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Author: Daniel


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Title: A Dick And A Twat


         Hello, you can call me Dick.  I am a male reproductive system that belongs to Veemon.  I am sleeping quietly inside the pouch under his belly, and there is a skin that covers and protects that pouch as well as me.


         My main purpose is to produce sperm cells and transport them to the female reproductive system.  My main male genital organs are the penis, the testicles, the vas deferens (duct through which the semen passes), the seminal vesicles, and the prostate gland.


         The pouch is very small and narrow, I have to squeeze my body and I feel pretty uncomfortable.  I am normally six inches tall when I’m filled with blood, but I shrink to less than two inches when I’m not. The pouch and the skin is very thin; thus if I expand even an inch, other people would notice me.


         I like the times when he takes me out to release the extra water that was inside my body, or even better; when he wants to masturbate.  Before he took me out, he would open the slit on the skin to reveal the pouch, and then he moved the pouch to one side a little for me to get out from my hiding place.  The pouch is like a door that has been locked to prevent me from going out easily. I need to struggle a little if I want to exit from the pouch myself.


         After I exited from my house, I slowly expand my body and take a deep breath.  Ah, the world is so beautiful.  I take the opportunity to look around and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


         I knew he was going to masturbate from the start because I do not feel any extra water inside of me.  Although I expanded my body, I was still less than six inches.  But he is a good masturbator, so he was able to make me to release sperm in less than five minutes.


         After I released my seed, I began to shrink again; but I expanded my body again to release my seed again very quickly.  I am young and energetic, so I could release more seed after I’ve rested for about ten minutes.


         I am so glad to see my sperm fly out from the hole at my head. It was even a pleasure to see them shoot inside my girlfriend’s hole. My girlfriend has many names. She is called vagina, pussy, but she prefers to be called cunt or twat.  I could impregnate the girl after her cunt received my seed. According to Gatomon’s twat, my seed would flow into her uterus.  Although only one seed out of thousands would successfully impregnate her, that was enough already.


         After he’s done masturbating me, he would wash me and clean my body before he sent me back into my little house.  I bade farewell to the world and shrunk myself again. I havw no idea when he will take me out again.




         One day, I had no idea if it was a day or night because I could not see from my hiding place, and I could not hear anyone who was speaking because I could not understand the Digimon language; I felt someone was rubbing my outer skin but did not open the door.


         The person massaged my hiding place until I could not endure any more.  I felt so good and I slowly expand my body, but I felt pain because I had to struggle in order to get out from the pouch.


         Finally someone opened the door and I quickly exited from the little place.  I saw Veemon’s girlfriend, Gatomon.  I knew right away that he was going to make love with her again.  Gatomon grabbed me gently and began to tease me, I did not leave her disappointed as I expanded myself to full length and was ready to meet MY girlfriend.


         Gatomon smiled happily and showed me her pussy.  Veemon did not waste any more time and slid me into her twat.  Gatomon’s twat was soaking and tight, so Veemon pushed me harder and I also forced myself to reach her cervix.


         Gatomon’s hole was dark, but I do not afraid. Instead I was happy because I could talk and play with my girlfriend.  Eventually, she would suck my seed to her uterus, to hopefully produce a Digiegg.  My girlfriend was hugging me like a mother hugs her beloved child.


         As with the female genital organs there is some overlap between the genital system and the urinary system. With some of the same organs being used in each.  The link is so close that a genital system disorder frequently causes symptoms in the urinary system, and vice versa.  The urologist is the physician who deals with both the genital and urinary organs in men. Urologists also dea1 the with urinary tract problems in women.


         Veemon was pulling me out and pushing in again and again, until I reached Gatomon’s cervix.  I chirred as my head bumped Gatomon’s cervix, I felt so good and Gatomon’s cervix also welcomed me with open arms.


         After I bumped her cervix a few more times, I felt the nature was calling.  I endure a little more so that I could shoot more seeds.  Finally, when my head bumped Gatomon’s cervix, I decided to release all seeds in one shot.  My seeds flowed into her cervix canal and reached the final destination --- her womb.


         The mixture of the sperm cells with the fluids formed by the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland forms the semen that is ejaculated during sexual activity.  Although sperm cells make up only a small portion of the semen, a single ejaculation contains as many as 500 million sperm.  After sexual intercourse, one of these cells may survive to reach and fertilise an egg in the female.


         Fertilization, occurs in the upper region of the fallopian tubes.  My sperm would enter into her vagina, flowed into the cervix, and moved along the Endometrium.  Meanwhile, her ovaries would release eggs to meet my sperm.  Fertilization commonly occurs approximately near the Fimbriae.


         After I stopped releasing my seed, I was tired and relieved.  Veemon withdrew me out from Gatomon’s twat and my body began to shrink a little.  But after ten minutes or so, I expanded again.


         This time, they decided to perform anal sex.  Veemon lubricated Gatomon’s ass hole before he insert me into her rear door.  Gatomon’s anus was even tighter, fortunately Veemon lubricated beforehand; so I could enter without much problem.


         Gatomon’s ass hole was cleaned and smelt good, because she performed enema every morning; she also spread the perfume around the hole before she make love.  That was my third home; the second was the mouth.  I rubbed my body with the walls in the hole and went deeper, eventually I could not go in further anymore.


         Once again, Veemon began to pull me out a little and push in again.  Gatomon’s anus was like a black tunnel, I could not see anything, I just let the walls hole me tightly.  After a while, the walls clamped my body and I knew Gatomon was going to reach climax again.


         Veemon humped some more greedily and I released my seed again. This time I saw my seeds flew into the void of perpetual darkness and I knew my seeds would enter her rectum eventually.


         After I stopped, Veemon pulled me out again.  I saw them hugging and kissing again.  I tried to look around and I found out that it was daytime; and we were somewhere inside a forest.  Veemon and Gatomon sure were very brave. They dared to make love during the daytime inside the forest.  What would happen when a foe approached us?


         Hey!  Do not sleep!  I was nervous when I saw them dozed off, I hoped no foe would be coming.  After they woke out, they bade farewell and walked to the nearest river.  After Veemon cleaned my body, he put me back into the pouch and I had no idea what happened to them next.




         One day, while I was sleeping, I felt someone knocked my house with force.  I assumed the person was kicking the door, I felt so painful and I hoped the person would stop kicking.


         I felt the pain again. I did not know what was happening.  What was Veemon doing?  I knew he was fighting for good again? He was a kind and helpful Digimon.  But why he let people attacked me?  I was sure that he also felt very painful.


         I groaned painfully as the person kicked my pouch again.  I could not control myself and my body began to expand.  I could feel that Veemon also trying to control me from going out.


         I knocked the door to free myself. I hoped the person would stop attacking me after I showed myself.  Finally I freed myself and crawled out from the pouch.  I was surprised to see the chains on Veemon’s legs, after I lifted up my head, I realized that Veemon was chained to a wall.


         By now I was six inches again and was ready for business.  I surveyed the surroundings and saw some strange Digimon in front of me.  I did not know what was happening but from the way they kicked me, I knew something was wrong.


         A Digimon cupped my balls with his paw (I assumed they were all male Digimon), I felt so good on his warm paw, but I shouted painfully when he squeezed my balls; of course no one could hear my screams.  I could feel Veemon’s body was shaking wildly as the Digimon squeezed my balls.


         The Digimon squeezed me so tightly until I thought my balls would be crushed.  When the Digimon released his paw, I gasped and sweated.  And then he squeezed again and I shouted painfully again, he repeated the process until I felt Veemon was fainted.


         After a few minutes, I was nervous when I saw another Digimon brought out a ping-pong paddle.  The Digimon slapped my face with the ping-pong paddle and I felt dizzy. He aimed at my head and sent the paddle down directly on my urine hole; immediately I screamed loudly again, but again no one could hear me, seeing as I had no vocal chords.


         The Digimon smacked my left cheek with force, and then my right cheek, he also knocked my balls with the handle and I felt so painful.  He continued to attack me with the bat until I spat blood.  He stopped when he saw my urine hole was dripping blood.  Poor Veemon, he must be going through hell now.


         Suddenly another Digimon took out a scissors and I tried to struggle.  I was shouting and pleading him to stop when he placed me in between the scissors.  I could feel the coolness of the scissors.


         I knew what would happen when the Digimon closed the scissors, I bade farewell to the world, my girlfriend and Veemon.  I still hope the Digimon would take away the scissors, but he was closing the scissors slowly.  Oh deer sweet cunt, I am sorry because I could not see you again, but I promised that I would never forget you and I hope you would not forget me as well.


         I felt the scissors buried into my body and my body began to bleed, I knew sooner or later I would separate from Veemon’s body.  Before I fainted due to the pain, I saw Gatomon and the others.  But I knew they came too late to rescue me, I smiled and fainted.




         I was surprised that I could wake up again, and I was even shocked to see that I was still part of Veemon’s body.  But I was so painful and could not shrink my body, so I just slept outside the pouch; I also realized that something was wrapping my body.


         From that day onwards, I did not meet my girlfriend.  One day, they removed the bandage on my body and I did not feel painful so much anymore.  I saw Gatomon visited Veemon everyday but I had no chance to meet my girlfriend yet.


         After some time, I did not feel pain anymore and could sleep inside my house again.  One day, Veemon took me out again and I was glad to see my girlfriend.  She also had no ideas how could I survive.  But we did not care, we were happy because we could meet again.  I was happy too because I could release my seed as usual.



The end.


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