankly.


         Gallon was shocked.  “Is it because different types of Digimon could not stay together?”  He asked gloomily.


         “That’s right, especially Virus type Digimon.”  Renamon nodded.


         “So, where can I stay overnight while I’m building my own house?”  Asked Gallon with interest.


         “You can stay at my place if you don’t mind.”  Renamon suggested.


         “I hope you don’t mind.”  Renamon thought.


         Gallon looked around and asked involuntarily, “Are there any villages nearby?”


         Renamon shook her head, “No, the nearest village would still need to take half-of-the-day to walk to there.”  She answered, smiling.


         Gallon was surprised, “It must be very inconvenient for you to buy foods.”


         “I can fly after I evolved, so I could reach that village within 5 minutes.  Besides, I used to it already.  I’m working as a shop assistant in that village.”  Renamon explained, calmly.


         Gallon thought for a while, “Even I reached there, could I find a hostel?  May be they would attack me because I’m not their type.”


         “Renamon, is it really alright to stay at your house?”


         “Sure, why not?”


         “Will your husband welcome me?”


         “Gallon, I’m still single…and…available…”


         “Then, I should not stay at your house.  You see…a single boy and a single girl in one house…I hope you can understand.”


         “That you’ll rape me?”


         “…I’m afraid that I can’t control myself because you’re so attractive…”


         “Gallon, don’t worry too much.  I trust you even this is the first time we meet.  Besides, a girl should feel honored to be raped, because a boy would never rape an ugly girl.”


         Gallon sweat-dropped, “What kind of logic was that?”  He thought.


         “C’mon, let’s go, I’m hungry and I know you’re hungry too.”  Said Renamon, with her enigmatical smile.  “And please carry some food for me.”  She passed some food to him and began to leave the place.  She had not make love with a boy for a few months, she thanked God quietly for giving her a boyfriend.


         Gallon looked at her with a puzzled expression, “Are all female Digimon so open-minded?”  He thought and followed Renamon at the back.


         Gallon saw Renamon’s tail that was swinging from left to right and then from right to left wildly.  Her tail was like a pendulum and his eyes followed the movements.  When she swung her tail to one side, he could almost see her buttocks.  He quickly closed his eyes and shook his head, “Control myself…control myself…I shouldn’t do it, I’m a gentleman and I can’t do that thing.”


         Gallon quickly caught up with Renamon and walked beside her, he dared not look at her.  He could feel the warmth coming from her which made his groin bulged.




         “Nice house.”  Gallon praised Renamon’s house when they arrived.           In the sunlight stood an old country house encircled by swallow ditches.  From the walls right down to the water grew large dock-leaves that had shot up so high that little children could stand on tiptoe beneath the tallest.  And there lay a duck upon her nest; she was engaged in hatching her young.


         He entered her house and was surprised that her house was well furnished.  She led him to the kitchen and they put down the foods on the dining table.


         There were two rooms only, she showed him another room and said, “This will be your room.”  The room has no bed, only carpet, a table fan, a table and a chair.  He put his bag on the floor and thanked her.


         She showed him around the house and said, “I’m going to prepare tea time, you can treat yourself like your own house.”


         After she entered the kitchen, he took out some clothes and took a shower.  After he took a shower, he ate tea time with her happily.  He told her about himself,  “I born in year 1940, I forgot the date and time.  My hometown is England.”


         “I was shunned by human society because of my terrible tendency to transform into a wolf every full moon.  When things were looking their bleakest, however, I managed to control this ability, I can choose whether or not to transform during the full moon.  Even if I transformed into a wolf, I still have my own thinking and would not kill others blindly.  I improved my fighting skills so that I could help the others.  One night, I left the woods and went on a journey --- a journey to find a place where no one would afraid of me.  Finally I found a place where there were many weird creatures, they accepted me and I used my kung-fu to help them to protect the world.”  He continued.  After he finished, he picked up an apple and began to eat it.


         She also told him about her world and herself, “I was born in year 1939, also forgot time and date.  My God created me to protect this world, God also created many Digimon but only some of them had fighting and digivolving abilities.  When the evil invaded the Earth, I decided to go to the Earth to destroy the evil.  Fortunately I found a human who was not afraid of me, and together we destroyed the evil.  After I destroyed the evil, I came back to here because the portal was sealed and I could not go to the Earth again anymore.”  After she finished, she began to eat a banana.


         He chuckled and rubbed his hands.  “So…this apple is delicious…we’ve same mission, i.e. to protect our beloved world…yummy.”  He said.


         “Yes…I like banana…now this world is a peaceful place but still got some rascals.”  She said thoughtfully.


         They stopped talking and concentrate on the tea time.  After some time, she looked at the clock and said, “Time to prepare dinner.”


         “Let me clean this table for you.”  He offered.


         “Thanks.”  She smiled.




         That night, after dinner, he quickly locked himself in his room after he helped her to clean the kitchen.


         “I won’t rape her if I didn’t see her.”  He thought.


         She understood and smiled.  “He’s shy, like Guilmon.”  She thought.


         After a while, there was a power failure.  To him, it was unfortunate because the room was warm.  To her, it was fortunate because he would come out from his room.  She was ready to tell him that she loved him.  He walked out from the room and helped her to light the lamp.


         “Want to sit at outside?”  She asked, good-humouredly.


         He wiped his damp brow and nodded.


         They brought a stool each and walked out from the house.  They sat under a tree and kept quiet for a while.  His heart was beating fast, he has a strange feeling, he felt like he was sitting with a girl whom he knew for years.  He knew that he had fall in love with her, but he was too shy to confess.


         “Can you tell me more about your world?”  She broke the silence at last.


         He chuckled and introduced his world to her.  “Many years ago, the Demon Realm was at war.  With the main ruler --- Jedah, who disappeared without a trace; the other ruling houses of demonic nobility moved in to gain more power.”


         She pricked up her ears and listened with interest.


         He continued, “Demitri, a young lord, tries to defeat one of the heads of a neighboring house, only to be banished to the Earth realm along with his minions and castle.  Weaken from the battle, Demitri had no control of the monsters and they left to disturb the humans.


         “Hundreds of years past.  Morrigan became the head of the house after defeated Demitri, while another rival house has sent an agent of death --- Lord Raptor, to recruit and/or rid of any competition to his Demon Lord.   The battle goes on until finally we defeated all the invaders and Morrigan became one of our best friends.  We managed to destroy Lord Raptor and his friends.


         “Our world is also peaceful now, so I migrate to here.  I hoped that I could help the Digimon here.  Besides, I need to improve my kung-fu skills too.”


         She listened with amazement to his explanation.  “Gallon, I’m so glad that I met you.”  She laughed good-naturedly.


         “Me too.”


         She chuckled.


         “Gallon…do you accept me?”  She asked after she collected enough courage.


         “Wow, she proposed to me…” he told himself.


         “I…accept you.”  He answered in a soothing voice.  There was no reason for him to reject.


         She was happy and leant her head on his muscular chest.  He hugged her furry head gently and asked eagerly, “If I wanted to go back to my world, will you follow me?”


         “Yes.”  She answered without hesitation.


         He smiled and caressed her vixen head.  He could not believe that he could find a girlfriend so fast.  When they saw the light appeared from inside the house, they knew that the power had return and they re-entered the house.




         “Gallon…don’t return to your room so fast…”


         He turned around and saw her sitting on the sofa, she invited him to join her.  She twinkled her eyes and sent a flying kiss to him.  Her singular yet placid cast of beauty, and the thrilling and enthralling eloquence of her low musical language, made their way into his heart by paces so steadily and stealthily progressive that they had been unnoticed and unknown.


         He could not resist her anymore and sat down beside her, she smiled and caressed his bare chest.  She moved her paws down and slowly unbuttoned his pants.  He did not reject, he just stared at her with a pair of eyes full of passion.  She pulled down his pants and saw his bulging underwear.


         She used a finger and rubbed his bulging underwear.  “Little poor thing, I’m sure you’re waiting for me.”  She said, commiseratingly.


         He gulped, “Renamon, do you really want to do this?”  He stammered, considerably surprised at her enthusiasm.


         She did not answer, instead she pulled down his underwear, “Gallon, don’t worry, I’m doing this willingly.”  She said with a laugh.


         “Renamon, you are too open minded…” he said with a grin.


         “Because now is my puberty.”  She returned and put his underwear aside.


         They continued their conversation with their arms about each other’s waist, their bodies in pleasant contact with each other.  She enjoyed the feeling of her breasts firmly pressed across his strong chest and she could definitely begin to feel his own maleness growing.


         “I can’t believe Digimon also has puberty.”  He said in astonishment.


         She smiled an enigmatical smile.  “Digimon actually are animals, but with special power only.”  She explained.


         Drawing her to him, he closed his eyes and kissed her long and deeply, pouring out his heart and soul into this kiss, pouring forth his love for her.  With this kiss, he felt her emotions flowing into him.  They kissed like husband and wife although they just met.


         “Renamon…” he broke the kiss and tried to praised her, but could not find suitable words.


         “Shh…I know what you wanted to say…” she put two fingers on his lips gently and whispered.


         He did not say anything anymore because he knew that actions speak louder now.  His hand traced gentle paths from her waist, up to the fur on her chest.  He pushed the fur aside a little and saw her breasts.  He cupped one breast and circled the nipple with another finger.  Then he moved his head down to touch each peak with his tongue and swirling around.


         Renamon giggle as he tasted her breasts, they held each other for a long time, wordlessly sharing each other.  Much latter, he broke the hugging and began to stare at her gorgeous yellowish face.  Her tongue was pink and moist.  Her muzzle was long and delicate.  He stared into her tempting eyes, and the dark eyebrows that sat above them.  Her eyes were wide with anticipation.  Her nostrils flared with her quickening breath.  Her chest was heaving with excitement.


         She sat in front of him and starred at his pecker.  Suddenly she turned upon him with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.  He could somehow read her mind from her eyes.  He grabbed her waist gently and lifted her up a little.  His pecker was erected and has shot pre-cum.  She smiled as he lifted up her with his powerful hands.


         As slow as he could possibly manage he lowered her onto his throbbing penis, feeling the tight warmth of her sex surrounding him as he took her deeply into him.  He shifted his position to brace himself better, her legs wrapped around his hips for stability.


         “Aaahhh…so good.”  She purred.


         “Wow, so tight.  You must be a virgin.”  He remarked.


         “No, I lost my hymen long time ago already.”  She answered in a very amiable tone.


         As soon as he was deep enough he began rocking back and forth, feeling his manhood slip in and out of her with the motion.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and tilted her head back, moaning louder as their lovemaking started to pick up speed.


         She obligingly began sucking and nipping at his neck, running her tongue from his shoulder up to her cheek and back down, sending waves of pleasure to him.  She began gasping and rocking back against his thrusting, the grip she had with her legs allowing her the leverage to control the pace and rhythm almost as much as him.


         For a moment, the house was filled with moaning sounds.


         Neither of them could take very long of this, the excitement and passion bringing them both closer and closer to climax.  He felt that familiar shuddering going through her body, her muscles clenching him prick deeply inside her as she rushed towards orgasm.  He picked up his pace, wanting his own pleasure to occur at the same moment as hers.  She recognized this and began an equal but reverse thrusting, slamming her hips to mind with every in-stroke, lifting her hips with every outstroke.  His nips at her neck grew in intensity, my tongue rasping at the soft fur of her throat.


         “Renamon, I’m…” he panted.


         “Me too…” she stammered.


         Her body bucking against him and losing all semblance of control as her orgasm washed over her.  He thrust one final time, a choked howl coming from his own lips as he exploded deeply within the coming vixen.  Finally, they both panting and gasping.  Without a single word, they both dozed off and enjoyed the afterglow in their dreams.


         The next morning, they opened their eyes and saw that they were sleeping on the same sofa.  They smiled at each other, they were not dreaming, they found their loves.


         “Gallon, today we’ll start our new lives.”  She was lying beside him, her stomach on the sofa while her tail brushing his belly.  The sofa was large enough for two people to sleep side by side.


         He assented and caressed her huge soft tail, he could smell the perfume from her tail.  They hugged and kissed again for about five minutes before they woke up.  They woke up and prepared breakfast together, after breakfast, they set off to the village and she could not wait to spread the good news.  She wanted to let everyone knows that she found a mate.




         After one year…


         “Rena, my world needs me again.  Demitri somehow has returned,” Gallon looked at his device and said in his languid fashion, “I’m going back, want to follow me?”


         “Sure.”  Renamon smiled demurely.


         After they returned to his world, they never returned to the Digital World again.  No one knows what happened to them, may be they stayed happily at his world after they defeated Demitri, or may be they were defeated and killed by Demitri, or may be they were traveling in between the dimensions.


         But, there is one thing for sure: They never separate and their love last forever.




The end.


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