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Season 3 series



Author: Daniel


Note: ************ means scene changed


Title: Guilmon Learned Another Thing


         One night in the park, Guilmon began to feel bored again. So, he walked out from his den.  Suddenly, Guilmon saw someone hiding behind some bushes. He sneaked behind a rock to glance at the figure.  From the light of the lamppost, Guilmon realized that the figure was Impmon.  “He’s going to scare more lovebirds again.”  Guilmon thought.


         Impmon, however, did not notice Guilmon. He thought Guilmon was sleeping quietly in his den.  After a few minutes, a pair of lovebirds appeared and sat on a bench.  Impmon sneaked behind the bench quietly and slowly.


         “Bada Boom!”  Impmon scared the lovebirds with fire exploding from his fingertips like a Roman candle’s flame. They tried to run away, but Impmon managed to pin the girl on the ground.


         “Shut it, or I’ll kill you.”  Impmon’s index finger ignited as he warned her. She nodded and stopped shouting, knowing that Impmon meant business.  She was about four feet tall only and had a round face.  Impmon dragged her to the empty space behind some bushes. Guilmon followed them quietly.


         Impmon smiled evilly and unbuttoned the girl’s skirt. Her body shivered from the immediate exposure as Impmon pulled down her skirt, revealing her panties.  Impmon moved his hands up and tore her clothes with his claws. She tried to struggle but he slapped her face until she was dizzy and disheveled. She wept quietly and pleaded for him to stop.


         Guilmon was aroused when he saw the girl’s bra and underwear.  He then saw Impmon pulled down the girl’s underwear, unknowingly showing her beautiful pussy to the hidden reptile.  Guilmon gulped and his groin bulged because that was the first time he saw a naked girl, “Hey, she got a hole there, where’s her pee-pee?  What’s inside her hole, bread?”  Guilmon thought his typical thoughts of food.


         Guilmon was even curious when Impmon took out his pecker, “What’s he going to do?  Pee on the girl?”  Guilmon scratched his head and murmured.


         Impmon masturbated for a while, “If he want to pee on the girl, why must he rubbed his pee-pee to do it?”  Guilmon thought, he could not understand because he never masturbated before.


         Impmon slid his pecker into the girl’s cunt and the girl shouted painfully.  “Wow, it can be inserted into the hole!  If she has no pee-pee, how can she pee?”  Guilmon asked himself, being unaware of the female anatomy. He was surprised to see Impmon’s dick was perfectly inserted into her twat.


         Impmon paused for a while to enjoy the sensations of her vagina. After a while, Impmon pulled out his cock and pushed in again.


         “His body is shaking, what’s he doing?”  Guilmon was surprised to see Impmon pumping with pleasure.  Guilmon thought that one’s cock was used to urinate only.


         “Why does he look so happy?  He just inserted his dick into the hole and…pushing in and pulling out… what’s making him so happy?  What’s he doing?”  Guilmon thought.


         After a few minutes, “What…” Guilmon was surprised to see his penis crawled out from its pouch.  As Guilmon watched Impmon fuck the girl, he became even more arouse, “Why?  Guilmon also feel glad to see him shaking his body.  Guilmon want to try too.”


         Guilmon rubbed his pecker and he purred softly, “What’s this?”  Guilmon lifted up his paw and saw the pre-cum on his claw.  “Oh no, nature’s calling…wait…this sensation is much different, I don’t feel like I’m going to pee.  But…” Guilmon could not describe the current feelings.


         Impmon was still pumping the girl and almost reached climax.  “I really want to try too after he finished.”  Guilmon thought, the strange feeling was getting stronger and his body shivered a little.


         Finally Impmon finished and withdrew his cock, the girl used her last strength to escape when Impmon was breathless on the ground.  Impmon smiled and did not chase the girl.


         Guilmon rushed out from his hiding place, Impmon was shocked to see him. “You were hiding behind that bush the whole time?”  Impmon gasped.


         Guilmon ignored him and turned his body around, “Hey!  What’re you doing?”  Asked Impmon, but he was too tired to struggle, he was still panting.


         Guilmon slapped Impmon’s face and Impmon groaned, “And why did you just slap me?”


         “Guilmon saw you slapped the girl.”  Guilmon answered, he slapped Impmon without any reasons; he just mimicked Impmon.


         “You moron!  I slapped the girl because I wanted her to keep quiet…ouch!”  Impmon moaned again as Guilmon slapped his right cheek, Impmon tried to block his paw but he was too powerful and Guilmon’s paw landed on Impmon’s left cheek again.


         “Guilmon like this.”  Guilmon laughed and continued to slap Impmon’s face. He stopped and saw some scratches on Impmon’s face, remembering that he had claws, not hands.  Guilmon then searched Impmon for the hole desperately. Finally, he found a hole, his ass hole.


         “What the hell you’re doing?!”  Impmon exclaimed, his face was so painful until he almost could not speak properly.


         “To do what you did just now.”  Guilmon answered.


         “No!  Wait…argh!”  Impmon cried painfully as Guilmon pushed his dick into his anus with one thrust.


         “You’re crying?  But just now you’re so happy.”  Asked Guilmon curiously, his penis was still inside Impmon’s anus.


         “Just now I was fucking her, so of course I was happy, pineapple-head!”  Cried Impmon, flushing up to the roots of his flaming head.


         “What is fucking?”  Asked Guilmon promptly, he mimicked Impmon again; he pulled up his pecker and pushed in again.


         Impmon groaned again.  “Ask your stupid Tamer for the meaning of fucking…and take out your dick from my ass hole now!”  Impmon shouted with utmost coolness.


         “Why?”  Asked Guilmon blandly again and continued to pump.


         “Because you’re hurting me, sap!”  Impmon groaned painfully.


         “But I feel so good…” Guilmon refuse to withdraw his pecker and continued to hump Impmon’s anus, he could feel Impmon’s anus was clamping his pecker.


         Impmon continued to groan and moan. Finally Guilmon felt the same funny sensations, this time he just relax and let the feelings go.  Impmon could not believe that Guilmon had fucked him, but he liked it and he hoped that Guilmon would fuck him properly.


         “Guilmon is pissing inside you…” Guilmon groaned.


         Impmon was too tired to answer that stupid question.  After Guilmon felt the sensations disappeared, he withdrew his dick and lie beside Impmon.


         “Guilmon is sick, Guilmon feel so tired suddenly…” Said Guilmon wearily.  “Oh no, Guilmon’s dick is bleeding.”  Guilmon was surprised to see cum and blood on his penis.


         “You fool! You’re not sick, you’re just tired.”  After Impmon rested for a while, he answered serenely.


         “Why?”  Asked Guilmon with a stare and a snigger, scratching his head.


         “Because you just ejaculated.”


         “Guilmon doesn’t understand…”


         “Ejaculate means shoot your sperm out from your body, moron!”


         “Spet?  What’s that? Is it like bread?”


         Impmon sighed, “Sperm, S-P-E-R-M!”  He spelled out the word ‘sperm’.  “Go and ask your idiot Tamer about it.”


         “No wonder my dick was bleeding.”


         “Guilmon, you’re the most ignorant Digimon I’ve never seen!!  That was my blood, not yours!  You ripped my ass apart!!!”


         “So, you’re dying?”


         Impmon placed his hand on his forehead, deciding to ignore him. “Guilmon, want me to fuc…insert my dick into your ass hole?”  He changed the topic.


         “But Guilmon’s ass hole will bleed and Guilmon will die.”


         “Guilmon, I’m not dying, that little bleeding will not kill you.”


         “Is it painful?”


         “Yes. But you’ll feel pleasure after a while.”


         “Is it dirty?”


         “NO!! Now no more questions, ya son of a bitch!”


         Impmon lifted Guilmon’s big tail, and positioned his hard cock at the base of Guilmon’s asshole and began to push in.  Guilmon groaned painfully, but he still wanted to continue. Impmon began pumping Guilmon’s tight ass.  Impmon moved in for the kill and began pushing in.  As Impmon did Guilmon screamed painfully on the ground.


         “Now you know how painful was I just now!”  Impmon smiled evilly at Guilmon and continued to push all the way in, “But don’t worry, you’ll feel pleasure afterwards.”  Impmon was finally balls deep in him and began riding that tight ass like a cowboy while groaning in pleasure.


         Guilmon also began to feel the pleasure, “Oooohhh… So good…” he gasped.  Impmon pumped harder, faster, and deeper until Guilmon’s virgin asshole started bleeding.  But Guilmon was feeling pure euphoria, and did not feel the pain anymore.


         Impmon’s muscles were tightening. He was reached his climax.  After a few more humps, Impmon shot his load.  Guilmon could feel it pulsating, dumping Impmon’s cum deep inside of Guilmon.  Impmon ran his hands all over Guilmon’s body and kissed passionately.


         “Impmon, Guilmon like this. Can we play every night?”  Asked Guilmon with interest.


         “Sure, but don’t let the others know, or else they’ll disturb us.”  Said Impmon, yawning.


         “Impmon, why did you rub your pee-pee just now?”


         “I was masturbating, you know how to masturbate?”


         “What is it?  Why must we masturbate?  How?”


         “Guilmon, let’s rest now.  I’ll teach you in the morning.”


         Guilmon smiled and they dozed off together happily.




The end.


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