By Request I am continuing this story on Icedramon and Raidramon. I am still getting

used to them so don't expect too much, but I will attempt to continue to provide the same

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Pain Within My Heart

By, Flamedramon_Lover


<Scene reopens with Icedramon running across the frozen icy tundra. >


Icedramon's white feet pound lightly against the snow, propelling her forward over the

tundra towards her home in the icy lands of the Digital World. She blinks her eyes a few

times, clearing the golden spheres of the liquid slowly creeping out of them. Each leap

she takes, pulls her heart lower and lower, making the tears run faster. She increases the

speed of her running, not sure what else to do as the heaviness in her heart grows worse,

the tears flying back and splashing against her side.


Raidramon sits on his haunches watching the white figure, which was Icedramon moving

further away from him. His eyes blurred by his tears, the white figure blending into the

snowy landscape making her disappear out of existence. He leans his head down and rubs

it over his shoulder lightly, clearing his eyes of the tears. When he looks back up, the

figure can no longer be seen; the light tracks barely visible almost as if she had never

come... and never existed....


Icedramon slowly slows down and skids to a stop, her smooth feet sliding on the snow

for a bit before coming to a stop. She turns around and looks towards the direction that

she came from. Her golden eyes search the horizon for Raidramon; maybe he was

following her back... Then she remember... Raidramon had to stay to protect this area.

She sighs and takes a step back towards where she came wanting to go back to him. She

looks back and then back towards her home, caught between the two feelings not sure

what to do. She wanted to be with him so badly... but she couldn't just leave her sick

friends... when she had promised...


She sighs and sits down, her bottom sitting on the snow and ice. Her tail swishes lightly

behind her as wonders what to do. She doesn't mind the cold, because her body is

adjusted and enjoys the coolness, but for some reason, a cold feeling slowly crept into her

body, filling her with this cold wet feeling. The feelings expand over her body, causing

her to shiver and shake. She rubs herself with her front paws trying to warm her body up,

but no matter what, she just can't seem to warm up. She gets up quickly, leaving only her

feet on the ground.


Icedramon decides, she might warm up if she runs, as she turns towards home, and starts

running, intent on delivering the medicine. Her feet kick up the snow as she leaps over

the tundra the coldness still inside her body, refusing to go away. She hangs her head

lightly as she crosses the snow-covered land her mind thinking of 2 thoughts...

constantly battling each other. She can do nothing but run on, hoping somewhere... she

can find sanctuary, release, anything from this cold feeling that continues to overwhelm

her body.


She continues running, almost losing track of time, as the sun slowly sinks down the

horizon causing her shadow to lengthen. She lifts her head up, seeing the gates of the

village that she lived in, the gates where wide open as usual, but no one was there waiting

for her. She gathers an extra burst of speed and runs into the village stopping in the

middle of the village, or the village square. Looking around she notices that no one is on

the street, and the village is completely quiet.


Fearing the worst she dashes from home to home seeing no one is there. Running to her

friend's house, she bursts in. She looks around Eriemon's house hearing something from a

back room; she slowly walks to it and nudges the door open with her muzzle looking

inside. She finds only one person in the village, a blue aquatic looking digimon, which

happened to be Eriemon. Her white ears on the side where standing up straight.


Icedramon opens her mouth in shock as she looks at her friend, Eriemon. Eriemon's eyes

where closed, her chest rose and fell slowly, as her eyes open slowly Icedramon walked

closer, the plant dropping from her mouth. "Icedramon... you came back..." Eriemon says

quietly before closing her eyes again. Icedramon is instantly stunned at what just

happened, as Eriemon's ears fall, no longer standing up straight. Ice shakes her head not

believing what just happened, as she steps closer to the bed, nudging Eriemon slowly.

She makes no response to Ice when she is nudged.



Instantly thoughts fill her head, if she hadn't stopped, if she had kept going, she would

have been able to save her friend. Her choice... to stop and think about everything, if she

hadn't done that... if she could have done that. Instantly the cold feeling that had

disappeared returns to her body, everyone in the village had fled, leaving only Eriemon,

her friend... who still was waiting for her. If only she had been faster, she could have

saved her. 


Her eyes fill with tears again, this second blow to her heart hitting her hard, on the soft

wound of the last attack. Her eyes drip with her tears as she grips the blankets in her jaws

pulling it over Eriemon's body covering her up completely before wrapping the blanket

around her body. She has the plant wrapped inside around Eriemon as she picks the

wrapped Eriemon quietly and walks out of the house to the ice caverns. Laying Eriemon

there in the frozen shining ice she turns and walks out standing at the entrance of the

cave, the cold creeping around her. She sits down thinking... not sure what to do, just

wanting to cry...


She needed to talk to someone... someone who would comfort her and help her feel

better. Her mind slowly slipped back to that digimon she had met in the forest...

Raidramon, he would help her feel better... she was sure he would. She stands up slowly

pawing at the ground lightly before turning towards the forested area, quite a ways away.

She sighs and slowly starts to walk towards the forest, the lost of the friend still weighing

her down. Every time she took a step the pain would tinge through her body like the icy

cold snow under her.


With each step it seems to get heavier and heavier, as her body grows colder and colder.

She couldn't hold back much longer as the tears started to flow, slowly at first as the first

few drops slipped down her armored faceguard onto the ground splashing and dampening

the snow under-paw. But as she kept walking the tears came easier and easier as the tears

grew larger and larger until she was sobbing uncontrollably.


Her body felt cold as she pushed against her back legs moving into a quick run, trying to

warm her body up, not watching where she was going, as she approached the forest

quickly. The snow under-paw was getting kicked and churned by Icedramon's powerful

paws as she pushed off of them each time she leapt. She felt dry now, so dry and empty...

she slowly stops crying and opens her eyes looking out in front of her.


She could see a mass of green as the snow slowly lead to the warmer forest. Her eyes

were a golden/red color now from the successive crying, and the faceguard was lined

with small watermarks showing where the tears had dripped down. She stops at the edge

of the forest and looks around for Raidramon, missing him badly... wanting to see him

again... to talk to him, and just feel him near her.



Raidramon was walking through the forest feeling slightly sad. He missed Icedramon,

and the time they had spent together was unforgettable, and the best sensations he had felt

in his entire life. His ears pick up something rustling in the bushes as he turns and looks

around trying to see what had disturbed his musings. Seeing nothing he turns and

continues walking down the path to his home in the forest... he would lie down and think

for a while, and maybe the sharp pain would go away.


A rustling sound came again as Raidramon quickly spun around looking again seeing

nothing again. He wonders if it is only his imagination as he starts to run just slightly

towards his home wanting to get somewhere safe. A much louder rustling now as

Raidramon stops and turns to look around this time the bushes quickly spread as a large

dark form jumps at him. Raidramon could feel the form's body wrapped around his neck

cutting off his air supply as he tries to get loose.


Icedramon walks along the forest path looking around slowly trying to find any sign of

Raidramon somewhere. Her mind slowly wanders off to the time they spent in the cave...

and what happened. She missed him so much now... the more she thought about him the

more she wanted to be with him. So much as she ran quickly down the path hoping to

find him in the same place he found her last time.


She could hear something up ahead as she ran further up, her sensitive nose caught onto

the sent of something. It was someone she knew, she bends over slightly and smells

herself and then at the air again. It was Raidramon for sure, she could smell him, and his

sweet zingy smell was in the air as she ran towards the source of the smell getting closer

as the sweet smell grew denser and stronger.


As she broke through the bend she looked in horror as something was wrapped tightly

around Raidramon's neck, he wasn't moving anymore, it appears he had fainted... or

worse was dead... She shook her head in disbelief as she ran forwards some more

looking at the thing around Raidramon's neck with great anger. The thing slowly slithers

towards her in a waving motion almost making Icedramon dizzy. Icedramon leapt back a

few steps and watches it carefully.


She lowers her head slightly as she watches the thing out of the corner of her eyes. A

light blue light started to glow around her body in a waving motion the light flowed back

and forth around her body like an aurora. Her body was being filled with energy as the

bright crest on her chest glowed brighter and brighter turning to a shining silver luster



She raises her head as her eyes where filled with an almost eerie bluish tinge with the

golden coloring. Icedramon stands there silently as her tail waves behind her the light

blue aurora still waving around her as a small wave of ice particles start to circle her

body, like millions of small icicles the little blue crystals floated in the air around her

covered with freezing cold wind.


"Freeze Wave!" Icedramon mummers out loudly just enough for the thing to hear as the

blue waves of ice and wind instantly fly from her body in a large wave of cold wind and

ice as it strikes the thing over and over again with the small ice crystals. The thing

writhes on the ground and breaks up floating away into the air. Icedramon shakes her

body clearing away the freezing feeling as she runs up to Raidramon quickly. She nudges

him lightly, "Please... don't be gone..."







What happens next? Is Raidramon really gone... will Icedramon lose the one who she

loves the most and cares about the most? Is everything lost? What will happen?


Find out what happens in part II. Hope you enjoyed this and may you always love whom

you truly love. And never let that change.