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Renamon: before and after

Chapter 1


Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed

Note 2: This lemon took place before season 3.



Title: Introduction


         I am Renamon, a female Rookie fox digimon.  I am a data type digimon.  I want to protect my world: the digiworld.  But I am too weak; I want to become a strong Rookie digimon, at least stronger than any Rookie male digimon.


         Flashback begins:


         Five years ago, I witnessed the digidestined children and their digimon defeated MaloMyotismon.  I would like to help them, but I could only digivolved to Champion level.  I could not evolve to Mega level because I do not have a partner and I was not a digidestined digimon.  When I looked at the children and their digimon, I envied them because they were so happy.  I wished that I could find a partner and I also vowed that I would protect my world.


         Flashback ends.


         Every morning, I will do some exercise to prepare myself; I am ready to protect my world.  I want to show the male digimon that a female digimon also can protect this world.  The digidestined digimon returned to the Earth with their partner after they defeated MaloMyotismon.


         One day, I went to Vanilla Café to work as usual.  I was a waitress at the café.


         “Renamon!”  The male digimon would whistle cheerfully at me when I entered the café.  I gently bobbed my head and smiled at them.


         There were also some female workers but I was the prettiest, “Renamon, I came here not to drink or eat, but to see you.”  A male digimon joked.


         After I greeted my boss, I started working.  The male digimon just looked or talked with me, but never rude to me.  The digimon were talking about battle-school and I was very interested.


         “Renamon, do what you wanted to do,” my boss said, “but my business will drop without you.”  He continued.


         I smiled and apologized.


         “Renamon, this is your second home and you can return anytime.”  My boss said.


         “Thanks, but I’ll returned only after I succeed.”  I answered.




         Later I found out that Leomon has built a school to train digimon to protect this world.  I set off to that school after I finished my work in the evening.


         When I arrived, I looked at the school.  The school was a single-story building; there is a lake on the left side and forest on the right side.  I saw a notice board and read it, ‘Battle School.  All are welcomed.  From captain Leomon.’


         “Are you looking for me?”  A beast-man digimon walked out from the school and asked.  He is about six feet tall, wearing pants only.  He has a muscular body and I can see six-pack on his belly.  His voice is majestic and his eyes are staring me.  He walked towards me and I felt nervous.


         “I’m Renamon and I’m interested in the training courses.”  I answered.


         He looked at me from head to toe, “you’re a girl and your body is soft.  I don’t think you can endure the torment.”  He said.


         “Never underestimate a girl.”  I said and looked directly into his eyes.


         “Can you digivolve?”  He asked and I nodded.


         “Don’t evolve and fight against me now.  I want to see how strong you’re.”  He said.


         He is a Champion digimon, I agreed although I knew that I could not win.


         “Diamond Storm!”  I attacked him but he managed to jump over, sending a flying kick towards me at the same time.  I tried to block his attack with my paws, but he was too powerful for me to block.   I could feel the pressure on my paws and I was knocked to the wall behind me.  He rushed towards me and sent a punch on to my face, I avoided him and his punch landed on the wall; there was a small hole on the wall when he withdrew his fist.


         I tried to punch him rapidly but he managed to block and countered, he sent his fist on to my soft belly and I moaned painfully.  As I was flying backwards again, “Diamond Storm!”  I suddenly launched a special attack before I fell to the ground.  He was surprised by my attack and was hit, my attack was too weak to really hurt him but he also fell to the ground.


         I felt dizzy when I stood up after I fell to the ground.  I felt like something or someone was kicking inside my stomach.  I almost vomited and I used all my strength to just stand still.


         “Renamon, give up now or you’ll die.”  He stood up and warned me.


         “Never!”  I shouted.


         I tried to attack him again, but he moved to my right side in a quick motion.  I turned to the right just in time to see he aim a fist at me.  I got only a glimpse of the knuckles and first joints of the fingers, with the bulb of thumb riding alongside and just below the index finger.  Then the fist impacted against my nose and I felt the sharp agony of my nose breaking, and the warmth of my blood spewing out my nostrils onto my upper lip; and the bright red beads flying through the air, before my eyes tear up and the world become a blur, a whirling blur as I fell backwards, only dimly feeling the heavy thud as I struck the ground.


         When I opened my eyes, I could only see the surroundings spinning around me.  I tried to stand up but I fell down again.


         “Renamon, close your eyes and rest for a while.”  Leomon walked towards me and said.


         He took out his handkerchief from his pocket and tried to rub the blood on my nose.  I gripped my paws and my face twisted as he rubbed the blood on my nose.  I closed my eyes and a tear rolled down my cheek.


         I closed my eyes and rested for a while.  When I opened my eyes again, I do not feel dizzy anymore.  I saw Leomon squatting in front of me.  I used my right paw to touch my nose gently, “ouch!”  I groaned.


         “Come, let me help you to the medical room.”  Leomon turned his back to me and asked me to climb to his back.


         “Thanks, I still can walk.”  I lied.


         “Renamon, don’t lie.  You’re shy, aren’t you?”


         I blushed and climb to his back.  I encircle his neck gently with my paws and I locked his waist with my legs.  I lay my right cheek on his hair and closed my eyes.  He stands up slowly and put his hands below my buttocks to support me, and then he walked towards the medical room.


         This is my first time riding on the back of a male digimon.  My front body pressed against his back and I could feel the warmth of his back.  His hands were slowly caressing my buttocks as he walks.  My legs slid down a little and touched something on his pants.  He did not realize but I knew what was that; my breath to his neck and the fur on my chest made him horny.




         Finally we reached the medical room.  He put me down gently on the bed and asked me to lie down.  When I looked at his face, I could see that he also blushed.  I watched as he smiled, and saw his hands move towards me like a timid kitten, to grasp my right hand and embrace it.  I felt a warm thrill move up my arm from that hand, from that touch, like an electric shock.  Just now he touched my buttocks, now he touched my hand.  Dazed, I looked into his eyes, and my soul became lost in those orbs of blue fire.  His mouth opened of its own accord and he heard himself say, as if from a distance, “You’re the first female digimon who dared to challenge me and you’re the first digimon who can fight for more than 15 minutes with me, even the strongest Rookie digimon can’t last for 10 minutes.  I must admit; you’re very good.”


         I blushed and said softly, “captain, can you please release your hands?”


         He apologized and quickly released my hand.


         “You said you wanted to test me, so are you satisfied now?”


         “Yes, but I’ll train you sternly, you can only sleep five hours per day.  I’ll train you until you got six packs on your belly.”


         “You wouldn’t see my muscles because my body is covered by thick fur.”


         He smiled and kissed my right cheek gently.


         “You’re injured and need some rest.  The training will be starting after two weeks.”  He informed me.  And then he left the room.


         I was too weak to do anything; so I decided to sleep.  But I never realized that he returned gently and stood beside me after I slept.


         He caressed the fur on my chest gently and looked at my groin.  I was lying spread-eagle on the bed and he could see my secret place, but hid under thick fur.  He gulped and indulged into fantasy.  “She’s so sexy and pretty.”  He thought.


         He put his hands on his pants and prepared to unzip his pants.


         “No, I can’t do this.  She’s my student and she’s injured.  I can’t take advantage of the precarious position of her.”  He lifted up his hands and murmured.  Suddenly he saw me shivering, he took the blanket and covered my body.  Although my fur is thick, I still could feel the cold.  He continued watching me for a few minutes and left the room quietly.




         After sometime, someone called my name and I woke up with a start.


         “Renamon, it’s dinner time.”  Leomon brought some food and put in front of the table near my bed.


         He helped me to sit on the bed, suddenly his right hand accidentally pressed on my chest.  “Sorry.”  He apologized and removed his hands quickly.  Both of us blushed and the room was filled with silence for a few minutes.


         “Thanks for the food.”  I broke the silence at last.


         I ate the food fast, noisily and greedily.  I was exhausted and hungry.


         “Eat slowly and don’t gobble.”  Leomon smiled.


         “Delicious, thanks.  How much is the training course?”  I asked after I finished the food.


         “It’s up to you, if you have no money, you don’t need to pay.  If you’re rich, you could pay much.”  He explained.


         “Last question before I sleep, where’s the washroom?”  I asked.




         The next morning, I quit my job.  My boss and friends were happy to hear that I joined Leomon.  I promised that I would return after I finished my training course.


         Leomon helped me to bring my necessities from my hut, for example, towel, toothpaste, toothbrush and shampoo.  He also provided a room for me.  After we put everything into my room, Leomon showed me the training room.


         “Renamon, you can do practice in this room during raining days.”


         I nodded and we moved on to next room.  After we finished visiting each room, we went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.


         “Renamon, this is my first time eating with a female.”  He said softly.


         “Me too, captain.”  I whispered.


         We were embarrassed and did not talk much.  After we finished, “Renamon, go and have a rest, I can clean the kitchen myself.”


         He was correct, I felt tired after the meal.  “I’ll help you after I recovered.”  I answered and returned to my room.


         “Should I lock the door?”  I asked myself, “yesterday I didn’t locked the door and nothing happened.”  Finally I decided not to lock the door because I trusted him.  I closed the door but I did not put the latch on it.


         “What’s this feeling?  Every time I look at him, my heart pounds faster and I blushed.”  I had never in love before, but I knew that this is my first love.  And I thought that I had met the love of my life.


         “I must control my feelings, I’m a warrior now.  I’m not a girl and I must be strong.”  I decided to bury the emotions deep down into my heart.  But I would tell him about my feelings after I finished my training.


         Inside Leomon’s room.


         “I can’t believe that the Cupid shot his love-arrow at me.”  He shook his head and teased himself, “a mighty warrior love at first sight and almost can’t control himself.”


         He lay on the bed and his thoughts were in a tumult, “I wished she could stay forever, but I also wished that she would leave because I don’t want her to get injured again.”  He also fell asleep after a few minutes.




         After a few hours, Leomon woke up and went to the kitchen to prepare teatime.  He was surprised to see me in the kitchen.


         “Captain, you came at the right time, the teatime is ready.”  I smiled at him.


         He looked at the dinning table; there are two cup of coffees and some biscuits.


         He sat on the chair and smiled at me.  After I sat down, we ate the biscuits happily.


         After a few minutes, he asked, “Renamon, you said that you wanted to protect this world, so you joined this training course.”


         I nodded.


         “Renamon, if no other female join this training course, would you quit?”


         “No, captain.”


         “But to have training with a bunch of guys is very dangerous.”


         “I understood.  But I’m willing to take the risk.”


         He paused for a while and asked, “Renamon, can you quit the training course but stay here to help me?  I don’t want you to get injured.”


         I was stunned.  I knew his meaning, “sorry captain, I’ll not quit the training course.  But I promise that I’ll be careful, thanks for your concerns.”


         Both of us blushed and continued eating and drinking.


         “Renamon, I’m sorry for your nose.”  Leomon said suddenly.


         I rubbed my nose and answered, “never mind.  My nose is till here and its still working properly.”


         He smiled at my joke, “but if you joined the training course, you may lose your nose.”


         “No pain, no gain.”  I retorted.


         “Then you must eat a lot.”  He said.


         “Yes.”  I answered.


         After we finished, I returned to my room to study.  Leomon had passed some books for me to study.


         After a few minutes, I decided to go to the washroom.  I met Leomon on the way to the washroom, he has a towel wrapped on his waist.  Suddenly the towel lose and dropped to the floor.  He quickly picked up the towel and wrapped his waist again.


         “Sorry Renamon.”  He blushed.


         “It’s big.”  I said calmly.


         He blushed even more quickly returned to his room.


         After he returned to his room, “damn!  She saw me!  The first female saw my member but didn’t feel embarrassed, and yet still can joke about it.  What type of girl is she?”


         Inside the washroom, “I can’t believe that I didn’t scream or closed my eyes.  Normally when a girl saw that thing, she’ll shout or feel embarrassed.  This is the first time I saw that thing and…it’s really big.”


         We did not talk much during the dinnertime.  We were still feeling uneasy about the incidents.


         That night, while I was reading in my room, I heard a knock on the door.  I opened the door and saw Leomon.


         “Renamon, the supper is ready.”


         We walked to the kitchen together.  We did not talk much too.


         “Captain, how do you feel about me?”  I thought.


         “Renamon, do you like me?”  Leomon thought.




         “Yes, Renamon?”


         “Thanks for giving me a room.  I like it.”


         “I’m happy to hear that.”


         After the dinner, we returned to our room again.


         “Captain, why don’t you say ‘I love you’ just now?”  I lay on my bed and thought.


         “I love you, I love you, I love you…it’s not difficult to say ‘I love you’ to her, but why I didn’t tell her just now.”  Leomon lay on his bed and thought.




         After two weeks, I was fully recovered.  Leomon gave me a pair of blue gloves.  I saw the symbol on the gloves and asked him about it.


         “This is called Ying and Yang, means darkness and brightness.  You can choose to be evil or good, but you must face the consequences.”  Leomon explained.


         “I’ll never become evil, I vowed.”  I said seriously.


         “Good.”  Leomon nodded.


         I wore the gloves, “Renamon, you looks even prettier with the gloves.”  Leomon smiled.


         I blushed and answered, “thanks.”  After I wore the gloves, we set off to the hall.




         When I entered the hall, I saw a group of male digimon, no female digimon.  They were surprised to see me.  They thought that I am an assistant, but when I joined them, they had a startled look on their face.


         “This is not a place for a girl.  You better leave now or you’ll get injured.”  A male digimon said seriously.  Digimon could know each other’s gender easily.


         “Thanks for your advice, but I’m not leaving.”  I answered.


         “Students, I’m Leomon, you must call me captain.  First, let’s go to outside now.”


         We all moved to outside, waiting for next instructions.


         Leomon walked out and instructed us to find an empty space to do push-up.  Most digimon stood behind me because they wanted to see my anus that was covered by my tail.  “100 times push-up.  One!  Two!…”  Leomon shouted.


         I did push-up every morning, so no problems.  All digimon has hands or paws, so they could do push-up.  After we finished, Leomon asked us to jogtrot around the school.  After 30 minutes, I was panting heavily.  My legs were getting heavier but I refused to stop.


         Finally, after almost one hour, Leomon asked us to stop and rest for 30 minutes.  I immediately put my buttocks on the ground to rest.  I was sweating and gasping for air.  My legs were shivering and were too weak to stand.


         After we had enough rest, we continued our training.


         That night, after the last training, I dragged myself to the washroom to have a bath.  I was too tired to stand, so I sat under the shower.  The water was falling steadily on my dirty body and I moaned softly.  I closed my eyes to rest and enjoy the cool water.  After I got enough strength to stand up, I quickly cleaned my body.


         Later I entered my room to sleep.  I put my body on the bed gently because my whole body was painful.  I moaned painfully as I lie on the bed.  That was not training, that was torment; especially for a girl.  My first day was over and I almost gave up during the torment.  I quickly closed my eyes to sleep, so that I could accept another torment tomorrow.  “No pain, no gain.”  I comforted myself.




         After one week.


         When I walked out from my room to the kitchen for breakfast, I did not see anyone.  I scratched my head and murmured, “what happened?  Special holiday?”


         “Renamon, do you want to quit?”  Leomon entered the kitchen and asked.


         “Why?”  I asked.


         “All of them left.  You can leave too, I won’t force you.”  Leomon explained.


         “I’m not leaving.  I can endure the torment…no, I mean the training.”  I answered.


         “The nightmare is about to begin, Renamon,” he smiled, “the training for the past one week were just for beginners.”


         My eyes bulged and I thought, “you called that for beginners?  You almost killed us.”


         “So do you want to leave now?”  Asked Leomon.


         “No.”  I shook my head.


         “Good, today you can rest.  I’ll train your stamina tomorrow.”  Leomon smiled.


         We talked for a while and he left me alone.  I entered the washroom to clean myself.




         The next morning, Leomon showed me a huge stone, “Renamon, take this stone and walked to the forest.”  Said Leomon.


         I used all my strength to lift the stone above my head, my legs are shaking and I was unable to walk.  I let out a loud cry and start walking step by step.  The forest was only about 15 minutes from the school.


         After a few steps, I was breathless and my whole body was shivering.  But I refused to give up.  Finally I reached the forest, I threw the stone to the ground and collapsed.  I was exhausted and could not stand up.


         “Renamon, very good.  Now you’ve to walk back to the school with the stone.”  Said Leomon.


         I looked at him, I do not have the strength to smile or say anything.


         After I rested for 15 minutes, I picked up the stone and walked back to the school.  I fainted again as soon as I reached the school.




         When I opened my eyes, I realized that I was lying on the same bed.  I looked at the room and I knew that I was in the medical room again.


         “Ah!  You woke up already.  Are you all right now?”  Said Leomon when he entered the room.


         “Thanks captain, I’m fine and I can continue the training.”  I tried to wake up from the bed, but my whole body felt painful and I groaned painfully.


         “You better rest now,” said Leomon, “you can continue after you’re fully recovered.”


         I was too tired and I slept again.


         “I can’t believe that she could lift up the stone.”  Leomon looked at me and thought.




         After one week, I was fully recovered.  But I did not take any training on that morning.


         During lunch hour, I received a new training course.


         “Renamon, you’re going to eat without looking at the foods.”  Leomon took out a handkerchief and blindfolded me.  I spent a lot of time to eat; finally I finished and took down the handkerchief.


         “Renamon, you messed the table and you must clean the table.”


         After I cleaned the table and the kitchen, I rested for a while and prepared for another training.  I entered a room where Leomon was waiting for me.


         “Renamon, attack me.”


         “Yes captain.”


         Leomon and I were fighting with each other again; obviously I could not win.  Leomon taught me many basic skills.


         “If you can’t fight well now, you can’t fight well even you evolved.”  Said Leomon.


         We practiced until almost dinnertime.  We rested for a while and prepared dinner together, we ate dinner happily.  After dinner, we sat at the sofa and rest.




         The next morning, Leomon ordered me to squat down and jump around the school like a rabbit for ten rounds.  After that, I did 50 times single paw push-ups.


         During lunchtime, I was blindfolded again.  I ate the lunch with difficulty but I managed to finish the lunch.


         After lunch, Leomon brought me to a lake and we jumped into the lake together.  He taught me how to fight under the water.  Fighting under the water needs more strength than on the land.


         After I crawled up from the lake, I lie on the ground grasping for air.  Leomon was lying beside me but I did not realize that he was looking at my breasts.  My fur on my breasts was wet and loosed, so he can see my nipples.  I was breathing heavily and my breasts were moving up and down, thus making me sexier.


         I turned my face to him a little and saw him staring at me, I looked down and found out where he was staring.  I pretended that I did not realize and continued to rest.  I also peeped at his crotch and saw something was bulging under the pants.  I purposely turned to the other direction; my back was facing him and I swung my tail that covered my anus.  I scratched my butt and he could not tolerate anymore, “Renamon, I’ll go to that side.  Don’t follow me, you can go back now.”  He rushed to the forest the disappeared.  I also returned to school after a few minutes.


         Leomon went into the forest and looked around, “good, no one is around.”  He took off his pants and leant on a tree.  He rubbed his already erected penis, “oh, Renamon…” he closed his eyes and imagined that Renamon was giving him blowjob.  He used another hand and gently squeezed his ball sack, he imagined that Renamon was giving him handjob.  He moaned louder and louder, finally he came and shot his sperm into the bush.


         But Leomon never realized that someone was watching him.


         After dinner, Leomon did not train me and asked me to rest.  After I slept, Leomon went out to the forest and talked to a digimon.


         “Leomon, how’s the girl now?”  Asked the digimon.


         “She’s beyond my expectation.  I thought that she would be the first student who quit the training, but she endured until now.”  Leomon answered.


         “She’s persistent, did you tell her about the situation now?”


         “I’m going to tell her tomorrow.  How about the old children and digimon?”


         “Only Agumon and Gabumon, Veemon and Stingmon can DNA fuse to Mega level digimon.  The others can’t evolve to Mega level anymore or can’t DNA fuse anymore.  Their powers are used to seal the Dark Ocean.”


         “This is not good.  The power of darkness is too great.”


         “I think you can end her training.”


         “I will.”


         “She’s a sexy fighter.  I saw you wanking in the forest.”


         Leomon blushed, “I fell in love with her, but I don’t know how about her.”


         “Tomorrow tell her everything and don’t force her.”


         “I hope she can understand.”


         “Leomon, I got to go now, e-mail me if you need anything.”




         After they finished, they returned home separately.




To be continued.