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Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This lemon is not related to the series.


Title: Cactus and Submarine


         One day, the children were building a bridge somewhere in the Digital World.  Suddenly some evil Digimon ambushed them.


         “Armadillomon, evolve!” Cody shouted.


         Armadillomon did not digivolve to Digmon, instead he digivolved to Submarimon.


         “Oops, I forgot to bring another digiegg,” said Cody blandly, smiling at their surprised faces.


         The other Digimon also digivolved and fought against the enemies.


         “Submarinemon, look out!” Togemon shouted abruptly.


         “I’m Submarimon, not Submarinemon!” Submarimon retorted.


         “Whatever…the enemy is going to attack you, do something!” cried Togemon while rushing towards Submarimon.


         “I know, but I can’t move!  Help!” Submarimon shouted. His legs were too short and not used to moving on the land.


         Togemon quickly picked up Submarimon in time to avoid the fatal attack from the foe.


         “Why can’t you move?  Are you hurt?” asked Togemon nervously.


         “I’m not hurt.  But I can’t fight on land because I have no hands and I can’t fly.  My legs are too short to move on the land.” Submarimon explained.


         “Can’t you move like a snake?” asked Togemon.


         “Of course I can’t because I’m not a snake, I’m a submarine.  Have you ever seen a submarine moving on the land?” Submarimon answered, chuckling to himself.


         “You’re the most useless Digimon now,” said Togemon involuntarily.


         “That’s Cody’s fault,” Submarimon protested.


         Togemon could not fight well because he was holding Submarimon.


         “Ouch!  Don’t hug me with your cactus body!” Submarimon groaned painfully.


         “Sorry.  But your body is metal…” said Togemon, smiling.


         “My body looks like metal but actually it’s not,” Submarimon answered, gruffly.


         Suddenly Togemon slipped and rolled down from the slope.  As she was rolling, her body pressed on Submarimon’s body.


         “Argh!  Ouch!  Argh!  Ouch!” Submarimon groaned painfully as her prickles poked his body.




         Finally Togemon stopped rolling, but her body was on top of Submarimon.


         “GET OFF OF ME NOW!” Submarimon shouted.


         Togemon quickly stood up and checked her condition.  Fortunately, no bones were broken, just some scratches.


         “And please remove the prickles,” Submarimon gasped.


         Togemon removed the prickles from Submarimon’s body, “Are you alright?” she asked, querulously.


         “I’m alright now,” Submarimon panted. He still felt the pain caused by the prickles.  “Can you also remove those on my groin?” he asked calmly.


         Togemon gently turned Submarimon over and saw a hill near the end.  He was aroused despite the pain.  He moaned softly as she tried to pull out a prickle from his groin.  After she removed all prickles, she caressed the bulge slowly and he moaned even louder.  She realized that it was not the right time to do that thing.  So, she picked him up and moved him around to see the surroundings.  They found out that they were surrounded by trees.


         “We’re lost in the forest,  said Togemon anxiously.


         “A submarine and a giant cactus lost in the jungle.  This is a weird event,” Submarimon observed.


         “Fortunately you’re small and not so heavy,” Togemon remarked.


         “Now, let’s find a place to hide.  The others should be able to find us easily with the digivices,” said Submarimon tartly.  He felt uneasy because a girl was holding him like a plushy toy.


         Togemon picked up Submarimon and began to find a place to rest.  Soon they found a small hut.


         “Finally we can have a rest,” said Togemon imperturbably.




         After they entered the hut, Submarimon said cordially, “I forgot to thank you for saving me just now.”


         “No problem.  A friend in need is a friend in deed,” said Togemon, flashing a swift glance at him.


         “Can you do me a favor again?” asked Submarimon softly.


         “Anything.” Togemon answered in astonishment.


         “Can you bring me to the back of hut?” asked Submarimon ruefully.


         She gave a quick nod.


         They reached the back of the hut. “Now, can you hold my fins?” asked Submarimon with a mischievous twinkle.


         Togemon was curious but did what Submarimon said.


         “Finally, can you turn your face away?” Submarimon whispered.


         As soon as Togemon turned her face away, Submarimon’s submarine-hood crawled out from the hidden skin and began to urinate.  Suddenly some mosquitoes bit Togemon’s forehead.  Togemon released her hands to slap the mosquitoes.


         Submarimon fell to the ground and his balls knocked a stone.  “Argh!”  He cried painfully and could not urinate anymore.  He thought his balls were crushed.


         “Sorry!” Togemon apologized and quickly picked up Submarimon from the ground.


         Submarimon asked Togemon to put him down and dig a hole for him to shit.  While Togemon was digging a hole, he wished he has hands to massage his bruised balls.  Finally Togemon dug a hole.


         “Good, the hole is just nice.  Can you find some leaves for me?” asked Submarimon, in his languid fashion.


         While Submarimon was throwing the dirty things to the hole, Togemon was searching for leaves.  When she came back, she helped him to clean his anus.


         “Sorry Togemon.  I don’t have hands to do it myself.” Submarimon apologized.


         “Never mind, we’re friends,” Togemon answered, chuckling to herself.  She liked to caress his body parts.  Submarimon groaned painfully again as she inserted a finger with a leaf into his ass hole.  A tear rolled down from his cheek as she began to clean his back door.  Her glove was so thick and almost tore him apart.  After she finished, she brought him back to the hut.


         “Submarimon, I’ve never make love in this level before, how about you?” asked Togemon suddenly.


         “No…” Submarimon stammered.


         “What to try now?” asked Togemon eagerly.


         “But you’re a cactus…” said Submarimon involuntarily.


         “I got a plan,” said Togemon thoughtfully and turned Submarimon over.  “Now show me your pecker,” she said, chuckling to herself.


         Submarimon blushed and his hidden skin bulged again.  Togemon smiled and caressed the hidden skin.  As soon as Togemon freed his penis from its prison, she stuck it in her mouth, sliding almost all the way down to the base.  A few quick strokes and she had him on the edge.  She also masturbated until she almost came.


         “Wait!  What are you trying to do?” Submarimon shouted when she tried to sit on his prick.


         “Don’t worry, there’re no prickles on my ass cheeks.” Togemon answered with a grin.


         Togemon began straddling Submarimon and engulfed his pecker with her vagina.  She eased herself down onto him and sighing with pleasure as she did so.  She pumped herself up and down his shaft, utilizing the full length.  He could feel the juices from her twat washing his penis.  They both moaned in pleasure and finally they orgasmed.


         “Too fast,” she remarked when she lay beside him and turned his body over again, “Can we do it again after we de-digivolved?”


         “Sure, at that time, I could eat you and enter you in any ways you like,” Submarimon gasped.


         “And most important thing, we could have foreplay,” Togemon observed.




         When the children found Togemon and Submarimon, they were sleeping with smiling faces.




The end.


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