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Season 3 series



Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed

Note 2: CP is some kind of currency (money).

Note 3: This is an AU (Another Universe), not related to any series.


Title: Another World


         Elsewhere in the Digital World…


         Antylamon was buying vegetables in the morning marketplace; she could hear the Christmas song because today was Christmas Eve.


         “Hello sister!  Fresh fish?”  A Digimon shouted.


         Antylamon checked the fishes, “how much?”  She asked demurely.


         “Ten CP.”


         “For something so small?  C’mon, eight CP.”


         “Nine CP. This is fresh fish!”


         “Okay, okay!”  Antylamon paid for the fish and put into her basket.


         Antylamon walked towards another stall.


         “Hi!  An apple a day keeps the doctor away, want some apples?”  A Mushroommon asked Antylamon cordially.


         Antylamon looked at the price list: five for 20 CP.


         “Give me five apples.” Antylamon said, and the mushroom Digimon packed five apples properly. She paid for the apples, and put them gently into her basket.


         Antylamon took out a list and murmured, “Apples, fish, bread…” she strolled around the market and bought everything that she needed.


         “Hmm…latest Manga.  Good.”  Antylamon bought a Manga before she went home.


         Antylamon walked towards the car park, she took out a remote control and pressed a button.  Immediately a black car responded to the signal and opened the front doors.  Antylamon put the basket into the back on her car, and entered the car herself.


         “Hello, Mrs. Antylamon, going home?”  Asked a male voice politely.


         “Yes.”  Antylamon fasten her seat belt and answered.


         “Do you want to drive or use the auto function?”  Asked the car again.


         “Auto.”  Antylamon answered and car floated into the air, and then headed home.  The car had artificial intelligence, which meant that it could communicate with Antylamon.




         When Antylamon reached her house, she parked her car properly and locked her car.  She took a glance at her watch, which still showed that she had plenty of time to get to the office.  She took out the basket and opened the gate.


         “Darling, I’m back!”  Antylamon shouted merrily.


         “Welcome home!  I’ve prepared breakfast, come, let’s enjoy together.”  Said Indramon cordially. He kissed Antylamon’s left cheek and helped her to carry the basket to the kitchen.


         There was a Christmas tree near the T.V.; Indramon had decorated the tree with holly and small candles.  The holly leaves represented Christ’s crown of thorns, while the red berries was His blood.


         Antylamon entered the kitchen and saw the delicious breakfast on the table. She decided to take a shower first while Indramon took the food out from the basket and arranged them nicely.


          After she was finished with her shower, Antylamon walked out from the washroom and murmured, “I almost forgot this.”  She took out a basket of clothes and put beside the washing machine.


         “Honey, let me help you.”  Said Indramon and helped her to put the clothes into the washing machine.


         “Thanks.”  Antylamon smiled and re-entered the washroom.




         After ten minutes, they were eating breakfast happily.


         “So how’s your report?”  Asked Antylamon while eating bread.


         “Finished.  I’m sure I will win this project.”  Indramon answered with a smile.


         “I wish you good luck.”


         “Thanks, and you?”


         “So far so good.”


         “You’d better be careful because your work is very dangerous.”


         “Darling, I will, don’t worry.”


         After they’d finished their breakfast, they bade farewell to each other and went to work.


         Antylamon entered the car and asked the car to drive her to her working place as usual.


         “Switch on the radio, please.”  Said Antylamon and closed her eyes.


         “Sure.”  The car answered and soft music filled the car.


         The car was heading towards Antylamon’s working place; Antylamon closed her eyes and relax.




         After about 15 minutes, the car reached a building.


         “Goodbye, Mrs. Antylamon, and have a nice day.”  Said the car cordially and opened the front doors.


         “Thanks.”  Antylamon smiled and walked out from the car.


         Antylamon walked towards the front door of the building, she inserted her password and scanned her paws, the door opened and she entered into the building.


         “Morning, Agent Antylamon.”  A Centarumon guard stood up and greeted her.


         “Good morning to you too.”  She smiled and nodded.


         She entered a room and wore a pink jacket; this pink jacket would form a shield to protect her from any normal attacks.  She exited through the doorway and headed into another room.


         “Morning.”  A Ninjamon in the room greeted her and gave a salute to her.


         “Morning.”  She smiled and returned their salute.


         She walked towards the computer and signed-in her name.  She looked at the duty roster and glanced through it.  She called the names on the roster and immediately five Digimon were standing in front of her.  They were also wearing pink jackets.


         “Now you go to the East sector, you…” she gave instructions to them seriously and they listened carefully.


         “Do you understand?”  She asked at last.


         “Yes Agent Antylamon!”  They shouted in one voice.


         “Good, let’s go.”  She said and one of the Digimon opened the door at the back.


         She walked in front of them towards the door.  She blinked her eyes after she exited through the door.  The sun was burning in the sky and she could feel the heat. Fortunately, the pink jacket also kept her cool a little.  They were waiting for the previous shift Digimon to return.  After about five minutes, five Digimon appeared and stood in front her; they worked as night shift.


         “Nothing unusual in the east sector, Agent Antylamon!”  A Digimon reported.


         “Nothing unusual in the west sector, Agent Antylamon!”  Another Digimon remarked.


         One by one, they reported to her about the situation.  She nodded satisfactory and said, “Good work. You may rest now.”


         The five Digimon saluted to her and entered into the room.  After they left, she and the morning shift Digimon started to patrol the place, and she patrolled the east sector alone.


         “Ah…fresh air.”  She took a deep breath and sighed happily.


         In front of her was a large field with many wild animals. These were not Digimon; in fact, these were real animals.  Some of them could be found on Earth.  Her job was to protect these wild animals.


         She found a tree and sat down, an eland crawled towards her and lay down beside her.  She smiled and patted his head, she lifted up her head and saw a blue tit; a chaffinch and a kestrel were resting on the trunk.


         She sat for a while and stood up.  She walked around that area and saw many wild animals; lions, tigers, leopards and etc.  She was walking freely, and none of the animals attacked her. In fact, some animals rubbed Antylamon’s legs with his/her furry body.


         “I hope no hunters will be coming today.”  She thought.


         She walked for a while, “Oh no, nature’s calling.”  She grumbled and headed to a specially made toilet.


         After another few hours, she took out the walkie-talkie from the pocket, “Agent Antylamon here, please send someone here to cover me.”


         After a few minutes, A Digimon reported to her and she returned to headquarters to have lunch.  After lunch, she went back to work until 3:00 P.M.  At around 3:00 P.M., another group of Digimon appeared to replace her.  She greeted everyone Merry Christmas before she left the room, she put the jacket back to the room and left the building happily.




         After she reached her house, she took a shower before she took a quick nap.  And then she switched on the T.V. and DVD player. She inserted a DVD and pressed the ‘play’ button.  She sat on the sofa languidly, and watched the porn movie.  She was so excited as she watched the man making love with the woman. She imagined that man was her mate while the girl was herself.


         She was aroused, feeling her pussy beginning to heat up more and soaking her panties.  Soon her left paw was rubbing her slit through her satin undies, and her other paw was rubbing her breasts.


         She couldn’t feel the full effect of her stimulation, so she undressed and put her clothes on the table.  Her left paw cupped her D-Cup breast.  She slid her right hand down her belly to the top of her black pubic hair.  She instantly felt sparks inside of her and moaned softly.  Still sitting on the sofa and watching the movie, she gently ran her fingers through her pubic hair.


         She just ran her middle finger up and down her slit, real gentle, not even opening up her cunt lips.  After a few minutes, she stuck her finger into her slit and her body shivered.  She lie on the sofa and held her pussy lips open with her index and third fingers, she used her middle finger to rub her clitoris and she moaned in pleasure.


         She inserted a finger, then two into her soaking cunt. She then plunged them deep slowly and gently.  She almost came when she touched her G-sport. She groaned louder as she stimulated her G-sport.


         She used another paw and reached behind her seeking her tight asshole.  Still exploring her vagina, she sank her finger into her anus, she groaned softly as she inserted her finger deeper.  After she inserted two fingers into her anus, she began to pump slowly.


         Meanwhile, she started to pump her twat with two fingers.  Pumping and humping her twat and anus at the same time threw her into the ecstasy.  She moaned in pleasure and building her orgasm very fast.  Finally, her legs began to shake and quiver as her explosion began.  She let loose with a gush of hot juices and splattered the sofa.  She withdrew her fingers from her anus and cunt, and brought her paw from her cunt to her mouth and tasted her own juices. It was really warm, almost hot and was tasted like vanilla.


         She rested and gasping for air on the sofa for a while. The movie had finished.  She stood up and switched off everything, she cleaned her body and the sofa.  She looked at the clock and decided to prepare dinner.  She put on her clothes and entered the kitchen.




         After about two hours later, Indramon returned.


         “Welcome home!  How was the project?”  Asked Antylamon with a smile.


         “A success!  And you?”


         “Safe and sound.  No hunters.”


         Indramon followed Antylamon into the kitchen, “Mmm…smells good!”  He sniffed and exclaimed.


         “Tonight we’re having turkey for dinner.”  She announced.


         He entered his room and was surprised to see a gift on the table; he opened it and saw a beautiful watch with a card.


         He walked out and gave a gift to her, “Honey, Merry Christmas and thanks for the watch.”


         She opened the gift and saw a book that she wanted to buy, “Oh, I love reading books. Thank you.”


         They hugged and kissed for a while before he entered the washroom.  After he walked out from the washroom, she has prepared the turkey.  He helped her to bring out the champagne.


         After they prayed, they started to eat the turkey Antylamon had prepared.  He told her about his work while they were having dinner together.  After they finished the turkey, she took out the plum pudding and mince pies.  The pudding contained dried plumes and was eaten with a spoon.


         “Let’s make a wish.”  She smiled while mixing the pudding; he helped her to stir the pudding while making a wish.  After they sat down again, they began to eat the pudding.


         “Hey, I found a coin!”  He laughed happily and took out a small coin from the pudding.


         In an ages-old tradition, many people put coins or lucky charms – a ring and a thimble – into the pudding.  Finding the coin is said to bring good fortune in the coming year; the ring heralds a wedding and the thimble a happy (but unmarried) life.


         “I found a coin too!”  She was excited.


         After they finished the pudding, they began to eat the mince pie.


         At Christmas time, the pie was fashioned to resemble a manger, and pastry-cooks sometimes also sculpted a figure of Jesus.  Over the centuries, the ingredients changed.  Fruit peels and raisins replaced meat, and the pies were made circular.  Good luck in the coming year was ensured by eating a pie on each of the twelve days of Christmas.


         Finally, they’d finished their dinner.  He helped her to clean the kitchen and washed the plates.  They lit the candles on the Christmas tree, and sat on the sofa to watch a movie together.




         At about 9:00 P.M., they entered the room to make love as usual.


         He helped her to take off her scarf that went around her neck.


         “Your neck is so smooth and so soft I want to kiss and bite it.” He murmured.


         She whispered back, “Tut tut, how can you bite me?”


         He smiled and then removed her large shoulder/chest plate and her padded armor-like shirt, “I love to look at your body.”  He said, and she responded. “Me too.”


         He sniffed and smiled, “Your perfume smells good.”


         She blushed and answered, “Thanks.”


         He undressed her slowly and gently. He straightened out her clothes and put them on the table.  Meanwhile she illuminated the room with soft indirect lamps, and turned on the heater to where they would be comfortable lying down naked, even though a gentle breeze was blowing throughout their room.  He also helped her by putting a CD of their favorite music on repeat play.


         She removed his scarf and his armor shirt. “You make me so hot.”  She smiled.


         He retorted, “Then let me cool you down.”


         She also undressed him slowly and gently, arranging his clothes and putting them on the same table.


         They gazed into each other's eyes and hugged with each other, they moved slowly around the room and started caressing each other’s face and hands.  They rested their hands on each other’s back; then they gave a relaxing massage on each other’s back, legs, and feet.  They started to dance slowly following the soft music, they praised each other and indulged in pleasure.


         They danced for a while, when finally, they decided to enter into the next stage.  He moved his hands down and took off her pink pants. “Your thighs are so soft that they make me hard,” He teased her.


         She blushed and answered with happy expression, “Me too… I need to feel you inside me…” she took off his pants and slip-on shoes, “I love to look at your beautiful penis.”  She said eagerly as she pull down his last cloth that hid his pecker.


         He returned. “I love to look at your pussy.”  He smiled and pulled down her final defender of her pussy.


         And then they lay on the bed, her on top of him


         They touched each other’s chest, arms, and paws/hooves.  He then glided down to her legs and she moaned softly as he fondled her pubic hair.  After he finished, she brushed the front of his legs and feet, gliding down and up slowly; brushing over his genitals and he purred.  They caressed the inner thighs near the genitals of each other’s body, very lightly touching the pubic region.  Their erotic energy was building, making it a natural time to start shifting the focus to more explicitly sexual activities.


         “Honey, you are beautiful beyond description.”


         “Darling, you are too gorgeous for words.”


         She sought his swollen member and grasped it.  She wanted to feel it with her paw.  In feeling, her senses reel as if they short-circuited.  Moisture is seeping out of her.  She trembled under his touch and the sensations of touching him.  Her fingers found the small groove on the underside of his prick.  She massaged it slowly; up, down, up, down. She smiled and he purred as she was rubbing his prick.


         She stopped as she saw the pre-cum.  They changed position where he was on top of her, and then with his legs inside of hers. He pressed his powerful member deep into her soft, wet and eager twat.  She arched against him, raising her hips to allow him to go deeper.  He too arched, thrusting himself deep into her body. Again and again they thrust against each other, building their passions up as they built up their thrusts.


         He pumped faster and deeper, they were gasping and moaning louder and louder.  Until they started to climax, blasting his cum deep inside her.  She felt the warm sperm flowing through the vagina canal, and into her womb.


         They cried each other’s name and he collapsed to the bed.  He withdrew his prick and gasped, “Merry Christmas.”


         She panted, “Merry Christmas to you too.”


         They smiled at each other and dozed off, they knew that they would only wake up on the next day.




         The next morning, they went to the church to celebrate Christmas.


         “Merry Christmas!”  The church was filled with peace and love.  Everyone was greeting with each other.


         “Hey, Indramon and Antylamon!”  Leomon shouted, he was no longer shirtless. He wore a beautiful jacket with a tie.


         “Hello, Leomon!”  Indramon and Antylamon took turn to shake hand with Leomon.  They talked for a while and found a place to sit.  At 9:00 A.M., the ceremony began.


         “Wake up, wake up, ‘tis Christmas morning…” they sang in one voice happily. The song was beautiful, and perfectly represented what Christian was truly about.


         After they finished, a Santa Claus appeared, “Ho Ho Ho!  Merry Christmas!”  He was Leomon and he gave everyone a present.  His body was majestic enough to disguise as Santa Claus.


         After they all sat down again, pastor Makuramon began to preach, “Today is also Boxing Day, the Feast of St Stephen, the first Christian martyr, and inevitably his day became linked with Christmas.  What is Boxing Day?”


         Indramon and Antylamon listened with interest, they prayed together after the pastor finished preaching.


         “And now…” Makuramon introduced the choir.


         Ten Digimon walked out from behind and stood in front on the stage, “We’re going to present some Christmas songs, you’re welcome to sing along with us.”  Said Beezlemon.


         “Joy to the world…” The choir sang and the audience also joined them.  Immediately the church filled with joy.


         After the choir finished singing their fifth song, they passed a candle to each audience and asked them to sing ‘Silent Night’ together.


         “Let’s light the candles while you’re singing.  Lighting the candles is the feast of thanksgiving for the Purification of the Virgin Mary and …” Beezlemon explained.  They sang in unison while lighting the candles.  Finally they sang ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ and ended the ceremony.


         “May God bless you all… MAKAAAH!”  Makuramon blessed the audience and they left the church happily.


         Indramon and Antylamon shook hands with everyone before they went home happily. This was indeed ‘the season to be jolly’.




The end.


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