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Author: Daniel


Note: ************ means scene changed


Title: Death Of Flamedramon: Sad Ending


         One day, the Digidestined children were destroying the Dark Towers when Digimon Emperor brought some armies to stop them.


         “Nobody can destroy my things!” the Digimon Emperor roared.


         “You fool, you think you can stop us?” said Kari coldly.


         “Well said, Kari,” said Gatomon, smiling.  “This is our world and we’ll protect it.”


         “That’s right!” said Veemon with a sneer.


         “Gatomon, armor digivolve!” said Kari sternly.


         “Gatomon digivolve to…Nefertimon!” Gatomon murmured.


         The other Digimon also evolved and prepared to destroy their foes.


         “Kill them!” Ken shouted as his armies attacked the Digidestined children.


         “Hell Fire!”  Flamedramon threw some fireballs and destroyed his opponent.


         “Holy Light!”  Pegususmon shot a light from his forehead and deleted one of the foes – Toeimon.


         Unfortunately the chosen Digimon were outnumbered by their foes and began to retreat.


         “ARGH!!!!!!” both Nefertimon and Flamedramon shouted in one voice.


         Kari and Davis were stunned when their Digimon fell off the cliff.  “No!!!!” they both cried loudly.


         “Ha!  Ha!” cried Ken, clapping his hands and looking as delighted as a child with a new toy.  “What do you think of that?  I killed two annoying Digimon!”


         Fortunately a group of Digimon appeared from nowhere and helped the children.


         “You dare to turn your back on me?” asked Ken in a low, agitated voice.


         “This is not your world,” Floramon, the leader of the group, answered earnestly.


         Ken mused over Floramon for a minute.  “Then you must die too,” he said with asperity and attacked the group of Digimon.


         After some time, Ken lost the battle and prepared to withdraw.  “I lost, but I managed to kill two of your friends,” he smiled amiably.


         “You’ll pay for it!” Cody answered with a flush.  His face was convulsed, and he grinned and gibbered at Ken in his senseless rage.


         “Go home and never come back again!” Gazimon cried in a high screaming voice, with extraordinary malignancy upon his face.


         Finally Ken and his armies flew away and disappeared from their sight.


         “Thanks for saving us,” said Yolei grimly to Floramon.


         “It’s us who should say thank you.  You don’t belong in this world, and yet you’re still willing to protect it,” Floramon answered with a smile.


         “Floramon, our partners fell off the cliff, can you help us to save them?” Kari interrupted with a wave of her hand.


         “Sure, but it’ll take some time to reach the bottom of the cliff.” Floramon smiled grimly.


         “Then let’s go now!” said Davis as he raised his eyebrows.


         “Wait a minute…” Hawkmon interrupted, he knit his brows in thought.


         “Yes?” asked Davis nervously.


         “We’re injured and starving…” remarked Hawkmon with a wary smile.


         “Well, in that case, you can come to our hideout and rest,” said Gazimon, chuckling.


         Davis’s face was clouded.  Kari was forced to agree.  With their current condition, they would be beaten easily if Ken attacked them again.  “Show us the way,” said Kari at last.


         “This way,” answered Gazimon with some pride.


         “Gatomon, wait for me,” Kari thought.


         “Veemon, please don’t die,” Davis thought.




         Back to Nefertimon and Flamedramon.


         “Oohhh…” Nefertimon groaned painfully and opened her eyes slowly.


         “Nefertimon, are you all right?” asked Flamedramon nervously.


         “I guess so…ouch!” said Nefertimon in a feeble voice. She groaned again when she tried to stand up.


         “Nefertimon, I think you hurt your wings and legs. Let me check them out,” Flamedramon croaked and began to check her wings.


         “Flamedramon, how about you?  You don’t look okay,” asked Nefertimon with a feverish energy.


         “I’m fine, just some bruises,” said Flamedramon with something between a sob and a groan while checking her wings.


         Nefertimon lifted up her head, “It’s a miracle that we’re still alive.  I think the branches and bushes saved us,” she said severely.


         “You’re right, the branches slowed down the speed of our fall and the bushes acted like cushions,” Flamedramon answered with reserved.  “Your right wing is injured badly and you twisted your left leg, we must find a place to hide now and take a rest.”


         “Let’s go to that side,” Nefertimon suggested and Flamedramon helped her to walk.


         Finally they saw a cave.


         “Wait here, I’ll check the cave,” said Flamedramon in the sweetest of voices.


         “Be careful,” said Nefertimon softly.


         Flamedramon smiled and walked towards the cave slowly.  After checking for a while, he returned to Nefertimon.


         “It’s empty,” said Flamedramon imperturbably and helped Nefertimon to enter the cave.


         Once they entered the cave, Flamedramon found some dry wood and lit a fire.


         “Nefertimon, I’ll find some herbs for your wounds,” said Flamedramon in his easy, genial way and left the cave.


         Nefertimon smiled and dozed off.  She was exhausted, but could not de-digivolve because she was injured badly.


         “Nefertimon, I hope I can take care of you until they saved you,” Flamedramon thought, blood dripped from his mouth while he was walking..




         Nefertimon woke up with a start when someone called her name.


         “Nefertimon, I’m going to rub this on your wounds but you’ll feel painful as hell,” Flamedramon stammered and show her a small bottle.


         Nefertimon looked at him with a twinkle in her eyes.  “You think I’ll feel afraid?  Just do it because I’m not frightened at all,” she said.


         Flamedramon smiled and opened the bottle that he found. He poured a little liquid on her right wing.  Immediately, Nefertimon cried painfully and a tear rolled down from her cheek.  She felt like someone was hitting her wounded wing with a mallet.


         “Sorry, are you alright?” Flamedramon apologized.


         Nefertimon couldn’t say anything. She gave a nod to Flamedramon.  Flamedramon began to rub her wounded wing with that liquid.  She tried not to scream.  After he finished, he continued with her left leg.


         “Nefertimon, I’m going to find something to eat,” said Flamedramon weakly.


         “Thanks…” Nefertimon stammered.  She somehow felt that something was not correct with Flamedramon, but she had no idea what was wrong.


         “Argh…I must not let her know about my situation, I don’t want her to worry about me,” Flamedramon thought. He tried to walk as natural as possible.




         Nefertimon couldn’t sleep due to the pain on her wounds.  After some time, Nefertimon sensed someone entered the cave.  She lifted up her head and saw Flamedramon.


         “Flamedramon!” Nefertimon shouted. She would hug him if she could.


         “Nefertimon, look what I found?” said Flamedramon cheerily and showed her a plastic bag.


         Since Nefertimon did not have paws or hands, she could not eat certain foods and she asked Flamedramon to feed her.  “Sorry, you did too many things for me…” she apologized.


         “Don’t need to apologize because we are friends,” said Flamedramon glibly.


         “Flamedramon, please put the apple on the ground here, I can take it myself,” said Nefertimon mischievously.


         Flamedramon put the apple in front of Nefertimon and she bent her head down to eat the apple.  “Yummy!” she exclaimed.


         Flamedramon smiled and sliced the watermelon into half with his claw, “This watermelon looked delicious too,” he whispered and continued to slice the watermelon.


         “Try this,” Flamedramon held a piece of watermelon in front of Nefertimon with a ghastly smile.


         Nefertimon bit a little, “Juicy!” she said.  After she finished, Flamedramon passed another piece to her.  Finally they finished the foods.


         Nefertimon felt that she should do something to repay Flamedramon’s kindness.


         “Flamedramon, why don’t we sleep together?” asked Nefertimon good-humouredly.


         “Sure.” Flamedramon answered softly.


         Nefertimon spread her legs, “Flamedramon, I feel cold…” she lied.  She knew how a girl could repay kindness to a boy.


         Flamedramon smiled and he understood, “I’ll warm you up,” he said cheerily and took off his claw gloves.


         Nefertimon was surprised when Flamedramon removed his claw gloves, “You can take off your claw gloves!”


         “Just like you when you were Gatomon,” Flamedramon answered tartly.


         Nefertimon was stunned when Flamedramon took down his mask, “You’re Veemon!”


         Flamedramon looked exactly like Veemon, the only different was Flamedramon was about five and a half feet tall.  “I just grew taller,” he said, smiling.


         Nefertimon smiled and rolled her body over so that her four feet were facing up.


         Flamedramon bent down in front of Nefertimon’s groin, “Don’t you feel tired with your legs facing upwards?” he asked, glancing very keenly across at her.


         She chuckled to herself. “A little.  So I hope you can warm me up fast,” she answered demurely.


         Her pussy was surmounted by a light-colored tuft of brown hair that formed a perfect triangle.


         He was surprised when he examined her pussy closely.  “You got pubic hair?” he asked affably.


         “Yes.  It’s pubic hair instead of soft skin to cover my twat,” she answered, smiling.


         All her pubic hair was confined to her entrance, little of it extending neither to her pussy nor down to her perineum.  Her engorged, pouting outer lips were dark red and slightly opened, while her cleft showed moisture.


         “First time I see girl’s pubic hair and it’s so beautiful.  I thought female Digimon wouldn’t have pubic hair,” he said.


         She laughed heartily at his perplexity.


         “Now you can write down into your memory,” she said cordially.


         He switched his attention to her breasts.  She enveloped him with her hoofs, her lubricious pussy grinding against his stomach.  He stared at the plated that covered her breasts.


         He began to caress the plates.  “Umm…so huge…” said he, looking at her in bewilderment.


         “E-Cup, do you like them?” she asked anxiously.


         He answered in good-humor.  “Of course.” his eyes fairly glittered as he spoke.


         He began to find a way to remove the plates.  Finally he found a hook. He untied the hook and the plates fell down slowly.  Her areolas had their own distinctive scent, albeit a subtle, ephemeral one.


         His tongue delighted in the tactile sensations her erect nipples offered.  She too seemed to share his enjoyment. She caressed his head with her hoof.  His penis spasmodically jerked upwards from time to time.


         “Go down there now,” she gasped, smiling.


         As his head nestled between her legs, his tongue fluttered about the creases where her thighs met her trunk. He then assertively darted full into her sex.  He liked the bush there and combed them with his tongue.


         He drank her in as a hummingbird does a flower.  A kaleidoscope of steamy, heady smells, rank and ambrosial, skyrocketed through his head.  He wanted more, so he moved down a little more and reached her tail.  There, he found another hole.


         He began caressing and gently kneading her buttocks.  The taste here was bitter, mephitic, funky, and sour. Yet at the same time smelling mildly reminiscent of certain overly cloying flowers, a variance, which vacillated between sweet and rank.


         Thus so was the asshole of his lover.  His tongue slipped past her wrinkled sphincter as he attempted to fully probe her.  He did not feel the nasty taste at all. Instead he loved the taste of her asshole.


         “I want you now…” she said eagerly.


         He stopped and positioned his pecker on her pussy.  “Here I come…” he said eagerly.  He endured the pain on his body and decided to give her, as well as himself, a good memory.


         She guided his cock and helped him draw it into her soaking, waiting pussy.  Her breath came in short gasps as she held his sides and orchestrating his movements.  His hands reached around to her anus and worked his finger into her asshole.


         “Hey…that’s my dirtiest place…” she remarked.


         “I don’t mind…” he whispered and continued to play her asshole.


         Initially, it was tight, but he was eventually able to gently coax her anal ring to relax and dilate.  As his middle digit entered its whole length, she purred and began to build her orgasm fast.  He was so excited that he forgot the pain on his body.


         Finally, she reached her climax.  Her orgasm was overpowering. Flamedramon could feel the sheath of her vagina gently gripping his cock, milking it as it were into ejaculation.  Within seconds, he too attained the zenith of his ecstasy.


         He released his seed deep into her uterus.  He felt the resilient, electrifying tingle of her cervix against the tip of his cock.  She felt the warm liquid flew into her womb through the cervix canal.


         “Aaaaaaahhhhhh…” both of them let out a loud cry.


         He withdrew his pecker and collapsed on her chest.  Both of them brought the afterglow into their dreamland.  After some time, he woke up first. Soon she opened her eyes slowly.


         “Fortunately she can’t hug me, or else…” Flamedramon thought, he almost groaned painfully as the pains returned.


         “That was good,” she said after an interval of silence.


         He put on his armor and said ruefully, “Thanks for the memories.”


         She did not understand and she just smiled demurely.  They sat beside the fire and continue to talk while waiting for the others to rescue them.


         “And thanks for your smiles,” Flamedramon thought.




         The Digidestined children found Nefertimon and Flamedramon after about three hours.  They brought along a doctor too.


         “Nefertimon, we’re saved,” said Flamedramon wearily.


         “My job is finished, I’m glad that she’s alright.” Flamedramon thought.


         Nefertimon smiled.  Davis tried to hug Flamedramon but Flamedramon collapsed to the ground and spat blood.


         “Flamedramon!” Davis shouted.


         “What happened?”  Kari asked Nefertimon nervously.


         “I…don’t know, he told me that he was alright.”  Nefertimon stammered. She still couldn’t de-digivolve.


         Doctor Leomon examined Flamedramon, “He’s dying,” he said sadly and shook his head.


         “What?  Are you serious?  He still could walk around and find food for me.  He took care of me and…” Nefertimon shouted, she did not tell them about making love.


         Leomon looked at Nefertimon, “Two of you should be dead after falling from the cliff, but I guess he hugged you and used his tiny body as cushion…for you to land on his body…” Leomon explained, looking gloomily over Flamedramon.


         But Nefertimon was shaking her head, and her face was puzzled and expectant rather than joyous.  “Flamedramon, why you didn’t tell me?  Why did you endure the pain yourself?” Nefertimon shouted.


         Flamedramon opened his eyes, “I don’t want you to worry about me,” he said wearily and his face was ghastly.  He was dying but he wanted to finish his last words before he vanished.


         “Sorry, it’s my fault.  I should have noticed your condition…” Nefertimon wept, but she knew that she could do nothing even though she knew he was injured badly.


         “It’s not your fault, it’s Digimon Emperor’s fault because he attacked us.” Flamedramon coughed and more blood dripped from his mouth.  His legs began to disappear.


         “I’ll kill that guy!” cried Nefertimon, “I love you and I won’t forget what happened last night,” she continued.


         “Don’t cry, transform your sadness to strength and defeat the Digimon Emperor.  But please don’t take revenge because revenge leads to destruction.”  Flamedramon gasped and his body jerked due to the pain.   His thighs began to disappear.


         Nefertimon removed the mask from Flamedramon’s face with her hoofs for the last time, “Thanks for the memories and your handsome outlook is saved in my heart.  I promise you that I won’t take revenge,” she said kindly. She felt her heart-breaking sound when she saw his face twisted in pain.


         “Please smile for me, little princess.  I don’t want to see your crying face before I go.  I want to memorize your angelic face,” Flamedramon tried to smile for the last time.  His belly began to disappear.


         Nefertimon smiled with a tearful face, Flamedramon rubbed the tears on her face with a shivering paw, “Remember, whenever you feel sad, I’ll feel sad too.  And whenever you feel happy, I’ll feel happy too,” he said softly.


         Nefertimon could feel his cold hand on her face, he was losing energy fast his paws turned cold.  “I’ll remember that…” Nefertimon nodded and kissed his bloody mouth.  She did not feel nasty about his blood because she knew that he bled for her.  He died so that she might live and she vowed that she would not forget him and his precious blood.


         “Promise me that you’ll never give up no matter how hopeless.  And Davis, I’m glad that I met you,” said Flamedramon with his last strength before he totally shattered into data.


         “I PROMISE!” cried Nefertimon exultantly as she saw the data began to fly away.


         “FLAMEDRAMON!”  Davis shouted with all of his strength into the sky. Tears flowed down from his face like a stream.


         The other children and their partners could only sob and mourn for Flamedramon.


         “He’s a Digimon of courage and he died bravely.” Cody tried to comfort Davis.


         “I’m proud of him.  No, he’s not dead.  He’s taken away by the Digimon Emperor.” Davis sobbed.  Suddenly his D-Terminal shattered into data too.  “What’s…happening?” he asked nervously.


         “For those Digimon who use digieggs to digivolve, they couldn’t be re-born in Primary Village after they die.”  Leomon explained gravely.


         Davis was stunned.  “So…I’m no longer a digidestined child?” he murmured.  He could not believe he lost two important things in one day.


         There was a long silence.  No one could say anything.  They just hoped that Davis did not knock a tree with his head.  Fortunately Davis could still calm down.


         Kari grabbed Davis’s hand and said in soothing voice, “No, you’re still a digidestined child.  As long as you don’t give up to be a chosen child, you can find another partner.”


         “Thanks.” Davis turned to Kari and answered tartly,  “I’ve lost Veemon already, I don’t want to lose you.” he continued.


         Davis and Kari blushed.  Kari was happy to hear that.


         “I’ll never leave you or forsake you.” Kari remarked and they hugged with each other, “Davis, I love you…” she whispered.


         “I love you too, sorry I didn’t tell you earlier…” Davis whispered back.


         “Nefertimon, please don’t blame yourself anymore…” Hawkmon tried to comfort Nefertimon.


         Nefertimon couldn’t take it anymore.  First she was injured, and now she was shocked to see the death of her mate. She collapsed to the ground and fainted.


         “Nefertimon!” Kari cried and hugged Nefertimon. Fortunately she did not shattered into data.


         “Don’t worry, she’s exhausted due to the incidents.” said Leomon calmly, “We must send her to my clinic now.” he continued.




This is the sad ending version, please read the happy ending version at DaD (www.Digiartistsdomain.com) coming soon.




The end.


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