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Author: Daniel


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Note 2: This lemon is not related to the series.


Title: A Mistake


         In the Digital World.


         One morning, Angewomon woke up as usual.  She stood in front of the mirror and praised her naked body; D-Cup breasts, a still flat stomach (not pregnant yet), long lean legs, a tight but full bottom, a lovely face, a succulent vagina, a pair of white wings, and…a pimple?  She caressed her face and murmured, “The pimple is still there.”


         She took her clothes and entered the washroom, “Why such a pretty woman like me can have pimples is beyond me.”  She sighed because she knew the pimple had tarnished her charming visage.


         “Still have ample time to get to the office.”  She thought and began to cup her breasts.  She sat on the floor and began to imagine that her boyfriend was making love with her.


         “Oh…Ex-Veemon, you’re so good…” she moaned as she played her breasts, she pinched her nipples gently and harden them.


         She moved a hand down slowly and caressed her belly; she closed her eyes and could feel that Ex-Veemon was caressing her softly.  Still rubbing her breast with her right hand, she moved her left hand to her groin and brushed her pussy.


         Her back arched as she moved her clit in circles with her finger. She pictured Ex-Veemon’s paws were there, spreading her lips and stroking her clit.  She started breathing heavily and stroking her sensitive clit faster and faster.


         She inserted a finger into her twat, and then another finger.  She felt Ex-Veemon pushed his dick inside her and effortlessly entered her soaking pussy.  Her body accepted his large dick and she moaned in pleasure as she finger-fucked her cunt.  She soon felt herself getting coming closer to an orgasm.


         “Ex-Veemon!  I love you!”  She cried with a grin.


         Finally she came, she felt the juice from her vagina oozing out and down her ass cheeks.  Opening her eyes, breathing hard, she reached out and steadied herself.  She took a shower and cleaned, and toweled herself. She then put her clothes on.


         She walked out from the washroom and headed towards the table.  “After I put on this helmet, no one can see this pimple on my face.”  She said while wearing the helmet.  After she prepared herself, she set off to her office.




         After Angewomon reached the office, she reported duty to her supervisor.


         “Angewomon, why are you wearing a helmet?  You never wore a helmet before.”  Asked Leomon curiously.


         “To cover my pimple, sir.”


         “Oh…anyway…you look prettier with the helmet.”


         “Thank you, sir.”


         “Okay, now this is your assignment for today.”


         Angewomon left the office after she received instructions from her supervisor.  She walked towards the computer room, everyone was curious to see Angewomon with the helmet.


         “I’m going to the Earth again.”  She told Patamon.


         Patamon looked at Angewomon with great interest but did not ask her about her helmet, she opened the portal and Angewomon entered the portal.  “Good luck!”  She said cheerfully to Angewomon.




         After Angewomon reached the Earth, she looked for Tai and Sora.  She was a cupid and her duty was to make them make love and get married.  She was flying and no one could see her.  Finally she found them and flew towards them.  Tai and Sora were walking but not hand in hand.


         “Sora, I…” said Tai at last.


         “C’mon, say that you love her!”  Angewomon thought.


         Sora also waiting for the same answer, but Tai continued, “Can I hold your hand?”


         Sora blushed and nodded.  Angewomon was so disappointed. “Coward.”  She thought.


         After they talked for another few minutes, Tai suddenly asked, “Sora, do you…”


         Angewomon was excited and Sora pricked her ears up to listen to the spiky-haired boy.


         But Tai shook his head, “Nothing…”


         “I can’t take this anymore.”  Said Angewomon and took out a Love Arrow, Tai and Sora had met for a year but still no progress because Tai was too shy around her.


         Angewomon shot the Love Arrow at Sora’s back, “After I shot this arrow to Tai, they’ll make love and get married.”  She aimed the Love Arrow at Tai’s back, she released the arrow but suddenly Tai bent down to pick up a coin.  The arrow passed by Tai and shot at Davis who was walking towards them.  Immediately Davis and Sora fell in love, Tai was stunned when he saw Davis and Sora left him.


         “Shit…no, an angel mustn’t swear.  I must give them the antidote,” Angewomon tried to search for antidote, “Shit…I swore again, I’m sinful.  I forgot to bring the Antidote Arrow.”


         Angewomon flew home immediately to look for antidote.  She hoped Tai was strong enough and could tolerate the strike.




         As Angewomon has expected, Leomon scolded her for the mistake.  If Tai committed suicide, Angewomon would be in great trouble.  She quickly took the Antidote Arrow and returned to the Earth.




         Angewomon found Tai on the roadside, he was crying while crossing the road.  Suddenly a car came and knocked down Tai before Angewomon could do anything.


         “Tai!  Please don’t die!”  Angewomon flew towards Tai’s unconscious body. She quickly found a way to call for an ambulance.  After an ambulance sent Tai to the hospital, Angewomon followed to the hospital.




         When Tai opened his eyes, he saw a girl sitting beside him.


         “Hello, I’m Angewomon.  I was the one who called the ambulance.”  Angewomon had hidden her wings and helmet. To Tai, she looked and acted like a normal girl.


         Tai burst into tears, “Why did you want to save me?  My girlfriend has dumped me… I wish I could die.”  He said sullenly.


         “Don’t worry, you still can find another girlfriend.”  Angewomon answered with a polite smile, she hoped that the potion of the Love Arrow would fade away.  The Love Arrow she shot to Matt accidentally would not last for long because Matt does not love Sora.  There were two ways to dispel the potion, one was by using Antidote Arrow and the other was to wait until it dispelled automatically, but it would be much faster if the Antidote Arrow would be used.


         “I hope you’re right.” Tai rubbed the tears from his cheek, “Anyway, my name is Tai.”


         They talked for while and Tai’s parents entered the room.  They thanked Angewomon for calling the ambulance.  Later, Angewomon found out that Tai was not seriously injured and could recover within a month.


         “I have to leave now. See you again, tomorrow.”  Angewomon stood up and said.  Tai and his parents bade farewell to Angewomon.


         After Angewomon left the room, Tai was lost in thought.  His little sister --- Kari, slapped his face gently and brought him back to the real world.


         “Tai, you think she’s pretty, right?”  Asked Kari purposely.


         Tai nodded, but he could not forget Sora so easily.  He still hoped that Sora would return to him someday.




         Angewomon left the hospital and set off for Sora’s house, “According to Tai, this is where her house is.”  She pressed the doorbell and waited for a few minutes.


         A woman opened the door and greeted Angewomon, “Hello, can I help you?”


         “I’m Sora’s friend, can I visit her?”  Angewomon answered cordially.


         “She went to her uncle’s house and will be back after the school holidays is over.  Do you want to leave a message?”  The woman asked politely.


         “Thanks, I’ll visit her later.”  Angewomon answered and left the house.




         The next morning, Angewomon visited Tai again.  Leomon knew about the incident but did not say anything about it.


         “Tai, how are you today?”  Angewomon put a basket of fruit on the table.


         “I’m fine.  I just can’t forget Sora.”  Tai picked up a banana and began to eat, “Thanks for the fruit, though.”  He smiled demurely.


         Angewomon updated Tai about Sora, “After she returned, you can try to date her again.”


         Tai nodded and they continued to talk for a while, Angewomon prepared to leave when she saw his parents coming.  They were glad to see Angewomon and talked with her again, and then Angewomon left the place.


         Angewomon did not visit Tai every day because she was afraid that Tai would fall in love with her.  Besides, she had jobs to do.




         After two weeks, Tai was fully recovered and could rest at home.  One day, Angewomon visited him for the last time before she return to her world.  She decided to tell him everything and apologize to him.  She also wanted him to forget her totally.


         “Angewomon, I’ve something to tell you.”


         “Tai, I’ve something to tell you too.”


         “Angewomon, please listen to me first.  I…I love you…”


         They kept silence for a while.  Angewomon did not feel surprise to hear that, this was called love at first sight, but she knew that she must not love him.


         “Tai, you should tell this to Sora, not me.”


         “It’s too late, she already loves Davis and hates me.”


         “If she returned, would you forgive her?”


         Tai nodded immediately, “I’d forgive her, probably because I loved her so much.  But…”


         “Tai, listen to me.  You must love and marry Sora when she comes back.”


         “Angewomon, what makes you think that she’ll return to my side?”


         Angewomon told him everything, “Sorry for the mistake.”  Said she, smiling ruefully.


         Tai was stunned and could not believe at first, but Angewomon managed to convince him.  Angewomon turned around and prepared to leave.


         “Wait!”  Tai exclaimed and Angewomon turned around.


         “Can I…do that… thing with you?”  Tai blushed and asked nervously.


         Angewomon was shocked to hear this because she had never did it with a human before.




         “Please, I’ve never made love with an angel before…”


         “Well, it’s not against the law if I had sex with a human.”  Angewomon thought and nodded.




         Tai and Angewomon entered Tai’s room. Fortunately, no one was at home.  Tai helped Angewomon to undress slowly.  Angewomon also helped Tai to unbutton his shirt.  After a few minutes, two nude bodies were hugging on the bed.


         “Angewomon, I’ve something to tell you and I hope you don’t get angry with me.”  He caressed her face and said.


         “I promise that I won’t get angry.”  She said, chuckling and stared at him.


         “There’s a pimple on your face, I mean I thought angels wouldn’t have pimples. You know, they’d have… flawless skin and all…”


         “Tai, every angel sure have pimple.” Angewomon answered sarcastically, then laughed out loud.


         He giggled at his silly statement. When their eyes made contact, the feeling was intense and could not be broken. They knew a kiss was going to inevitable.  He leaned forward so that his face was towards hers; they kept their eyes opened and maintained eye contact.  When their faces were almost close enough to touch, he tilted his head a little to the side so that his nose would not bump with her nose.  As he tilted his head, he slowly closed his eyes and parted his lips.  When parting his lips, he didn’t open his mouth wide, just parted them as if he was going to take a drink from a cup.  She smiled and closed her eyes to kiss him passionately.


         While they were kissing, their hands slowly massaged each other’s backs.  They continued kissing for some time, and then broke their kiss.  She was lying beside him and moved her hand down to his groin.  She caressed his smooth belly and he moaned.  She moved her hand down a little and found his prick.  She began stroking it while he started exploring her breasts.


         He used the flat of his palm to rub her entire breast in a circular motion.  He started lightly and increased the pressure as she becomes more excited.  Once her nipples were firm and hard, he took them between two wet fingers and twisted back and forth softly.


         She crawled down to perform fellatio on Tai.  She stroked and kissed his dick with her tongue, she licked his dick and brushed his little tuft of pubic hair.  She brought one hand down, letting it stroke the dick from the top all the way to the bottom.  When it hits the bottom, she released it.  Meanwhile, she brought her other hand to the top of the dick and repeated.  After a few minutes, she placed both of her hands side by side against his shaft like a pair of bookends; and then pushed hard against his penis.  She lifted her hands up and down and continued in this manner for a while.  He was moaning softly and controlling himself not to cum so fast.


         Finally she engulfed his dick with her mouth, but did not thrust too deeply into her mouth.  She cupped his balls gently and his body shivered, he almost ejaculated at that moment.  She continued for a few minutes more until finally he came.  She swallowed as much and as fast as she could but some dripped from her mouth to the bed   When he stopped ejaculating, she lie beside him and they rested for a few minutes.


         “Tai!”  Suddenly someone shouted and it was Sora’s voice.


         Angewomon quickly bade farewell to Tai and put on her clothes.  She flew out through the window.  Sora was still shouting Tai’s name, she could enter his house because she has a spare key.  Tai quickly put on his shirt and pulled the blanket to cover his groin, he did not have time to put his pants back on.




         Sora entered the room and apologized, “Tai, I broke up with Davis and fortunately he understood me.  Can you ever forgive me?”  The potion of the Love Arrow was over and Davis did not love Sora anymore.  She just came back from her uncle’s house.


         “Sure, I want to tell you that I love you, Sora.  I was shy and didn’t have the courage to tell you.”


         “Tai, I love you too.  I came here as soon as I came back from my uncle’s house. I heard that you met with an accident.  How do you feel now?”


         She walked towards the bed and he was nervous.  Angewomon had informed Sora’s parents about the accident.


         “I’m alright. Thanks.”


         “Tai, it’s so hot and yet you’re covered with the blanket?” Sora began to pull at the blanket.


         “No!”  He shouted when she tried to pull away the blanket.


         She looked puzzled and he quickly continued, “Err…sorry, but…please leave the blanket alone.”


         She ignored him and pulled away the blanket with force.  Immediately she saw his hand covering his cock, she also saw the sperm on the bed.  They blushed and kept silence for a while.


         “Sora, please let me explain this…” he tried to explain but she interrupted him.


         “Tai, you don’t need to explain. I knew already.”


         “You knew already?”  He was surprised that she knew Angewomon.


         But she continued, “You wanted to make love with me but you don’t have the courage.  And now you’re all alone, so you masturbated in your bed.”


         He sighed in relief and thought, “She didn’t know about Angewomon.”


         “Tai, you don’t need to masturbate anymore.”  She said and undressed, immediately his cock stood up again.


         “Tai, I’ve been waiting for the moment that you said that you loved me.”


         “But Sora, you don’t need to…”


         “Tai, you don’t want to have sex with me?”


         “Yes, but I mean…”


         “Tai, I’m doing this willingly.” She already took off her clothes and was standing naked in front of him.  He smiled and removed his shirt too.


         She lie beside him and he thought, “Today is my lucky day.”


         They began to hug and kissed with each other, kissing during foreplay offered sensual pleasure and feelings of intimacy.  He moved his mouth down slowly and stopped at her breasts.  He licked and sucked her breasts; she felt very erotic and exciting.


         He moved his head up and she kissed and caressed the back of his neck, ears and eyelids.  She flicked her tongue in and out of his mouth.  She also used her breasts and nipples, mouth, lips and tongue to stroke and caress his body.


         She lifted up her head and looked at each other, as well as praising each other’s bodies.  He crawled down to her groin and examined her pussy.  The brown pubic hair formed a triangle and covered her pussy. The bush was newly formed and was soft when he brushed it.


         He massaged the perineum, the area between the anus and the vagina, her body shivered and jerked because that was one of the sensitive parts on her body.  He smiled and rubbed her clitoris, he knew that the clitoris was the most sexually sensitive area.  She moaned softly and almost came when he stimulate it gently and skillfully.  He also used another hand to caress her buttocks with his fingertips, lips and tongue.


         He inserted index and middle fingers into his mouth and lubricated with his own saliva.  And then he inserted them into her cunt gently and slowly, about one or two inches, palm facing upwards.  He pressed his fingers over the front wall of vagina and she felt a bit as if she needed to pee.  He found her G-spot and sent wave of pleasures to her.


         He kept consistent, firm pressure along the entire length of the fingers against the vagina walls while rotating his fingers and she moaned even louder.  He stopped rotating and rested his fingertips on the area of the vagina just behind the pubic bone; he exerted pressure upwards towards her belly and she was thrown into ecstasy.  He moved his fingers in small, slow circles, and pointed the fingers more sharply upwards and rocked them forwards and back.  He used his hands to stroke the inner thighs, Mons Veneris and labia.


         “I’m…coming…” she gasped and he replaced his fingers with his tongue.


         He moved his tongue over the labia and vaginal entrance, licking the entire vulva.  He nuzzled, brushed and massaged her clitoris.  He also told her that her pussy was beautiful and she was pleased.  He placed a pillow under her hips so that her vulva was more accessible, and then he penetrated her twat with his tongue.


         After he explored her twat for a few minutes, her thighs clamped his head as she reached climax.  The juices flowed like a small stream, he finished almost all juices and licked her pussy cleaned.  He lie beside her and hugged her again.


         “Thanks, Sora.”


         “Tai, I’ll never leave you again.”


         She smiled and dozed off.  He closed his eyes and vowed to take her as his wife.  After they finished their studies, they got married and lived happily forever.




         Back to Angewomon…


         “Fortunately, you succeeded.”  Leomon was glad that Tai and Sora got married.


         “They were separated once before, and they found out that they could not forget each other, so, I’m sure they’ll cherish their marriage.”  Angewomon remarked.


         “You sounded like they should thank you for your mistake?”  Leomon joked.


         Angewomon shuffled uncomfortably.  “Err…most people do not cherish what they have, but when they lost it; they feel regretful.  And when they have gotten it back, they’ll never let it go again.”  She answered cordially.


         “Angewomon, you’re always the best cupid here, although you’re a little clumsy at times.”  Leomon smiled grimly.


         Angewomon blushed at the comments.


         Leomon raised his eyebrows.  “So, are you ready for next mission?”  He asked eagerly.


         Angewomon rubbed her hands.  “Sure.”  She nodded.




The end.


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