Ahh, sometimes fantasies and love can get the best of us. This series will be dedicated to a club member
that has the thoughts about Flamey as I do. Most of it will all be Yaoi, just to warn you guys. But, it
is sweet and sentimental, And I hope everyone likes it. As always, little kids should avoid these fics 
and Digimon belongs to Fox and all those other companies. So, with no further ado, lets get to the story.

Healing Time (NC-17 Now it starts getting bad. ^.^ Heh... Lemon lovers, and Flamedramon lovers, enjoy.)
By Flamedramon_Lover

Last time on True Love: Steve is back from the hospital after waking up from a coma. His head is bandaged
and feelings between him and Flamedramon have been strenghtened. 

Scene opens with Flamedramon sitting at the head of Steve's bed, watching Steve silently. 

Flamedramon looks out the window, looking toward the east, watching the sun, just comming over the horizon. He
stretches and sighs, letting yesterday's incidents replay through his head. Steve fall, him running to get him,
the hospital. Everything replays in Flamedramon's head as he stands up and walks toward the window. He opens the
window, and breathes the fresh morning air, enjoying the clean flavor of it. He turns back and looks at his sleeping
friend and partner, waiting for him to wake up. 

Looking at his love one last time, Flamedramon, walks out of the room. He goes into the living room and through into
the kitchen. He grabs a glass with his claws almost dropping it and gets a drink of water. Flamedramon, turns and 
goes into the living room again, looking around. Sighing, he pops down onto the sofa, enjoying the soft texture as it
rubs against his velvety blue fur. 

Flamedramon picks up the remote the best he can, with his claws and turns on the TV. Flamedramon flips through the
channels, looking at each one. His reddish brown eyes flash over and over again, as each channel changes. He rubs
his tail lightly, with the smooth side of his claws, feeling his claws run over the soft velvety blue fur of his tail.
He leans back, against the sofa, his chest armor, pressing against him. He stops at a channel, deciding to watch it
because there is nothing else good on. 

<Camera moves from Flamedramon as it circles around and goes into Steve's room>

Steve lies there, sleeping peacefully, having a nice dream. Steve dreams of Flamedramon and him, enjoying their time
toghether and enjoying the company of each other. Steve smiles in his sleep as he dreams on. He moves his hand lightly
just over to his chest, as he sighs, sleeping on. His forehead is a bit wet from the fever he had a few hours ago, but
he is well on his way to recovery. 

Steve's dream ends as he wakes up. He opens his eyes, blinking them slowly, searching for Flamedramon. Steve sees no one and begins to shake. Thoughts begin to run through his head, strange thoughts and scary thoughts. What if it all was
a dream and Flamedramon never was there. Steve begins to panic as he sits straight up in bed. His head becomes a bit woozy from the knock he got on the head, he feels up feeling the bandage, a little of the panic subusides.

"Flamedramon!!!!!!!" Steve calls out, looking for his blue friend.

Flamedramon, is in the living room, half asleep when Steve's call awakens him. Flamedramon leaps up, quickly, forgetting 
his own strenght he bashes his head on the ceiling. Flamedramon reels and moves toward's Steve's room, clumsily, not his
usual sleek smooth form. Flamedramon steps into the room, looking around for Steve. Steve looks at Flamedramon and lets
out a sigh, glad taht it was not all a dream. Flamedramon walks over to Steve and sits next to him, looking at him with his
reddish brown eyes. 

Steve, sighs and looks back at Flamedramon, looking deeply into Flamedramon's reddish brown eyes. Steve lets out a light sob and hugs Flamedramon, pressing his face, into Flamedramon's soft white fur. Flamedramon looks down with surprise, but hugs his friend back, wrapping his arms around Steve's head careful not to upset or damage the bandage on Steve's head. Steve buries his head in Flamedramon's white torso, crying softly, but mostly feeling and enjoying the presence of Flamedramon.

"Oh... Flamedramon.. I thought I had lost you..." Steve says through the fur.
"When I woke up and didn't see you, I paniced" Steve says.
"It's ok, Steve, I'm here, don't worry, I won't leave you." Flamedramon replies, reasurringly.
"I know, Flamedramon." Steve says. "I was just afraid."

Flamedramon smiles and pats Steve on the back. Steve smiles and pulls away from Flamedramon, sitting up. He rubs his head lightly where the bandage is. Steve winces lightly, as he touches a tender spot on his damaged head. Flamedramon looks at Steve with concern in his eyes. Steve just smiles at Flamedramon, giving him another hug.

"Steve, becareful, don't hurt yourself" Flamedramon says.
"Aww... don't worry, Flamey" Steve remarks, "I will be fine"
"Of course you will" Flamedramon replies
"Flamey you hungry?" Steve asks.
"When is a digimon not hungry?" Flamedramon replies with a smile.
"Of course, I almost forgot." Steve says, half laughing.

Steve gets up and falls down, only to be caught by Flamedramon, who was right under him. Steve, pushes himself up and again, he regains his balance and walks to kitchen. Flamedramon follows closely behind him. Steve looks around the kitchen, trying to find something to eat. Flamedramon watches as Steve rummages through the cupboards and the fridge. Flamedramon, leans over the counter looking at the packages of food as Steve rummages through them.

"Steve, you know what?" Flamedramon says.
"What?" Steve asks, looking at Flamedramon.
"You are moving around almost as if you are healed." Flamedramon replies.
"I am?" Steve asks, "Well that is good thing."
"Yeah." Flamedramon remarks back.
"So, does chicken noodle soup sound good?" Steve asks Flamedramon.
"Mmm... I love that soup" Flamedramon replies, "Be sure to make a lot"
"I know," Steve replies half laughing, "I know how hungry you can be"
"Thanks Steve" Flamedramon replies.
"That's what friends are for." Steve replies.

Steve takes out a can of chicken noodle soup and sets it on the counter. Flamedramon looks at it amd smiles, his hunger driving him nuts. Steve walks over the the counter and looks around for a can-openener. Pulling out one, he opens the can and pours the soup into a pot. Flamedramon looks at it hungrily, waiting for the food. Steve, puts in the correct amount of water and puts it on the stove, letting it cook and simmer. The smells of the soup, making them both very hungry. Flamedramon, feeling the most hungered because he missed dinner and breakfast, paces back and forth waiting for the soup to finish. Steve sits down on a chair watching Flamedramon pace back and forth. Steve smiles to himself and stands up, walking over to Flamedramon. 

"Flamedramon" Steve says quietly.
"Huh?" Flameramon looks at Steve.
"Stop, pacing, you are going to make a hole in the floor" Steve says, smiling, "besides the soup is done."
"Yay!" Flamedramon cheers as he takes a small leap over the kitchen.
"Slow down, you are going to knock over something" Steve, says, laughing.

Flamedramon walks over to the pot of soup and looks at it hungrily. He smiles and picks up the pot with his claws, and begins drinking down the soup. He swallows each mouthful hungrily as the soup rapidly dissapears. He ignores the heat, since he is a fire digimon and the heat doesn't bother him. He swallows more and more of it down as the soup level goes lower and lower. Finally Flamedramon finishes and puts the pot back down on the stove. He picks up a napkin and wipes his mouth and sits back down on a chair.

"Mm... that was good." Flamedramon smiles to himself. 

Steve walks over and looks at the pot. He sweatdrops and turns around looking at Flamedramon. He shakes his head and smiles, forgetting about the pain in his head.

"Flamedramon, you just had 7 servings in 5 minuets." Steve says.
"Heh, I was hungry" Flamedramon says. "At least I left you some."
"Yeah, thanks Flamey." Steve says.
"I can't let you starve" Flamedramon replies.

Steve, pours the rest of the soup into a bowl and pulls out a spoon. He sips the soup while staring at Flamedramon. He takes another spoonful into his mouth, as Flamedramon stands up. Flamedramon moves over to the couch and sits down, moving his tail out of the way again so he can be confortable. He flips the channels again, since he never turned out the TV. (I suggest you turn off the TV when you are not watching, to save power.) Flamedramon relaxes and leans back, watching some show, while Steve sips the soup. Steve finishes his soup and puts the pots and bowls in the sink and walks to his room, for a little nap.

"Flamedramon..." Steve calls.
"Yeah?" Flamedramon replies not turning away from the TV.
"You should take a nap too, you have been up all night." Steve says.
"I guess you're right." Flamedramon stretches and turns off the TV.
"Good." Steve says, sleepily, as he walks into his room.

Flamedramon gets up and follows Steve into his room. He closes the door behind him, and steps into the room. Flamedramon looks at Steve, who was perparing to take a nap.

"Steve, can you help me take off my armor?" Flamedramon asks.
"Why?" Steve ask back.
"It is un-confortable sleeping in my armor." Flamedramon explains.
"Oh, ok." Steve says.

Flamedramon holds his claws out to Steve, wanting him to take them off. Steve looks up at Flamedramon with his blueish green eyes and grips Flamedramon's right claw. Tugging on on it, he hears a click as the strap holding the claw in losens and unbuckles.  Steve pulls on the claw a bit harder wiggling it at the same time. He feels the claw slide off Flamedramon's hand. Flamedramon looks down and smiles to himself. He moves his fingers around, letting them get used to the extra space. He has 5 fingers just like a human and they are long and sleek like regular hand, still covered with a short layer of velvety blue fur. Steve repeates the same process for Flamedramon's left claw and sets the two armored claws to one side.

"I never knew you had hands Flamedramon" Steve remarks.
"Well, I knew I had something, I just never thought they were so much like yours" Flamedramon replies.
"Now if you wouldn't mind, the rest of my armor is still on."
"Ok, Flamedramon" Steve says.

Steve stands up an reaches around to Flamedramon's chest armor. He looks at the two buckles and unsnaps them. He slides the chest armor off of Flamedramon, admiring Flamedramon smooth sleek fur and white torso. Steve is caught in a daze for a moment before comming back to his senses. He brings his hands up and slowly removes the helmet off of Flamedramon's face. He looks at Flamedramon's face for moment, stunned. Flamedramon looks very handsome with the face guard off. His reddish brown eyes shining and his white face clean and sleek. He looks almost looks like a young boy of about 17 years old. Flamedramon waves a hand in front of Steve's eyes.

"Steve?" Flamedramon asks.
"Uhh.. huh... what?" Steve stammer.
"Steve are you ok?" Flamedramon asks with a bit of concern in his voice.
"Yeah I'm fine." Steve says, "I just never knew you were so handsome under that face guard"
"Heh.." Flamedramon says, blushing lightly.

Steve reaches around and unbuckles the arm bands Flamedramon has. Then reaching under Flamedramon's legs, he unbuckles the armor there pulling them off gently. Flamedramon sits down and pulls off his foot claws with his own hands and smiles at Steve. He sits there, his velvety fur, smooth and sleek. His reddish brown eyes blinking at Steve as Steve stares at him. Flamedramon sits there, un-armored and 
looks pretty nice too.

"Thanks Steve" Flamedramon tells his partner.
"N...no.. problem.." Steve stammers out, "I..I..ya... better get to bed"
"Ok Steve" Flamedramon says, winking at his partner.

Steve looks dumbfounded for a moment and crawls into the bed. Flamedramon smiles and stands up standing next to Steve, his blue legs showing completly, in front of Steve's face. Flamedramon bends down and taps Steve on the shoulder.

"Umm..." Flamedramon ackwardly stammers out, "mind if I hop in?"
"Ah... sure.. Flamedramon" Steve says, "Just don't hog the blankets"
"Sure.." Flamedramon says, hopping into the bed.

Flamedramon moves under the blankets and lies his head on a pillow, closing his eyes. Steve rolls over and pushes his
body up against Flamedramon, feeling the soft velvety fur. Steve smiles to himslef as he snuggles up with Flamedramon
enjoying his body heat. Flamedramon opens his eyes in surprise for a moment and turns around so his head faces Steve.
He looks into Steve's blue greenish eyes, blinking for a moment or two. Steve smiles and wraps his arms around his partner
digimon, sighing happily. Flamedramon, decides that this isn't too bad and he likes the feeling of Steve rubbing his back
as he closes his eyes.

"Flamedramon..." Steve says quietly.
"Yes Steve?" Flamedramon replies.
"I have been waiting for this for a long time." Steve says quietly.
"Me too Steve.. me too." Flamedramon replies, looking at Steve in the eyes again.

Flamedramon moves his head closer, kissing Steve lightly, just enjoying the feeling. Steve pulls Flamedramon's body closer
kissing back and enjoying the feeling also. Flamedramon continues to kiss Steve, each time, passionately and lovingly. He
moves his hands down, slowly, reaching the base of Steve's T-shirt. He pulls on it lightly, easing the shirt slowly up Steve's
body. Flamedramon pulls away for a moment, as he pulls Steve's shirt off and puts it to one side. Flamedramon rubs his soft
velvety fur against Steve's chest, returning to kissing his partner and love. Steve lets out a small moan, from the soft fur
of Flamedramon, feeling it rub against his chest.

"Mm... Flamedramon you are so soft.." Steve remarks, breaking the kiss.
"Your skin is nice too.." Flamedramon replies, kissing Steve again.'

Flamedramon moves his hands down Steve's back, rubbing his hands slowly over the spine and massaging Steve's back. Steve, sighs feeling more and more relaxed as Flamedramon rubs his body. Flamedramon moves lower, reaching Steve's waist and pants. he moves his hands along, the edge of the pants, finding the buckles holding the pants on and unbuckling them. Flamedramon slowly eases down Steve's pants, pushing them away, while rubbing the last bit of fabric covering Steve's pleasure organs. Steve lets out a small moan as Flamedramon rubs his crotch area softly and slowly.

"Oh.....Flamey......" Steve moans out lightly, as Flamedramon rubs his crotch area.

Flamedramon, slides a hand behind the fabric feeling the contents inside. He rubs it softly, as he begins pulling off the last of the clothing on Steve. Steve groans lightly, as Flamedramon squeezees it and rubs it. The soft velvety fur brushing against his member causes Steve's breathing to quicken as the pleasure slowly builds. Flamedramon breaks the kiss and turns his soft cheek against Steve's chest, rubbing it slowly like a cat would rub against someone's legs. Steve smiles at the soft carresing feeling of Flamedramon's cheek against his chest. Flamedramon pulls off the last of the clothing, as Steve is fully exposed. Steve gasps as the cold air of the room, hits his crotch area. Flamedramon, brings both hands to his member, massaging and rubbing it slowly.

"Steve.... I wanted you for sooo long... now I am going to make sure, I can make up for the times we missed..." Flamedramon says softly, moving his cheek down lower.
"Flamey.... you... and me... together... forever....." Steve manages to gasp out between the little quivers of pleausure that
runs through his body.

Flamedramon moves his cheek lower, and lower, rubbing along Steve's chest untill his head reaches Steve's member. Flamedramon breathes lightly on it, expelling hot air from inside his warm body. Steve gasps as he feels his blood surging into his member as it hardens quickly. Flamedramon grasps Steve's hardened member and pulls it up and down slowly, pleasuring his love. Steve moans softly as more pleasure overtakes him, from Flamedramon's soft pumping on his member. Flamedramon moves his mouth lower, and in a sudden moment wraps his mouth around Steve's member.

"Ahhh!!!" Steve screams out, as soon as he feels Flamedramon's mouth surrond his member, the pleasure suddenly taken up a notch.
"Mmm..." Flamedramon moans out, as he sucks on Steve's member, rolling his tounge over the head of Steve's member, rubbing his tounge from the base of the member all the way up to the top, moving it slowly as he sucks.
"Oh!! Yes!! Flamedramon!! Harder!!!" Steve cries out as more pleasure surges through his body, his breathing increases as his breath becomes heavier.

Flamedramon increases his pace as Steve asks of him, as he sucks harder, moving his tounge over Steve's member rapidly, pleasuring Steve as much as possible. His head moves up and down, with the pace, sucking and licking. Steve groans, and grabs Flamedramon's ears squeezing them tightly as the pleasure increases higher and higher.

"Ahh!!!! Flamedramon!!!! Don't stop!!!! I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!" Steve screams as his member erupts his white cum.

Flamedramon sucks on Steve's member feeling the cum squirt into his mouth. He swallows it down and continues to move his tounge over Steve's member wanting the orgasm to last as long as possible for his love. Steve pants heavily, as his orgasm is continued and more and more cum flows out of him. Finally after a while, Steve feels his orgasm pass and his member stops shooting his cum. Flamedramon pulls away from Steve licking off the last traces of cum off of Steve's member. Steve pants lightly as he looks at Flamedramon.

"Thanks Flamedramon..." Steve says.
"Anytime my friend" Flamedramon replies.

Steve lays his head down on the pillow, the pain in his head, almost completely gone while the happy feelings fill his head. Flamedramon smiles and lays back down, closing his reddish brown eyes. Steve closes his eyes and hugs Flamedramon close to him, as he goes to sleep. Flamedramon smiles with pure happiness as Steve wraps his arms around his body, going to sleep.
Wasn't that nice of Flamedramon? Plus Steve's head isn't hurting as much, just the right place to stop. What do you think?
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