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Author: Daniel


Note 1: *********** means scene changed.

Note 2: This is not a lemon.



Title: Mysteries Unveiled


        We take you the exact studios where the series Digimon is made. There, the film producers were talking to Ken, “Ken, this is your partner, Wormmon.  And this is your D-Terminal.”


         Ken smiled at his partner.


         “Ken, are you ready?”




         The film producers opened the portal and said, “Now, go in and wreak havoc.  Don’t worry about Gennai because he won’t disturb you.”


         Ken picked up Wormmon and entered the portal. It was originally sealed by Gennai three years ago, but the film producers opened it easily (Film producers are so nosey, aren’t they?).


         “Ken, this will be your new headquarters.”  The film producers showed Ken a huge building.


         “Wow!  So many computers and equipment!”  Ken was surprised to see the place.


         “Finally, this will be your new currency. These are called Digi-Dollars, so that you can buy food and equipment for yourself.”  The film producers gave Ken some money and left (nosey, AND over prepared no less.).




         One day, elsewhere in the Digital World’s forest….


         “Tai, I can’t digivolve.”  Said Agumon nervously.


         “What happened?”  Asked Tai curiously.


         “Someone claimed as the Digimon Emperor created Dark Rings to capture and control us Digimon.”  Agumon explained.


         “But why can’t you digivolve?”


         “I don’t know.”


         “Agumon, let’s find Gennai to help us.”




         Inside Gennai’s house:


         Two men in black and a yellow fox Digimon were talking with Gennai.


         “We’re the film producers,” One of them stated. He was wearing sunglasses and black attire.  He was about six feet tall with black hair.


         “Now, Ken is making havoc, so don’t help the Digidestined children to stop him.”  Another of the film producers said. He too was also wearing sunglasses and black attire.  He was about five and a half feet tall.


         Gennai scratched his white hair.  “Why such a ridiculous request?”  He asked.


         “Because we wanted to make this show to become a series, may be 50 episodes or more.”  The first man answered.


         “If you helped the digidestined now, this show will end in one episode.  As you know, the more episodes we create, the more money we can make off of it.”  The other man continued.


         “But…” Gennai hesitated.


         “She’s Renamon, a female fox-type Digimon.  She’s yours if you agree.  We knew that you’re the only inhabitant in this house, and very lonely I might add.”  The first man introduced Renamon to Gennai, immediately Gennai stared at Renamon’s fur on her breasts and saliva dripped from his mouth.


         “Can we talk for a while?”  Renamon interrupted and walked out with the men.


         Outside the house…


         “You want me to serve that old fossil!!”  Renamon was angry.


         “Renamon, we’ll increase your salary if you do as we say.”  One of the men answered.


         “But I can’t be aroused as soon as I saw him.”  Renamon sighed.


         “Renamon, we’re very sorry, but hope you’ll understand.”  The other man apologized.


         “How old is he?”  Asked Renamon at last.


         “Only around 70 years old.”  The man answered naturally.


         Renamon sighed again and they entered the house again.


         “Besides, we’ll increase your salary to 40%, do we have a deal?”  Asked the second man again.


         “Yes, of course!  Now please leave us alone.”  Gennai nodded, still staring at Renamon.


         The film producers left happily, but Renamon was obviously not, despite her salary increase.




         After a while, Tai and Agumon reached Gennai’s house.


         “Gennai!  We got trouble!”  Tai shouted.


         “Damn!”  Gennai thought.


         Gennai stretched his head out from the window and asked, “What…ahhh…problem…ohhh…?”


         “Gennai, are you alright?”  Asked Tai and walked towards the window.


         “No!  Don’t come any closer!”  Gennai stopped him.


         Tai told Gennai everything, but Gennai said, “Ahh…you’re the…aaaa…Digidestined children, ooohhh…solve the problem yourself…” Renamon was sucking and licking Gennai’s penis.


         “But…” Agumon tried to reject.


         “Leave me alone now…I’m coming!!!”  Gennai exclaimed and ejaculated.


         “Oh, so you’re coming later?”  Asked Tai.


         “Just leave me alone now…” Gennai panted.


         “See you later.”  Agumon and Tai bade farewell to Gennai.




         In the forest, the bay and his Digimon were being attacked by a fire-spewing Monochromon.  They hid themselves in a cave.  They found the men in black standing beside the Digi-egg of Courage.


         “Tai, we’re film producers.  You need to pretend that you can’t lift up this Digi-egg of Courage.”  One of them said.


         Tai rubbed his hands.  “Ooooookaaaaayy? …Why?”  A confused Tai asked.


         “You got one partner already.  So you must give other people a chance to act in this series.”  The other man explained.


         “WHY?!?! People loved me in the first season!!!”  Tai grumbled.


         “Now we’re leaving.  Remember what we told you.”  The men in black left the cave (nosey, over-prepared, AND manipulative… what else could you get from a bunch of film producers???).


         Tai pretended that he could not lift the Egg of Courage, and then a light engulfed the Egg of Courage.


         In the real world, three new children were chosen randomly as the Digidestined children.


         “Agumon, we can rest now.  Let them fight the Digimon Emperor.”  Said Tai with a happy face.


         “You’re right.  Let’s go to your house and…I want a watermelon!”  Cried Agumon merrily.


         And so they went home to enjoy their lives while the new Digidestined fought with their new enemies.




         “Really?  Hooray!”  Izzy was happy to hear the good news.


         “Yes!  We do not need to fight again, I am tired of fighting over and over again.”  Mimi was relief to hear the good news.


         “YOU IDIOTS!!!” Mat slapped the both of them. “NOW WE’RE JOBLESS!!!”


         Suddenly the film producers appeared again.


         “I want a volunteer Digimon for Ken’s experiment.”  Asked one of the film producers.


         “What kind of experiment?”  Asked Tai curiously.


         “Cannot tell you now, but we will increase 30% salary for that Digimon.”


         Immediately Agumon raised his paws, “Me!”


         “Good, you must let Ken to catch you later, remember that.”  After the producers reminded Agumon, they left.




         The film producers looked for Arukenimon, “Arukenimon, you can use your hair to create Digimon.”  The film producers explained to her and assured her, “Don’t worry, your hair will grow back very fast.”


         The film producers turned to Mummymon and said, “Remember, don’t kill the digidestined children/Digimon too quickly because this is a long series.”


         Mummymon and Arukenimon nodded.


         The film producers showed them to a yellow Jeep. “This is for you.  You don’t need to walk like the digidestined children/Digimon have to.”




         Later the film producers talked to the four Holy Beasts.


         “Remember, only Azulongmon can act. The rest of you can rest, but I will still pay you.”  Said one of the film producers and the four Holy Beasts nodded.


         “Okay, let the series begin!”  The film producers shouted, and so the season 2 series began.  But wait a minute, Gennai in season 2 was young and handsome, not as old as in season 1, so how could this happen?




         Back to Gennai’s house:


         After Gennai ate and drank Renamon’s juices, he dozed off with Renamon.  When Renamon woke up, she was surprised to see a young man lying beside her.  Gennai has transformed to a young man, around 30 years old.


         Gennai was surprised and looked at the mirror, “What happened?”  He asked nervously.


         “May be my juices made you become young again.”  Renamon suggested.


         Later Gennai drank her juices again but nothing happened, “Maybe you juices is a temporary Fountain of Youth.”  Gennai thought.  But he was satisfied already.


         “Renamon, thanks.”


         “You don’t need to thank me, I also don’t know this will happen.”


         And so, Gennai became young and handsome in season 2.


         But what about the Dark Ocean…




         After Dragomon showed his shadow in the episode “His Master’s Voice”, he asked the film producers to increase his salary.


         “Sorry, we can’t increase your salary because you’re not on one of the main characters.”  The film producers rejected.


         “WHAT!!!! You foolish humans… How dare you try to gyp me! I QUIT!”  Dragomon answered after a while. “Be glad I didn’t devour you both.”


         “Fine, but you can come back if you changed your mind.”  The film producers shrugged.


         Dragomon bade farewell to the film producers and left. He mentally flipped them off. He later joined another series and thus there was only one episode of the Dark Ocean, which in turn confused and disappointed a lot of viewers.




         Towards the ending of the series, the original final enemy died because of heart attack.  The film producers were nervous because they could not find a suitable final enemy.


         “I think we should call Myotismon again.”  A film producer suggested.


         “But he was deleted in previous season.”  Another film producers retorted.


         “We can revive him and transform him to… to… how about Malo Myotismon?”  Said the third film producers thoughtfully.


         “Good idea and nice name.”  The other film producers agreed.


         And so, the final enemy for season 2 was MaloMyotismon.


         End of lemon…




         Different lemon…


         One day, a film producer said, “Digimon have no genders.”


         Immediately the Digimon were puzzled and angry, “No way!  If Digimon has no genders, why we do we have male and female voices?”  Agumon retorted.


         “How are we going to pee?  Through a straw?”  Ventured Lopmon.


         “I’m wearing pants to cover my penis, how can you say I’m genderless?”  Asked Leomon.


         “If Digimon has no genders, how do we give birth to Digieggs… Uhhuhu (that’s that “Elvis” noise he makes)?  How are you going to explain those Digieggs in the Primary Village to the audience?”  Asked Etemon.


         “If Digimon have no genders, then what should we have on our crotch?  A cunt or a penis?  Or nothing at all?”  Asked Renamon.


         “Why is my name is Angewomon and not just Angemon?  Womon means woman.”  Asked Angewomon.


         “I was after Kari because I wanted her to give birth to my offspring.  If I’ve no gender, how am I going to impregnate her?”  Asked Dragomon.


         “When I say ‘only girls can come out’ in episode 12, Biyomon and Hawkmon walked out from the cell and followed me.”  Deputymon smiled.


         “Because we’re girls.”  Biyomon answered quickly.


         “Pardon me, you’re a girl… I’m a boy” Hawkmon retorted.


         “I’ll discuss with my bosses and let you know about your genders next week.”  The film producer scratched his head and said.


         “We’ll wait for your good news.”  Renamon smiled.


         After one week, the film producer returned and said, “After a debate, we concluded that Digimon have genders.”


         Immediately all Digimon shouted for joy.


         After another week…


         Inside a supermarket, Renamon felt the nature’s calling.  She tried to endure but Rika was choosing some clothes, so Renamon decided to go to the washroom.


         Inside the ladies toilet, a woman told Renamon, “Mr. fox, this is ladie’s rest room.”


         “I’m a girl.”  Renamon answered cordially.


         “Oh.”  The woman nodded when she heard Renamon’s voice and saw her cunt.


         “If I’ve no gender, which water closet should I enter?”  Renamon thought.




The end.


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