This is my second lemon story on DigimonI would appreciate if any 
people would give me some suggestions to improve my 
writing...   it follows my first one titled Searching. I don't own 
digimon, it belongs to Fox, and all those other 
companies, this story is purely "Fan-Fiction."  If you don't like 
Digimon being done  in by other digimon or things, 
so they are  doing sexual activity then go away, because the  government 
doesn't like  little kids looking at this stuff. 
With no  further ado let's get to the story.   

Note: This occurs right after the rape incincident with Flamedramon.

Deliverance (Rescue) and Reminisce (Remember)
By Flamedramon_Lover

(Narriator) You want me to tell you what happened last time? Sheesh... 
go read it yourself. Some people... (babbles on)
(Flamedramon_Lover) Uhh... Anyway... Davis is crying.

Davis sits down as cries as Flamedramon lays there breathing heavily 
and extremely tired. After a while he decides to
send a E-mail to the other Digidestined to tell them what happened... 
so maybe they can save Flamedramon. Davis pulls
out his D-terminal and begins to type. Hey you guys...

(In the Metal House)

"So how is our guest?" Mummymon casually asked?
"Well... he just had a wonderful time, he is going to stick around." The man replied.
"Is that so?" Arukennimon asked.
"Yes... not just that, but he agreed on some encroaching ideas. 
(penetrating ideas)" The man replied again.
"Now what have you done with him?" (clearly him means Flamedramon) She asked again.
"He is "Sticking" around for now... I let him take a "bath" in some 
nice "warm liquid" The man smile, as he replied.
"How nice." Mummymon Remarked.
"I hope it's not tooooo hot from him..." Arukennimon remarked with a smirk.
"Now about that boy, Davis, I believe, I need to do something about him" The man casually stated.
"Really, how about we capture him, and use him to torture Flamedramon?" Mummymon Suggested...
"That is actrually not a bad idea, and since you suggested it how 
about you go get him." The man said getting up, "I need to
get some rests, that "movie" was really quite intresting, I think I will see it again sometime."
"Me?, oh well..." Mummymon replied, feeling rejected... (not for the first time)

(Back to Davis)

"There almost done" Davis told himself, "just a few more lines, 
I wish I hadn't acidentally deleted the last one"
*A door opens up from the metal house*
"I need you help, Flamedramon is is a lot of trouble" Davis typed...
*A dark figure steps out*
"We are by a tree, a very large tree" Davis continued...
*The figure stepped closer*
"It is by a large lake" Davis described...
*The figure leans over*
"It is a large metal house" Davis nearly finished...
*The figure launches at Davis*
"Oh, yeah my cordinate are 56' 30" by ..." Davis couldn't finish...
*The figure grabs Davis around the waist*
"Mummymon!, You let Flamedramon go!" Davis yells kicking Mummymon.
"Oww that hurt" Mummymon Retorted Grabbing at Davis...
"Stay away, and give me back Flamedramon!!!" Davis yells, leaping 
out of the way... he spies a rock, and tries to kick it
like a soccer ball at Mummymon, "I am my team's best striker!"
Little did he know, or just forgot, rocks are not soccer balls, and it really hurt.
"Owww... my foot" Davis complained...
"Gotcha!" Mummymon retorted back grabbing Davis, and not missing.
"Got to send that E-mail" Davis thought trying to send it reaching for his D-terminal...
"Come on... give up already... I got you." Mummymon stuggled pulling at Davis...
"Got it...!" Davis yelled as the E-mail was sent on it's way. 
"Thats it!" Mummymon yells, hitting Davis on the back of the head 
knocking him out cold... (Why didn't he do that the first 

(Back with Kari)

"Gatomon wait," Kari yelled, "I got an E-mail from Davis, he is 
in trouble but doesn't gives us where he is. There is only
one cordinate"
"Thats Davis, for you" Gatomon replied, "He is probaly trying to 
get you to come because he loves you."
"He loves me?" Kari asked.
"Yah, didn't you know that?" Gatamon asked, dumbfounded...
"Well, I thought it was some fever..." Kari replied...
"Anyways, Davis is doing some stupid scheme again, like trying to 
get Veemon to digivolve" Gatmon said, changing the subject,
"It is just some new scheme that will never work.)
"Yah, you're probally right" Kari replied and contined with searching.
(That didn't work)

(Now to TK)

"Hey I got an E-mail from Davis" TK told Patamon.
"So what does it say?" Patamon asks.
"It says he needs our help, and says there are trees, lake, and 
a metal house..." TK Replied...
"What a metal house?" Patamon asked.
"Yup, a metal house." TK replied.
"Thats Davis, always screwing around..." Patamon told TK, "It is 
probally one of his little schemes again."
"Yah, you are right, let go find Kari." TK suddenly stated.
"Why?" Patamon aksed.
"Uhh... Umm... because I want to go protect her." TK replied with a nervous smile.
"Sure..." Patamon said, rolling his eyes"
(Next person)

(Now Cody)

"Hey I got an E-mail Armidillomon", Cody exclaimed, "Maybe we found him!"
"Yah, then I can Digivolve and put an end to the evil man", Armidilomon replied.
"Hmm... a large tree... and ... the only thing that makes sense 
is the cordinates" Cody puzzlely replied.
"Look it here, he was cut off before he could finish." Armilidillmon pointed out.
"Thats right! he was typing but someone stopped him..." Cody stopped... 
"We need to find him right away!"
"Lets go, we will just follow his only cordiate untill we find him" 
Armidillmon states and they take off...
(There is some hope here, but he takes the wrong direction)

(Ok, Yolei)

"Oh... I got an E-mail" Yolie stated...
"Hmm... maybe you should read it." Hawkmon suggested...
"Nah, its from Davis, I will just delete it." Yolei replied, deleting the E-mail.
(Ok... sure)

(Ahh... Ken...)

"Look an E-mail" Ken yelled. "We found him"
"But is is all gibberish!" Wormon replied.
"No... look at this... if I set the interagal line to... and round... 
now load the trig function... and drop the root... set
the wave pattern... carry the 3... Ahh I got it!" Ken exclaimed.
"So...?" Wormon inquires...
"Using my D-terminal tracking device, Davis is this way!" Ken wildly exclaims...
"Then what was all the Calculus for?" Wormon asks.
"I don't kown" Ken replies, "Lets go"
(Whoope, someone is coming)

(Back to our Hero, Flamedramon)-no I am not Biased...

Gas enters the chamber where Flamedramon lies putting him to sleep 
again, he sees 2 metalical figures carry him out. 
"Uhhngg... where am I?" Flamedramon moans... " Oh... I am so glad 
those slimey things are gone..." Flamedramon shivers...
He discovers he is in a cell (Where else?) with a small pool on 
one side, there is some food and water, and some towels.
"Owwch... it still hurts" Flamedramon remarks to himself taking 
off his armor and washing it in the pool to clean off "the
"Ahh.... a nice bath," Flamedramon states, as he washes the sticky 
stuff off of him and drys himself off.
He moves over to the food and water after drying himself off, finishing 
off the food and water he lays down on the cot and
goes to sleep. With all of his armor still off. 

(Back to the Man, and Arukenimon)

"Now tell me again why you are being nice to him?" Arukenimon asked.
"For the fourth time, I need him to regain his energy so we can 
cause some real pain on him" The man replied.
*Enter Mummymon*
"What should I do with him?" Mummymon asked.
"Give him the drug and dump him in the cell next to Flamedramon" The man ordered.
Mummymon picks up a small needle and inerts it into Davis' left 
arm vein, and presses the plunger down. He carries him off
and dumps him in the cell.
"Excelent, everything is going perfectly." The man smiled and leaned back.

(Back to Flamedramon)

He sees Davis hanging in front of him and begins running and pulling on the bars.
"Davis, Davis!" Flamedramon calls.
He sees Davis suddenly hit by a dark light, and dissapear into a thousand little peices.
"Noo......!!!" Flamedramon yells and (you guessed it) wakes up. 
"Wow, such a horrible dream..." Flamedramon told himself.
Then he realizes that his cell is open, and there really is a Davis 
floating in front of him. He chases after Davis as
Davis slowly drifts further and further away suddenly into a large 
room, the same room as yesterday. Except today, the
room now had an even larger door on the other side. Suddenly Davis 
dissapears right as Flamedramon grabs at it.
"Davis?" Flamedramon asks questionably and relizes where he is and 
starts to backtrack. The door slams shut as the lights
turn on.
Flamedramon spots Davis, the real one in the room seperated by the glass. 
"Davis, hey it's me Flamedramon!" Flamedramon yells.
Davis turns and speaks. "Flamedramoon... Flamedramon! Are you ok?"
"I am now, that I know you are ok, but why did you come back?" Flamedramon asks.
"To do this..." as Davis presses a button on the console and the 
large door opens. Out walks Stingmon, (not Ken's)
Flamedramon turns and sees Stingmon. He leaps over to Stingmon and offers his greetings.
"Hey Stingmon, here to help me rescue Davis?" Flamedramon asks.
"Who said anything about rescuing" Davis replies for Stingmon. "Stingmon get him."
With one quick action Stingmon grabs Flamedramon's hand. 


Flamedramon flashed back to when he took over Digmon's shift on 
night watch. (Kudos to Boss Reo Again)
He had rested on a rock after taking of his armor, and Stingmon... 

(Flashback Ends)

Flamedramon relizes it was just like before, he had taken off his 
armor and Stingmon grabbed his hand. Flamedramon's 
thoughts are disrupted as Stingmon grabs his other hand holding 
him down. Flamedramon kicks at Stingmon demanding for 
his release.

"Do what you will" Davis commanded Stingmon as it moved closer.
"No not his again" Flamedramon groaned as Stingmon rubbed his cheek against his.

Stingmon hugged Flamedramon to his chest. Reaching down, Stingmon 
rubbed a claw over his senstive area, getting a small moan
from Flamedramon. Flamedramon realalizing what is happening, starts 
to fight again. Stingmon holds him tight as his claw 
moved closer towards the entrance of his sheath. 

"Stoppp..." Flamedramon's voice dies away as the pleasure overtakes him.

Stingmon begins rubbing at his sheath and slipping a claw in foundling his balls. 

"No... you must stoppppp...." Flamedramon stops again due to the pleasure.

Flamedramon's member hardens as it slowly comes out from his sheath. 
The covering over Stingmon's mouth retreacts, as 
Stingmon kisses and nibbles at his neck. Flamedramon suddenly realizing 
what is happening, jumps away again. Stingmon in a 
very calm way walks over and begins to suck on Flamedramon's 7 inch 
dick. Flamedramon closes his red-brown eyes, as he feels
Stingmon licking the sensitive area around the head of his dick. 
The young blue dragon moans, as be begins to pant harder.
A extremely good sensation flows over him, as an orgasm starts up. 
Flamedramon begins to buck his hips forward as Stingmon 
sucks on him harder, licking all around the head of his dick. With 
a loud cry, the dragon cums inside Stingmon's mouth.
After a few minuets Flamedramon suddenly relizes again what just 
happened, and begins to feel regret.

"I can't believe I actrually did that" Flamedramon told himself. 
"Why did I submit, and enjoy it?" "I could have gotten away"

A laugh know all to well to Flamedramon fills to room. Flamedramon 
looks up seeing Davis laughing at Flamedramon's guilt.

"No... I couldn't have..." Flamedramon absently said to himself.

All this time Stingmon was sneaking up on him. With one subtle move, 
Stingmon grabs Flamedramon's legs from underneath.

"Whoa!" Flamedramon cries out as he flips onto his back.

Stingmon picks Flamedramon and sets Flamedramon's legs on his shoulder 
blades. The spikes digging into Flamedramon's legs.

"No... Just like last time" Flamedramon mumbles to himself as he 
felt substantial pressure against his entrance. His tail was
hanging down as Stingmon positioned his large dick at his entrance.

"Please no, Stingmon..." Flamedramon begs, hopefully preventing 
what happened yesterday. Stingmon seems to hear this and 
looks to where Davis is. Davis looks at Flamedramon there and give a sort of nice smile.

"Do it Stingmon." Davis commands as Flamedramon's red-brown eyes begin to water.

"Please no don't do it... please Stingmon don't..." Flamedramon 
making one last appeal. "Ahhhrrrggg... Flamedramon screams 
out as Stingmon penetrates into him. Flamedramon eyes release tears 
flowing down his face from the pain.

"Ahhh!!!!! NO!!!! The Pain!!!!" Flamedramon yells, words cannot 
describe the pain. It was like someone jamming a large hot
metal bar into your ass. Flamedramon cries harder as a small puddle forms on the metal floor.

Stingmon pumps into Flamedramon in and out, over and over again. 
Faster and faster, Flamedramon mmoans as he relizes his 
member is becoming erect again.

"No... Uhhnn.. how can this be... ummahhh... with all this pain.... 
Ahhhnnn!" Flamedramon weakly says while screaming out 
in pain.

Stingmon sees his member fully erect, reaching around and grabbing 
a hold of it, he moves it up and down, jacking off 
Flamedramon. Flamedramon knows that he is being ripped appart, from 
Stingmon's sudden and quick penetration. The pain was
unbearable, but in it was also a mixture of pleasure, like yesterday. 
He felt Stingmon driving faster adn faster into him
as it increased in size. His own dick was also ready to explode from the constant pleasure. 

"NOOO!!!" Flamedramon yells starting to fight again trying to escape.  
"You cannot escape" Davis says seeing Flamedramon's actions, "why 
don't you give up know and accept your fate."
"Please, stop... Davis... Uhngg... call him off... you can't do 
this to me..." Flamedramon yell with the last of his energy.

Stingmon is still pumping into Flamedramon as his member reaches 
its point. Stingmon shoots a large amount of cum into 
Flamedramon. Flamedramon felt this harder than ever as the cum exploded into him. 

"This can't be happening" Flamedramon told himself pleasure increased 
even more on his cock. Stingmon was still pumping
into his jacking him off as hard as possible.

Flamedramon moaned loudly, cum exploding from his cock, all over 
Stingmon's hand and arms, he was still crying from the pain
as Stingmon pulled out of him. Flamedramon collapses on the floor. 

"Mwaa ha ha ha ha ha," Davis laughs.
"Why... why... Why Davis?" Flamedramon asks, fainting again, with 
Davis' laughing ringing in his ears.

There he lay. In all of the semen, blood and tears, like yesterday, 
but today, his heart is broken too.

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