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This lemon describes the death of all digidestined children/Digimon; very disgusting.  Please don’t read while you’re eating.  This lemon contains background music, please relax and enjoy.

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Author: Daniel


Note 1: ********** means scene changed.

Note 2: This is a season 1 lemon.



Title: Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining


         Agumon and Gatomon were hugging and kissing on the bed.  Their family members went out for a movie.


         Agumon took her in his arms in a deep passionate kiss and quickly explored the realms of Gatomon’s body.  He gently massaged her furry pussy lips and she moaned at his touch.  He shrunk his fingernails and slowly pushes two fingers deep inside her.  Her head fell back at the immense pleasure.  With his thumb gently flicking her clit, he pumped into her.  Her body was rocking to his motions, her slit was wet and his fingers were covered with her delightful juices.


         Before Gatomon reached climax, Agumon slid his penis into her pussy and both of them began to moan.  He pulled out a little, and then pushed back in again.  She was on the bed while he was on top of her.  They were orgasms began to build while they moaned in pleasure.  Finally he groaned and shot his cum into her womb.


         “Agu…so fast?”  Enquired Gatomon involuntarily.


         “Gato, I still have some more for your ass and mouth…” Agumon answered, as his keen eyes darted over her.


         After he finished, he waited for a while, and then he withdrew his penis.  They lay on the bed gasping for air.  Suddenly they saw something that scared them.  Four people were standing at the door watching them.  Agumon and Gatomon sweat-dropped when they saw Mr. and Mrs. Kamiya, Tai and Kari.


         “Err…how’s the movie?”  Agumon went beetroot red, and looked down, which was his usual practice on such occasions.


         “The movie was canceled due to power failure, so we came back immediately.”  Tai explained.


         “*Cough* how long have you been standing there?”  Gatomon gasped.


         “You dirtied my bed again.  Didn’t I tell you to do it in the washroom?”  Tai was red with anger and mortification.


         “Mom, dad, I told you, the juices and cum on the bed were not mine and Tai, they belonged to Agumon and Gatomon.”  Said Kari proudly, and folded her arms.


         “We’re brother and sister, we wouldn’t do that incest stuff.”  Tai chuckled and rubbed his hands.


         “Agumon, Gatomon, next time make love in the washroom.”  Cried Mr. Kamiya with some heat, Agumon and Gatomon nodded.


         “Tai, Kari, we thought that you made love with your Digimon partner.”  Mrs. Kamiya’s smile broadened and his eyes twinkled humorously.


         “We’re not gay!”  Tai and Kari shouted in one voice.


         “Even if I want to have sex with Gatomon, we’ll go to the washroom.”  Tai added.


         “I wouldn’t allow Agumon to invade me.  I only give him hand-/blow-jobs.”  Kari smiled demurely.


         “Alright, it’s late already, cleaned your bodied and your bed.  You’re going back to the Digital World tomorrow to face the last enemies.”  Said Mr. Kamiya, he and Mrs. Kamiya left the room.


         After they cleaned the bed, Gatomon and Kari returned to their room and slept.  Tomorrow morning, they shall return to the Digital World and kick the enemies out of that world.




         The next morning, the children prepared to enter the Digital World.


         “Tai, Gatomon, remember to protect your sister.”  Said Mr. Kamiya thoughtfully.


         “No problem.”  Cried Tai and Gatomon, exultantly.


         After they talked for a while, they entered the Digital World.




         In the Digital World.


         Music begins: From the day we arrive on the planet.


         The digidestined children/Digimon were walking along the lake, suddenly Tai tripped and fell.  Everyone laughed at him and he blushed.


         And blinking, step into the sun.


         “Today is a hot day.”  Joe gave a cry of joy while looking at the sun.  He felt dizzy and knocked on to a tree.


         There's more to see than can ever be seen.


         “Mimi, it is a fine day today.  The sun is shining brightly.”  Said Izzy, good-humouredly.


         “The land turns green with the warm winds of spring.”  Mimi assented.


         More to do than can ever be done.


         “Izzy, you’re a geek, but I like you.”


         “Mimi…what is geek?”


         “Geek is a nerd; someone who is interest only in schoolwork or computers.”


         “Mimi, thanks for the comments…”




         Mimi and Izzy were going to hug each other, suddenly…


         “Stop that!  Now we’re in the enemies area and it’s not the right time to have romance!”  Said Matt, in his blandest voice.


         Music stops.


         They felt hungry and sat below a tree to eat.  Suddenly one of the Dark Masters emerged from the lake.  He was MetalSeadramon and he brought his army along with him.


         The battle ended in less than ten minutes, the children and their partners were defeated easily and they escaped to a valley.  There they met Machinedramon and his armada.


         Machinedramon attacked the wounded children and Digimon, the battle ended in less than ten minutes.  The children and their Digimon partners managed to run to another place but they met Puppetmon and a gang evil Digimon.


         Puppetmon attacked them and they were sent to a coliseum where Piedmon were waiting for them.  Piedmon and the other Dark Masters, including Onithmon, who came later; attacked the digidestined children/Digimon.



(This is Onithmon, a Mega level Ancient Bird Digimon, just joined the Dark Masters last month)



         Before the Dark Masters could kill them, Piximon appeared from nowhere and tried to protect the digidestined children/Digimon.  But he was defeated and deleted easily.


         “He was unable to make a sober estimate of his abilities or strengths.”  Said Onithmon, with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.


         “The bravest one is the one who always dies first.”  Jeered Piedmon.


         “Piximon, you shouldn’t have come.”  Growled Sora.


         “He reaped what he has sown.”  Said Tai, with a somewhat bitter smile.


         “Let’s fight for the last time.”  The chosen Digimon suggested.


         They began to fight and soon, they all were separated.




         Elsewhere, inside the forest…


         “Let’s finish him first, his Gate of Destiny is very dangerous.”  Onithmon warned Puppetmon.


         Puppetmon quickly controlled MagnaAngemon with his strings, and used MagnaAngemon to attack Garudamon.


         “MagnaAngemon, I don’t want to fight with you!”  Garudamon’s voice was almost breathless.  She tried not to fight with MagnaAngemon, but MagnaAngemon could not stop attacking her.


         “Garudamon, run while you still can!”  MagnaAngemon shouted back.


         “Don’t kill her, just let her become exhausted and de-digivolve back into Rookie level.”  Onithmon informed Puppetmon.


         “Easy as pie.”  Puppetmon nodded.


         “I won’t escape, I’ll save you!” Garudamon tried to attack Puppetmon, but Onithmon manage to protect Puppetmon.  Finally she was exhausted and de-digivolved back to Biyomon.


         “Now, you’re useless to us.”  Onithmon laughed at MagnaAngemon and tore a large hole in MagnaAngemon’s chest with his beak.  Immediately blood flowed out from the hole, the blood dropped to the ground and shattered into data.


         “MagnaAngemon, remember this song: This time I'll take off with courage.  Spread the wings of my heart and fly to the unseen future.  Now I'm headed towards an endless sky.  This dream adventure has only just begun.”  Biyomon gasped.


         “Thanks, I’ll remember that song.”  Said MagnaAngemon, with dignity.  The hole on his chest was getting bigger and bigger.


         “We must kill him fast, or else his Gate of Destiny will kill all of us.”  Onithmon explained as MagnaAngemon shattered into data.


         Puppetmon raised his eyebrows in surprised.  “Wow!  You knew a lot about him.”  Said he.


         “Of course, I saw him killed my brother with Gate Of Destiny.  He opened a portal, and my brother was sucked into the portal, never to return.”  A tear rolled down from Onithmon’s cheek.


         “So that’s the reason you joined us, to take revenge.”  Puppetmon was touched.


         “Yes, and also to rule this world with you all.”  Onithmon rubbed the tears from his cheek with his wing.


         “So now you’re going to eat this little pink bird?”  Puppetmon pointed at Biyomon and asked.  Biyomon was gasping for air on the ground, and Sora was not around. Biyomon could not Digivolve because she had consumed almost all energy.


         “I’m going to rape her before I kill her.”  Onithmon looked at Biyomon and answered, saliva dripped from his mouth.  Her face grew tense with anxiety, she tried to escape but Onithmon managed to catch her.  Puppetmon chuckled with delight and walked out from the forest to help the others.


         “What’s your name?”  Asked Onithmon with a grin.


         She stood grandly defiant, a queenly figure, her eyes fixed upon his as if she would read his very soul.


         “C’mon, I’m sure you want to have orgasm for the last time.”  Said Onithmon testily.


         For an instant there was hesitation in her beautiful face; but she told him her name. She knew Sora would not come and rescue her because Sora did not know her location.


         He asked her to open her cunt; she obeyed and showed him her secret place.  He also used his feathered-hands to take out his limp dick.  He slid his dick into her cunt with one thrust and her body shivered a little, his dick was still limp and could enter easily.


         A flush of vexation passed over her expressive face.  “No foreplay?”  She asked nervously.


         He smiled evilly, “No, because you’re not my girlfriend.”


         He continued to push his dick until he reached her hilt, and then his pecker began to erect.  She was nervous and tried to shake his pecker out, “Don’t move or I’ll rip a hole in your body.”  He warned her.  She stopped struggling, and she was sweating and hoped his pecker would stop expanding.  She groaned and a tear rolled down from her cheek.


         Finally he stopped and looked down at her, he saw her cunt bulged and he smiled demurely.  She was even afraid when she realized that he has not fully inserted his prick inside her.  He pulled out a little and pushed in again, she groaned louder and louder as he continued until his prick was fully inside her.


         “Oh my stomach!”  She gasped when she saw her belly bulged, the shaped of his cock was clearly seen under her skin.


         “I’m coming again!”  He warned her and pulled out again, he pumped and his cock almost reached her chest.


         “I…feel…so filled…” she caressed her belly with her feathered-hands, she touched and could sense his cock that was buried inside her.  He could see from her rigid face that she was vibrating with inward excitement.


         He withdrew a little and her belly became flat again, she took a deep breath and waited for another thrust.  Another thrust came in less than 30 seconds, she moaned and knew that her cervix canal was stretched to its limit.


         “You’re enjoying, you’re a slut…” he remarked.


         “I’m not slut…I want to enjoy my life before I die…” she thought.


         He pumped again; she groaned and she hoped that her cunt would not tear apart.  He entered again; she was surprised that his dick could almost reach her chest.


         He began to increase his speed, and saw that Biyomon’s belly bulged as he entered and became flat as he withdrew.  She had never being fucked as violently as this but she enjoyed the sensation and was closing to climax.  She could not believe that her vagina could accept his dick, she felt a little painful but very much pleasure.


         Finally she moaned and came, her juices engulfed his dick and he could pump even easier.  He was a Mega level Digimon and would not cum so fast, after a few minutes, she moan again but he still refused to cum.  She has no ideas how many times she had reached climax, this was the first time she reached multiple orgasm.


         Just when she thought that she was going to lose conscious, he reached climax.  His dick stopped at her chest and ejaculated.  He ejaculated so hard until some sperm reached her throat, some even dripped from her mouth and she choked.  He continued to shoot like he could not stop it and she managed to taste some of his sperm.


         After a while, he stopped and withdrew his prick.  He smiled when he saw her expanded cunt.  “How do you feel?”  He gasped.


         She was exhausted and could only nodded approvingly.  The pleasure was over and she knew that he would delete her now.  “I feel bad.”  She denied.


         “Then I’m going to burn your insides, and make you die painfully.”  He informed her and her eyes bulged, but she could not escape.


         He opened his beak a little and bent down, he slid his beak into her still opening wide vagina and shot out a mini fireball.  She groaned and used her last strength to roll on the ground.


         The fire flew straight towards her throat and burnt anything that was nearby.  She felt so painful and she screamed in agony.  At last, the fire burnt her duodenum and bile duct before it dies out.


         She was still rolling on the ground and crying painfully.  He laughed when he saw smoke came out from both her mouth and her soaking cunt.  She was in so much pain that she shit herself and urinated.  He knew that she was going to die slowly and painfully, so he prepared to leave.


         “Kill me now!  Please!”  She pleaded, in a frenzy of supplication.  She could not endure the pain anymore.  He ignored her and flew away.  After he left, she slowly stopped struggling, she could feel that her heart was pumping slower and slower.  She closed her eyes and began to faint, after she suffered the pain for a moment, she shattered into data.




         Near the forest…


         WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon were fighting with Piedmon.  WarGreymon threw a huge ball of energy to Piedmon.


         “Double Cross!”  Piedmon placed his swords into ‘t’ shape in front of him, a light engulfed his swords and he sliced the fireball into pieces with his swords.


         MetalGarurumon shot an ice beam to Piedmon.


         “Double Impact!”  Piedmon positioned his sword into ‘=’ shape in front of him, an energy was formed on his sword and he used the energy to melt the ice beam.  After a few minutes, Onithmon joined the fight and helped Piedmon.


         WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon were different from Piedmon and Onithmon.  WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon would de-digivolve when they would become tired, so they could not maintain their current level for a long time.  On the other hand, Piedmon and Onithmon would not de-digivolve although they were exhausted.  Piedmon and Onithmon did not digivolve through the means of digivices, thus they could maintain their current level forever.



“Piedmon, your sword is very sharp.”  Said WarGreymon calmly.




“Argh!!!  No pain, no pleasure.”  MetalGarurumon groaned.



         After some time, Piedmon used his swords to defeat WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon; and they de-digivolved back to Agumon and Gabumon.  They were gasping on the ground, looking at their foes and waiting for the punishments.


         “Finally, we’ve won.”  Piedmon gasped.


         “And now it’s time to punish them.”  Onithmon panted.


         “I’ll take this one.”  Piedmon kicked Agumon aside and smiled.


         “Then I’ll grab this one.”  Onithmon smiled evilly at Gabumon.


         Piedmon inserted four fingers suddenly into Agumon’s asshole, making Agumon groaned painfully.  Piedmon slowly pushed his fingers in and Agumon wept painfully.


         “Hey!  You should lubricate your fingers first!”  Agumon protested but Piedmon smiled and inserted his thumb into the hole.  Agumon was lying on the ground while Piedmon was sitting behind Agumon, he lifted up Agumon a little with a hand and used another hand to fist Agumon.


         Piedmon slowly but firmly sunk his hand into Agumon’s ass until his sphincter lightly hugged Piedmon’s wrist.  Piedmon paused for a second and then continued massaging Agumon on the inside while slowly sliding in farther and farther until he was in up to his elbow.


         Slowly, Piedmon pulled his arm back until Agumon could again feel Piedmon’s hand coming out of his ass.  Then Piedmon shoved it in again, elbow deep.  Agumon felt like being fucked by a jackhammer and his anus was going to split apart.  Agumon gasped with pain while weeping quietly.


         All of a sudden Piedmon pulled out his fist with something on his fist and Agumon shouted painfully.  Agumon turned his head back and glanced at the things, “It is my rectum!”  He cried, horrified and shattered to data.  That was his first and last experience with fisting.


         Meanwhile, Onithmon was tickling Gabumon.  Some Digimon were carrying Gabumon above the ground and Onithmon tickled Gabumon’s feet with his feathered-hands.  Gabumon was giggling and his body shivered wildly.


         Onithmon removed Gabumon’s fur and was surprised, “You have a tattoo on your back!  It looks like a Digimon.”  Said Onithmon, glancing keenly across Gabumon.


         Gabumon laughed at his bewildered expression, “Yes, she’s my girlfriend and she gave me this fur.


         Onithmon found out quickly that Gabumon had two major hot spots on his feet that drove him insane.  One was between his big and first toe, and the other was on the lower arch right above his heel.  Onithmon rubbed on the edges of both feet also caused Gabumon to arch his back and let out hysterical howls of laughter.


         “Wow, you really enjoyed it.”  Said Onithmon in his high glee, he stopped and rubbed his feather-hands with satisfaction.


         Gabumon stared at Onithmon with an ashen face and gulped twice before he could speak.  “Whoever being tickled would laugh, you fool…”


         Onithmon proceed to explore every inch of Gabumon’s helpless and completely available body, Gabumon was suspended in air and in spread-eagle.  Gabumon’s arms, his sides, stomach, nipples, neck, dick, balls, ass, thighs, backs of the knees and of course feet, became the target of tickling.  Onithmon brushed everywhere and Gabumon roared with laughter.  After some time, Gabumon was sweating and breathless.


         “Now I want to see if your balls were as ticklish as your toes.”  Onithmon paused and took out Gabumon’s cock from its pouch.  Gabumon gazed at him in amazement.


         Gabumon arched his back when Onithmon’s feather caressed his balls and cock.  Onithmon stroked the feather across Gabumon’s cock and tickled his feet with his left feather-hand.  Every so often Onithmon ran the feather quickly back and forth over Gabumon’s balls.


         “Don’t fight the call of nature.”  Said Onithmon severely.


         “Then stop tickling me…” Gabumon managed to retort even he was giggling.


         Gabumon’s body was showing signs of fatigue, but his cock was acting the opposite.  The more his balls were being tickled, the harder his cock got.  Gabumon was still laughing hard, but the sounds were getting fainter.  Gabumon’s body started to tense up, his cock felt ready to explode.  Gabumon tried to hold out as long as he could because he refused to cum in front of the public; but eventually he ejaculated and shot his cum to Onithmon.


         “Hey, your cum is a little cold, you want to try?”  Onithmon tasted the sperm and asked devoutly.


         “No guy would like to drink his own sperm!”  Gabumon shouted with all strength.


         Onithmon smiled and decided to delete Gabumon, he asked the Digimon to put down Gabumon.  Gabumon was standing but still shaking, Onithmon lifted up Gabumon’s cheek with a feather-hand and said thoughtfully, “Now I’m going to kill you softly.”


         Onithmon walked to the back of Gabumon and used his feathered-hands to hold Gabumon’s face, “Don’t be afraid.”  He smiled, and his eyelid quivered as he slowly turned Gabumon’s head around. 


         45 degree…60 degree…90 degree… Onithmon still continue to twist and Gabumon began to groan, “Argh…” Onithmon twisted Gabumon’s head to 120 degree and Gabumon moaned painfully.  The evil Digimon was grabbing Gabumon so that Gabumon could not escape.  But Gabumon was already exhausted after he laughed for so long time and also ejaculated.


         140 degree…160 degree…170 degree…


         Gabumon looked surprised and a little shocked.  “Hey!  I can turn my head to 180 degree…” he thought.


         “You’re very handsome.”  Onithmon told Gabumon.


         Onithmon twisted again, finally a ‘crack’ sound was heard and Gabumon shattered into data.






         A group of evil Digimon captured and kept the children in the coliseum.


         Lillymon was fighting with Machinedramon but she was too weak for him.


         “Flower Cannon!”  Lillymon shouted and released an energy ball to Machinedramon, but he kicked the energy ball aside easily.


         “Flower Cannon!”  Lillymon attacked again and Machinedramon slapped the energy ball aside.


         “C’mon!  Show me what you got!”  Machinedramon teased her.  She attacked him and he either kicked or slapped the energy ball away.


         “Now, let me show you what I got.”  Machinedramon smiled and shot a missile to her, she tried to fly away but the missile followed her and hit her.  Immediately she shrunk to ten inches only.


         “What?  You just have one special attack?  You’re so weak and yet you called yourself the chosen one?  I just used one missile and you’re knocked out easily.”  Machinedramon laughed at her who gasped on the ground.


         “What the hell…” she thought.


         “That were called Shrinking Missiles, their function was to shrink your body to ten inches tall only but would not kill you.”


         She smiled feebly, and looked appealingly to him.  “What are you going to do now?”  She thought.


         Machinedramon picked her up and murmured, “You’re too small for me to rape you.”  Suddenly, he got an idea. He would insert her into his anus.  He opened a door at his back, and grabbed her legs gently and pushed her head into his anus.  Her eyes grew abstracted.  Her whole body was numb by the missiles and could not struggle.  He smiled evilly and continued to push her in further.


         She was nervous and afraid, “What do you want to do with me?”  She managed to ask wearily.


         “To suffocate you.”  He answered in great delight and she was nervous.


         “Before you die, I’ll borrow you to masturbate.”  He said eagerly and pulled her out a little.


         He pushed her in again and she almost vomited because his hole had a nasty reek.  He slid her in deeper and faster; suddenly he farted.  She could not tolerate anymore and began to vomit.  He giggled and looked at her.  She vomited for about two minutes.


         He waited for her to finish vomiting, and then he continued.  This time, she decided to take a deep breath before he inserted her into his hole; and would stop breathing when she was inside his hole.  But he increased the speed and she could not follow him, so she was breathless and almost vomit again.


         He moaned and slid her in for the last time and closed the door, trapping her inside his anus.  The inside wall surrounded her and she felt comfortable except the nasty smell.  He smiled and went to other place to help his friends.


         She could not move at all and could not see anything.  Suddenly he farted again, she vomited again but this time, she vomited on her own body and the air became nastier.


         “Damn!  Can’t he stop farting?”  She grumbled.


         She has no ideas how long she had been there, but she realized that she was suffocating.  She felt breathless and her face turned pale.  She was going to die slowly and painfully.  After another few minutes, she slowly shattered into data.






         Angewomon was also having a tough battle with MetalSeadramon.


         “Celestial arrow!”  Angewomon shot an arrow to MetalSeadramon.


         MetalSeadramon bite the arrow and shook his head, “Such a tiny arrow can’t hurt me.”


         “Heaven's Charm!”  Angewomon launched another attack.


         “Slime Stream!”  MetalSeadramon opened his mouth and a lot of slime engulfed Angewomon.  After the slime melted, Angewomon was still alive, but all her cloths and armors were disappeared.  He looked at her naked body from head to toe; she blushed and tried to cover her important parts.


         “If you’re trying to cover yourself, how’re you going to fight?”  MetalSeadramon smiled evilly.


         “You bastard!”  Angewomon shouted and tried to shoot an arrow to MetalSeadramon.


         “Hell Squeeze!”  MetalSeadramon did not wait for Angewomon to shoot the arrow; he quickly squeezed her and broke the bow.


         “Wait a minute!”  Puppetmon shouted before MetalSeadramon squashed Angewomon.  MetalSeadramon looked at Puppetmon curiously, Angewomon was exhausted and panting.


         Puppetmon opened his mouth and said eagerly, “I’ll going to eat her because I’m hungry.”


         MetalSeadramon tied Angewomon’s hands securely and passed to Puppetmon “She’s yours.”  Said MetalSeadramon cordially,


         Angewomon was surprised to see Puppetmon’s mouth.  Opening his mouth he stretched out his tongue and began licking her body.  Starting from her feet, up over her groin, her tight waist and beautiful breasts.


         Angewomon tried to kick Puppetmon but MetalSeadramon knocked her chest with force until two ribs were broken, “Stop struggling or I’ll make you die even more painfully.”


         Puppetmon picked up Angewomon and slipped most of both her feet into his mouth.  He smiled and licked her legs for the last time.  She could not kick Puppetmon’s mouth because something was grabbing her legs from inside his mouth and she had no ideas what was that thing.


         Puppetmon moved his head slowly from side to side; he accepted her delicate ankles and firm small calves into his mouth.  He could feel her feet touching him inside, he wanted to swallow her alive, so he did not bit her or chewed her.  He reached forward and held her hips and pushed her legs into him, he stopped when he reached her pussy.  He decided to make love with her, so he inserted a finger into her tight cunt.


         Puppetmon inserted another finger and she moaned softly again because she could not stop moaning.  He tried to push his fingers deep into her soaking twat.  Her twat was tight but he managed to slide in inch by inch, her twat slowly gave way to his fingers and his fingers reached her cervix.


         Puppetmon did not finger-fuck her immediately, he tried to search for her G-spot.  He moved his fingers around and her body jerked when he touched a place.  He knew that he found her most sensitive spot and began to play with it.  She felt so comfortable although her legs were inside his throat.


         Puppetmon pulled out his fingers a little and pushed in again, her body shivered and she groaned loudly.  He began to pump her twat, slowly at first, and then faster and faster, each time bumped her cervix and she was thrown into ecstasy.


         “Ahhh…I’m cuming…” she gasped and juices flowed out from her pussy, Puppetmon pushed her down a little more and tasted the juices, he licked her pussy and sucked all juices.


         Slowly her legs were slid down to Puppetmon’s tight throat.  He found it most enjoyable and her thighs tasted delicious.  He was also happy that she has a slime-covered body, thus he could swallow her much easier.  She already hid her wounded wings, or else he would tear her wings apart.


         She was surprised that Puppetmon could swallow her.  He lifted her upright, tilting his head back, swallow again and stopped at her breasts; he cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples.  MetalSeadramon flew away to help the others.


         Puppetmon’s hands and arms wrapped around her shoulders and pressed her deeper and deeper.  Her breasts past the wide track of small white teeth and were soon snug within the tight compress of his mouth.  Her hands were already inside his mouth and she could touch his alveolar ridge.


         Puppetmon eye’s bulged and he enjoyed very much.  He could sense her breath now, he took another gulp and only her eyes remained outside.  She now could feel his Adam’s apple, and she was proud that she would soon be his food and combined with him.


         One last gulp and her whole body could be felt squirming inside his neck.  He stopped swallowing and let the contractions of his esophagus carry her slowly down to his belly.  As she reached the opening to his stomach, he gave one last swallow, forcing her in.


         She was deposited softly into the Puppetmon’s stomach, and it was utterly dark, yet warm there.  She felt so comfortable even though she has been swallowed and would died anytime, that was the first time she was inside someone’s stomach.  She just sat down and listened to the sounds around her.  The utter darkness of Puppetmon’s body was all engulfing her.  She listened closely and could hear the heavy, thump-thump-thump of his heart.  Listening even more closely, she could hear the rushing of blood through veins and arteries.


         The walls closed around her like a warm wet blanket and she could not move because she was waist deep in powerful acid.  The air was thinner and warmer.  Her skin was heating up, most likely from acidic excretions of the stomach.  Puppetmon lied on his back for a while, stroking her well-filled belly and began to digest her.  She could not feel anything anymore, for her body was slowly dissolved.  She did not shattered into data due to the acid.


         “I feel like a baby, sleeping quietly inside mother’s womb.” Which was her last thought before she died.


         After a few minutes, there was nothing left of her except the rich nutrients in his blood. 


         “*Burp* I need to fight in order to make the digestion go faster.”  Puppetmon thought.






         Zudomon was fighting with some evil Digimon who stopped him from rescuing the children.  After a few minutes, Machinedramon arrived and fought with Zudomon.


         “Vulcan's hammer!”  Zudomon hit the ground with his hammer and a lightning beam flew towards Machinedramon.


         Machinedramon used both metal hands to block the attack and countered with Giga Canon.  The laser beam was too fast for Zudomon to avoid, so he tried to intercept the laser beam.  But the laser beam was too powerful and knocked his hammer away from his hands.


         “Dragon Fire!”  Machinedramon attacked again.  Without the hammer, Zudomon was defenseless.  The attack hit Zudomon directly, fortunately Zudomon’s horn absorbed and released some of the energy from the attack; his horn was also a lightning rod.  Zudomon was saved by his own horn but he was gasping for air on the ground, Machinedramon prepared to eat Zudomon.


         “Ouch!  My horn!”  Machinedramon chopped down Zudomon’s horn with his metal claws and Zudomon cried painfully.


         “Oohh!  My left hand!”  Zudomon groaned again as Machinedramon pulled Zudomon’s left hand until it was separated from his body.


         “Yummy. How fortuitous that it didn’t shatter into data.”  Machinedramon finished eating and began to pull Zudomon’s left leg.


         “Dear me!  Your thigh looks even more delicious.”  Said Machinedramon sympathetically and drank the blood.  Zudomon shattered into data due to lost of blood.


         “HEY!!!  I wanted to taste your penis!”  Machinedramon shouted but Zudomon has disappeared.






         MegaKabuterimon was outnumbered and the Dark Masters surrounded him.  During the fight, MegaKabuterimon was injured and could not fly.  Piedmon threw some swords to him and he shouted loudly, but the swords did not delete him, the swords were all landed beside him.


         “Piedmon, you missed!”  Machinedramon joked.


         “First time in my life.”  Said Piedmon heartily.


         “Then let me finished him.”  Onithmon offered and attacked MegaKabuterimon with a mini fireball.  MegaKabuterimon shouted even louder, but Onithmon also purposely missed.


         “He shouted and scared me, so I missed!”  Onithmon blamed Megakabuterimon and they all laughed.


         “Hey!  He peed. A chosen brave Digimon pissed himself!”  Piedmon remarked.


         Megakabuterimon was too afraid to stop.


         “Look at his teeth.”  Said Onithmon with some gruffness.


         “I dislike his teeth.”  Said Machinedramon with some asperity, so he extracted one of MegaKabuterimon’s teeth with his claw and he groaned painfully.


         “Me too.”  Said Onithmon, he knocked Megakabuterimon’s teeth with his beak before he extracted a tooth and he moaned again.


         “His teeth are too ugly.”  Puppetmon stared at Megakabuterimon with amazement in his face, he extracted another tooth and Megakabuterimon groaned painfully again.


         They took turns extracting Megakabuterimon’s teeth. Finally, he no longer had any teeth left.  Piedmon opened a hole on Megakabuterimon’s belly with his sword and everyone could see the inside of his body.  Megakabuterimon’s face was very white and grave.


         “Look, this is his colon.”  Said Onithmon quietly and pulled out something.


         “This must be his small intestine.”  Said Piedmon and pulled out another thing.


         They pulled out everything from Megakabuterimon’s inside body until he shattered into data.  They decided to return to the coliseum to finish the children.




         The children were not surprised to see the Dark Masters again, they knew that their Digimon partner were too weak to defeat the Dark Masters.


         “Now it’s your turn.”  Said Piedmon, smiling evilly.


         Piedmon’s manner was far from gracious, but Tai took it with admirable good-homour.  “C’mon, let us go.  We won’t be able to stop you anymore.”   Said Tai.


         “Tut, tut, we must eradicate the root of the whole problem.”  Snarled Onithmon.


         “And we’ll kill you cruelly, so be afraid, be very afraid.”  Machinedramon answered in a surly voice.


         “You want to eat us alive like cannibals?”  Izzy turned pale, yet tried his best to remain calm.


         “Not us, but our pets.  Come, let us show you!”  Piedmon smiled and led the children to a park.


         The Dark Master sang:


         ‘There's so much to do

         Getting ready just for you

         Everybody's busy

         Bringing you a Disney afternoon (hey!)


         “Wow!”  The children were surprised to see some animals walking/galloping about.  There was a pool nearby and a dolphin was swimming happily.


         The animals (a horse, a mule, a Siberian tiger, an alsatian, a bulldog, and the dolphin) also sang, but no one understood because they cannot speak:


         (Animal language) Now you've heard our song

         Don't it make you wanna sing along?

         Everybody's busy

         Bringing you a Disney afternoon (hey!)


         “These are our pets; we imported them from the Earth.”  MetalSeadramon introduced the animals to the children.


         “Some of you are going to make love with an animal.”  Said Puppetmon earnestly.


         “However, the girl in pink will not.” Machindedrmaon proclaimed.


         “Sounds cool, I’ve never made love with animals before.”  Said Matt with a fake enthusiasm to make the Dark Masters happy.


         “Matt, you’re going to die and yet you still remain calm?”  Tai interrupted.


         “You’re wrong because you made love with your Digimon before.”  Piedmon yelled excitedly.


         “My partner was not an animal.”  Kari protested.


         “Your partner was half-animal-half-furry, or we can called them anthropormorphs.”  Onithmon looked at her and answered.


         “But they could talk and communicate with us…” Said Mimi with an oath.


         “Your Digimon were animals that has been undergone a surgery whereby a group of scientists transformed some animals to Digimon.  The scientists sacrificed many Digimon but they succeed in the end, they created so called chosen Digimon and gave each of them a digivice.”  Gushed Puppetmon.


         The children scratched their heads simultaneously because they couldn’t swallow Puppetmon’s farfetched story.


         “Okay, so I lied.” Puppetmon laughed.


         “The scientists also accidentally created virus type of Digimon and abundant them, we hated them for creating us but forsook us.  We could not live peacefully because everyone assumed that all Virus type Digimon are evil and must be deleted.  I’m Virus type too, not Data type, the real MetalSeadramon is Data type but I’m one of the experimental.”  MetalSeadramon continued; a tear rolled down from his cheek.


         “We didn’t do anything wrong. We hated the scientists but we didn’t plan to take revenge.  One day, a group of Digimon attacked our house and fought with us.  I accidentally deleted a Digimon because I was protecting myself, that Digimon tried to delete me and I…” Machinedramon trailed off and sighed.


         “Since that day onwards, they hated us even more; and called us the Dark Masters.”  Piedmon continued with an exulting smile upon his face.


         “Your partner deleted my brother for stealing an apple, a data type Digimon stole many apples but no one brought him to justices.  You deleted my brother because he was a virus type Digimon.”  Onithmon remarked.


         For a few moments the children stood in silence, they made a terrible mistake.  Listening to them talk about the history of the Digimon was a real eye-opener.


         “We wanted to help Gennai and maintain the peace, be he rejected and tried to delete us.  He also said that all Virus-type Digimon are the weakest and useless Digimon.  So, after we sent you to Hell, we could prove to him that he was wrong, we’re stronger than the chosen Digimon.”  Said Puppetmon meekly.


         “And we’ll prove to him that we could maintain the peace here because we’re also strong; and strong enough to defeat those Digimon that Gennai assumed were the strongest.”  Said MetalSeadramon good-humouredly.


         “We can help you if you let us go, we’ll explain to Gennai.”  Sora faced fell.


         “We must kill you because you’re the chosen children.”  Said Onithmon in no very gracious manner.


         “We’ll try to explain to Gennai ourselves.”  Said Piedmon eagerly.


         “Now, let the fun begin.”  Machinedramon said in a surely voice.




         Puppetmon led the children to the pool, “She’ll satisfy his needs.”  He grabbed Kari and pointed at the dolphin.  Puppetmon undressed Kari and praised her beauty.  Puppetmon brought Kari to a shallower part and placed her into the water, the dolphin swam to them and staring at Kari’s buttocks.


         “Look here!”  Said Piedmon sternly.  Piedmon turned the dolphin over and they saw his dick.  “This dolphin is young and strong, thus his penis is 14 inches.”


         “What!  You’re going to tear her cunt!”  Cried Joe with vehemence.


         “When he ejaculate, he’ll shoot his cum with force until can slice each part of her inside body.”  Piedmon explained.


         “And she’ll die slowly and painfully.”  Onithmon continued.


         Kari was so astonished and disgusted that her jaw sagged.  Then she pulled herself together and thought, “First time with an animal.”


         The other Dark Masters brought the remaining children to the other place.




         The dolphin pushed his dick into Kari’s cunt; it was rubber-like, hot and slippery, but most of all, incredibly tender.


         “Argh!  He’s entering…” she said bitterly.


         The dolphin pushed again and Puppetmon was gripping her body so that she would not slip away.


         She made a wry face.  “Oohh!  Another inch…” she said.


         “You can do it. A girl’s vagina is very deep and can take any size of pecker.”  Puppetmon comforted her.


         “But…I’m eight years old…only…” she gasped.


         The dolphin pushed again and again.


         “Wait…let me rest for a minute first…” she suggested and Puppetmon asked the dolphin to pause for a while.


         “How deep now?”  Asked Puppetmon piteously.


         “I think five inches only, if he was a man, he could start pumping now.”  She took a breath and answered heartily.


         After two minutes, the dolphin continued to invade her twat.


         6 inches…8 inches…10 inches…


         “I…can’t take it…anymore…” she was breathless.


         “How’s the feeling now?”  Puppetmon stared at her in astonishment.


         “I think it’s already 10 inches and reached my cervix, fortunately my vagina still alright.  I feel like I was giving birth to a baby.”  She rested for a while and answered, smiling grimly.


         After she took a deep breath, she nodded and the dolphin understood.  He slid his member in one more inch but the cervix wall stopped him, he pushed in again with force and she groaned painfully, “He’s entering my cervix canal…”


         He pushed again and she thought, “One more inch left…”


         Finally he sent his whole member into her and paused for a while before he pumps.


         “Wow!  He reached my womb…” she told Puppetmon, in a solemn voice.


         “Look at your belly.”  Said Puppetmon, earnestly; and pointed to her bulging belly, they could see something was underneath her belly.


         They used a hand to caress her belly and could feel the shape of the dolphin’s dick.


         “Now I’m like a pregnant lady.”  She joked.


         The dolphin pulled back a little, but his dick still inside her cervix canal; and pushed in again.  Her body shivered and jerked.  They looked at her belly, when the dolphin withdrew, her belly became flat and when he entered; her belly bulged again.  She put a hand on her belly and tried to massage his dick when he pumped her.  The dolphin started to pump his dick into her preteen uterus as he made funny noises.


         “Do you like it?”  Puppetmon asked anxiously.


         She was panting and could only manage to shake her head.  She felt like someone was squeezing her womb from inside of her body, but she felt more pleasure than painful.


         “Who would enjoy such pain?”  She retorted.


         He smiled, “But you looked very happy.”  He said.


         The dolphin started flapping his tail faster that his cock inside her went so deep until she has no idea where was it; she closed her eyes and was building her orgasm for the last time.


         After a few minutes, her vagina squeezed as his cock shot its cum with so much force.  The blast was so hard until it pierced almost everything that’s inside her stomach.  She felt his hard rubbery cock continued to ejaculate and some shot reached her throat.  He released his seeds for around three minutes straight, after he stooped and withdrew his cock, blood and cum dripped from her pussy.  Her belly was bulging due to his tremendous amount of seed.  She was groaning and breathless, she felt like someone was chopping her body into slices and she was sweating heavily.


         “Let me show you one more thing.”  He said grimly and hugged her to another pond.  He lowered her legs into the water and she groaned painfully again.  She felt something was tearing the skin on her toes and legs, and then she felt something was biting her.


         “These fishes are called piranhas. They like to eat and they can eat anything.”  He explained slowly but she was not paying attention to him, her legs were struggling and trying to kick the fishes away.


         He smiled and put her deeper until her bleeding cunt was inside the water, the blood on her legs and cunt attracted more piranha.


         “Ouch!  They are chewing my clit now.”  She gasped, the pain inside her stomach and her legs made her fainted.


         He pulled her up and saw two piranhas were hanging on her pussy, he bade farewell to her and put her whole body into the water.  She did not struggle much, she was already injured badly and exhausted, she fainted again but would not wake up again anymore.  The piranha ate her slowly until there was nothing left but bone, and the water turned to red color.




         Meanwhile, Sora was stripped naked and was on all fours on a table.  The strongest tiger, a brown one that must have weighted 230 pounds, pushed his nose against her pussy and she moaned softly.


         “This tiger will give you pleasure first, and then eat you afterwards.”  Said Piedmon in a soothing voice.


         The tiger started to lick her cunt with his rough feline tongue, slipping it between her hot and wet lips.  As she purred with pleasure; her pussy started soaking, the tiger licked her even deeper to the source of the wetness.


         “Oh, so good…” she said in a faint but contented voice, the tiger stopped the licking and went on to serious business, he knew that she was ready to accept his member.  Piedmon was rubbing his hands and chuckling as he saw this bizarre incident, he could not believe that she was moaning in pleasure. 


         “This tiger has not make love with another female tiger before, so, I hope you can satisfy him.”  Said Piedmon in a very amiable tone.  “Now, I’ve to go now.”  He said cordially and left her alone with the tiger.


         The tiger raised and squeezed her waist with his powerful paws and brought his dick to her, the paws scratched her waist a little and she groaned.  He inserted his tigerhood into her and her body jerked by the sudden intrusion.  Her twat resisted at first and she groaned painfully, but soon gave way and accepted it gladly.  He roared before he pumps her.


         “His member was not as big as a dolphin.”  She thought.


         His hard and hot tigerhood thrust deep into her in powerful strokes, burying his entire tigerhood in her tight and soaking love canal.  He treated her like a female tiger and pumped fast and deep, she could feel his balls banging at the entrance of her lips and she moaned with pleasure.


         He gave her such furious pumping that she hardly had the strength to breath.  She was breathless as he humped her with his hot meat, each stroke would bump her cervix.  Fortunately his dick was almost same size as a man’s, so he did not pierce her cervix.


         “Ahh…I’m…cuming…” she gasped, she forgot that she was raping by a tiger.


         He also roared, indicating that he was coming too.  After a few strokes, he came and shot his tiger seeds into her womb.  As soon as he shot his load of tiger sperm and she went screaming her most outstanding orgasm, he pulled out his tigerhood and collapsed on her body.


         She thought he would eat her now, but he did not eat her because he was not satisfied, his member erected again and she was shook when he positioned his member on her ass cheek.


         “Can…we rest…for a while?”  She asked wearily; she was still tired of the orgasm.


         He found his rear door and slid his member into the hole.  She was too tired to maintain the doggie style; so he grabbed her waist and lifted her up.  Once again, his sharp claws scratched her waist and she groaned softly.  She could feel his warm tongue was licking her back and his saliva dripped on her bare back.


         Her ass hole was very tight and he could tell she was tightening it up and not letting his member in.  He shoved his member right in and she cried in more pain.  He pushed in further and eventually had it all the way in.  He pulled back out and pushed back in, moving faster each time.  He liked this, he felt nice and his member was having the time of its life.


         He started shuddering and roared very loud, and she knew that he was cumming.  Pretty soon he shot his load inside her.


         “Ahhh…” she moaned as she felt the tiger’s seed flow into her rectum.


         After he finished, he withdrew his dick and lay on her back.  After he rested for a while, he began to eat her.  He engulfed her left breast with his mouth and she could feel his teeth, she screamed with all strength when he closed his mouth.  He pulled his mouth up and she fainted due to the pain.  There was a hole on her left chest and he was chewing his breast.  He licked and sucked the blood after he finished eating.


         The tiger continued to eat her until only bones were left.




         Meanwhile, inside a room…


         “You knew that you’re powerless and yet you still want to fight against us.”  Machinedramon smiled evilly at Mimi.


         “Because we’re the chosen one and our duty is to delete all evil Digimon.”  Mimi chuckled.


         “And where is your Gennai now?  We deleted all your Digimon and he still didn’t come to help you.”  Said Machinedramon in a querulous voice.  “He just looks unconcerned at troubles elsewhere.”


         She could not answer the question.


         “Gennai chose you to delete all evil Digimon but he didn’t give you enough weapons, he thought you could defeat us by using some digivices, what a childish thoughts!”


         “Machinedramon, I had to agree with you.  Why didn’t Gennai give us Mega level Digimon in the beginning?  I knew we couldn’t win since the first day I got my Digimon partner, our Digimon were so weak; even they digivolved to Champion level, they couldn’t defeat a Champion level evil Digimon.”


         “Then why were you still fighting?”


         “As I said before, I’m a digidestined child and I’ve to carry on my duty even though I knew that I couldn’t win.”


         “Mimi, you’re seeking your own destruction like a moth darting toward a fire.”


         “I know, we’re taking the road to our doom.  But this is our fate, so we’re called Digi-Destined children; it was destined that we’re chosen.”


         “Why don’t you quit?”


         “Machinedramon, no one can escape from fate.  So I continued to fight because I believed that evil would never win, all people in this world say that evil would never win.”


         “If evil never wins, why there’re still so many criminals in your world?  No matter how hard the enforcers try, criminals are still outnumbered the cops, and some cops began to receive bribe.”


         “It’s elementary, my dear Machinedramon.  It’s called ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’.  The cops were afraid of the criminals because the criminals has more advance weapons than the cops.”


         “Mimi, it’s too late even if you decided to join us, we’re going to kill you all.”


         “I hope I don’t need to die painfully.”


         “Mimi, do you have anything to say before you become history?”


         “Gennai is like a god, where is he when we need him?  Why didn’t he give us more advance weapons?”


         “Mimi, you followed the wrong leader.”


         She nodded and looked at him in a singular way.


         “Now you must die, you’ll die slowly and painfully.”  He smiled and rubbed his metal claws.


         She said with a grave and thoughtful face, “How?”


         “Do you see this dildo?”


         She saw a dildo on floor in the center of the room.


         “That looks big but, I shouldn’t have problem inserting it into my cunt.  How does that thing kill me?”


         “It’s small now, it’ll expand after it entered your preteen cunt, and it’ll continue to expand until it tear you into half from the inside.  It will kill you slowly.”


         “That sounds very painful.  Who invented this fucking thing?”


         “Mankind, of course.  No Digimon would have such cruel mind to create such thing.  Now, take off your clothes and sit on it.”


         She removed her clothes and squatted down on the dildo.  The dildo was slippery and she slowly engulfed it with her vagina.  She twisted her body and hips, after a while, the dildo was half way in her tiny vagina.


         “Wow, another few more inches…” she gasped and he was looking at her with interest.


         “You like this?  You’re kinky.”  He murmured.


         She groaned and continued to push her body down, making an effort to literally sit down upon it. She worked it slowly, until finally the dildo was disappeared into her body and her thighs and legs were on the floor; in a parallel line.  He chained her legs to prevent her from escaping and pressed a button on the wall.


         “Arhh…it’s getting bigger…” she realized that the dildo was expanding but her twat still could take it.


         His small eyes twinkled with pleasure.  “See you later.”  He said and left the room.


         She sat there nervously and was sweating, she could not remove the chain because her hands were tied securely. The dildo expanded again, and even worse, it penetrated deeper into her body.


         She thought the dildo would continue but it stopped, it continued again and surprised her.  And then it stopped again; she took the opportunity to gasp.  She does not know how much longer she could take; her vagina was getting painful and she almost vomited.


         It continued again and after a few minutes, her front body bulged and she was groaning painfully.  She looked down and saw the dildo has reached her chest, she could see the shape of the dildo.  She has no idea how long she has been there; she only knew that her cunt was going to tear apart.  The dildo had stopped penetrating her, it stopped at her chest but continue to grow bigger.  She saw it growing bigger and bigger until she thought it would pierce her body from inside.


         The dildo continued to spread her cunt wider and she cried painfully as she felt her cunt began to rip.  It grew again and her body was shivering, she also swung her head back and forth.  Her front body was bulging like she just swallowed two people.  Blood dripping out from her pussy and she felt like someone was cutting her clit with scissors.  She screamed as her cunt began to tear apart, she was breathless and her face turned pale.


         She fainted due to the pain but she woke up again because of the pain, too.  The dildo was growing so slowly and it let the victim to suffer the pain.  Her vagina was being torn apart; she lost control of her bowels from the extreme pain that and she began to piss and shit.  She had lost count how many times she fainted or orgasms, she screamed until she was exhausted, she was still alive but not for long.


         Finally she let out a loud cry and fainted again, she could never wake up again anymore.  Later, the Dark Masters entered the room and saw her corpse.  She was split into half from her cunt to her chest.  Blood, cum, shit and juices were on the ground.  When the Dark Masters lifted up the corpse, her rectum and colon dropped to the ground.




         Meanwhile, inside another room…


         Onithmon told Tai, “Nice shades!  They make you look like Tom Cruise.”


         “Thanks.”  Tai laughed good-humouredly.


         Onithmon showed an Alsatian to Tai and asked Tai to undress.  Tai knew what was going to happen but he could not resist.


         “This will be your first but last time making love with a dog.”  Onithmon informed Tai after some Digimon undressed Tai.


         Tai was afraid about it and knelt down on all fours; he shifted slightly, spreading his legs farther apart to give the Alsatian better access.  He felt the dog nuzzling his ass, moaning out as the dog began to lick eagerly at his puckered opening.  The dog lapped at the tight hole, pressing his hot tongue hard against the Tai’s ass hole.  The dog sniffed and licked Tai’s ass cheeks, Tai moaned in pleasure and his body shivered.


         “This kinky boy is enjoying.”  Onithmon thought.


         “He’s coming…” Tai thought as the dog pressed his dick against Tai’s ass.


         The pain that ran through Tai’s ass when the big dog rammed his huge dick into Tai’s tight ass hole was unbelievable.  “Ahhh!  My ass hole!”  Tai groaned painfully.  Tai has no ideas what type of dog was this, the dog looked very fierce and his dick was huge.


         “Looks like he likes you, I’ve to go now.  The dog will finish your life after he satisfied his desires.”  Said Onithmon warmly, shaking Tai by hand and left the room.


         “Hey!  I don’t like him!”  Tai exclaimed.


         Tai had not seen a dog’s cock, but he knew that this dog has an ultra huge dick.  The dog began to get deeper into Tai, “Ouch!  My sphincter!”  Tai shouted painfully.  The dog forced Tai’s sphincter wider open with unbelievable pain.


         Tai began to cry, the dog tried to get its knots into Tai, but failed on his first attempts since they were so huge, but on his second try he got them in.  “Argh!  What’s that?”  Asked Tai nervously.  Tai was now locked with this dog, his ass start bleeding and felt like was going to split open.


         Tai let out a mighty yell and could feel the muscles around his ass getting looser, the dog's cock was so big it began to hit Tai’s prostate and Tai became stiff.  “So painful!  I can’t shit for weeks!”  Tai complained.


         Tai groaned in pleasure as the dog mercilessly fucked his ass hole and pounding Tai with all of his might.  Tai’s head was spinning as his cock drove into him over and over again.  “So good!  No pain, no pleasure.  Wait!  He’s raping me, how can I feel so good?”  Tai cried out.


         The dog long cock grew inside of Tai ass, filling his inside and stabbing at his inner depths.  The dog enjoyed thrusting Tai’s ass although Tai was not a dog.  The dog was obviously enjoying Tai anus, and his thrusts became more and more powerful, pumping Tai over and over again.


         After a few minutes, “I’m going to…” Tai felt the urge to reach climax.


         The dog’s body began to quiver even more than Tai.  With a huge slam forward the dog started shooting massive amount of his doggy seeds deep into Tai, Tai groaned as he ejaculated too and shot his sperm to the ground.  The dog’s load felt as though it was molten steel and was very thick, “So, this is dog’s cum?”  Tai thought, he had a funny feeling in his rectum.


         After the dog stopped, Tai turned his head around and saw that they were now asshole to asshole.  With no way to get away of the dog, all Tai could do was to wait.  After about ten minutes or so the dog’s knot had shrunk enough for him to be able to ease out of Tai.


         Tai lay spread eagle on the ground and his face was looking at Alsatian.  The dog did not waste anymore time and licked Tai’s manhood.  Tai moaned softly but suddenly he screamed painfully, “Hey!  How can you bite my manhood?”  Tai lifted up his head and saw his crotch was bleeding and the dog was chewing something.


         Tai knew what was Alsatian chewing, the dog bite Tai’s groin again and Tai fainted immediately.  After the dog finished eating Tai, he dozed off happily.




         Meanwhile, in the garden…


         The other boys were naked and prepared to die painfully.  MetalSeadramon has prepared some animals for the children.


         “Matt, your penis is so huge, no wonder Sora loves you.”  Izzy chuckled.


         “Izzy, size does not matter.  The most important is how you use it.”  Matt flushed with pleasure.


         “According to my calculation, boys at our ages should have a dick that’s about five inches.  So, Matt, yours is considered big.”  Joe pushed his glasses and said cheerily.


         “Joe, you’re a wiz at math!  You should be a math teacher.”  T.K. laughed heartily at Joe’s.


         “Izzy, how’s your relationship with Mimi?”  Asked Matt at last.


         “We had an unpleasant first time, you’re right, I’m a computer genius but I don’t know how to make love.  But fortunately we’ve really been on the same wavelength lately; we agree about almost everything.”  Izzy smiled.


         “Practice made perfect, Izzy.  I made mistakes at first but now we’re getting better.”  Said Matt in his soothing way.


         “Joe, how about you?  Who’s your girlfriend?”  T.K. turned to Joe and asked eagerly.


         “Err…frankly, I’ve no girlfriend,” Joe paused for a while and continued, “Actually I don’t know how to masturbate.”  The others looked at him like he was an alien from planet Mars.


         “Joe, you’re the oldest among us, you’re the most clever guy, but you don’t know how to masturbate?”  Said Izzy complacently.


         “No matter how much I masturbate, I can’t shoot sperm.”  Stammered Joe


         “Did you try to read manga while wanking?”  MetalSeadramon suddenly interrupted, this was his first time hearing someone who could not wank.


         Joe nodded again.


         “Tell us how you wank.”  Puppetmon also arrived and asked earnestly.


         “Well…I grabbed my dick and…up-down-left-right,” Joe showed them how he wanked.


         “Joe, follow me.”  Piedmon chimed in and taught Joe the correct way to masturbate.


         “Oh, thanks.”  Joe nodded and prepared to try again.


         “Wait, you must save your sperm for later usage.”  Machinedramon stopped him.


         “Shit.  A chosen child who don’t know how to masturbate.”  Piedmon murmured.


         “You must make love with this horse.”  MetalSeadramon led Joe to a horse and ordered Joe to stand on a rock.


         “But I never make love before.  What if this horse kicked me?”  Joe pushed his glasses again and asked.


         “No, he won’t kick you.  Besides, you’re going to die even if he didn’t kick you.”  Said Machinedramon, cheerfully.


         All eyes were fastened wonderingly on Joe, but he got on top of the rock with a firm step, lifted up the horse’s tail and saw the entrance to the horse’s ass.


         “Is it dirty?”  Asked Joe heartily.


         “Don’t ask so many questions, you’ll die even if it’s not dirty.”  Said MetalSeadramon in the querulous voice of the sportsman whose game has failed him.


         Joe moved his cock up to the hole and pushed in, “Hey!  I can slide in easily!”  Cried Joe merrily.


         “Joe, his ass is much bigger than a girl’s ass, you would be a sap if you can’t slide in.”  Matt sighed.


         The horse made a little move, but didn't try to get away.  Joe grabbed the horse by its sides and started to slowly fuck him.


         “Good, Joe.  Continue until both of you came.”  Puppetmon chuckled.


         “Remember, this will be your last chance to shoot your sperm.  So, release as much sperm as you can.”  MetalSeadramon remaindered Joe.


         Joe loved the feeling of a male horse ass surrounding his hard cock.  He started to increase the pace and fucked the horse faster and faster.  He could also feel that he got something stuck to his cock, but he just ignored it.


         “So nice!  I like it.”  Said Joe in a feeble voice.


         All Joe wanted was to ejaculate, he wanted to release his sperm for the first time. He was pounding away into the horse now and he really loved it.  With one last thrust he screamed out joyfully.  With that scream he started to unload his sperm into the horse ass.  It was a very powerful and big orgasm, Joe was surprised that he could shoot so much cum.  When Joe was done he withdrew from the horse ass and got down from the rock.  The horse looked back at him and somehow seemed to smile at him, the horse then started to walk away.


         “I succeed!”  Joe exclaimed, gasping for breath.  And everyone congratulated him.


         “It’s too fast, but you had done a good fuck for the first time.”  Matt croaked.


         After a few minutes, some Digimon pinned Joe on the ground.  One of the Digimon, Ninjawomon grabbed Joe’s penis and began to masturbate.  Joe moaned in pleasure and ejaculated again.


         Ninjawomon did not stop, she continued to rub Joe’s limp pecker.  After a while, Joe’s pecker stiffen again.  She smiled and used one of her hand to play his balls.  He pleaded her to stop because he could not produce milk anymore.


         “You’re young and energetic, I’m sure you still can give me another shoot.”  Ninjawomon smiled evilly.


         Indeed, Joe came again but he did not shoot so much cum.  Ninjawomon still continued to massage Joe’s pecker and tickled his belly.  He had no ideas how many times he produced milk, finally he shot blood instead of cum and fainted.  She checked his condition and declared that Joe had passed away.  She and the others threw the corpse into the tiger’s den.


         Onithmon looked at Matt with venomous eyes.  “Hmm…I’ll let you use this female mule.”  Said Onithmon thoughtfully.


         “T.K, you’ll fuck his ass hole.”  Piedmon interrupted.


         “But he’s my brother.”  T.K. protested.


         “So what?  You’ll die eventually!”  Piedmon roared.


         And so, Matt stood on a stone and prepared to hump the mule, while T.K. stood behind Matt and prepare to penetrate Matt’s ass.


         “Matt, I’m sorry.”  T.K. apologized.


         “It’s not your fault.”  Matt tried to smile.


         Matt reached out and touched the mule under her tail.  The mule raised her tail in an arch above her back.  Matt rubbed his fingers down her pussy slit.  He inserted his index finger into the mule but she remained still.  T.K. also inserted his index finger into Matt’s anus.  T.K. used another hand and massaged Matt’s ass cheek while he slid in his middle finger gently into Matt’s ass hole.  Matt moaned softly as T.K. was exploring his ass, after a few minutes, T.K. pulled out his fingers and prepare to penetrate Matt’s rear door.  Matt also readied to hump the mule.


         “T.K. knew how to use his finger to fuck his brother’s shit hole.”  Onithmon teased them.


         “I think they like to fuck each others.”  MetalSeadramon smiled.


         The others watched as Matt guided his cock toward the mule ass.  Matt’s cock made contact with the mule’s ass and her body shivered a little.  Matt pushed in slowly until his hips were tight up against the mule, and she continued to stand still.  T.K. also slid his manhood into Matt’s anus.


         “My hands are itchy.”  Piedmon smiled and took a paddle from the ground.


         Those were the only words spoken before the paddle landed with a deafening crack against the bare skin of T.K’s exposed ass.  The paddle cracked loudly and his hits did not diminish one iota in strength.  T.K. could feel the pain shoot through him and he gasped in both agony and extreme pain.


         “So, you like it?”  Asked Piedmon sternly and T.K. refuse to answer.


         Puppetmon interrupted, “Let me try it.”  Piedmon passed the paddle to Puppetmon.


         T.K. felt coolness of the paddle touch against his bare bottom.  He felt it bounce up and down at least five times as Puppetmon prepared to deliver a most devastating strike.  It was withdrawn for a longer period and suddenly made a ‘whisp’ sound that ended with a sharp rifle crack against T.K. bare bum.


         T.K. groaned and pushed his dick deeper.  T.K. groaned and pulled out his dick almost all the way, and then gently push his dick all the way back in to the hilt before another smack landed on his bum.  T.K. managed to continue to hump Matt’s anus despite the pain on his ass cheeks.


         “Look at T.K.’s face, he’s enjoying!”  Puppetmon exclaimed.


         “His brother also like this!”  Cried Onithmon merrily.


         Puppetmon smacked again, T.K’s eyes bulged out and his mouth let out a cry; it had impacted at the junction of thigh and buttocks.  Piedmon took back the paddle and gave T.K. another smack, across the place where his bottom and thighs met.  T.K. purred again.  Piedmon varied his attack to ensure that every square inch of T.K’s bottom felt the burning sting of the paddle.


         Puppetmon also gave T.K. two smacks from each side at angles so that the blows crossed the welts of the earlier parallel strokes.  These made T.K. to hump Matt’s ass deeper and build his orgasm faster.  Then Puppetmon gave T.K. two even strokes across his thighs from each side, and then a sharp angled cut that went across his left thigh and struck his right buttock.


         “A couple of kinky brothers.”  Piedmon smiled evilly.


         MetalSeadramon nodded.  “I agree.  Look at their expressions.”  He said, smiling.


         Matt began to push and pull his cock in and out of the mule deeper.  Matt kept up a constant rhythm continued to fuck her for several minutes.  Matt increased his speed and he began to breathe harder.  Puppetmon and Piedmon stopped spanking T.K. and praised his beautiful reddish bum.


         “I’m…reaching…” Matt gasped and could feel the mule’s ass hole squeezed his manhood.


         “I’m almost there…” T.K. also reached climax although his bottoms were painful.


         Finally, T.K. yelled out; slamming his manhood all the way in and dumping his sperm deep inside of Matt.  Matt’s body also made a final hump and he ejaculated into the mule.  Matt finished and pulled his manhood out of the mule, T.K. also withdrew his manhood from Matt’s anus.


         Slowly T.K. got down from the stone and lie on the ground.  T.K’s buttocks and thighs felt like they had been torn to ribbons.  Matt climbed down from the stone and lay beside T.K, both of them were breathless.


         “That mule…clamp my member…and almost sucked all my sperm…” Matt spoke now with a feverish energy, hid cock was limp and could not erect for some time.


         “Matt,” said T.K. with something between a sob and a groan.  “I love you.”


         Matt smiled pleasantly and hugged T.K. “I love you too.”  He answered.


         “So, I assume these are your last words.”  Said Onithmon coolly.  The Dark Masters threw T.K. into the tiger’s den.  They tied Matt under a tree; his legs were spread-eagle and each was tied to a huge stone, his head was touching the root of the tree while his face was looking at the leaves.


         Two Digimon with feathers on their paws approached Matt.  Matt felt uneasy because he was naked and vulnerable for any attacks.  The Digimon bent down in front of Matt’s legs, the Dark Masters watched Matt jolted, screamed and immediately start yelling, “Hahahaha!  No…no…please stop!!!  Hehehehe…” Matt was laughing like he was watching a comedy movie.  Matt immediately began to sweat and squirm, his feet were so sensitive that he laughed until tears rolled down from his cheek.


         Matt gasped and he had been laughing hysterically from the ticklish.  Matt panted heavily, and pleaded, “Please…hahaha…stop…I can’t…breath…I can’t take it…hohohohoho…” One of the Digimon began to tickle Matt’s thighs and Matt pissed immediately.  The Dark Masters laughed and walked away to Izzy’s place.


         On the other side, a bulldog’s cock was well inside Izzy’s ass hole and Izzy could feel the dog’s fur against his ass as the dog took longer and longer strokes.  The dog’s cock was now buried deep in the young boy and the dog was taking long and deep strokes now.  Izzy was thrown into ecstasy and moaned so loudly that everyone could hear him.


         Piedmon shook his head, “Another freak child.”  He sighed.


         “Right.  First, we saw someone who doesn’t know how to masturbate.  Later we witnessed a couple of brother who liked to fuck each other.  And now we saw a boy who liked to make love with a bulldog.”  Puppetmon remarked.


         The bulldog finally stopped his trusting and he shot his dog seeds deep into Izzy’s body.  After the dog separated from Izzy, the Dark Masters threw the final child into a giant pot.


         The pot was filled with water, they lit the fire below the pot and Izzy was sitting in the pot.  Izzy could not see Matt but he could hear his laughs behind him.  The Digimon did not stop tickling Matt, they wanted Matt to die of tickling.


         “We learnt about this cooking method from a book.”  MetalSeadramon explained.


         Izzy was tied securely, naked and only his head was above the water.  “You fool, I didn’t ask you to explain to me!”  He shouted.


         After a few minutes, Izzy’s soles and buttocks felt the heat from the bottom of the pot.  He tried to stand up but the Dark Masters pressed his head and forced him to sit down again.


         Izzy began to groan when he felt the pot was getting hotter.  He could not move his body because Piedmon was holding his head.  He felt someone was piercing his soles and buttocks with needles.


         Puppetmon took out a basket of eggs and threw them into the pot, he also cut some vegetables and threw them into the pot.  “I forgot to clean his rectum.”   Puppetmon murmured.


         Izzy was crying loudly as the water began to boil, his skins began to melt.  Piedmon pulled Izzy out and saw his reddish body.  Puppetmon took a jug and poured the hot water to Izzy’s manhood.  Immediately Izzy shouted with all his strength and fainted.  The Dark Masters laughed and wake Izzy up.  Puppetmon poured again, smoke arouse from Izzy’s manhood and Izzy fainted again.  Izzy woke up with a start when Puppetmon put him back into the pot.


         Izzy continued to scream for a few minutes and stopped, he fainted and would never wake up anymore again.  The Dark Masters took him out from the pot and began to slice him into pieces.


         “Hey!  His hand is delicious.”  Onithmon exclaimed while eating Izzy’s right hand.


         “I like his thigh.”  MetalSeadramon looked at Izzy’s right thigh and murmured.


         “Fortunately his anus is not so dirty.”  Said Piedmon with a smile while throwing away the rectum.


         “His eyes were too small.”  Puppetmon grumbled.


         They were eating Izzy happily, finally only the hair was left on the table.  They cleaned the table and threw away the hair.


         “Master, the boy is dead.”  A digimon approached the Dark Masters and reported.


         The Dark Masters walked towards Matt.  Matt’s face was twisted, cum, shit and urine were on the ground.  Matt died after laughing non-stop, his manhood still stiffen.  Piedmon bent down Matt’s erected manhood until it reach the ground, but Matt did not shout for pain anymore.  Piedmon threw the corpse into the tiger’s den.


         “Let’s visit Gennai.”  Onithmon suggested and the others agreed.


         The Dark Masters sang together, “Moving on!  An adventure that will make our whole bodies heat up, overflowing with feelings.  Look, moving on!  Is waiting for us, we’ve got to get going soon.  Clutching our precious dreams, we’ll set out on a journey, we’re adventurers!”




         Inside Gennai’s house.


         “So, you won and proved that you’re stronger than the chosen Digimon, but I still refuse to accept you.”  Gennai roared with his fists clenched.


         “We’ll never give up, we’re sure that you’ll accept us one day.”  Said Piedmon in a dry, rasping tone.


         “We’ll prove that we can also maintain the peace for this world.”  Said Onithmon with a mischievous twinkle.


         “You’re cold blood murderers and I don’t believe you’ll rule the world in peace.”  Gennai retorted.


         “That’s the only way to prove that we’re stronger then them.  If they’re still alive, they’ll sure delete all of us.”  Said MetalSeadramon with some asperity.


         “You knucklehead!  You didn’t give them enough weapons, thus they lost.”  Chortled Puppetmon.


         After they argued for about ten minutes…


         “I don’t think the Digimon will accept you.”  Gennai led them to a nearby village and introduced the Dark Masters to them.  The Dark Masters tried to help the Digimon but they still rejecting virus type Digimon.  Gennai had informed them that all Virus type of Digimon were evil and they believed in Gennai.


         “Piedmon…what a nice name,” Renamon thought, she was the leader of the village, “If he’s a good guy, I’ll accept him as my mate.  He’s more handsome than any boys here.”


         “Renamon, she’s drop-dead gorgeous.” Piedmon thought about Renamon while walking.




         After one month, Gennai was talking with Renamon.


         “I think the Dark Masters are not evil.  They tried to help us although we rejected and insulted them.”  Said Renamon.


         “What if they’re just pretending?”  Asked Gennai with a most villainous scowl.


         “Why do they want to pretend?  If they want to rule this world, no one can stop them.  What do they get from pretending?”  Said Renamon with decision.


         Gennai just kept silence.


         “Gennai, why do you hate Virus type of Digimon?”  Ventured Renamon.


         “They killed my wife!”


         “Were they the Dark Masters?”




         “Gennai, if a Data type of Digimon killed your wife, is this means that you hate all Data type of Digimon?”


         Gennai stared at Renamon with amazement.


         “Gennai, I’ll give my people the lowdown about the Virus type Digimon.  Not all Virus type Digimon are evil.”


         “I hope you’re right.”  Gennai answered bitterly, “Thank you very much for your wonderful hospitality.”  Gennai smiled and prepared to leave.


         “Gennai, you’re getting a potbelly.  You should start exercising.”


         Gennai patted his belly, “Oh, okay, I will.”  Said Gennai with peculiar gravity and left.




         One day, some evil Digimon attacked the village.


         Gennai shook his head very gravely.  “What?!  The evil Digimon are Data and Vaccine type?”  Gennai was surprised.


         The villagers were startled.  “Leader Renamon was right, not all Virus type Digimon are evil.”  Said Floramon, one of the villagers.


         They tried to fight with the evil Digimon but they lost.  Renamon was gasping on the ground.  An evil Digimon sent his sword to Renamon to chop her head, but another sword blocked it and saved Renamon in time.


         “Are you alright?”  Asked Piedmon eagerly.


         Renamon looked up and saw the Dark Masters, “I’m alright, thanks.”  She said firmly.


         “Sorry, we’re late because we’re having shower.”  Puppetmon apologized.


         “They saved us…” Said Gennai in an unctuous, make-everything-easy voice.  “They’re good guys…”


         “Double Swords!”  Piedmon lifted up both swords on his head like ‘| |’ shape, he then threw the swords to delete two evil Digimon.


         “Fire Tornado!”  Onithmon flapped his wings and a medium-size tornado that was burning with fire appeared, the tornado flew towards two foes and deleted them.


         After a few minutes, the Dark Masters deleted the foes.


         “Please accept and trust us.”  Piedmon pleaded again.


         The villagers looked at the Dark Masters, and then they looked at each other.  Suddenly, Gennai walked towards Piedmon and stretched out his right hand, “I was wrong, not all virus type Digimon are evil.  Please forgive me, will you?”  He apologized.


         Piedmon shook hand with Gennai and smiled demurely, “We forgave you.”


         Renamon also shook hand with Piedmon, “You’re welcome to stay here.”


         “We’re greatly obliged to you for your assistance.”  The other Digimon also thanked the Dark Masters.  Immediately the villagers surrounded the Dark Masters and welcomed them.


         “Ladies and gentlemen, I now declared that the Dark Masters are dead!”  Renamon announced and everyone pricked his/her ears, “From now onwards, they’re called the Bright Masters!”  Renamon shouted cheerfully.


         “Bright Masters?  Just changed the word ‘dark’ to ‘bright’?”  Piedmon and his friends sweat-dropped.


         That night, there was a celebration in the Digital World, everyone was praising the Bright Masters:


         ‘Praise the Bright Masters!

         Praise their strength in this world!

         Praise them for saving us!

         Praise them for their supreme power!


         Praise them with trumpets and bugles.

         Praise them with harps and cymbals.

         Praise them with songs and drums.

         Praise them with flutes and oboes.’


         The Dark Masters wept for joy and vowed to protect them forever.


         “Thanks for saving me.”  Renamon walked towards Piedmon and said eagerly.


         “No problem.”  Piedmon answered earnestly and examined her from head to toe.


         “I’ve no boyfriends yet.”  She smiled demurely.


         He was happy to hear that, “I’m single and available.”  He muttered.


         “I’m available too.”  She blushed.


         They stared at each other, suddenly Gennai interrupted them, “Don’t just stand here, join us!”


         They turned around and saw some Digimon were dancing around the campfire.


         “Do I have the honor to dance with you?”  Asked Piedmon nervously.


         Renamon blushed and nodded, Piedmon and her danced for a while and after a few minutes, the others had stopped dancing and looked at them while clapping hands/paws.  They were so enjoyed until they did not realize that only them were dancing, they were dancing like an expert although that was their first time.  When they finished, everyone cheered them and they blushed.


         “Leader Renamon, you never danced so well before!”  Floramon teased Renamon.


         “Piedmon!  Now I know that you’re also a good dancer!”  Puppetmon joked.


         “Renamon, you found a mate, congratulation to you.”  Gennai smiled.


         “Piedmon, what’re you waiting for?  Kiss her!”  Machinedramon shouted.


         Piedmon really wears his heart on his sleeve.  Everyone could tell he’s in love with Renamon.


         “I must be going now; I’ve got something rather urgent to do.”  Renamon blushed and walked back to her hut.


         “I feel stomachache, sorry.”  Piedmon lied and rushed to the toilet, but the others knew that he went chasing for Renamon.




(This is Renamon, Champion level, not the Renamon from Digimon Tamers)



         Renamon purposely walked slowly and hoped that Piedmon would follow her.  She turned back and saw him; she was happy and waited for him to catch up.  She invited him to enter her hut; they knew that something would happen afterwards.


         “Renamon, it is a great pleasure indeed to have the opportunity to meet you.”


         “I’m pleased to meet you too.”


         “I love you at the first sight, Renamon.”


         “Me too.”


         They stared at each other for a while and Renamon broke the silence.


         “Would you like something to drink, Piedmon?


         “No, no.  Don’t trouble yourself.”


         “Not at all.  Tea or coffee?”


         “Then, tea, please.”


         After a few minutes, she switched on the radio while both of them were drinking tea.


         “This tea is a local speciality; I hope you like it.”


         He took a sip and answered merrily, “I like it, smells good.”


         The radio was playing the Titanic theme song.


         “I think we should listen to some not so sad songs.”  Piedmon raised his eyebrows.


         “Right.”  She nodded and played a CD.


         “Wow!  Can you feel the love tonight, nice song!”


         “Piedmon, you know this song too?”


         “Yes, I watched that anime and I like the song very much.”


         After they finished their tea, they began to sing the song.


         “There’s a calm surrender, to the rush of day.  When the heat of the rolling world, can be turned away…” Renamon was singing the song as she was walking towards her room; she wanted to feel him inside her.


         “An enchanted moment, and it sees me through.  It’s enough for this restless warrior, just to be with you…” Piedmon understood and followed her.


         Sitting on the bed and she helped him to remove his clothes, “Can you feel the love tonight?  It is where we are, it’s enough for this wide-eyed wanderer that we got this far.”  She continued to sing.


         When he was fully naked, he laid on top of her and pressed his weight against hers, “I do feel the love tonight.”  He smiled and told her all the things he would like to do.


         He began to kiss her passionately and taste her furry muzzle.  Soon their tongues began to graze one another, and the incredible warmth came over them.  He opened his muzzle to suck on hers, he gently tugged at her lower lip and she let out a gasp.  Taking this opportunity to slip his tongue between her lips, he locked her lips in another kiss.  This time he heard her gasp trapped in her throat and her tongue entwined with his.


         He broke the kiss and lifted up his head to examine her gorgeous face.  Her tongue was pink and moist.  Her muzzle was long and delicate.  He stared into her black eyes and the dark eyebrows that sat above them.  Her eyes were wide with anticipation.  Her nostrils flared with her quickening breath.  Her chest was heaving with excitement.


         She turned around and he started kissing her neck, ears and then her lips.  As he was kissing her, his one hand found its way to her breasts that was hidden under the fur on her chest, rubbing and kneading each one, and making her nipple hard.  She let out a gasp just feeling the pleasure as he suckled at her.  She started to feel warm and at ease and realized he was acting like a cub feeding on its mother.  He continued to suckle gently tugging at her tit as if trying to get her to release some milk.  She felt like a mother and she slowly pulled his head to her chest letting him try and feed from her.


         He moved his hands to her pussy and found her slit with his fingers, guiding his cock into place and pushed into the warm moistness that soon surrounded him.  She was tight but she did not felt uncomfortable as he began to pump, she became wetter and he slid in with less resistance after every thrust. She was so hot around him, and she felt much better then any one he had ever been with before.


         He continued to pump and they moaned in pleasure.  After a while, she cried at the peek of her orgasm, she was in ecstasy.  His mushroom head was bumping against her cervix, finally he was coming to a climax.  With one last thrust; he came into her.  Warm sperm found its way into her receptive body.  At last, he was spent and collapsed on top of his lover.


         They gasped and rested for a while, he grabbed her huge tail and caressed it, “Your tail is huge and soft.”  He praised her tail and she smiled, he sniffed her tail and licked it gently. He put down her tail and lay beside her.


         She lifted up her tail and began to tickle his legs, he giggled and she paused, “Do you like it?”  She asked earnestly and he nodded.  She continued to tickle his legs with her tail and slowly moved up to his crotch.


         She slowly and gently tickled his thighs, she caressed around his pecker and his body shivered, he felt so good and his pecker erected again.  She explored his belly with her tail for a while, sending wave of pleasure to him.  He purred and his body was shaking.


         She moved down a little and tickled his pecker, she caressed the mushroom head and his body jerked.  She smiled and engulfed his pecker with her tail.  He chuckled and almost came.  She began to massage his pecker with her tail and he was thrown into ecstasy.  She tickled his balls and glans, he could not endure anymore and ejaculated on her tail.


         “Sorry, I dirtied your tail…” he gasped.


         “Never mind.”  She smiled and swung her tail towards her mouth, she licked the cum off her tail and cleaned her tail.  They hugged each other again and slept happily.




         And so the Bright Masters ruled the Digital World with good intention, the Digital World became a peaceful place and a harmonious community.  The Bright Masters would settle disputes among the cities, the Digimon would hammer their swords into ploughs and their spears into pruning-knives.  Digital World would never again go to war, never prepare for battle again.


         Every Digimon wrote a song for the Bright Masters:


         ‘We will praise the Bright Masters,

         We will tell of all the wonderful things you have done,

         We will sing with joy because of you.


         Our foes turn back and retreat when you appear,

         Our enemies fall down and die in your presence,

         You are fair and honest in your judgment.’


         Every Digimon, including Gennai was very happy.  Also no one recalls those chosen children and the Digimon.  If they did not fight against the Bright Masters, they would not die.  They should not listen to Gennai and fought against the Bright Masters, Gennai just asked them to fight, but never gave them enough firepower or strength.




The end.


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