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Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed

Note 2: This is a season 2 lemon.


Title: Lovebirds


         After the children and their Digimon defeated MaloMyotismon, peace once again returned to the Digital World.


         Several years passed, and Digimon could digivolve and de-digivolve without the children. Since the Digital World has become peaceful, children asked their Digimon partner to find a mate and start their own lives.  The people on the Earth were no longer afraid of Digimon, and some Digimon stayed on Earth and worked together with the people.




         Inside Yolei’s house:


         “Hawkmon, Which Digimon do you ‘like’? You never mentioned who you have a crush on to me.”  Asked Yolei in undisguised wonder.


         Biyomon was sitting on the table, looking at the sky through the window.


         “Actually, I like Biyomon.”  Hawkmon blushed.


         “Good! Both of you are birds!”  Yolei answered with a sweet smile.


         “But I don’t know about her.  Maybe she likes another Digimon.”  Hawkmon answered with a grin, twiddling his feathered fingers.


         “Have you told her that you like her?”  Asked Yolei anxiously.


         Hawkmon shook his head.


         “Then tell her!”  Yolei cried, rubbing her hands.


         “I…I don’t know how…” said Hawkmon, unsure about how to even do so.


         Yolei’s eyes fairly glittered as she spoke, “If you don’t tell her, you’ll regret it.  Look at me, I told Ken that I love him, and now we’re married.”  She said, chuckling to herself.


         “Poor Ken.”  Hawkmon sarcastically remarked.


         “What did you say?”  Asked Yolei in astonishment.


         “Uh…nothing, I’ll tell her that I love her.”  Hawkmon stammered.


         Yolei smiled an enigmatical smile.  “Good.  And always remember, girls love it when you buy them something; roses, chocolates, even gold.  Anything that can make her happy.”  She said.


         “That’s good advice and all, but I have no money.”  Hawkmon remarked.


         “I can loan you some of my money, but you must return it to me.  You should find a job and earn some money; eventually you’ll buy or build your own home.”  Yolei observed.


         “But I don’t want to leave you.”  Said Hawkmon unhappily.


         “Hawkmon, I’m a human.  You can’t stay with me forever. You must find a mate and start your own lives.  The Digital World doesn’t need our help anymore because the four Holy Beasts are protecting it.  You can return to the Digital World and I won’t stop you because you belong in the Digital World.”  Yolei said to reassure Hawkmon, and smiled to show that nothing would go wrong.


         “I’ll take your advice. And I’ll never forget you and our adventures in the Digital World.”  Hawkmon flapped his wings happily.


         “Me too.  You’re a good friend and taught me a lot.”  They hugged each other. Then Hawkmon said thoughtfully, “Wait a minute, we’re not separating, so why do we feel sad at all?  I can still come back even when I’ve formed my own family.”


         “You’re right.  Let’s go to sleep!”  Yolei cried, with a merry laugh.


         “So, tonight we’re going to use spoon style?”  Hawkmon suggested.


         “That’s right.”  Said Yolei, her eyes sparkled as she spoke.


         “What should I buy for Biyomon?  Hmm…I know.”  Hawkmon thought.




         Meanwhile, inside Sora’s house.


         Biyomon was thinking about something.


         “Biyomon, still thinking about Hawkmon?”  Asked Sora.  She raised her eyes languidly from the old book which she had opened.


         “How…how do you know?”  Biyomon was shocked by the question.


         “Just a wild guess because both of you are birds and the only single Digimon left.”  Sora said earnestly.


         “That stupid Hawkmon only knows how to protect his partner and doesn’t know a thing about romance.  I gave him so many hints and yet he didn’t notice.”  Biyomon answered harshly.


         Sora smiled at Biyomon’s vehemence.  “Well, he’s a good Digimon, very responsible and polite.  He didn’t notice because he was worried about his partner and the Digital World.  Now that the Digital World is back to normal, I think you should give him a chance.”  Said Sora.


         “Okay, two more days and it’ll be Valentine’s Day.  If he still doesn’t go on a date with me...” said Biyomon, raising her brows.


         “Biyomon, calm down. What’re you going to do if he forgets?”  Said Sora cordially.


         “I’ll date him and tell him that I love him!”  Said Biyomon lightly.


         Sora sweat-dropped.


         “Biyomon, if he tells you that he don’t like you, what’ll you do?”  Sora remarked.


         “I’ll find another mate.  Can you lend me some money to buy some things?”  Biyomon replied after a little thought.


         “Of course, 1% interest per day.”  Said Sora earnestly.


         “FINE!  This is called PARTNER!”  Biyomon remonstrated.


         “Cheer up!  I was just joking.  But you must find a job to earn money.”  Sora remarked, chuckling at Biyomon’s surprise.


         “I know.  Sorry Sora, I can’t accompany you anymore.”  Said Biyomon kindly.


         Sora nodded to show that she followed Biyomon’s understanding.


         “It’s okay.  You belonged in the Digital World; and eventually you’ll return to your own world with your mate.”  Said Sora fervently.


         “I’ll never forget you and our adventures in the Digital World.”  Said Biyomon, chuckling.


         “Me too!”  Cried Sora, rubbing Biymon’s feathers.


         Biyomon smiled an enigmatical smile.  “Funny, I don’t feel so sad.  Maybe this is the second time we say goodbye.”  Said Biyomon.


         “Maybe.  We bade farewell four years ago, and we finally reunited.  Now although we say goodbye, we may see each other again someday.”  Said Sora.


         Sora.”  Biyomon smiled gently.


         “Biyomon.”  Sora also gave Biyomon an angelic smile.


         They tried to hug each other.


         Sora, tomorrow is not the end of the world, so don’t feel so sad.”  Said Biyomon at last.


         “You’re right.  Let’s make love now, let’s 69.”  Said Sora thoughtfully and Biyomon agreed.




         After two days, Biyomon was holding the cell-phone.


         “Biyomon, now it’s only   Sora yawned.


         “I know.  I’m waiting for a romantic breakfast.”  Said Biyomon pensively.


         “Biyomon, promise me that you will not throw the cell-phone to the wall if he doesn’t call you.”  Said Sora airily and walked into the kitchen.


         Biyomon smiled, “Don’t worry, if he doesn’t call me, I’ll call him.”  Said Biyomon.


         After a few minutes, the cell-phone rings.  Biyomon glanced at the number that appeared on the screen.


         “Biyomon here!  Is this that stupid hawk… er, I mean is this Hawkmon?”  Said Biyomon inexorably.


         “Stupid hawk?”  Hawkmon thought at the other side, he answered politely, “Yes, it’s me.”


         “So why did you called me early in the morning?”  She asked eagerly, and she was hoping that he would date her.


         “I…I…can you wait for me?  I’m going to your place.”  Pleaded Hawkmon.


         “Sure.  But I don’t prepare breakfast here.”  Said Biyomon in her crisp, firm way.


         “Never mind, I’ll buy breakfast.”  Said Hawkmon with a significant raising of the brow.


         “You want to have your breakfast here?”  Cried Biyomon genially and Hawkmon pulled his cell-phone a little further from his right ear.


         “Provided if you don’t mind.”  He put his cell-phone to his left ear and rubbed his right ear with another feather-hand.


         “I don’t mind, I’ll be waiting for you.”  Biyomon calm down and answered.  Actually she hoped that Hawkmon would bring her out somewhere, anywhere for a breakfast.


         Both of them bade farewell and ended the conversation.


         “Biyomon, what happened?”  Sora asked anxiously.


         “That stupid hawk will be coming here to have breakfast.”  Said Biyomon pensively.


         “Good, you can save your breakfast money and give him more clues.”  Said Sora kindly, putting her hand upon Biyomon’s shoulder.


         “And he’d better get the point this time.”  Siad Biyomon blandly and took out something from the storeroom.


         Sora sweat-dropped again.


         Biyomon, put the hammer down.”  Sora insisted.



         After twenty minutes, Hawkmon arrived with a pizza.


         “Pizza?  This early in the morning?”  Biyomon thought.  Biyomon was upset because she was not having a romantic breakfast.


         “I don’t think this is Yolei’s idea.”  Sora thought.


         “Sorry, my money can only buy a regular-size pizza, do you have drinks?  I don’t have enough money for drinks.”  Said Hawkmon dryly.  Biyomon was so tempted to use that hammer on him.


         “Does Yolei know about this?”  Sora thought again.


         While they were eating, none of them talked.  They all kept quite.


         “Having pizza as breakfast, first time in my lifetime.”  Sora was thinking.


         “Why don’t he say something?  C’mon, don’t be shy.”  Biyomon also thinking and hoping Hawkmon to say something.


         Sora, I didn’t invite you to eat pizza.  I thought I could have some private time with Biyomon.”  Hawkmon thought, but dared not grumble.


         Finally they finished the pizza, before Sora goes to work, she reminded Biyomon, “Remember, don’t use the hammer.”  Her parents went to outstation and will be back next week.


         “What hammer?”  Hawkmon observed.


         “Oh nothing.”  Biyomon answered, still a little angry from disappointment after disappointment.




         After Sora left, Hawkmon invited Biyomon to the small hill behind the school.  Hawkmon helped Biyomon to lock her house and then they flew off to the hill.


         They sat down under a big tree and looked at the town from the hill, they can see cars and people moving around busily.  The wind blows gently and they can smell the fresh air. It smelled of flowers and the recognizable scent of fresh-cut grass.  Although the sun was shining, they did not feel hot for they were under the shadow of the tree.  The flowers, and leaves were blowing in the wind slowly under the sun, as if they were dancing. The sky was clear and only a few sparse clouds could be seen. Butterflies were chasing each other and bees were buzzing as usual indicating a new day. Birds were singing happily on the tree, praising the creator of this world.


         “So beautiful.” Hawkmon stared at Biyomon and remarked.


         Biyomon blushed, “Thanks, you’re handsome too.”  She answered.


         “But Biyomon, I was talking about the surrounding.  Don’t you feel that this place is so beautiful?”  Hawkmon asked curiously.


         Biyomon was shocked and embarrassed.  “Stupid hawk, I though you’re praising me!”  She thought.


         “You’re right.”  Said Biyomon, she controlled every nerve and muscle in her body not to slap Hawkmon square in the beak.


         “I feel so relaxed.”  Said Hawkmon calmly.


         “Yes, no need to worry about the Digital World for the second time.” Said Biyomon cordially.


         “Second time?” Asked Hawkmon, raising his eyebrows.


         “Four years ago, we defeated Apocalymon and we felt relieved for about four years continuously.”  Biyomon remarked.


         “This is my first time and I’ll make sure that I’ll enjoy it.”  Said Hawkmon lightly.


         “A whole new world, no wars, no enemies, no…ahhhh!!!” Suddenly a bird on the tree released bird-shit on Biyomon’s head. “EWWWWW! GROSS!!”


         “Biyomon! I’ll help you.” Hawkmon took a tissue from Biyomon and rubbed her head, and then they flew to a riverside and cleaned Biyomon’s head.


         After a few minutes…


         “Cleaned, Biyomon.”  Said Hawkmon kindly.


         “Thanks, Hawkmon.”  Biyomon answered earnestly.


         They both looked at each other, then they start chasing and flying happily. After they felt tired, they lay under a tree grasping for air.


         “Biyomon, do you have a mate?” Asked Hawkmon after he collected enough courage.


         “Yes and he is…” Biyomon purposely trailed off and stared at Hawkmon.


         “Let me test him for a while…” She thought.


         Hawkmon thought Biyomon loved him.


         Biyomon, thanks.” Hawkmon blushed and looked at her.


         Biyomon smiled an enigmatical smile.  “But I didn’t say the person is you…” she said.


         Hawkmon twitched in shock.  “She doesn’t love me?”  He thought.


         “The person is Agumon.” Biyomon remarked airily.


         That answer was like a sword, pierced through Hawkmon’s chest and right into his heart.  He felt he was falling from the sky and going down to a very deep hole.  His mind was blank, his eyes were wet and his face was pale.  He sat up with a start and could not sit down because he was lost in thought.


         “She didn’t love me.”  These words were like a hammer, knocking his head.


         Finally Hawkmon recovered from the shock.  He turned his face away from Biyomon because he did not want her to see the tears in his eyes.  “Well, congratulations because I’m still looking for a mate.”  Hawkmon answered abruptly.  He could not believe that she could congratulate her.


         Biyomon smiled at Hawkmon vehemence.  “Oh Hawkmon…” she grinned.  She laughed until her cheeks were quite red.


         “Why are you laughing?” Hawkmon turned his face to Biyomon and asked inexorably.  He thought she was insulting him.


         Biyomon stopped laughing.  “I’m Sorry. I lied to you.  Actually the person was you.”  She said pensively.


         Hawkmon was so happy and answered, “I love you too.”  He found a reason to live again.  He regained faith to face tomorrow once more.  He didn’t feel despaired anymore.  He saw hope in the world again.


         “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”  Biyomon ventured.


         “I…” Hawkmon was speechless.


         “Hawkmon, that was the first time I saw you acted so ‘not calm’. All the while I thought that you’re Mr. Calm.”  Said Biyomon inexorably.


         Hawkmon blushed and stammered, “I guess you’re right.”


         They laughed for a while, and then Hawkmon asked eagerly, “Do you have any future plans?”


         Biyomon smiled, “I want to have some baby Digimon of my own.” she said genially, “How about you?  Do you want girls or boys?”


         Hawkmon sweat-dropped.


         “Biyomon, I mean have you found a job?”  Hawkmon stammered.


         “Oh, not yet.”  Said Biyomon with a grin, still thinking about babies.


         “I planed to work for a courier company.  Do you want to join me?”  Said Hawkmon in his crisp, firm way.


         “Sounds good.  I’ll join you.”  Said Biyomon with a significant raising of her brow.  “And do you like boys or girls?”


         Hawkmon blushed, “I prefer girls.”  He answered softly.


         Biyomon stared at him again, “Me too.”  She answered demurely.


         They sat there for a while and talked about anything, “I think it’s almost lunch time, let’s go now.” Said Hawkmon at last.




         They entered a restaurant and Hawkmon ordered two plain-water, he also murmured something to a waiter.


         “Only plain water?  Not even soft drinks?”  Biyomon was so angry that she almost flew out from the shop.  Hawkmon quickly apologized to her and she tried to control her temper.


         Biyomon looked around and saw many couples, “Doesn’t he have the slightest clue that today is Valentine’s Day?”  She thought.


         When the waiter came and put a medium-size cake on the table, Biyomon wept in joy. It was a pink, heart-shape cake with ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ on top of the cake.


         “Biyomon, why were you crying? Don’t you like it?”  Said Hawkmon kindly, putting his feather hand upon her shoulder.


         Biyomon rubbed the tears from her face and sobbed, “I…I…am so happy. First time in my life celebrating Valentine’s Day.”


         “Thanks. I didn’t know your favorite, and I hoped you’d like it.”  Said Hawkmon pensively.


         Biyomon ate the cake and said merrily, “Vanilla favored! I love it! Thanks.” Hawkmon was relief.


         “Sorry Biyomon, I don’t have enough money to order drinks.”  Said Hawkmon in offhand way.


         “I warned you, don’t say those words again! I can understand and thanks for the surprise.”  Biyomon stated.


         Then another surprise came to Biyomon. A human walked to them and start playing the violin, it was so romantic that everyone in the shop looked at them. Biyomon felt so proud and happy, and then they start eating the cake.


         “Mom, Digimon also know ‘romance’!” A child shouted to his mother, Biyomon and Hawkmon blushed.


         Shhh…don’t spoil the romantic involvement.” His mother scolded her son.


         “Biyomon, do you want to watch a movie?”  Asked Hawkmon pompously.


         “Okay.”  Said Biyomon strategically.


         After they finished, they decided to watch a movie.




         They chose a cinema and bought two back-seat tickets.


         Inside the cinema, they sat at the corner last row where no one will pass by. Fortunately no one was sitting beside or in front of Biyomon and Hawkmon.


         When the show started, they watched for a while, but thinking about the same question.


         Hawkmon finally asked softly, “Biyomon, can we increase our love?”


         Biyomon answered after some thought, “Sure.”  She gently crawled to Hawkmon’s seat. She was upside-down so that her beak was facing his digihood while his beak was facing her pussy.


         He gently rubbed her pussy while she caressed his groin. He unveiled her front entrance and penetrated it with his tongue; she found his digihood under his feathers and began licking it. They continued for a few minutes, and then Biyomon turned around until she was face to face with him. She slowly slid her body down so that his digihood could penetrate her pussy. He held his digihood and helped her until her pussy engulfed his digihood. They tried not to moan too loud, but fortunately there was nobody around and the movies volume was loud enough to cover their moaning.


         After his penis has inserted into her cunt, they looked at each other. They start the ‘in and out’ process while kissing and hugging. They gently licked each other’s beak. He used his hand to feel the softness of her breasts while she used his hand to explore his chest. They stopped and hasten the process, “Biyomon, thanks.” Hawkmon whispered.


         “No problem.” Biyomon whispered back. Finally they came and Hawkmon ejaculated. After he finished, they gasped for air. Biyomon slowly crawled back to her seat and rest.




         After Hawkmon sent Biyomon home, Biyomon kissed him and said with a grin, “I’m so happy today. Thanks.”


         “You’re welcome.” Hawkmon answered cordially and bowed his head.


         “Hawkmon, you’re too polite.”  Said Biyomon.


         “Sorry, I always used to apologize for my partner.”  Hawkmon answered with a grinned.


         After she entered her house, he flew away happily.


         The next day, they found a job in a courier company. They also built a hut on the hill and lived happily forever. But sometimes they also pay a visit to their old friends.




The end.


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