Ahh, sometimes fantasies and love can get the best of us. This series will be dedicated to a club member
that has the thoughts about Flamey as I do. Most of it will all be Yaoi, just to warn you guys. But, it
is sweet and sentimental, And I hope everyone likes it. As always, little kids should avoid these fics 
and Digimon belongs to Fox and all those other companies. So, with no further ado, lets get to the story.

Is He Gone? (PG-13 again for the little kissing. It will get more graphic as chapters progress.)
By Flamedramon_Lover

Last time on True Love: Steve has finally revealed his true feelings for Flamedramon and Flamedramon, likewise.

Scene opens with Flamedramon cupping Steve's head in his arms as the 911 rescuers come into the apartment.
Flamedramon has been crying and Steve is unconcious.

"Steve, Noo!" Flamedramon yells through his tears as the rescue workers come into the apartment.

Tasha Steve's dog, runs at the rescue workers barking and making a lot of noise. The dog simply sees the rescue
workers as strangers. Flamedramon turns his head, and looks at the rescue workers, alerted by Tasha's barking. 
He sighs as the workers come into the room.

"Move out of the way," A worker tells Flamedramon as he gently pushes Flamedramon away.
"We need to get this boy to the hospital immdiately" The workers yell. "If we are going to save him!"

Flamedramon, sighs and walks a distance away letting the workers do their job. He wipes the tears from his eyes
with his arm, his blue velvety fur, catching the tears. He suddenly remembers the picture and he runs to Steve's
room to retrieve it. He moves quickly to the bed, reaching under it to get the picture. His tail sticks in the air,
as he leans down to retrieve the picture. Sighing with relief as he feels the pictures come in contact with his claws
he takes it out and looks at it. Flamedramon feels tears building in his eyes again as he looks at the picture of
Steve all smiling and such. 

"Steve... just when we both knew..." Flamedramon murmers to the picture, "you had to leave me.."

Flamedramon begins to cry again, just lightly, but enough to cause a mark in the carpeting as he walks out of the room
still clutching the picture in his claws. He pulls it close to himself, pushing it against his chest armor as he watches
the workers.

The workers lift Steve up carefully and place him in a stretcher. The rain continues to platter on the roof as the workers
lift Steve up and carry him out of the room. Flamedramon follows them silently, wanting to be with Steve. Flamedramon
closes the door with Tasha still barking on the other side, as he walks through the rain, slowly and sadly, following
the workers as if it was a funeral. He wipes the tears from his face again, his reddish brown eyes, blinking ever
once in a while, as the rain splatters onto his fur and armor. 

The workers lift Steve down to the ambulance as they lightly set Steve inside. Several paramedics get inside, attending
to Steve. Flamedramon watches them hook Steve up to an IC machine and slap a breathing mask onto his face. They stop
the bleeding in Steve's head and check for his pulse and blood pressure. They discuss the problem with each other in
low tones as Flamedramon watches them. Finally, Flamedramon steps into the ambulance, bending down because he is a 
little tall, his horn sticking out.

The ambulance drives along quickly, as the sirens can be heard inside the amublance. Flamedramon watches anxiously
at the paramedics working on his friend. He cries softly the entire way as paramedics hook Steve up to this machine
and that machine. They pump his chest and inject him with fluids. The take his pulse and hook him to various

Flamedramon feels the ambulance stop as the waiting paramedics open the amulance door and Steve is taken out on the
stretcher of course. The paramedics quickly pull Steve out of the amubulance and brings him into the hospital. The
pull him quickly towards the ER room for immediate treatment. Flamedramon steps out of the amubulance still crying
a bit but not as hard as before. The paramedics pull Steve into the ER room, as Flamedramon follows them. Flamedramon
walks slowly, letting different thoughts run through his head, as he wonders and thinks. The paramedics bring Steve into
the ER room, as they shine the 12 large lights on him for the waiting doctors. 

Flamedramon is about to walk into the room, as the paramedics slam the door in his face, before he is able to get in. He
presses his face against the window, watching, the doctors huddle around Steve, asking for this and that. The little machine
in the corner recording the pulse, hops slowly, bit by bit. Flamedramon watches everything anxiously from the window, his
face pressed up against it. He watches as the pulse machine, registers each pulse slower and slower, as the jags, seperate
and are further apart. Flamedramon, lets a cry out as the pulse machine goes flat, and the jags stop. Flamedramon bangs
against the door once, as he slides down the door, slowly, collasping to the ground.

"Steve.. no..." Flamedramon moans out through the fresh new tears in his eyes, "It can't be...."

Flamedramon cups his head in his arms, bending his knees up, sticking his head in them, crying softly. Fresh tears roll
down his face-guard, getting caught in his fur, soaking him. His blue velvety fur, wet with his tears, as he cries softly
moaning the lost of his friend. Flamedramon slowly picks himself up and sits down on a wooden bench, his tail hangin down
as the severe sadness hits him over and over him.

Flamedramon doesn't notices the rushed sounds of footsteps as Steves parents come running down the hall. A doctor steps
out of the room, and looks at Steve's parents. His eyes, show sadness, as he wipes sweat from his brow. He raises his
hands slowly, looking at the parents.

"What are you doing to my boy?" Lyla, Steve's mom yells, asking the doctor.
"We are doing the best we can to save him..." The doctor replies, then trailing off.
"Tell me the truth, everything..." Rick, Steve's dad says quietly.
"Well, he has had a large amount of blood loss, luckily his brain wasn't damamaged." The doctor replies.
"Will my boy, be ok?!" Lyla almost screams out.
"We don't know, we have resumed his pulse, but he is in a coma, and has not woken up." The doctor replies.

As if on cue, Several nurses roll Steve out of the ER on a stretcher. Flamedramon doesn't look, up not wanting to see his
friend, feeling sad. Steve's parents run to Steve's side, gripping his hand, speaking to him.

"Steve, wake up" Lyla says, "Don't leave us.."
"Steve, common" Rick says, "I never got to take you to that game you wanted..."

Steve is rolled into an Intensive Care Unit room and put under close watch, as the nurses close the door. Flamedramon, shakes
his head and continues to crying, feeling a sad loss for his friend. Steve's parents sit next to Flamedramon, sobbing quietly
with him, as they wait, for their son to wake up.


Steve lays there in the bed, the machines hooked up to him all over, monitoring his every move. The pulse machine beeps
slowly each green line waving up and down. Steve lays in a coma, his brain thinking still, the white banadage wrapped around
his head. Steve, inside his head, rolls through thoughts, and images. Everytime the images stop at Flamedramon, smiling at
him and him smiling back at Flamedramon. The same words repeating in his head over and over again. "I will never leave you"

Steve blinks his eyes, slowly, moaning out Flamedramon's name, as the same works repeat over and over in his head. His head 
shakes, and his blood pressure increases. His mind, quivering and shaking from the thought. The nurses rush in, watching
Steve's pulse acclerate, and quicken. His breathing becomes less labored, and his blood pressure, goes out of the dangerous

"F...f...lamed..ra...mon....." Steve moans out.
"F...f..lamed...dra...mon.. where... are you?...." Steve continues to moan.

The nurses listen to this and rush out of the ICU room. The run down the hall to where Steve's parents and Flamedramon are. 
They look around, talking to each other. 

"Your son is comming out of the coma, but we need Flamedramon." One of the nurses says, looking at the blue digimon. 

Flamedramon looks up at the nurses, his reddish brown eyes, blinking slowly from the constant crying.

"M...me...?" Flamedramon ask, his voice quivering still from the sadness.
"Yes, he has been asking for you." The nurses reply.
"O..ok.." Flamedramon replies standing up.

Flamedramon looks at Steve's parents. Steve's parents give an encouraging nod, as the gently push Flamedramon forward. 
Flamedramon steps foward, as he walks toward Steve's room. He steps in quietly, and closes the door behind him, the nurses
waiting outside, conversing with the parents, conforting them. Flamedramon looks at his friend, the white banadage around
his head. He walks over to Steve, looking at him quietly, as Steve tosses and turns.

"F...f..lamedramon..." Steve moans out.
"Steve, I'm here.." Flamedramon says quietly.
"Flamedramon?" Steve asks, his eyes still closed.
"Yes Steve, I am here..." Flamedramon replies.

Flamedramon looks at Steve, leaning down slowly, so his face is close to Steve's. Flamedramon feels Steve's breath on his
face each time Steve breathes out. Flamedramon, leans closer, to Steve, letting a few tears fall on Steve's face. Steve's eyes
flutter as Flamedramon breathes lightly, leaning closer to Steve. He brings his arms around, putting them lightly on Steve's head
and looking at Steve. He slowly pushes his face down, kissing Steve lightly, enjoying the moment. Steve's eyes flutter and stop
for a sudden. Steve suddenly, raises his arms and hugs Flamedramon closely to him, kissing Flamedramon back. Flamedramon eyes
snap open larger, as he notices what Steve just did. Steve slowly opens his eyes, and allows Flamedramon to pull away.

"Flamedramon.. you're... here..." Steve says quietly.
"Yes.. Steve..." Flamedramon replies... "I knew you would never leave me."
"I know.. that is why I came back.." Steve replies..
"Thank you..." Flamedramon says, wiping a few tears from his face.

Flamedramon steps out of the room, smiling brightly. He walks down the hall to the parent looking at them smiling. The nurse
steps up the Flamedramon, her eyes saying everything. Flamedramon nods as the nurse smiles happily.

"He is out of danger" Flamedramon says to everyone.
"He is awake." Flamedramon replies smiling.
"Well, if he is awake, then there is nothing to worry about" The nurse says.
"I don't see any reason you can't take him home today." The nurse continues.
"How did you wake him up?" Another nurse ask Flamedramon.
"Let's say, I used what is most special and important between us..." Flamedramon replies with a smile.

<One Hour later>

Steve is at home, laying on his bed, Flamedramon sitting by his head.

"Flamedramon thank you.." Steve says.
"Anytime my love...." Flamedramon replies, blushing slightly.

Steve nods and smiles, happy that he is ok, and Flamedramon is not sad anymore.

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